My Lesbian Aunty

My name is Shilpa. I’m from Cochin. I’m 17 years of age and I’m studying in 12th standard. My parents are working in Dubai and Muscat. My figure is 34 28 32. I have a light colour skin tone. My first hot encounter was with a lesbian aunty when I was in 10th standard. She did many things with me. I’m studying in a good private school. Our uniform is a shirt and a knee length skirt. I’m living in Cochin with my cousin sister.
I used to travel by private bus. My school is 20 stops away from my home. I preferred private bus. My cousin sister had scooter as she was working in a bank in the city, she was very busy. She is working in the city and my school is away from the city when I board the bus it will be so crowded in the bus so I don’t get any seats. I stand beside the front door of the bus and most probably I would meet an aunty around 30 years of age to whom I gave my bag to keep.
Her name is Amitha and she owns a spa and fitness centre located away from the city. She would take my bag and keep it with her till I get off at my stop. She and I meet only in the morning. She would talk to me most of the time so it was a good time pass for her as well as for me. She said she is working as a receptionist in a 5 star hotel. One day I was travelling by the usual private bus. I met her in the bus and I could not give her my bag as she was also standing.
I stood beside her and the bus was so crowded but I gave my bag to another lady in the bus. The bus was getting crowded and crowded as it was moving from one stop to another. After few stops we can stand there barely touching each other since  it was so crowded and her boobs were touching me  and she was rubbing her boobs on my  back.

Amitha Aunty: You can stand close to me if you are uncomfortable.
Me: Ok
I stood much close to her and we were in the middle of the bus. There were some college boys just behind us. I thought they were doing something hot in the middle of the bus. I could see her saree was laying so down under her belly button. Some of the boys were jerking behind her butts when I looked at her she was smiling at me. I smiled back at her and I get off the bus at the top of my school. She waved her hand at me as a sign of bye.
Again next day I met her in the bus and i gave my bag to her. She put a paper inside my bag and asked me to call her in the evening. That evening I read that piece of paper and it was written that you should call me in the evening today itself and don’t call from any mobile. Call from the Public Telephone at the end of the letter there was her mobile number in the evening I went to nearby public coin telephone box and I called her on mobile.
Me: Hello
Amitha Aunty: Hello Shilpa, where are you now?
Me: I’m at the public coin telephone box.
Amitha Aunty: I want you to come with me for a little tour tomorrow.
Me: Where?
Amitha Aunty: We are going to Athirappilly.
Me: No, I can’t come with you. I have class tomorrow.
Amitha Aunty: its ok you can bunk the class for one day.
Me: No I’m afraid.
Amitha Aunty:  please I’m alone please after much pleasing I accepted her offer.
Me: Ok but only for tomorrow.
Amitha Aunty: Yea, you can wait for me at the bus stop. We will go by my car and I will pick you from the bus stop.
Me: ok
I hang the phone and went to home and I was thinking about the tour the whole night so that I could not sleep and I was very afraid.
The next morning I waited at the bus stop at usual time as she said she came with her car. She was having a red wagon R. She opened the door for me and I get into the car. It was around 8 am in the morning. We reached the Vytilla Junction and we travelled long and reached the Athirappilly at around 11 pm in the morning. She got out of the car and most of the guys were staring at her and she was wearing a skin tight chudidar top and tights under.
I was in my usual uniform and we than went to the downstream of the Athirappilly waterfall and stood there. There were lots of people standing there besides us. We then went back to the top stream of the waterfall and there was huge river flowing over the top of the waterfall. We walked through the side of the river and there were some people enjoying their trip on the sides of the river.
We walked and walked long distance and set our camp aside the river where there is nobody. Amitha Aunty started to remove her chudidar top and the tights and she was standing in front of me in her orange bra and panty.
Amitha Aunty: Its ok you can also remove your dress and don’t be shy I’m also a girl.
Me: But I’m shy to remove them.
She came near me and she started to unbutton my shirt and then she pulled down my skirt too. I was wearing petticoat inside and she removed them also. Now i was standing in my bra and panty.
Amitha Aunty: Your bra and panty is so colorful.
She went into the river and started to swim.
Amitha Aunty: Do you know how to swim?
Me: Nope
Amitha Aunty: I will teach you to swim.
Me: ok thanks
Amitha Aunty: But first you have to come into the water.
I went into the river and she holds me on my shoulder and my belly and held above the water and asked me try swimming. I tried but I wasn’t able to swim. She then took me to the side of the river and put me down.
