My Girlfriend’s Younger Sister Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooMy Girlfriend's Younger Sister Ch. 03

All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story, are over 18 years of age.
This was based on a real event that happened in 1969 that is burned into my memory, when, bear in mind, there was no internet where anyone could readily obtain information like today. Only the descriptions have been embellished to make a more readable story. Reading Chapters 1 and 2 may give you a better insight into the story background. There is an element of cheating in the story, so if you don't agree with that, you don't have to read it, otherwise, enjoy.
Part Three.
After that episode with Sarah, for a few weeks afterwards, I didn't see her for more than a few minutes at a time. It was just enough to say hello, and that's about all. When I went to pick Jayne up, Sarah was either just leaving, or was ensconced in her room and didn't make an appearance. I wasn't sure if she was avoiding me or whether it was just coincidence.
About a month had passed since Sarah and I had been so intimate, and now the term had finished, and she had left school for good. Jayne told me that she was now spending a lot of time researching University courses and hoped to get a place at one of them in September.
Sarah not behaving normally was nagging at me, so one day I asked Jayne," Is your sister ok, she doesn't seem to be around much?"
"I don't know, I think she is ok, but she seems a bit moody at the moment, maybe it's because she is waiting for her exam results."
"Oh, maybe," I muttered, "only she normally comes and chats, but not so much at the moment. I wondered if I had done something to inadvertently upset her." I pushed, but not wanting to seem to be too interested.
"Hmmm, well, maybe I shouldn't really tell you this, but I think she went to the doctor and put herself on the pill. Because she is new to it, it could be it's affecting her mood at the moment. I am sure Mom and Dad don't know, so for goodness sake don't say anything."
"No of course I won't, but why would she do that? Do you think she has a boyfriend then and perhaps it's not going too well with them?" I probed a bit more.
"No, I am sure she doesn't," Jayne said quite firmly," I would know if she had. I think she is just setting herself up for when she is away from home, you know, if she gets a place at University in a few months' time."
"Oh well, I suppose that's wise," I said, but it did make me wonder.
Jayne working various shifts at the hospital, meant that I couldn't see her as often as I would have liked at conventional times, like other couples. However, if she were working from early afternoon, which was one of the regular patterns she did, then sometimes I could swap my own work shifts around a little to coincide with her.
Meeting in the daytime had its advantages, as the house was usually empty all day, so when we did get some 'alone time' together, they were often very amorous times. Now that Sarah had finished school and was home a lot more, Jayne wasn't too unhappy that her sister kept her own company and was not around much.
One day, Jayne was going to start work at 3pm, so we managed to arrange that I would go over to see her at about midday. We could chat; she would prepare a bit of lunch, and we could, 'get comfortable' as she put it, for almost a couple of hours afterwards. It had been over a week since I had seen her, and even longer since we had had the opportunity to do anything sexual, so I was looking forward to unhurriedly re-acquainting myself with her body.
Jayne opened the door, dressed in a blue, super short, loose skirt – did I say she had stunningly long legs? – well she had, and most of them were on display this morning. She also had on a white T shirt, with some sort of logo on it, and although she didn't have very large breasts, there was no doubt she wasn't wearing a bra, as I could already see a hint of nipples pressing against the fabric. Her long dark hair was in a neat ponytail and hung down behind her.
Before we had even shut the door, I put my arms round her and squashed her to me in the hallway, kissing her hard on her lips, to which she responded enthusiastically. We broke the kiss and I continued to hold her against me, moving my hands around on her back.
"Let's go into the living room," she whispered into my ear, "Sarah is upstairs, I thought she was going out, but she is listening to music in her room, so we need to be a little quieter than I had anticipated," she said, as I felt her grin.
"Oh, I thought we might be alone," I said, a little disappointed, closing the front door.
"Don't worry, she seems to spend hours reading and playing music, we will be more or less alone," she replied.
We moved into the living room and I pulled the door closed behind us but thought that if I closed it, but left it unlatched, we could hear if Sarah came downstairs later.
We sat on the sofa as usual, the scene of various activities both with Jayne and Sarah, good job it couldn't talk, I thought.
