My Husband Asked Me To Fuck His Friend

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Hello readers, this story had its seed sown in my earlier story “I arranged four studs for my wife”. I was little apprehensive while writing this story as it is true and the persons involved are my best friends. If you like the story, post your comments 

I received a mail from a reader named Sudheer praising the story. He requested for chat I accepted. He seemed nice guy but what he asked was funny.
Next day he came online. He asked, “Whether it is possible in real life or not.”
I replied, “It can happen with anyone any where. But why you want to know?”
He asked for my help. He said, “I wanted to try the same with my wife ie watch my wife being fucked by his friend. You see I am not so good looking and don’t want my kids to look like me. Can you help me in this? Can you convince my wife to agree for a cuckold session? I know brother, if you try you will succeed.”
I said, “But I have never done this. This is very risky and can ruin my reputation as well as your conjugal life. The stakes are very high. I would love to help you but you will have to keep me covered from all sorts of problem. And there are chances that she may fall for me and we may result in having sex. You will feel jealous.”
He said, “I am ready for that. In fact I want my wife to have sex outside marriage and I want to watch it. So no problem. So you are welcome for it. I don’t mind if you end up seducing her or even having sex with her. NO PROBLEM. And more over she tells me everything that she does whole day, so if any problem I will help you.”
I offered my help but I didn’t know her nor seen her picture. What was the authenticity of his words, what if he was fooling me? I asked, “How will I help?” He was very happy to hear this. He sent me their pictures. He persuaded me to convince his wife for a cuckold session with his friends. He opened a new account on gmail. Then he forwarded his wife’s email id and her picture along with his picture.
I sent friendship request to his wife Sunitha who was engineer by profession but was housewife. She accepted my friendship request and we became net friends. I informed Sudheer about our friendship. He was happy to hear that and encouraged me to carry on and convince Sunitha to agree for sex with his friends.
He said, “One interesting thing happened. She always tell me what she did the whole day in house or on net. But today she did not mention about you and above all she deleted your chat. Something is in her mind which she is hiding. Brother you are great………….”
I asked, “But you don’t be jealous brother due to her talking to me. I will never deceive you. Have you ever talked with your wife about your intentions? What did she say?”
Sudheer replied, “She does not find it exciting and has declined but I want to see her fuck my friends as cuckold husband. I want her to enjoy the joy of sex with a person other than her husband. You can say a type of fantasy or a gift from me to her. I know you can help me in this. Talk to her and make her agree to it, my friend. And moreover I am not jealous with you as I want you to come and fuck my wife.”
I asked, “Do you have any particular person in mind?”
Sudheer replied, “No one but I wish it could be my friend, Ajay. He is a nice guy.” He wished me luck, so did I.
I was chatting with Sunitha on regular basis. We became close. Next day during regular chat I asked, “Why do not you take a job instead of staying at home? You are wasting India’s talent.”
She replied, “I am not keen on job. I want to stay at home.”
But after few discussions I could convince her to take a job. Few days later she informed that she has taken up a job in a college as lecturer.
I said, “That is good news. It calls for a celebration and gift.”
Sunitha replied, “Thank you, it was due to your convincing words that I took it. What gift you want?”
I replied, “How about a kiss?”
She said, “I am not ready for it and I am not that type of person. I can’t cheat my husband. He loves me.” I said, “Suppose he allows you to kiss me or have sex with me then?” She replied, “No way, my husband won’t allow. It’s hypothetical at the moment.” I said, “I will ask him and he will allow you.” She replied, “Stop this chat. I have to go.” Then I asked, “What if your husband allows you or asks you to have sex with another person say his friend, will you agree?” She kept silent.
The next day I got mail from Sudheer saying, He told her that one of his friends has gifted his wife to have sex with her boyfriend as per her wish. She was surprised and excited to hear this. He offered Sunitha about having sex with any of his friend and surprisingly she kept quit. What did that mean? Would she also agree? Ask her brother she will tell you everything.
