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Hello everyone, this is Arjun from Hyderabad. I am 22, with a height of 5’10 working in an MNC in Hyderabad. Please comment or provide feedback to the story at [email protected] After reading my previous stories I received a good response and hope the same this time too.To understand this story better please read the previous part.In this part, I will describe our first time intimate moments and what happened next.

After the deep lip lock I got a green signal that she too is interested in me. So, I immediately removed my t-shirt and she was shocked at my action. I pulled her closer to me and started planting kisses all over her, face. She was moaning and I loved it. Her hair was in a bun, so I removed it and started kissing her neck(sensitive part for women). I was trying to remove her night suite but was unsuccessful.She laughed at me and removed it. She was just in a red bra and a red colour panty. Guys, believe me if a girl ever wears same colour bra and panty it is not you alone who planned to have sex that day. She was looking like a strawberry in that red and red combination and she knows that she is going to do it with me.

After having a detailed look at her in this state, I took a step forward and gave a spank on her ass while hugging her. The sound she gave for that spank is still in my ears. She bit the area near my neck and ear as a sweet revenge. I removed her panty and took her bare ass into my hands and meanwhile kissing her allover. I played with her ass by moving it closer and releasing it or spanking it or widening it and she loved it all. I was addicted to her ass from my 1st day in office, so I gave her ass more time as I had feelings for her ass. Meanwhile she dropped my track pant and is massaging my dick over my jockey.I was in heaven and we both were ready for next.

She pulled me into her bedroom and we were soon into our birthday suites kissing each other all over the body. I was concentrating on her neck and moved down to those wonderful tits I always dreamt of.As soon as I moved to those tits she stopped kissing and closed her eyes. I was on top of her and put both my hands on her boobs and pulling them and teasing her. She was moaning and I loved the view. I was hard so I went down to her pussy and started licking it. I made her cum by licking with in 5 mins. She suddenly got up and ran out of the room. I was surprised of why she ran. She came back with chocolate syrup in hand and said its pay back time which made me laugh. I took the chocolate syrup from her hand, made her sleep on the bed and poured it on her boobs and navel. She was getting mad at the touch of the cold syrup. I started licking her boobs with that syrup and she was moaning loudly.

Later, I moved to her navel and licked there for some time and she suddenly got up and turned me down. She got on top of me and poured some syrup on my hard dick and first took the tip in her mouth, it did not take her long to take the entire dick. Soon, I started getting a chocolate syrup blowjob with a mix of strawberry(her lips) and cum was building inside me.I told her the same and she removed it from her mouth and I again got on top of her. I placed my dick in between her boobs and started fucking her tits. As cum was already building I released the cum within very less span of time and it fell on her boobs, neck and face. She got up to clean herself saying wait baby while I wash and come.

Which guy would leave a bare ass swaying in front of u, so I followed her. I think she knew I would join as she did not bolt the door. She was washing the cum on her face and her ass was facing me. Seeing this my dick raised again. I went behind her and placed my cock at her pussy in a doggy position. She said that she is a virgin and would like to be like that till marriage. Hearing this I got sad. Seeing my face she said my ass is all yours. I was half happy at my luck and bent her, took some lotion in the washroom put some on my dick and put some on her ass and tried pushing it in. She was shouting in pain, so I stopped trying to push in. After she said push it in one go, I said “are you sure???” She was like “I am all yours except for my pussy”. I placed my dick at her ass and gave one deep thrust. My dick was all in and I could see tears in her eyes. Her face was all red and I felt bad.

I was in that steady position for some time and started giving small strokes as her pain started turning into pleasure. She was moaning and was enjoying more than me now. I increased my pace and she we both developed a nice rhythm. I know it will take some time for my cum to build again as I had just had it, so I giving deep strokes into her ass. She was holding on to wash basin with one hand , massaging her pussy with other while I took care of her boob with one hand and hip with the other. I was changing my hands so as to satisfy both her boobs. I was about to cum and told the same to her. She said she want to taste it. She took me in her mouth and started sucking again. I cummed in her mouth and she had it heartily. We washed and slept on the bed. I woke up early in the morning only to see her sleep like a baby beside me. I did not want to disturb her. So, I got up silently, wore my dress, took a sticky notes from her reading desk and wrote on it “Thank you my HR (Horny Randi)” and left.

What happened next???

To be continued.

This story would be continued based on your feedback.Please comment or provide feedback to the story at [email protected] and negative feedbacks are extremely welcomed.Remember my name Arjun, signing off.

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