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I am rohit. From Delhi. I m 26 yrs old & work in a mnc. As an engineer. I am a well built guy with 21 inches biceps,50 inches chest & 5’11 height. I am reasonably good looking. I really like company of women(well, who doesn’t!!).also I have a huge sex streak which keeps me hunting for partners to fill my bed. The woman I m talking about in this story is geeta. She’s 28 yrs old, married, with no child .her figure is 36-28-34.her large boobs are centre of any male’s attention. Her fleshy body can excite even the most sexless man. I met her as she was wife of one of my colleagues. As we use to regularly meet at office parties we soon came to know each-other. I used to spend as much time with her as possible. Her responses were encouraging. She used to take keen interest in our conversations. As our relationship progressed, I started praising her appearance(though never in front of her hubby).she often use to blush on my praise. Her blushing only added fuel to the fire which was burning inside me. Her hubby was a workaholic & he often used to be engrossed in office files. I was on good terms with him & we were just like friends. he was little senior to me so I often had to carry out his various unofficial tasks also. One of the tasks was to take geeta for shopping, it was only after I started accompanying her for shopping that we became good friends. We both started enjoying each-other’s company. As she was new to the city, she didn’t have any friend circle & I was only one whom she used to talk to. As days passed, her interest in me also started growing though I too was equally inclined towards her. We started having long conversations over the phone. We even started sharing non-veg jokes. Soon we were bold enough to shed our shyness & started talking about the sex. She was a very frank woman & at times her boldness really use to amaze me. She told me that her hubby was quite an unromantic person & since her marriage he had never satisfied her to maximum. I was glad to hear this & I decided to tell her about my passion for her.

Next time we met, I straightaway told her that I really liked her & was ready to give her satisfaction that her hubby was lacking. she blushed for a moment & said that she needs time to think about it. while we were departing I again asked her. she told me that she will reply me tonight. she called me at 11 & said that she was ready to accept my proposal. I was really excited that night I couldn’t sleep & kept fantasizing about her. next day I called her & thanked her for accepting my offer. I also asked her that when we can meet to have our desires fulfilled. she told me a particular date & said that she would come to my house. so finally the day came. it was 11’o clock when I heard my door bell ringing. anticipating the visitor to be geeta ,I opened the door & it was geeta. she was looking really stunning. She was wearing a black sari with a sleeveless black blouse. The pallu of her sari was transparent due to which the roundness of her boobs & her smooth white belly were completely visible. I too was little surprised seeing her in that sort of clothing. So how I am looking? She asked me as she noticed my glances. U r absolutely gorgeous I replied. She moved towards the dinning room but I asked her to move to bedroom. It seems u r quite impatient. She said with seductive smile, well ultimately we have to come here so why to waste time. I replied in a shrewd manner. She placed herself on the bed. I brought a bottle of wine from the fridge. Seeing bottle in my hand, she said it seems we r going to have a blast. Of course that’s for sure. I replied. We drank little wine. Then I switched the music on & we started dancing. The number was an exotic one having lot of sensuous sounds. I came really close to her & now our bodies were touching each-other. there was just a gap of few inches between our lips. I moved my lips forward & now my lips were touching her lips. I rubbed my lips gently over her. it was an awesome feeling. gradually I increased the pressure of my lips & started sucking her lips. she too started responding & within few seconds we started smooching. as we were kissing I placed my hand at her hips & started moving it in circular motion to feel the roundness of her hips. she too placed her hands on my back & started moving them up& down. then I moved my hands up & started feeling her back. due to her long cut blouse I was able to feel her bare skin. it was so soft, so smooth that I can’t tell you. now our mouths were inter-locked & we were exploring each-others mouth with our tongues. I don’t know for how long we kept kissing. then I moved down to her neck, shoulders, chin kissing sucking & licking her each part as it came my way. I pulled her pallu down & placed my palm at her upper chest & started rubbing it. I placed my lips at upper part of her chest above her breast & started eating it. geeta started moaning as she took my head in her arms & pressed it towards herself. I took the stripes of her blouse into my mouth & lowered them down through her shoulders. finally I opened the buttons of her blouse. Her boobs were tightly packed in a translucent bra & were looking great. I licked her big boobs over her bra while my hands slide her blouse off. she was now standing with her bra & petticoat only. I opened the hook of her bra & took it off. her large melons were exposed.