When I chatted with Suneetha she said, “Do you know my husband was asking me whether I want to have sex with any person other than him. He will arrange for one if I wish. He told that one of his friends had arranged his wife to have sex with another friend and they had sex before him. His friend narrated the entire episode to him and Sudheer also felt excited by such prospect and wanted to try it at home involving me. I felt excited by his proposal, what you say?”
I said, “Go ahead grab this opportunity. Do you have any crush other than your husband? Does he want any other woman in return for your favor?” She said, “Yes, my college friend named Chaandru. I think, I will accept Sudheer’s offer. Is it right? Would that not disturb my marriage life later on? I am confused so asking you. He didn’t say anything about return gift as such. I will let you know tomorrow. Oh God I am so excited.”
I encouraged her, “What about me? You can call me if you want.” She said, “No, sultan you are my close friend on net and I can’t even imagine doing these with you. So not possible but I’ll let you know if I decide about sex.” I said, “Then keep me posted regularly.”
Following lines have been copied from our chat transcripts.
Suneetha: Tell me Sultan, did you have sex outside marriage?
Me: Yes with 8 females before marriage.
She: Stop kidding.
Me: I am serious and all were elder to me and I enjoyed it.
She: You really enjoyed na.
Me: Yes dear. Can I call you dear. Please please please
She: Ok, tell me the size.
Me: Size of what (Although I understood what she meant to ask)
She: Don’t try to act smart, you very well know what I want to know. Tell me what is the size?
Me: It is 7 inches and your size?
She: 34. Can you send me your nude picture?  I already have your normal picture. I want to see your size.
Me: Sent you my cock’s photo. See it. Have you ever sucked your husband’s tool?
She: Seeing, nice size you got.  No I have never done such thing. It is disgusting, just the thought is disgusting. Don’t ask such questions. It is so embarrassing.
Me: That means you are missing some excitement. You should suck it and taste the tip, cum and balls.
She: Stop it………….I can’t even imagine sucking it. Ok time for me to go Sultan. We will meet tomorrow and I will let you know the details. Bi…………
Me: Ok bi I will wait for you.
And she went offline. I was very happy for achieving my task and forwarded the chat to Sudheer not knowing what the future had for me as I used to forward entire chat to Sudheer on daily basis. He also kept on giving me inputs. I cold not sleep properly all night thinking about future plans. Next day I got Sudheer’s mail which was a bomb for me.
It said, “Dear brother, unforeseen happened. Last night I was perusing your mails/chat. I did not realize that Suneetha who was standing behind me silently also read all your mails. She was very angry at me and you too. She has been crying since last night. She is inconsolable. Please, help me.”
I thought all my hard work has gone into waste. Next day Suneetha came online and quarreled with me, calling me all short of abuses. I tried to persuade her but to no avail. The situation had turned from bad to worse. I was very upset. I also was flabbergasted and thought what should be my next move. She was very cross with me and Sudheer.
She said, “Get lost. You ganged up with my husband and wanted me to become a slut. I will become so and teach Sudheer a lesson. You do not deserve to be my friend. Get lost for ever. Never try to talk to me again. You call me your best friend on net. How could you imagine such things about your friend. You know Sultan you have lost a friend.”
And she went offline. I was very sad hearing such words. I had come very close to her and had shared many things with her. I had lost a good friend on net. We did not talk for many days. Even Sudheer did not come online or send any mails. But one day I got a mail from Suneetha which was as exciting.
It said,
“Dear Sultan,
Guess what??????? I had sex with my boyfriend last week. Sudheer was very apologetic due to his deeds. He was crying and said he didn’t want me to feel ashamed about his looks. On the other hand he wanted me to enjoy life. He said, “If you do not want it leave it, but do not cry.”
I asked him, “If you want me to have sex with another guy I will do that before your eyes. I will call my friend Chaandru and have sex with him.”
He said, “As you wish. I have no objection.” I called Chaandru home and had sex with him and I enjoyed it. You want to know how it happened.
Well it all started the next day I had heated discussion with Sudheer. Due to that I had severe headache so I took leave from college and stayed at home crying all day. My eyes were swollen so much you could see it popping out of my socket.  After all that happened last few days I had decided that my body needed a good massage in the hands of Chaandru. I will call him home and fuck his brains out just to teach Sudheer a lesson. So throwing all my nervousness, I asked Chaandru to come to my house urgently. I shaved my pussy neatly. Had a shower and used perfume profusely. I wore a transparent chiffon saree, no bra and my  low cut transparent blouse which revealed a lot. I was waiting patiently for my first sex outside marriage. My heartbeat was at its maximum.
