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This is a real life incident, something which I cannot erase from my memory even after almost 18-20 years of it taking place. I had this buxom Bengali Teacher in school. She is perhaps the only woman who turned me on the very first time I saw her. It was a co-incidence that we took a mutual affinity for each other.

She was dusky in complexion with sharp features. Her ample build was what made her the most attractive. Her real massive, firm and shapely Breasts and Buttocks were something to be imagined from over her clothes. Her sense of draping her Saree was absolutely gorgeous, for she knew just about how much of her flesh is to be shown to have the men around holding on to their Dicks. In short she oozed with sex. Her name was Shipra. I used to frequent her house after School Hours and on Holidays. Since she was just out of college herself, she could relate herself to me in terms of topics of discussion between us.

During one of my visit to her house on a holiday morning, I found it locked and I was on my way back thinking about her that I saw her walking down the opposite side. She invited me home, informing that she would be alone for the next two days as her Parents had to go out of station on work immediately. We reached to her place and sat together and began speaking on general topics. All of a sudden I felt her running her Toes on my feet and looking at me very suggestively. Shipra asked me very bluntly if I ever fantasized about her. I had no answer to give except a sheepish grin. Shipra moved closer to me and kissed me gently. I had an instant hard on and she covered the same in her palm, telling that she was available for me if I so desired. All this was a dream come true for me. Prior to this I had only once earlier fucked my maid in the 30 minutes we got to ourselves at home once.

Shipra stood up before me and pulled me up. She closed her eyes and moved her face towards me. Her lips were shining because of the Lip Gloss she was wearing. Her lips were full, well shaped and juicy. I could not hold myself any longer and ran my fingers very lightly over them and kissed and sucked on them. Shipra did the same. My hands were around her waist and feeling her large and firm buttocks. Shipra’s eyes were closed and she was rubbing my hand over my dick which was hard and exploding inside my trousers. She whispered in my ears to proceed further. I pulled her saree uncovering her breasts and narrow waist and a deep navel. She was a sight to be gazed and felt. I bent down and kissed her on her naked waist and navel. I held her from behind and began unbuttoning her blouse. With each hook that I unbuttoned, the thrust of her boobs against the blouse increased due to their heaviness. I pulled out her blouse revealing her bare shoulders which were perfectly shaped with an absolutely clean underarm. She was smelling irresistible and made me feel intoxicated. I dug my face between her tits and took a deep breath of her under arms. Shipra pulled out my trousers and shirt. My Dick was waiting for her eagerly. After removing her saree and petticoat, I saw Shipra the way in which I always only dreamt of her. She had a perfect figure with absolutely no hair and with that extra amount of soft flesh in the correct zones. She sat down and removed my dick from my undies. She said wowwwwww on seeing it. My dick had actually grown in length and thickness like never before. She rubbed her face on my dick and took the entire length of it between her lips at once. I screamed out of sheer pleasure. Shipra pushed me down on the cot and said that she would want me to ejaculate once in her mouth so that I could give her a longer fuck. She was really a horny babe. She began by running her tongue on the entire length of my penis and licking the head of my dick like a lollypop. She took my balls in her mouth stroking the dick with her hands. She then began a slow and gradual movement of her head on my dick moving her fist on my dick in a vertical movement. She made slurping sounds with each of her sucks and within no time I began to feel the rising pressure in between my legs. I told her that I was coming to which she began sucking me harder and in the next few seconds I ejaculated with she taking every drop in her mouth and swallowing the same till my dick was left clean and dry. My stiffness was not gone and this is what the hungry Bengali babe wanted. She wanted a fuck that would last life long yet be left unsatisfied. Her hunger for sex was unmatchable.

It was my turn now to satisfy my woman. I unhooked her Bra and at last saw the two melon like breasts which were perfect to shape and size. Each of the breast were topped with a perfect sized nipple which had gone hard to the size of cherries due to the heat between her legs. I did not know if I should squeeze her tits first or suck on them. I decided to suck on one and squeeze the other at the same time with my other hand slipping off her panties and feeling her pussy. Her panty was dripping wet in the front and on feeling her pussy, I felt her cream on her clit. I slipped my finger between her pussy while sucking and squeezing her boobs. Shipra began to squirm and moan in pleasure. She began groaning in sexual pain requesting me to fuck her. My dick by now was stiff like a pole waiting to enter her lubricated and creamy cunt.

I moved my face in between her legs. She parted them and I ran my tongue over her cunt and then parted her pussy lips and very slowly began licking the insides of her pussy. It was a never ending experience to taste her cunt and shove my tongue deep into her vagina till I could push it no more. I began fucking her with my tongue and Shipra went crazy, spreading her legs like an eagle. I tongue fucked her for a long time. Suddenly Shipra got up an got up on top of me taking my dick in her mouth and her open and dripping cunt right over my mouth. We did a fellatio. She suddenly began rubbing her pussy on my mouth as if it was on fire. I realized a few seconds later when she came on my face. The taste of her cream and the aroma was something I have never had till date. By now my dick wanted more of her. I turned her around and got on top of her and pounded her cunt like a mad man. Instead of objecting, she invited me to hump her harder and faster. We continued our fucking for a full 4 minutes after which I decided to let go of myself. I ejaculated my load in 4 to 5 huge blobs into her Pussy which began to ooze out finally. She opened her Pussy Lips with her fingers and let all my hot cum go inside her vagina.

It was noon by the time we got this far. Shipra and I lay naked for sometime feeling each other . I was feeling her cunt which she had trimmed recently and she was fondling my balls and giving me continued hot and wet kisses on my lips continuously, running her tongue over my lips and inside my mouth. I always heard that Bengali Women were hot but Shipra proved that they were not simply hot but absolutely sex crazy and horny babes. I left her place in the evening after 3 more sessions of wild fucks on the cot, floor and even on her terrace until her cunt could take it no more. She asked me to come again the next day as that too was a holiday. I managed to tell at home that I was going out with some friends on the outskirts of the city and will be back the next evening. Shipra and I had ourselves to each others satisfaction with me extending my stay the next night also.

In the next few hours of that she was back in the classroom taking lessons for us while I sat there dreaming about the luscious body of hers which I had the pleasure of fucking countless times.

We continued our relationship till she got married. We keep in touch even today when she is 40 and I am 35. Yes ! We have had our little chances even now but not like that wild 2 days I spent with her.