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Hi friends, I m Santhu from Mysore. My Age is 24yr, 175 cms in height, medium built guy. I am fascinated towards girls. This is my first true story to ISS, which happened 2 yr back, with my friend who is my neighbor. Her name was Shubha(not real name because I assured her to maintain privacy), aged around 19 yrs, 5’3″, small build about 103 lbs with measurements of 34-22-33 with stunning figure. As the time went by me and Shubha became close in the sense of friend ship. So she used to come to my home daily. She was social with me and close to my family coz of her sweetness. I wanted to spend my time with her whenever possible. Because she was so sexy to look I was touching her hands and body often when we were chatting but she don’t care it. My mouth was watering whenever I think and saw her honey lips, shapely boobs, round ass. But we both r studying in different colleges. When I was in mood and watching movies I was fantasizing to fuck her.

One day I was alone in home. My parents went out side for their work and my sister also went to college. So I was watching a blue film in my computer. In that a teenage girl about 18 years was stripping her clothes one by one. Now she is wearing only panties with her jiggling boobs. She was gorgeous to look with bigger balls, soft ass and mound in a panty. A boy with same age as her was laid her on the bed and started licking her pussy lips by pulling the panty to side without stripping it. That seen made me mad and I took my tool in a hand started shaking. I was wearing a lungi without any underwear.

A mistake was happened by me that I didn’t bolted the door. Always I lock the door and watch movie. Then Shubha as usual came to home, my bedroom door was slightly opened. So she stood there and peeped into the room coz she heard the moaning in the film. I never realized that her presence and continued shaking my dick fastly. At that time the guy in the film was fucking that teen so started to moan in pleasure. by that time I heard a small sound of bangles but I didn’t care coz I was busy in watching the fuck. After 10 minutes again heard the same sound suddenly I turned and saw her, the door was now opened little more. She was caressing her boobs with one hand and holding the frame by other. As I saw her ,she immediately withdrew hand from boob and making a move to go back. I stood up, switch off the monitor and called her. She didn’t turn back I went near her and asked her to sit in the hall I too sat next to her. I think she was also aroused by that n told don’t mind for that. She asked why u were watching it. nobody was in home, I was getting bored so….I replied and put my hand on her laps. She said nothing so I started moving towards her crotch. She was wearing a white nighty I felt a petticoat inside.

At this she stared at me she even had a look at my lungi which I was wearing. I was sure she saw my tool erected made a tent in lungi. Slowly I started to caress her breasts and caressing her cheeks and her chin I lifted her head by placing my hands on her chin. I couldn’t hold it any longer and went out of my control and took held her face and without even thinking anything else I kissed her. It felt like electricity passed through my spine while kissing her I slowly put my hand on her neck then her shoulder and then slowly put my hands on her boobs over the nighty. She started shivering like hell, at first she moved away a little bit from me then again when I put my hand over there she just shivered but didn’t move away. Then slowly I started to press those beautiful soft boobs slowly. The more I started to touch those the more I was getting mad, then slowly I put my hand inside her nighty and started to move upwards. First I touched her belly and then her navel. It was so sexy, she held my hand and didn’t want to let it go any further so I kissed her lips so hard and started to suck her tongue and moved her hand away, then again I started to move my hands upwards and then I touched those melons bra. I pressed them really hard and she was feeling a little pain and also enjoying it very much it was feeling so good. I began to pull her nighty upwards and took it off her body. She hesitated a little at first then she remained quite. She was only in her bra and the hook was towards me.. I slowly put my hand on her back and she shivered and moved towards the wall a little more. Then I slowly took the hook and opened it. then I took it off her body and slowly turned her towards me. She was hiding herself by her hands crossing then on the boobs. I pushed her hands away and I kept on looking over the soft globes. Slowly very slowly placed my lips over the nipple Oh God it was damn hard. After kissing it I took my tongue out and licked it. I lost all of my senses and went mad. I grabbed her with my hands and took the entire boob into my mouth and started sucking in like a mad person. She grabbed my hairs and pressed it more towards her and was moaning ooohhh uuuhhhh aahhh…. Donno what but her these sounds makes me so crazy that I lose all the control on my self then took the right one into my mouth and started sucking that. Then licked the nipple with my tongue and when it becomes rock hard gave a small bite over there. oouucchh….. she almost screamed.

