My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 14

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By 4everhorny My sincere apologies for the delay in posting the continuation because I was held up finishing the “Living Again After Growing Old” series. Now let’s get back to this story.

Please read the previous part here (/2024/04/my-hot-punjabi-mom-13/ ). Now let’s continue

Everything was over by noon and we took a sigh of relief. I said “mom now that everything is over can we finish your pending shopping”? Neetu said “yes we will go but before that there is something that needs your attention”.

I assumed she was hinting at her milk tanks because it had been a while since I emptied them last. I opened her gown taking her nipple in my mouth and drinking till the last drop.

I repeated the same on her other breast too. Then Neetu passionately kissed me pushing me down on the sofa. She pulled off my tracks getting on top. She took my cock in her mouth giving me a blowjob till I was fully hard.

Then I made her lay down burying my face between her legs. I began eating her pussy and her juices were already flowing. Neetu was clearly very aroused and horny, she pulled me on top saying “fuck me quickly son, I am going mad”.

I got on top pushing my cock gently in her pussy. After I was fully in I stayed still because I was unsure after what happened last night, I asked “how are you feeling mom”?

She exclaimed “wonderful son, please fuck me crazily like you always do”. I started slowly at first then got into my regular rhythm while making sure I did not deprive her boobs or her other sensitive areas of my attention.

Soon she was moaning again raising her bottom meeting my thrusts. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me deeper into her. Neetu held my face kissing me all over, today she was on fire, a fire which was not going to go out easily.

After an intense round of sex, we both climaxed together. Mom experienced lot more orgasms today than she did ever before with me. We rested on the sofa for some time and then took a shower together where we had sex once more.

Then we came to her room, we got dressed with Neetu wearing a jeans and t-shirt with her extra tight bra beneath and her usual platform heels. We took enough cash from Ramesh’s pile.

I slipped a few condoms in Neetu’s purse, she looked at me smiling naughtily. I asked “what’s wrong mom? Don’t you think we will need these”? She said “now that you are a part of everything, grab some more”.

I gave her a nudge and asked “why would you need more”? She said “actually there are many who have been lusting for me like Raja since many years. Till now every one of them have fondled my body, a few have even gotten lucky to see my bare boobs”.

I asked “and you let them”? She said “yes I resisted initially but because I was also thirsty for a man’s touch, I eventually gave in seeing no harm. Then to avoid intercourse I got away by giving them hand jobs or let them dry hump me”.

I asked “have you decided to give them more liberty now”? Neetu asked “what do you suggest”? I said “you know them better, if they made you feel good, then why not. And if any of them had been even a cent like Ramesh then they would have already raped you by now”.

Neetu naughtily smiled nodding yes, then blushed hiding her face in my chest. She said “I don’t know what to say, I am very excited about it and nervous also at the same time”.

I raised her face and looked in her eyes, I said “mom I know how horny you can get, opportunity is knocking on your door. Just grab it with both hands. I am with you if you need me”.

Mom placed my palms on her boobs pressing them hard, then she locked her lips with mine in a sensual kiss. After the kiss I said “save this for your new boyfriends, now first tell me who they all are”.

Mom said “my first one is my regular lingerie story owner Bhatti and his 2 boys, my tailor Rafiq and my dress store owner Bhoosan are a few of my favorites”. I said “wow so many and you say these are a few”.

She said “yes you will meet the rest when the time comes. Of them Rafiq is the craziest, he fondles my body and plays with my boobs while he fucks his wife right there”.

I said “you mean his wife knows everything and joins”? Mom said “yes, you will see when we go there today. Just remember no one knows you, I will introduce you as my boyfriend and you play along, Ok”?

I said “yes mom, whatever you say”. She said “I will also try see if you can get a chance to watch the whole thing”. I said “yes that would be really great”. We got in the car and went out shopping.

We first stopped at her favorite lingerie shop. When we stood at the counter, the owner Bhatti came to assist. He was smiling from ear to ear, he called out to his two boys “prepare the back room quickly, madam has come after a long time”.

I didn’t know why the back room was required, anyway I decided to wait and see. He took us inside the store and made us sit at the plus size lingerie counter. Neetu said “I want to buy some bra and panty sets because my present ones have become very tight”.

I looked around and found a lot of posters and mannequins showing extra-large size lingerie for women. Neetu took out her current bra and handed it over to Bhatti.

