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Written by Horseman,
on 2023-07-07,
genre straight

I had gotten divorced, and my 2 children preferred their mother to me and so her with her side. But they were fully grown and weren’t living with her. At 50 I was single again and still okay financially as my wife 47 was well off in her own right and also had a fine career. I decided to move away from the city to a small town and got a house with 7 acres. I’ve always been a horse rider and so wanted space to keep my horse, which I bought before the house. I settled in and in no hurry to socialize with the locals, keeping to myself most of the time. While riding one day I finally met my neighbors, 2 sisters 39 and 37 neither were in relationships at the time, I found out later. They grew plants for sale and their best seller was rose plants and seeing me riding asked what I did with my horse manure. I said I pile it up and when it gets big enough will get it removed. They asked me would I mind them having it, I said of course you can have it. That was our first meeting, and they came got the manure and even cleaned my horse stall. It seems horse manure is good for roses, I asked did they ride, and they said they did, but can’t afford to keep horses or rent them either. I decided to get more horses and got 5 more and it was mainly because I saw 2, I wanted, and they were in a group of 5. Now with extra horses more manure and they started riding with me. I had started to get aroused around them and decided to try my luck and found they were a package deal. Date one you date both at the same time, I thought it would limit my chances of sex with one or the other. But it was our second date they had me stay the night with both of them, sex was on the condition I took no precautions. They didn’t care if they got pregnant as they wanted to get pregnant and wouldn’t ask me to support them or any child or children we created. Regular sex followed and the younger sister got pregnant followed a few weeks later by the older sister. Which made them both happy and they didn’t expect financial help from me only the horse manure. I had a daughter and a son in that order and I’m still fucking both and we live in separate houses still. But with regular nightly stay overs, still we don’t take precaution and will let nature take its course. If not for my horse and the manure, I wouldn’t be getting any sex at all.

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