My life was mapped out before I was born | straight story from Pledged Man

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You see this family tradition in history books and in movies, but you think they don’t happen these days. Mainly to do with Royal families, not the common people. But it is still practiced today, I know as it happened to me. I was born in 1988 into a farming family and I was the second son and not destined to inherit the family. So, I was to be married off to another similar farming family. My marriage was arranged before I was 2 years old, and my bride had only just been born several days before. You would think I wouldn’t accept such a thing, but I was raised with the knowledge that I was to marry after my 18th birthday and who I was to marry. You just accept it, as it was a fact in your life, and it wasn’t that you had no other choice. But it didn’t seem wrong or out of place for the marriage arrangement to be in place. There is also a lot less stress while growing up, some children wonder who they would marry or maybe if. I knew who I was to marry and when I would marry her. As it turned out my bride had only one sibling a sister who was sickly at birth and it was touch and go whether she would survive or not. So, the sister wasn’t pledged to anyone. On the plus side I was guaranteed a farm of my own as I was the male heir of my wife’s family. I married my wife a month after my 18th birthday and moved in with her family. A year later our son arrived, and everything proceeded as planned. When I was 24 my father-in-law died of a heart attack, and I was head of the house. We had 4 children already. Living with my wife and children was her mother 39 and sister 18 who had survived to adulthood and wasn’t pledged to anyone. No takers due her earlier health problems. My wife had our fifth child, and it was a troubled birth, and the child (girl) was okay, my wife couldn’t have any more children as a result. No problem we had 3 boys and 2 girls and as head of the family I decided their futures. I was into expanding our farm and had bought up extra land and then another farm. We were doing well and working hard. My only vice was sex, I didn’t drink nor smoke only gambled on expanding our farm business. Sex with my wife was great and no chance of another baby, which wasn’t seen as a good thing by me nor my wife, her mother and sister. Her mother hadn’t been able to have more children to problems with her second child. So, my fucking her wasn’t going to had to my children. I had the right to fuck my wife’s widowed mother as man of the house. She could’ve married again, but as she couldn’t have children there would be no takers. My sister-in-law wasn’t available to me for sex usually as she would’ve been promised to someone at birth. But she had been sickly, as a child and so hadn’t been pledged. Thus, letting me bed her to expand our family as wife was unable to provide more children to me. My wife brought her sister to our bed, and I had 3 women to satisfy my sexual needs. My second wife as she was now thought of in our family gave 3 children 2 girls and a boy before having similar trouble as my wife and her mother. But eight children are a satisfactory number for a family, the only thing I have done is find my children pledged wives or husbands. Not that I’m against it, it has gone out of fashion since my pledging in 1990, it was on the wane even then. I’m quite happy with how my life has turned out, my wives and mother-in-law are happy with how we are doing, and they control the children and I manage the farm with their and the older children helping after school.

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