My Honeymoon romance

The sun beamed in through the window and shined a bright shaft of light onto me eyes, awakening me from my slumber. Slowly I rolled over to see my lovely wife Tulika lying still in my bed. My eyes blinked as consciousness crept slowly back into my being. I remembered every little detail about the night before. The wine that seemed to never empty. The great folk music of the Darjhilings. And of course the dancing, my feet and legs were still sore from the constant motion.

I called room service and asked for orange juice. After sometime I slowly walked back to the bedroom with the two glasses of juice. Tulika’s leg hung long out of the covers as she moved gracefully to her side, a part of her fleshy bottom appeared looking smooth and inviting. I could see the rest of her form outlined by the crisp white sheets. As I lovingly looked at her the images of our previous night flooded my mind. We had laughed all the way home and quickly put some music on the tape. Lighting some candles and we had begun a slower more sensual dance in our bedroom. Her long body pressed close to mine. She looked up at me, her mouth slightly open, I could taste her sweet breath. Our eyes met and desire locked into our gaze. Slowly, softly our lips met in a simple kiss. Perfect, sensual, slow our mouths closed together, our air mingled between our lips. With the slightest touch our tongues met in the middle.

Our bodies still swayed to the rhythms of the music, pressing closer together, holding each other tight. As the passion of our kiss began to build, our grip tightened. My hands moved down her back slowly pulling the zipper of her dress down. Her hands cupped my face and her fingers trailed over my neck beginning to unbutton my shirt. As our tongues began a passionate samba our hands and bodies made short work of our clothes. Pretty soon I could feel her naked body pressing tight against my own. I could feel the warmth and moisture of her aroused sex as she slowly lifted one leg along the outside of my own. My own hardness pressed into Tulika as our kiss intensified.

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I broke the kiss and began to nibble my way down her slender neck. She tossed her head back, arching her back pressing her hips forward. Slowly I stepped toward the sofa, as I licked her long neck and kissed her ear. Slowly sinking into the overstuffed couch she moved with me, straddling me. My hands lifted her hips over mine; I could feel the bulging head of my cock poised just below the swollen lips of her now wet pussy. I rubbed my hands up from her hips over her waist and cupped her breasts. Rolling my fingers over her hardening nipples as she rolled her hips forward and back, rubbing the head of my cock just along the inside of her pussy.

As the smooth head of my cock brushed over the hard tip of her clit she let out a sigh, and rolled her hips back to me. Slowly she lowered herself onto my cock. The head at first sliding slowly past her lips stretching her slightly. Then down around my shaft until my cock filled her completely. We kissed once more, my cock fully inside her, my hands on her nipples, her tongue in my mouth. Slowly she moved her hips, arching her back, rolling my cock inside her tight pussy. She broke the kiss gasping for air, as I began to buck slightly beneath her. From her moves, I had a fleeting suspicion that my new bride was not a virgin, but at that moment that was a blessing.

Moving in harmony my cock slid in and out, up and down, back and forth stimulating her pussy further. As our movements increased with speed, the intensity of our breathing grew. Moans began to escape from Tulika’s lips as my cock worked inside her. She began to ride me harder, the moans becoming screams as her head thrashed back and she pulled harder on my cock. Faster with furious passion our lovemaking grew. She jerked back away from me, and slung herself into my body. I could feel her pussy tighten and warm juices begin to flow down over my balls. With a great scream she jerked with a power of orgasm. Her pussy squeezed my cock and caused it to violently jerk inside her, erupting in an orgasm of my own. Our bodies rocked together and sexual ecstasy engulfed our entire beings. Slowly we came down from the ultimate erotic high.

Tulika sank into my arms, her head resting on my shoulder. I could feel my cock still slightly pulsing inside her dripping pussy. She sighed on my shoulder as all the tension escaped from her body. Slowly I lifted her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I laid her gently on the bed, stretching her out along the clean white sheets. She rolled toward me, her long slender fingers tracing up my broad chest. Her fingertips toyed with my nipples as she seductively licked her lips. She lifted herself onto one arm and kisses the soft spot at the base of my neck, her hands gripping my shoulder and pulling me down to the bed. Slowly sensually she kissed her way to one nipple, biting it causing me to jerk at the pain. The pain that felt so good. Her tongue traced down the center of my flat stomach and around the edge of my semi-flaccid cock. She kissed the inside of my thighs and licked her juices from my balls in long strokes of her tongue. Her hot breath on my ball and at the base of my cock hardened it slightly. It began to grow as she drew her tongue up the shaft and to the tip. She slowly kissed the growing head as her fingers trailed along the hairs of my balls. My cock jerked harder at her touch. She opened her lips and slowly pressed them over the bulbous head of my now rigid cock. I could feel her tongue licking at the tips as she slid her mouth down my long shaft taking all of me into her mouth. She began to suck on my cock as she moved it in and out of her mouth. Her hands massaged my balls rolling them among her fingers. She began to suck harder; I could feel her tongue lapping at my cock inside her mouth. The expression of her face revealed her pleasure. How very different she looked from her normal self — the image of the demure, homely Tulika she presented to the world.