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They were much larger then I had thought. they were fleshy with a perfect round shape. her nipples though were small as compared to her boobs. the naked view of her complete breasts mesmerized me completely. I mouthed one of her nipples while started fondling other. geeta started moaning. I was biting, licking, sucking & eating her boob while my other hand was pressing, rubbing & squeezing nipple of her other boob. geeta was producing soft moans like ohhh!!!!!!!!…ahhh!!!!!!……suck them dear suck my nipples hard. her words increased my lust & I took her complete boob in my hands and pressed it hard. I did same with other boob. due to my action her boobs turned red. after satisfying my hunger for her fleshy boobs I told her that I wanted to see her completely naked. she pushed herself back & said that she doesn’t mind. with this she opened the string of her petticoat & let it fall off. now she was standing only in her panties. her bare legs & thighs were looking really seductive. they were smooth as milk & had right amount of flesh deposited over them. she was wearing a black panty that further increased her sexuality. I just felt taking her in my arms & kissing her each part but my greed to watch her cunt kept me calm. she noticed me watching her cunt & said so u want to see it haa. I’m dying to have a view of it. I replied lustfully. I will show it to u only on one condition. u will have to do whatever I told u I’m ready to do anything for it. ok then start removing ur clothes. I was little surprised but I obeyed her order & started stripping myself. first my shirt. then my briefs, followed by my shorts.

Now I was standing only in my underwear before her. my cock was upright & bulge was visible through my underwear. she signaled me to remove my underwear but I told her that it has to be a deal. so we both decided to strip the last cloth on our bodies at same time’s slide my underwear off while she pulled her panty down. we came close to each-other observing each-other’s most private parts. She was looking at my 7inch monster which was in its full form through her eyes full of lust. I was looking at her hairy mound, her big round ass that was absolutely out of this world. She took my cock in her hand & started squeezing it. In turn I embraced her & slide my hands down to her bottom. She started stroking my dick, moving it in different directions & at the same time massaging it in tro & fro motion. My hands moved to her ample butts & squeezed them. then I started rubbing my fingers at the entrance of her cunt. a soft moan escaped from her as I my fingers slide in her cunt. she placed her lips on mine & we started kissing. we continued in this position for a long time. in the meantime she took my cock in her mouth & started sucking it. The movement of her tongue around my cock was giving me heavenly pleasures. her suckings bought me on the edge of my orgasm.

My cock was now about to burst. I told her that I may release anytime. she stopped for a moment & then started sucking it with increased pace. I understood that she badly wanted my semen juices. in few moments my cock busted releasing my semen all over her face. she collected the semen through her fingers & then deliciously sucked them. I was now I bit tired so I sat down on the bed. seeing me sitting down she said c’mon honey u got tired so early the game has just begun. with this she pushed me on the bed & placed herself on me with her cunt over my face and her face over my cock. she started rubbing her cunt over my face & asked me to start exploring her cunt. I parted her cunt with my fingers & inserted my tongue into. her cunt was quite warm. it was wet with her juices. slowly & slowly I started exploring her cunt with my tongue moving my tongue in all directions inside her cunt.the intensity of geeta’s moans increased. she started shouting in pleasure.oh!!! Ahhh!!!!! Fuck it honey fuck my cunt with ur tongue. C’mon don’t stop I never got it from my husband. today fuck my cunt to its limits. Her voice added fuel to the fire which was burning inside me & I started biting her clit. Oh!!! Darling I will die pls be slow she said softly as she started kissing my thighs. but I ignored her request & kept biting & sucking her clit. Then in a sudden moment her cunt busted with juices as she released her cum with a loud moan. My face got covered by her juices which I licked off. she also helped me in cleaning by licking her cum over my face. did u enjoyed that. I asked her taking her tits into my hands & pressing them. Yes dear it was the best I ever had. she replied as she closed her eyes in ecstasy. u want more. I asked. u don’t need my permission she replied. ok stroke my dick hard so that its ready for action. I told her. I m ready for that. she replied as she shifted herself from my abdomen to my thighs. she took my dick into her hand & started stroking it. she would occasionally put the dick into her mouth to gave it small suckings while her other hand massaged my belly. my dick soon got into position & was now upright. I told her to get ready for the grand finale. I stood up & placed her legs on my shoulders. now her cunt was ready for my cock. I placed my cock at the opening of her cunt & started pushing it. her cunt was little more tight then I had thought but I was determined to enter it so I pushed my cock with force. on 3rd attempt my cock entered her cunt. now I started pushing my cock in & out of her cunt. geeta’s moans started increasing as the pace of my stroking grew.

Meanwhile I started pinching her nipples. she also started responding in rhythm by pushing her cunt against my cock. we carried it on like two sex starved animals, completely overtaken by lust & passion. soon our organs busted releasing the nectar. geeta was breathing heavily. her eyes were closed. she parted herself from me & fell on the bed. I too was quite tired after this game of sex so I too retired to bed. I could see the expression on geeta’s face, it was of great satisfaction as if someone thirsty for years had found pool of fresh water. the smell of our juices was still in the air. geeta came beside me & hugged me kissing my lips. I reciprocated. she silently whispered thanks a lot. I didn’t said anything but embrace her in my arms. this was beginning of our beautiful relationship. we continued for nine months but then her hubby was transferred & she had to move to another town. since then we are in contact through phone & e-mails. she still misses the times she spent with me. I also miss her but as for my sex life its still healthy with few more partners. that I will tell u in my next story.