Chaandru arrived at 11.00 am. I was so excited seeing him. We shook hands and my palm was sweating. I muttered him to take a seat. I was losing my mind. My cheeks blushed due to excitement.
He asked, “Hello, anything wrong. You look so flustered. Everything alright.” I replied, “Its alright. Don’t bother.”
But I had to tell him everything and seduce him. But how was the question? Time was clicking by and so was my morale. I thought I would never be able to do this. I prayed and remembered you. All the while I was silent. Chaandru broke the silence, “Suneetha, anything going in your mind? Why you called me to your place? I can feel something is wrong at your end.”
  I said, “Chaandry there is something I want to tell you. It is disturbing me a lot. Tell me how much you like me?”  I knew he had crush for me since college days and he will surelt help me.
He replied, “I like you and I care for you. Tell me what is your problem?” I gathered all courage and said, “I need you as a friend and as a lover. Will you satisfy my body’s hunger? My husband has allowed me to quench my thirst from any option I like. In fact he himself wants me to have sex outside and he wants to watch.”
Chaandru was dumbstruck. He barely could say anything just he nodded his head. I didn’t want to lose such opportunity so narrated him the whole incidence right from your story on net to Sudheer’s chat with you to your chat with me and all intervening things. He was as excited as me. He was getting what he had desired for long. Happiness was flowing from his face. His face became red, so was mine.
  He moved to me smiling. My heart missed beat. Oh my god…………………….. I closed my eyes in anticipation. He came closer………I could feel his breath……………even his heartbeats were audible……………. He touched my face my cheek……….I was going to faint………..not that I was virgin but someone other than my husband was touching me. He traced his fingers from my ears to my cheeks to my lips. Inadvertently my mouth opened. He kissed me on my lips. an audible moan escaped from my mouth. I too responded him back by kissing his lips.
  Then he got bolder and began sucking my lips. I caught his upper lips and began sucking in same fervor as him. I was enjoying each and every act. He began licking my face. His hands were getting new life of its own. They were roaming on my back resting at vantage positions for a while. Then his hands rested on my ass over my saree.
I was hugging him like a lost child. The his hands moved in front to my breasts. I stepped back……..maybe I was not ready for it now…..maybe I was confused…. I wanted some more time to decide whether I should proceed further or not. But he was in no mood to listen as it was a golden opportunity for him. I had already told him the entire happenings so far. He moved his hand and caught my breasts again from over the blouse. This time I let him touch me. His touch was taking me to a different level of fantasy.
  He inserted his hands in my blouse and began searching for my nipple. I bent forward a little to assist him. But I was still feeling shy. So I had my eyes closed and  I was scared he will read my face and my intention.
Then he lifted me and carried me to my bedroom. I was clinging to him like a baby. I was getting dizzy as seconds passed. He lay me on my bed and stepped back. I thought he had changed his mind. But he lunged forward and began removing my blouse buttons. I was hiding my face behind my palm, within seconds he unbuttoned my blouse and began kneading my breasts from over my lacy bra. The bra was of namesake as it was lace with small cup only. Within seconds even my bra was on the floor next to my blouse. He was amazed by my breasts and my erect nipples. He dived and placed his mouth on my nipple.
I jumped in ecstasy…………….. He began with licking my nipples. It became like a small cock in no time. He began pressing the other breast………Oh My God………………. I was liking his touch his licking. I pushed his head to my breasts.  He got my point and began sucking my nipples. Again his hands were roaming on my body now searching for my pussy hole.
This was too much for me and I wanted to push him away throw him off me. But I could not do this. Instead I was holding on to him as if he will run away. He was sucking my breasts as if there was no tomorrow for him. His hands found my pussy area. He began kneading it from above my saree making my saree into mess. I wanted him to stop but my body was letting him play with me. He sucked my breasts for good 12 minutes. Till then my nipples had become swollen due to his lips.