Then I lifted her to my bed room she hesitated a little but later on she agreed to come with me I kissed her back and slowly while kissing laid her on the bed on her back. Now she was only in her white panty. I told her that I want to taste her pussy. She didn’t say anything then I touched her panty and pulled it a little, she jumped and held her panty with both of her hands and said no plz noo. But I was too much hot to listen to her at that time and pulled her panty with a little force and it was on her knees. She was again saying no no plz no.. but I didn’t listen to her at all and took it off. Ohh there she was laying in front of me totally naked with cleanly-shaven pussy like angel. I couldn’t wait to taste her. I slowly took her leg and started to kiss her foot then moving upward I kept kissing her knee then her thighs. I seared to lick those and started to spread her legs and jumped on her and licking her glistening cunt lips and slit madly. Because I always go crazy to lick pussy vigorously. She jumped up with my sudden movement tried to push my face away but in vain, as more she tried, faster I started to lick. Then she moved her hand away and grasped, a pillow beside her and hide her face with it. I never ever thought that some one could be so sexy and at the same time so much shy. I was rubbing in her cunt and making it wet with the juices ahhhh ohhh ahhhh the room was filled up with moaning coming out of her mouth I separated her labia and slowly inserted my tongue into her love-tunnel by twisting my tongue liked her inner walls of love-tunnel. Then without any warning I pushed one of my finger in her heavenly hole and pushed it as much deep as possible. It was so hot and wet.. I started to finger fuck in and out and at the same time was licking her swollen clit. She became totally red and was gasping for air. Then I increased my speed to my top level and pushed the finger in and out as fast as possible. oohhh aahh uffff aa aaaaa aaaaaaaaa. with sounds for each and every sound she made, I finger fucked her more vigorously…. then after a while she almost gave a shout and with that gave a very big jerk. I felt a hot liquid was coming out of her and that made me totally mad, I took out the finger and started to suck her pussy juices like a straw until I could get the last drop of her juice. It was as sweet as honey. Then she opened her eyes and kissed me deep and started to suck my tongue.

When my hard dick touched to her thighs she got a shock and closed her legs tightly. So I gave a little force to spread her legs and after a while succeeded… now my throbbing dick was touching her beautiful cunt lips and was getting wet by her juices, it was so hot that making me more wild. Then I told her to suck my dick but she hesitated and after a while started doing that. At first she touched to her teeth coz it’s her first experience & I got pain. So told her not to touch teeth. Now I was feeling so great that I cant explain how much…. I told her that I am about to cum and I couldn’t hold any longer… I held her hairs tight and cummed in her mouth. She was about to gag but she drunk few, this totally blew up my mind. Then I told her to suck my juicy dick she kept on sucking and cleaned my dick.

We took some rest and after a while started to play with her I was hard again and started to kiss all over her body.. Then touched my hard dick to her thighs and started to rub pussy lips to make full wet with her juices. Now my cock was erected to max size. By seeing that she told Oh No I cant, it is so big. It will hurt my pussy, So I told don’t worry Darling I will enter slowly and parted her thick petals of lovely pussy and gently I gave a very small push in to her tight love hole and she got scared and said no. I just smiled at her and laid on her and started to press her boobs it went in a little but she got really scared and started saying no no plz don’t do this plz plz noo. Plz take it out. But I wasn’t in any condition to listen to her. I placed my lips on her grabbed both of her thighs with my hand and started to push. I was ousting it very gently as I didn’t want to hurt her. she was shivering and hugged me with all of her strength and I kept on pushing…. then something blocked me from getting in her I understood that it was her hymen… then I didn’t have any choice but to give a hard push, she screamed with a little pain that made me sooooo crazy it was so soft and tight inside that. After a while when she got normal again I slowly started to take it out she again held me tight but this time she didn’t feel that much pain then I pushed it in with a little force this time and came out of her mouth but I couldn’t stop then. I pushed it as in as possible and took it out again.. she was holding me so tight that I was making her nipples to crush on my chest.