We made some small talk about what she had been doing during the week, her future work times, and discussed tentative arrangements to try to go out one evening if it was possible. However, before long, we were kissing again, and my hands were roaming her back.
"Before we go too far," she said, with smile and an air of promise, "I think we should have an early lunch. I can take some upstairs to Sarah, and it's unlikely we will be disturbed then."
"Yea, sounds good," I replied, pulling back to allow her to get up and go into the kitchen, thinking that the 'not being disturbed' sounded very good.
Jayne had prepared several plates of various sandwiches as a light lunch, and before we sat down to have ours, she went and asked Sarah if she wanted to join us.
"Sarah says she will have hers in her room, so I'll just take a few up to her," Jayne said, when she returned.
I was surprised, but slightly pleased this time that her sister didn't want to join us, but it did seem to confirm that she might be avoiding me, as in the past, she had been all too happy to be with us.
"Is she ok up there?" I asked, when Jayne had taken some food up to her.
"Yea, she's recording pop songs from the radio onto her tape machine, she seems engrossed."
"Oh ok, as long as she is happy," I said, starting on the great, fresh, sandwiches Jayne had laid out in front of us.
We were both hungrier than we thought and before too long, the plates were empty, and we were finishing the drinks she had made.
"I'll just take these plates into the kitchen, and then we can relax a bit," I said, with a grin, and got a knowing grin back.
On returning to the sitting room, I saw that Jayne had taken her shoes off and made herself more comfortable by lying down on her back, along the sofa, with her head supported on one of the loose cushions at one end.
"Hmm, can I join you," I asked, knowingly.
"Oh, I hope you will," she said, "but remember, I have to go to work in a couple of hours."
I too slipped my shoes off, then lay alongside her on my left side.
"Glad you didn't put anything fishy in the sandwiches." I said, as I leaned over to kiss her waiting lips, "otherwise this might not have been as sexy as it is."
"It's why I didn't," she replied, giggling, as our lips touched.
I stroked her face with my right hand as we began to kiss and touch tongues. I could see in my peripheral vision that as soon as our tongues were dancing together, her nipples rapidly came to full erection and tented her T shirt, so that the no-bra scenario was visually confirmed.
I slid my had down from her face, over her collarbone and down onto her left breast, cupping it over her T shirt, the nipple hard against my palm. Rotating my palm, I massaged her nipple, feeling her react by sucking my tongue deeper into her mouth.
I knew from previous experience, that she liked her breasts touched first through the material of whatever she was wearing, and only then on bare skin.
I did this by moving from one breast to the other, sometimes circling the nipple with my fingers, sometimes tweaking them gently and returning to cupping the entire breast with my hand. I am sure that if they had been more pointed, her nipples would have pierced the thin material of her T shirt, they were so hard by then.
She was making very approving noises, muffled by our joined mouths, but still a little loud considering Sarah was upstairs. I reasoned though, that if she were listening to music, she probably couldn't hear us.
Slipping my hand under her T shirt, I pushed it up, and obligingly, Jayne lifted her arms allowing me to slip it over her head and drop it onto the floor. Both breasts were now exposed and although they weren't as big as Sarah's, they were still firm, warm and had much bigger nipples.
My cock had grown to full erection and was now pressing against her side through my jeans where I was sure she could feel it, but she hadn't made any attempt to touch me yet.
I did the same on her bare skin as I had over her clothes, causing more groans and restless shifting of her legs. She didn't really want to break our kissing, but I wanted to suck on those dark pink nubs, and once I got there, she held my head against them as I licked and sucked with fervour.
She was making increasingly more noise and her breathing was getting faster.
Now that my hand was free, I moved it down to where her skirt started at her waist, then ran it down and back over the small amount of her thighs that the skirt covered. As she felt me stroking her there, she opened her legs a little, obviously an invitation, which I took up.
Sliding my hand up under her skirt onto the bare skin of the thigh nearest me, with my fingers curled round between her legs, I stroke upwards until very soon, my fingers contacted her knicker-covered mound.
"Ohhh, mmm," she said, too loud for my liking, but letting me know she was enjoying it.