  I was in some dream, “Where were you before? Have been waiting for such fun. Now it is my turn to enjoy and suck.Oooooooooooooooooggggggggggg.”
  I reached for his cock which was hard as iron and was poking my belly. It hit me like a golf club. I began squeezing it with my teeth clenched. He got up from me and opened his pant and underwear. His big tool was before me waiting to be kissed and sucked. He motioned me to hold it. Firstly I thought so disgusting but I lunged forward and kissed his cock, hood at the first.
I remembered you saying that sucking cock is part of sex and I will enjoy sucking. Then licked the circumference. Then concentrated on the eye, gave it a lick. He had his eyes closed for me. I sucked the head in and began sucking to my heart fill. I was bobbing my head up and down sucking his cock while he was pressing my breast. I licked from base to head and from balls to tip. He tasted marvelous. I gave his cock many swipes from end to end like lollipop.
Then Chaandru said, “It is my turn now. Let me feast on your beautiful body. I  too want to suck your cunt hole and lick the clit.”
Saying this he removed his cock from my mouth making a plop sound. He pushed me back on the bed and placed his face near my toe. He began kissing my toe, moving up to my knees then to my thighs lifting my saree as he went about. He was licking me from toe to my knees and then to my crotch. I could feel his wet tongue moving on my knees, inner thighs leaving a wet trail behind. It was so sexy and exciting, waiting for him to make further moves.
His hands were busy lifting my saree up to my waist. He uncovered my clean and panty less pussy. I had deliberately not worn any panty in the morning. My cunt was open before him. I hid my face behind my palm. I was feeling shy.  My clean shaved pussy made  him more horny.
He asked, “May I eat your cunt?”  I wanted to say no fuck off but I said, “Sure I would love to be eaten by you.”
He kissed my puffed pussy lips. It made me shiver………………. Then he licked the outer parts of my pussy almost outlining the lips…..almost like applying lipstick to my cunt lips……..He was tracing my pussy circumference……………..Then I caught his head and pushed him in……He got my message…..His tongue was now touching my clit………He began sucking my clit………….And my pussy lips………………..Oh it was so nice……..Getting sucked by my old friend that too after my marriage under the permission of my husband……………..He was not expert in sucking but I was enjoying his methods……………..
“Suck me……………lick my pussy dear…..bit my clit…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma……………..woooooooooooooooooooooooo………..oh my god……………yes yes yes yes yes …………….put your tongue in my pussy hole………..aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…..bit it……………………I am in heaven……………..”
His sucking was awesome. I could not hold it any longer and yelled, “OOOOOOOOOOooohhhhhhhhh…….. aaaaaaaI  ………………………….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm cccccccummmmmiiiiiingggggggggggggggg…………………” Thus I came by his sucking. He was not satisfied nor was I. We wanted further action.
I called him, “Give me the ultimate pleasure ……….Fuck me…make me your salve………..Give that big rod to me……fill my cunt……..fill my …hole……aaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaa
………Where were you till today.”
He lay over me, kissed me to soothe my nerves. Then he held his cock at the entrance of my cunt and pushed.  His cock went in with a flop sound as my cunt was too much lubricated. He began jerking his body in fucking motion. He was pushing his cock in and then pulling it out.
Thup thup thup thup thup thup…………
I was yelling, “Oooooooooooooo ggooooooooodddddddddddd. Ye yes yes yes yes ……………….fuck me………….kill me………………”
He was also quite vocal while banging me, he was pressing my breasts and yelling, “Oouuuuuuuuccccccchhhhhhhhhh…………….ohhhhhhhhh…………… ……….ohhhhhhhhh……….. I am loving ur pussy. Oooooooo…………Suneetha you are so nice to   fuck ……………..Sudheer is damn lucky
   I also was calling him, “Chaandru………… ahhhhhhhhhh…………ohhhhhhhh goddddddd………..
i’ll go crazyyyyyyyy babyyyyy by your fucking …Yes talk dirty  use filthy language………………..I like it
u’ll make me maddddddd…………………….ahhhhhhhh..yes fuck me…………fuck me……………”
I also began jerking my body from beneath. We got into a rhythm in no time. The room was filled up with a sound of our body hitting each other. Thuppp…thup….thup…………..thup…… and slush ………..slush ………slush……………….