She holds both her palm onto my butt and pulled me close to her and started to kiss me on my lips. I don’t have any word to say to her as her lips were locked onto mine. She then backed off and she removed her bra and panty. She was completely naked now and she had a shaven pussy and she came near me and removed my bra and pulled down my panty. I too become naked and I was so shy.
Amitha Aunty: Oh god you look so hot and sexy and she pulled me into the water. She started to swim in the water naked and she wasn’t even shy of being naked before me. She then came out of water and asked me to come out of the water. I went near to her. She took a long cloth out of her bag and put it in the ground. She took a dildo from her bag and asked me to lie down on the cloth.
I lay down on the cloth and she came near my pussy and placed her left hand on my stomach and started to squeeze my stomach then she started to lick my belly button. It was so ticklish and I had these special feelings that I could not explain in words. I was moaning with pleasure.
Amitha Aunty: I want to fuck you with my dildo.
I felt something went inside my vagina and she was squeezing my boobs and stomach with her left hand. She started to fuck me with her dildo slowly. I could feel the dildo going in and out slowly. It was a great feeling when the dildo goes in and out of the vagina slowly.
Amitha Aunty: Don’t cry I’m going to fuck you harder.
Me: ok.
She came over me and put the dildo into my vagina and started to fuck me harder. It was so good and I could see the heaven and I was going to have the orgasm. I hugged the Amitha Aunty and hold onto her so tight but she did not stop fucking me and after few seconds liquid came out of my vagina in great force. I could not stand that orgasm so I started to shiver. She again inserted the dildo into my pussy and was fucking my pussy. I had my orgasms again and again and I become exhausted and tired of orgasms.
Amitha Aunty: Now you should fuck me with the dildo.
Me: Ok.
Amitha Aunty: First you should lick my vagina and asshole.
Me: I don’t like licking your asshole.
Amitha Aunty: It’s ok then you can lick my vagina.
She caught my short hair and pulled my head close to her vagina.
Amitha Aunty:  No, lick my pussy with your tongue. First I started to kiss her vagina and her vagina was so wet. She started to rub her vagina on my lips.
Amitha Aunty: Lick my vagina fast.
I started to lick her vagina so fast and in between accidently I licked her asshole. She was moaning when I’m licking her vagina and she moaned loudly when I licked her asshole.
Amitha Aunty: Now insert the dildo into my vagina and fuck me.
I put the dildo into her pussy and started to fuck her slowly. She was moaning and she was crying like ‘Fuck me, fuck me baby, fuck me baby after few minutes I started to  fuck her faster and  harder. She was moaning so loudly then I slowed down.
Amitha Aunty: It’s ok now you can fuck me harder and I will not moan loud anymore.
I pushed and pulled the dildo faster and faster and she started to moan but this time she kept her hand on the mouth so that nobody could hear her moan after few minutes she had her orgasm but on her first orgasm I did not stop fucking her with dildo. I continued fucking with dildo and she had orgasms many times and I was all wet with her liquid on my body and she gave me shampoo.
Amitha Aunty: Put this on your body and we will go after cleaning ourselves.
We two bathed together and she put her and my wet dress into a plastic bag. She took another dress from her bag and gave it to me.
Amitha Aunty: This is for you can put this on and the dress looked so small for me. I get the dress from her and first I put on the bra and panty then I put on the jeans. It was so tight and it’s only 3/4th.
Then I put on the top it was also so tight for me and it revealed my cleavage and navel everybody could see my belly button then she gave me a small shirt and I put it on. The shirt too was tight for me and my boobs were so tight and I could not breathe after I put on all the buttons of the shirt.
Me: It’s too small for me I can’t breathe and she unbuttoned the top two buttons. Now its fine but everyone can see my cleavage. She put on nice see through saree and the back of the blouse was very low and the neck of the blouse was also very low. She wears the saree low at her waist and I can see her belly button. We walked back to the car and most of the people there were looking at me.
Amitha Aunty:  Everybody is looking at you look so sexy and hot.
Amitha Aunty: You could come to my spa anytime you want after that I would go to her spa and she would give me free special treatments like breast and buttocks massage. She would give me dildos vibrators that her husband brings from England. Amitha Aunty’s husband is working in England. So it is very easy for her to get the sex toys. My breasts are in good shapes after massaging for months. My hips and buttocks become very curvy due to her special massage treatments.