I could feel the dampness already. The outline of her labia formed a perfect camel-toe that my fingers naturally slid between, pressing slightly in, so that I could feel their plumpness either side of my fingers.
Normally, we would play like this for quite a while and she would touch and fondle me too, but judging by the sounds she was making, I felt that she wanted it to be a little quicker this time. Whether it was due to her need to be satisfied or the time constrains, I didn't know, but I thought I was reading her right.
Flipping her skirt up to her waist, I took hold of the waistband of her plain, light blue, knickers and tugged experimentally. Without hesitation, she lifted her bottom and I easily slid them down to just below her knees. Using her bare feet and toes, as only girls can, she shuffled them down and off onto the bottom of the sofa, leaving her in only her skirt.
Sometimes she was a bit reticent to go too far in our lovemaking in the living room, but today it seemed she had been missing it as much as me.
I was getting warm now, so as she did that, I took my mouth off her nipple and slipped my T shirt over my head. I could now feel her warm, soft, skin against mine.
Now that I had full access, I ran my fingers through her dark and slightly curly pubic hair, separating it either side of her slit. Dipping my finger down and under, I felt the moisture around her entrance and slipped my middle finger straight in.
There were more groans from Jayne and an upward shift of her hips, as my finger went in to the hilt. I could smell, as well as hear, her arousal now, probably one of the shortest times I had seen her get this way.
I went back to sucking on her nipples, flicking them with my tongue, while I began to slowly finger fuck her increasingly wet pussy. Two fingers curled up inside her, to reach her sensitive spot, was what she liked, and I lost no time in doing that to her.
She matched my fingers stroking in and out with thrusting her hips, panting with the effort and the sensations she must have been getting.
"Pete, I need to feel you in me now, please," she whispered, something she had never said before.
"I need to put a Durex on," I whispered, "otherwise we might make a mess as there is no cover on the sofa, just give me a minute."
She watched as I quickly stood up, flicked the button on my jeans open and ran the zip down. Reaching into my back pocket I took the condom out and then slid both my jeans and underwear off onto the floor.
"Ohh mmmm," she said, as she let her fingers drift down to her clit when she saw my cock bob up and point to the ceiling.
We were watching each other as I fitted the condom and rolled it down to the bottom of my cock.
Without even touching me, the sensuous way she had become so easily turned on to this extent, had me wanting to fuck her as deep as I could.
"Turn over onto your knees," I said quietly.
With a grin that told me she knew what was going to happen, she did as I asked, putting her tight bottom into the air, and burying her face deep into the cushion.
I climbed up behind her on my knees, between her legs, and rubbed the tip of my cock up and down between the very exposed lips of her vagina, that had now opened in anticipation. When the tip of my cock touched her clit a few times, she tried to move her hips and push back to get me inside her. I had never seen her so animated.
She moaned loudly; the sound muffled by the cushion.
Putting the tip of my cock right at her entrance, I pushed gently, feeling her warm tunnel start to expand around the head, as it was partially lost to view inside her.
As I moved my hips a little further forward and she pushed back, I suddenly caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. I swivelled my head and saw that the door from the hall was slowly and silently opening.
I paused, my cock head just resting inside Jayne, not saying anything. but wondering what had caused the door to open. I thought one of her parents might have come home unexpectedly, and a flood of thoughts flashed through my mind about what I was going to say and do, being caught with my cock half inside one of their daughters.
In the next moment, I saw it was Sarah dressed in her bathrobe.
She was almost in the room now, in bare feet and not making a sound on the carpet.
I ran my hands absently round the globes of Jayne's tight bottom, while I tried to process what was going on and what I should do.
Sarah was looking intently at where Jayne and I were partially joined, almost as if she had been invited.
"What are you doing?" I mouthed silently at her, thinking that perhaps curiosity satisfied, she might just turn round and go away.
Jayne was still slowly trying to thrust backwards at me and still groaning into the cushion, so I knew she wasn't aware of anything amiss.
"Don't tease me Pete," Jayne's muffled voice said.
I was still looking incredulously at Sarah who hadn't moved.
"Go on," she mouthed back.
I shook my head 'no'.