Our fucking speed went on increasing in no time. We were hitting as if in trance. I was loving my fuck. Thanx to you Sultan……
After 10 minutes of violent sex he said , “I am on the verge of shooting….I want to cum……Where you want me to cum…………… your cunt.” I said, “Yes my love my darling…….cum in my cunt……….make me pregnant… lover …….my darling……………..”
He yelled and then arched his body……….”I am cumming …………………” And within nano seconds I also cummed in heap one orgasm after the other. Marvelous fuck session…. I was totally tired in the session. I needed some rest so I just passed out to sleep.
I woke up after 30 minutes and found Chaandru sleeping next to me in nude. His cock was in placid position. I thought what the hell this golden opportunity and it passed so quickly……no god no…………. I wanted more so I  began playing with his love tool. It was so lovely for me and soft to touch that I forgot I was married woman and I had seen only my husband’s tool in my life earlier. I kept on squeezing it twiddling the tip. Chaandru also woke up due to my touching. Meanwhile Chaandru was busy playing with my boobs. He was kneading my breasts and nipples.
  Chaandru got a hard on again, playing with my boobs, so we decided another go at it. I was getting horny too, and we had a second round of pounding, and it was even better than the 1st. I believe we came again for a third time too. That was a near-record for me. Chaandru did really make my dream come true. He was the best fuck of my life. See I am talking like you using filthy language and guess what enjoying it too. It is all due to you. Thank you.
Sudheer came in the evening after Chaandru had left. I was feeling very scared. But when Sudheer took me in his arms and kissed me all my fear went away. At bed I could not stop myself and told Sudheer everything that had taken place. He showed happiness while listening to my story. He kept on asking in details and I as if a trance went on narrating him in details. Suddenly I realized his hands were on my face/tummy/breast and pussy.
Wow, Sudheer was getting excited hearing the fuck story of his wife. Unbelievable. I caught his hard and erect cock. I wanted to please him for providing such an exciting fuck. I wanted to suck his tool which I had not done before. I began sucking his cock starting from base to tip. He was enjoying my sucking and the hotness I was displaying. I pushed his face to my cunt forcing him to suck my cunt which still had traces of Chaandru’s cum.
   Here I would like to tell you that I had not cleaned my cunt even after the fucking session with Chaandru. Sudheer sucked and licked my cunt like a man possessed. He got so excited that he bit my clit. He was tasting me for the first time so he didn’t see the difference. He sucked me for 12 minutes. In one day I was being sucked for the second time. He rode over me and fucked like a mad man. I also enjoyed it very much almost like our first night.
  We fucked 3 times that night. Neither of us was in mood to sleep. His erection was not subsiding no matter what we did. After last round Sudheer asked, “Did you enjoy?” I replied, “I enjoyed to the hilt. Thanks to you and your friend Sultan that we came to know that such memorable life also existed. You should also thank Sultan by mail.”
Sudheer said, “I will thank him. If you want enjoy more with Chaandru you go ahead and call him tomorrow as I am going to Hyderabad. Let him stay with you for 2 days i.e. Sat and Sun. On Monday I will ask my friend Ajay to stay with for the week as you might feel lonely or scared. Till then enjoy and don’t tell anybody outside the house.” We slept in nude with my hands on his cock and we woke up at about 9.00 am. We were not worried about office as I called sick at my college and Sudheer had tour.
Next day Sudheer left for tour to Hydrabad for one full week. He asked his friend Ajay to stay at my place in his absence in case I felt lonely. I again called Chaandru. He stayed for 2 days in my house as Ajay was to join me in my house from Monday. We fucked full day. Ajay came on Monday I had become bolder and demanding. I wanted more flesh as a true man-eater. I planned to seduce Ajay also. I watched his move and style making myself stronger to face the consequences.