She said “this is my previous one I wore for size reference”. He said “I can propose some options but what kind of designs are you looking for”. She looked at me, I said “darling it’s your choice, take anything you like”.

Then they discussed a few things and he showed her a few sets. She asked “can I try it on and check the fitment”? He said “madam you are our old regular customer so go ahead”.

She took two different design bras and gave me her bag and went to the trial room. After 15 minutes she came back and said “these do fit but are very uncomfortable”.

He took his measuring tape and the two bras and asked mom to follow him to the back room covered by a curtain. Once they got inside he closed the curtains. She said “no please wait, Sonu please come here”.

He was perplexed seeing her calling me inside. I too wanted to see what would happen so I went inside. The lights were bright and there were lots of posters of models in lingerie on the walls.

Neetu said “darling please take a seat on that stool there” and turned to Bhatti. In an uncomfortable tone he said “madam please remove your top so I can see the problem with these bras”.

Neetu turned her back to him and removed her blouse and put on the first bra and he hooked it up from behind. Then she turned around and faced him and her boobs were bursting out of it literally with her nipples exposed.

She said “I am not comfortable with my nipples being seen like this” pointing to her nipples. The guy was staring at her chest and gasping for breath at the sight of her big boobies and puffed nipples.

Then he said “madam I need to take your measurements so I can propose the correct size to you”. He put his hands below her armpits hugging Neetu and removed the bra.

Now she was standing facing him topless and looked the other way. Seeing him hesitate, she said “don’t worry about Sonu, he knows everything you normally do and will not mind it. See if you can involve him also”.

Feeling encouraged that he now had a free hand despite me sitting right there, he grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard together a few times. Then he raised them and let them fall a few more times watching them bounce.

I knew this was too much for her and she started breathing heavily. I am sure he noticed this because he had a sly grin on his face. Then he proceeded to take her measurements from various positions and angles.

He spent good 15 mins doing it and made sure he felt and rubbed and squeezed her boobs taking all liberties seeing no resistance from Neetu. I looked at Neetu and she was breathing very fast and heavily and had her eyes closed.

She did not object to anything he did. I knew she was very aroused by now and I could see a big bulge in his trousers too. He surely sensed her state and seizing the opportunity he grabbed both her breasts and started kneading her puffed nipples between his fingers.

A little milk oozed out from her nipples and at the same time she also let out a soft moan. He bent forward to suck her nipples to taste her milk when she pushed his face aside and said “stop Bhatti”.

This was the first time she had spoken since he had started working on her. Neetu looked at me, I understood but did not know how she was going to breast feed me in front of him.

She walked towards me and stood with her legs on either side of mine so that her tits were close to my mouth. Then she held my face and brought it to her nipples, she said “drink it baby, I forgot to do this before”.

I latched on to her nipples drinking her milk while Bhatti stared at us in disbelief. After a while I had emptied both her milk tanks, she bent forward and kissed my lips.

She said “thank you for helping me Sonu”. She turned around and walked to him, she said “now do you want to continue from where you left”? He pulled her close and started kissing her all over her chest and said in her ear “I am thirsty too”.

She replied “go ahead and drink water because my milk is only for him” pointing to me. Bhatti said “then can I have everything else”? She said “yes like always stay within your limits”.

Then he pulled her sari out of her petticoat and kept it aside. Next he undid her petticoat also and dropped it on the floor. Neetu was now standing in just her panties.

He sat on a stool and pulled her by her waist and made her sit on his lap with both her legs on either side of his. Now he sucked hard on both her nipples hungrily while his hands were all over her body.

I noticed that by now Neetu was running her hand thru his hair pressing his head harder to her breasts and her other hand was rubbing his bulge over his trousers. Then she pulled down his zipper to reveal a very slender 7.5” long tool.

She said “oh my god, this seems to have grown bigger from the last time I saw it”. He asked “do you like it”? She blushed and nodded her head in affirmative. He said “please give me one chance and I will make you experience heaven with this”.

Neetu said “no way, you know that will never happen, you can do your usual dry humping only”. He said “madam please give me one chance only, I have already told my boys to not disturb us like last time.

So today it is only me”. Mom said “first you finish what you started”. So she did not say a yes or a no but hinted him to proceed. She locked her lips with his in a kiss and started simultaneously unbuttoning his shirt and removed it completely.

To be continued….

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