She nodded vigorously and took a step closer.
Then another step, she was now almost touching me and could quite clearly see the head of my cock just inside her sister.
She inclined her head a couple of times, urging me on.
I knew I had to do something, and I certainly didn't want Jayne to know she was there and have some sort of major, sister falling out fight.
You know how time slows down sometimes, well, since Sarah had appeared, all of the above had only taken a few seconds rather than the minutes it seemed to be.
My initial shock has lessened, knowing it wasn't one of the parents and Sarah didn't seem as if she was going to say anything, or go any time soon. I did the only thing I could before Jayne realised something wasn't right, I pressed my cock further into her, while watching Sarah's flushed face.
She was biting her lip and massaging one of her breasts through her bathrobe.
Jayne moaned louder when I bottomed out in her and then withdrew to plunge fully back, my balls slapping her pussy lips.
Sarah peered closer and undid the belt of her bathrobe, letting me see she was totally naked underneath. Her neatly trimmed red bush was hiding the lips of her pussy that my cock had touched some weeks ago.
Her hand was now on her bare breast, pulling at her nipple while her tongue continually wet her lips, her attention totally focussed on my cock moving in and out of her sister.
Now that my stress level had reduced to normal, I realised that although I wasn't in any way an exhibitionist, I was beginning to enjoy the eroticism of having her younger sister actually watching us, instead of me just answering her questions.
When I pulled backwards, I deliberately let my cock almost leave Jayne's pussy so that Sarah could see her sister's labia wrapped round the head, then be pushed inwards as I thrust in once again.
My only worry was that Sarah might make some noise and alert Jayne that we weren't alone, but as I said on a previous occasion, Sarah was a smart girl, and she wasn't about to spoil her fun by being careless.
I watched Sarah's other hand creep down her stomach and into her pubic hair, then her finger started to rotate on where I knew her clit would be.
With Jayne wanting to be fucked so badly, and Sarah's antics beside me, my cock was as hard as I could remember it being. With one of my hands holding her hip, and the other pulling on her ponytail, I started to fuck Jayne harder.
We had never fucked hard like this before, and I thought she might complain, but she met me thrust for thrust. She seemed to be loving it, and her noises grew, even though her head was in the cushion.
"Yessss.. Pete, oh yes," we both heard from Jayne.
Sarah's eyes were bright and her face a livid red, as she fought to not make any noise. She knew we were getting close and was about to witness me and her sister coming together for real.
I felt Jayne's legs start to vibrate against mine, her hips slowed down, but she pushed back really hard each time, as her orgasm approached.
I felt it too, deep inside, like pressure building for release and waiting for the safety valve to open.
Once I felt Jayne's vagina start to clench on my cock, that was all it took.
As she hit her climax, I rammed my cock as far into her as I could, the first jets of sperm shooting into the end of the condom deep inside her.
I know she tried to keep her voice down, but if Sarah hadn't already been in the room, I am sure she would have heard her as the main force of her orgasm hit her.
Sarah was open mouthed, watching avidly and rubbing her clit round and round as fast as she could. When she saw and heard us coming together, she took a big intake of breath that was very noticeable, but I think Jayne was fortunately too far into her own pleasure to notice.
Again and again I felt the wad of cum ripple up my cock to spill into the inside of that latex teat that was pushed against Jayne's cervix.
My cock gradually stopped pulsing so violently and only occasional weaker spasms continued.
Jayne let her knees slowly slide backwards with me still inside her, until she was lying on her stomach and I was virtually lying on her back. I moved gently and slowly inside her a few times, my cock still erect and solid.
I knew that she would soon want to turn over once the final small aftershock had past, so I looked up at Sarah and flicked my head in a 'go now' gesture.
I nuzzled Jayne's neck for a few moments and when I turned to look again, Sarah had gone, and the door had closed as silently as it had opened. I didn't know if she had come too, or whether she had gone back to her room to replay what she had seen and continue alone, but I was relieved that she was no longer there to be discovered.
Gradually my cock softened and slipped out of her, so I gripped the elastic ring, sat up and removed the very full condom while Jayne turned over with a very satisfied look on her face.

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