  We were watching movie Murder together and there was that sex scene in it. Both of us got excited. I was in a small nighty without underwear. I purposely left out my panty. I lifted my legs so he could see my bare thighs. He could not remove his eyes from my thighs. I also got the goose pimples as I was doing this first time. Then I lifted my nighty further exposing more flesh. Ajay sat on the floor with his eye at level to my crotch. I was getting wet by just imagining of fucking him Sultana. I kept on lifting my nighty till it reached my waist. I was watching his face while he was watching my bare flesh.
I smiled at him which made him bolder. I wanted him to make a move as I was little scared to act further than this. I think he got my message as he came near me and touched my thighs. I started to breath a bit more heavily. I moved my nighty more towards the thighs. Ajay placed his hands on my bare thighs and started massaging my inner thighs and .lower back. He would roam his hand from lower back and once in a while move to my ass and even squeeze the cheeks lightly. I was getting a little dizzy but was really enjoying it. Slowly I was getting my eyes closed and breathing quite heavily. After a wile, I opened my heavy eyes and lifted my head slightly. I looked at him and said “Ajay, You are marvelous. You have nice hands. Keep rubbing me.”  Saying this I lay on the carpet on my tummy face down.
He started rubbing my back. Now his hands were on my ass for a longer period then my lower back. My nighty was bunched up on my waist. Slowly he started to move hands on my entire ass and at the end of the move inserted his fingers in between my legs to try and touch my pussy. I understood his intentions and slowly parted my legs enabling him to reach my hole. I got a little bolder, removed the nighty completely from my body in one swift move. I was totally nude before him. I was standing nude before my husband’s best friend and I was excited a lot. I lay down on the carpet. He moved to me.
  Then his fingers were regularly moving towards my pussy. I spread my legs for him to access my hole. He was watching my hole. He leaned on me and rubbed his fingers on my crotch spreading my legs apart fully, so as to have easy access to my pussy. I moved and turned onto the other side so he could see my pussy from behind. He bent closer parting my ass cheeks. The feeling was so heavenly that I cannot describe to you. I had already become wet and the juice was flowing out from my pussy almost dripping out to the carpet below. It was so embarrassing. Suddenly I don’t know what came of Ajay, he moved and kissed me on my pussy lips. I was in sky flying. He licked my pussy lips. I bent my body with joy. I liked his action was ashamed to let him kiss my most private parts. I wanted to push him but held him and pulled him towards me. He put his lips on my breasts.
He gently rubbed the pussy lips and slowly inserted one finger inside my pussy and I was already moaning and breathing heavily. He rolled me to lie facing up and came over me, put his lips on mine and kissed me very passionately, my hands were massaging the soft skin of his back and he was squeezing my hanging boobs which were being crushed by his chest.
He immediately spread my legs to make room for him to come between them. He climbed on me and took my boobs into his hands and started squeezing them. I pulled him closer and kissed him, our lips locked together he was rolling his fingers into my hair.
  I could wait no further and grabbed his prick and guided it into my tight, pink cunt. As he pushed his rod into my pussy I started moaning loudly in ecstasy. He pulled it out taking care not to pull out fully. Then he pushed his entire tool in my pussy in one push. He then started jumping up and down to send his cock deep inside my hole. I too started pumping from below hard. My huge melons were in his hands and my hands were squeezing his ass cheeks. We continued fucking for 15 minutes. I could sense he was on the verge of cumming. Soon he splashed my cunt with his juice. I also cummed. After this we laid nude into each other`s arms for about half an hour.
Then we fucked 3 times more that night. I told him about Sudheer and Chaandru. He suggested calling Chaandru tomorrow so that we can have threesome before Sudheer comes home. I was very excited, I called Chaandru and gave him the good news. He arrived at my house the next morning. I introduced them to each other. Before I could finish my intro, both of them lifted me off the ground and carried me to my bedroom removing my nighty in the way.
All of us became nude in a jiffy. We fucked in a threesome. We remained nude entire stay. Sudheer came back on Monday. Chaandru left my house in the morning. We had nice sex. I had best sex of my life. I was on leave for full week. I was made to remain nude the whole week. Made to do all house hold jobs in nude as Ajay and Chaandru also remained nude touching me or squeezing me all the time.
So, friends that was the story, but not the end.