My Little Brother Make me Hot

Hi readers my name is Anitha (Anu), 21 years old, from Kerala. I live with my mother and younger brother. My father died when I was still young. My brother’s name is Sanjay (Sanju) he is 18 years old. Both of us were liked normal sister and brother. We used to fight with each other. My mother got govt job as my dad while he was in govt. service. Since mom goes for work, me and my brother used to get time to spend together.

I forgot to mention about myself. I had a good figure of 32-26-30. I was fair in colour. My brother was handsome indeed. I did not have any sexual feelings on him. After all he was my little brother as every boy, my brother had curiosity for sex. I knew this as I had noticed many changes in him for the last few years. I knew it was common at that age.
Sanju used to stare at the pictures of ligerie advertisments in magazines and television. I used to notice this. But I never told this to mother or questioned him. As time passed by, I noticed his attention turn towards me. He started took look me as a girl, rather than his sister. He started to stare at my boobs, catch glimpses of my cleavage etc. Whenever I was near him, I noticed his eyes roaming about my body, and I could see bulge in his pants. 
I suppressed giggles on seeing this and this went on as he grew up, he started to grow courage and go further. He tried to touch my body parts as if he did it unknowingly. But I knew all these. By and by, I started to enjoy his acts. I started to interact closer to him. There were only two bedrooms in our house. I used to sleep with my mom, and brother in the other. I wanted to get close with my brother. I wished to shift my room. 
I told my mom that it would be better for me to shift to Sanju’s room as I had to stay late at night to read, and it would be a disturbance to mom. Morover the computer was in his room, so I could use it. I convinced my mother to shift room. She agreed. From the next day I shifted my room. From then me and Sanju started to share the same bed. I wanted him to go further. As I expected, he used to take chances to touch my body parts. 
At night, he used to touch my boobs thinking that I was asleep. But he never went any further. During day time I started to interact more closely to him. I even brushed my hands over the bulge in his pants. At last a chance came. It was a Saturday mom had gone to office. On that day we had Onam festival celebration at college. For that I had to wear half-saree (Dhavani)
Morning I got dressed up and came out. Since it was half saree, my navel was partially exposed. I saw that my brother was stunned to see me. He kept staring at me for a long time. Especially at my boobs at navel I pretended that I hadn’t seen him noticing. Purposefully gave him more time to look. I went to college and returned at afternoon. College had closed for 10 days. Sanju too returned by that time. He too had 10 days leave. 
I was still in my dhavani. Purposefully I did not change the dress. Mom would return only at evening. Since I was still in dhavani, I noticed my brother constantly glancing at me. I exposed my navel more, and this started to disturb him. I asked him what happened. He said nothing both of us had lunch. After that he just went and lay on his bed for a nap. I too went and lay near him. He had not slept. When I layed, I moved my pallu further so as to expose my navel. 
I pretended to be fast asleep. But my eyes weren’t totally closed, so I could see a vague image of everything. Sanju was staring at me. After sometime, he kept his hand on my hand and the waved infront of my face to ensure that I was asleep. I acted so well to convince him that I was alseep.  He placed his hand right on my belly and touched my navel. He roamed his hands there and then slowly moved up to my blouse. He placed his hand on my right boob. 
I was enjoying this. But soon he took his hand away. I did not like that. I just turned around and adjusted as if I was in deep sleep. And in that motion, I totally removed my pallu from my chest, exposing my blouse, cleavage and navel. I was sure this aroused my brother. He placed his hand right on my cleavage. He grabbed my boob and tried to press it. He was sweating. I felt that he was afraid. I moved a bit. 
He removed his hand a layed straight. I opened my eyes and sked what were you doing. He said “what? Nothing I couldn’t control you were touching my boobs I said. He said, “Anu, no, I am sorry. I won’t repeat
I said: How come you alone can exlore and enjoy? Why not me?
Saying this I grabbed his cock over his pants. He was shocked. He was about to say something. I did not allow him to speak. I went and locked his lips with mine. He was terrified. I pressed his cock, and suddenly started to get mad and started to respond to the kiss. We kissed passionately. We hugged each other and then I removed his t-shirt.
Come on Sanju. I’m all yours now! I said. He quickly squeezed my boobs over the blouse. I left out a soft moan. He was roaming his arms all over me. I unhooked my blouse for him to reveal my black bra. He started to lick over my bra. Then he started to play with my navel. I know he loved my deep navel. He licked it. Then he went and removed my skirt too. I removed his pants too.
We hugged each other. Then he removed my bra. He was staring at my boobs. He took it in his mouth and started to suck it, while he was squeezing the other. I was moaning. I lowered my hands and ran my hand over his cock. I wanted to see it. I removed his underwear and his elegent cock sprang out. He had shaved it before, and short hair was growing. I observed it with my hands.
Now it was Sanju’s turn. He removed my panty to expose my pussy. I had not shaved it. So there was hair on it. He started to lick my cunt. Ohhhhhh it felt great. I started to moan. After a while, I had my first orgasm ever. My whole body trembled. After taking a short pause, I started to concentrate on his cock. He asked me, “Chechi, will you lick it for me?
I hesitated for a while and the licked the tip of his cock. I was salty. I liked it. I licked the cockhead. I was strating to enjoy. Slowly I took the length in. I was no previous experience. Neither Sanju had any previous experience. But we were enjoying. After a while he came in mouth. I tried to spit it out. But i liked the taste. So I swallowed it.
Then we were going to fuck. Sanju tried to insert his cock into my pussy. I helped him. But couldn’t. So he went to the kitchen and came back with bottle of oil. He applied some on his cock and in my pussy too. Then we tried to insert. Now half of the length went in. He tried to push. But it pained. We paused for a while. Slowly he pushed futher, and last it went in by his powerful stroke. I screamed in pain, and there was blood.
We stayed still for some time. As the pain subsided, he started to give slight movements. Now the pain started to change into pleasure. We did not have rhythm as we were beginners. But we were enjoying. He tried to gain speed. I was in 7th heaven. After some time, he shivered and I felt his warm cum inside my pussy. Soon I had my second orgasm. Both of us were tired. Sanju pulled out his cock. I was covered in mixture of blood and both of our cum. Then we went cleaned bot of us. We kissed each other. After this we had sex many times during those 10 days. And we continue to have sex when we get chance.