I slowly went to her ear licked it and then whispered her to spread her legs as much as possible.. which she did right then. this gave me more room and then I started to move in and out a little faster…. oh oh ohh ohhho h oh oh was coming out she moaned each time I push it in. this made me to increase my speed more and then she was almost screaming in pleasure ohhh ohhh aaahhhh mmm ohhh I went totally out of my mind and started to ram her crazily and kissed her. then I broke the kiss and took my hand and held her shoulder tight and started to ramm her as fast as I could. She responded by lifting her ass and meeting my thrust with her thrusts. We soon after picked up a rhythm in unison and kept on fucking each others mind out. We went on like this, me, entering her and then coming out only to enter her again. It continued, and I wanted it to last for ever. I wanted this feeling to go with me to my grave. I wanted to feel like this always. After a few minutes, I found her legs coming around my waist and pushing my butts forward so that my cock gets fully buried in her, then she started saying “Harder and harder… go fast … keep fucking .. fuck hard and fast… fuck me…. Fuck my pussy…. Fuck me…It feels so good…. yes, do it… and do it…. Fuck me…. Harder and faster… still harder …. Still f…a…s..t..e…r…. yes….. yes…. Push your cock deep … deeper… yes…” and with that she gave such a heavy jerk that her entire body got up and I could feel a hot liquid was coming out of her pussy. “I am commming she announced as she dug her fingernails into my back. I did not what came into my mind, but as soon as she said, I kissed her on her lips and we started sucking each other. I knew she came and was done but I didn’t came yet and kept on ramming her after a while then it was time for me to come. I emptied my balls yet again and kissed her mouth as we started sucking each other. With every spurt that came out, I gave deep thrusts, and her pussy was tightening with each spurt of my hot semen ejaculated in her cunt. Then I took my dick out it was harder yet. Immediately she ran in to bathroom to clean her drooling pussy. She came out 5 mins later with jiggling her boobs. I u feel now, r u enjoy I asked. She told shyly it was very nice by hugging and kissing me. We laid over the bed while I was caressing and pinching her boobs.

After some time I was getting aroused once again. So we started second session. I looked at her, She smiled and pulled my hands. Then She showered kisses on my face, lips, neck and chest. Then I started kissing her body from forehead, neck, shoulder’s, boobs, nipples, navel part then her juicy pussy. Throughout this time she was moaning softly and squirming ever so slightly.

Finally, moved between her legs, placed the head of swollen dick at the entrance of dripping pussy. Looking down into her eyes, I could see that I she was ready. I parted her legs a little further to have easier access into pussy. When I inserted the red head of my long dick into pussy, she gasped with delight. I let my cock remain there for a moment then slowly, I pushed a little farther into her pussy. She was so horny at that moment and said plzzz fuck me now. I thrust into her as deeply as I could. I let out a loud moan as I was reaching into heaven with rhythmic strokes, and she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist.

With my each stroke she was moaning with pleasure and moving her head side to side in ecstasy. With each stroke my dick was pulsating in such a way in her pussy that I will not stay long. But I did. As I moved in and out of her pussy, she pushed back with her hips. Now slowly she started moaning. She pulled me more tightly into herself as we rocked together in unison. Her groans grew louder and louder until they nearly became screams. Her body convulsing with pleasure then she came again in a violent spasm of ecstasy. Her pussy muscles tightened around my hard cock and I began spurting into her. I could feel her pulsating soft walls as I shot my cum into her. My cum mixed with her and began oozing out of her sweet pussy, flowing down the crack of her ass and onto the bed.

I laid on her by pressing my dick into her deep, exhausted from our passions. Caressing each other to show our love for each other while I was licking sweat drops on her soft boobs, neck and armpits. We continued our relationship and we used to fuck in various positions when we had opportunity. Till then bye.

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