With a pop she pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up at me. She ran her tongue down the front of my cock, and over my balls. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft and began to stroke my cock. She kissed each ball and sucked it into her mouth. I could feel her tongue toy with my balls as she held each in her mouth sucking on it. I gripped the sheets as her hands moved up and down the shaft of my cock. Her tongue swirled up my shaft and around my head. She took me once more in her mouth. She began to furiously suck on my cock and bob her head up and down on my shaft. I moaned loudly, lifted my hips from the bed pushing my cock deeper down her throat. With a jerk I pumped my cum into her mouth. As my cock spasm inside her mouth, Tulika sucked even harder taking all that I had to give.

She let my cock slide from her lips licking the remaining cum from her lower lip. She crawled up on top of me and kissed me deep. I could taste the saltiness of my cum on her tongue as we kissed passionately. Her heat and moisture pressed into me as she straddled me. Her arousal was very apparent. Taking her by the shoulders I rolled her over on to her back. I kissed her hard on her lips, taking her breath away. My mouth moved to her chin and with a long stroke of my tongue I licked down the front of her neck.

I kissed and sucked slightly at the notch at the base of Tulika’s neck. She breathed in deep, lifting her chest to my mouth as my tongue slid down to her nipple. I sucked her nipple into my mouth, licking the tip with my tongue. I could feel her move beneath me as my tongue flicked across the tip. I closed my teeth slowly around her hard nipple and pulled it from her breast. She arched her back further, a moan escaping her lips. I let the nipple slide through my teeth and bounce back to her breast. I traced my tongue down from her nipple over her stomach and kissed her belly button. With delicate kisses, I made a path straight down kissing her mound of love.

My tongue stretched past my lips and sank just between the swollen wet lips of her pussy. I ran my tongue down along the inside of her lips to the base of her slit. Extending my tongue further and into her she rolled her hips forward into me with a loud moan. I closed my mouth around her pussy and sucked in her sweet juices, my tongue working along the inside of her sensitive lips. Back and forth my tongue moved up until it found the base of her protruding clit. Sliding a long finger slowly inside her, my tongue rolled around the base of her clit. She gripped my hair and let out a slight whimper as my finger slid slowly deeply inside her.

I closed my mouth around her clit and sucked it into me. My tongue licked along the edge and brushed over the sensitive tip. She squirmed on the bed as my finger stroked in and out of her pussy. My tongue flipped at her clit, I bent my finger the pad finding its way to her pleasure center. Touching her there as my teeth gently raked along her clit sent a tremor throughout her body. She screamed at my touch and rocked her hips of the bed. Her hands pressed my head tighter to her pussy as my teeth and tongue further attacked her hard clit. I added a second finger inside her pussy as she bucked on my face. I could feel the heat of her juiced flowing down my chin as I sucked her clit deep into my mouth once more. Her breathing becomes shallow and I can feel her hips moving with my motions. Tulika screams out once more, pressing my face even harder into her soaking pussy. I can feel her muscles clinch and a rush of fluid comes at me. I lick and suck on her furiously attacking her clit with my mouth. My fingers moving fast and hard into and out of her. Spreading them slightly, I finger her spot sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. With each breath she screams out, her body shakes and shudders. I can feel her pussy grip my fingers, her lags quaking at my touch.

Quickly I lift my face from her pussy and crawl up between her legs. Her body continues to quiver beneath me as I pause to nibble on each nipple. Looking deep into her eyes and kissing her with an unprecedented passion I slide my cock deep inside her. She gasps through my kiss, spreading her legs to take me deeper. Quickly I withdraw my cock and press it back inside her. The kiss breaks as we both gasp for air. My cock is now sliding quickly and hard in and out of her pussy. Tulika arches her back and lifts her legs high to take me deeper. My hips are slamming forward into her, thrusting my hard cock into her pussy.

Growing steadily with speed and intensity I begin to grunt with each breath, with each thrust. She rocks her head back and forth and screams for more, screams for harder. Her legs lifted now higher toward my shoulder, exposing her clit to my constant pounding. I can feel my balls draw tight. The pleasure that I feel is almost unbearable. I am close now, so close that I have no control. She grabs my ass and squeezes my cheeks. She screams out loud holding my cock deep in her pussy. Her whole body jerks as her pussy tightens around my cock. My hips jerk forward plunging deeper yet, my cock erupts in a powerful orgasm. We tremor together as her pussy continues milking cum from my cock. Slowly I collapse on top of Tulika, and roll over onto my back. She rolls onto her side and lays her gentle head on my chest. I can hear her sigh with pleasure as her fingers dance through the hair on my chest. She lifts a long sultry leg over me and snuggles in close. I kiss the base of her neck, her breasts, and her nipples, now red and swollen and begin long slow strokes of her hair. I look up at the dark ceiling of my room and relax back into the pillow. I feel relaxed completely with this enchanting woman on my chest. Soon I can tell by the long easy breaths that she is sleeping soundly there. It does not take me long to drift into a warm content slumber of my own.

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