My Lovely Virgin Venus Lucy Pt. 14

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After they left I turned down the bedcover, slipped in beside the resting beauty and drew Lucy into my arms. She was completely nude, having neglected the opportunity to don a nightgown after her bath, and had evidently come directly into bed from the bath.
As I pressed burning kisses upon the girl's lips and squeezed her in my arms, she awakened from her half slumber, and realizing that her companion was her sensual lover and ravisher of the maidenhood, she snuggled close to me.
I asked her how are you? My Love, She said It was painful initially but later she enjoyed it. I'm still a teenager in need of your protection, She asked me how did you feel. Was your first time special for you? Lucy demanded, I said it was the most wonderful feeling I ever had, I loved it and I love you and kissed her back. You deserved more than I gave you. You will always be special for me, I asserted with conviction.
I turned her to look at her, so was in so many ways she was absolutely fearless in her outlook, happy to express her views even when they conflicted with me. She was also too stubborn and independent to even acknowledge my point that if she had valued herself more she would not have entertained surrendering her innocence to me.
I told her You are my first love,' I continued, wonderfully impervious to my lovers silence. 'Very few people get their first love'.
I passed my arms gently around her slender naked waist, luxuriating in the feel of the smooth, elastic, bare flesh, and squeezing her divine form close to my own burning nakedness, I kissed her passionately upon her rose petals like lips. At these tempestuous caresses, Lucy opened her orbs, and moving uneasily in the bed, as if sensing my lustful desires, sought weakly to escape the crushing embrace. Her passion of the night before had been satiated, and her maidenly modesty once more reasserted itself; besides which, she remembered her first painful experience, and even now her maidenly slit was somewhat raw and throbbing with the pain from the terrific stretching and abrasions it had received the night before, the torn tissues still paining her considerably.
"No, no, my Darling" I chided her. "I must be permitted to feel and caress my lovely darling. I want to know just how badly you are injured. From the way you carried on last time, I might almost have expected to find you a cold clammy corpse now, instead of such a delightfully warm and rosy-cheeked little darling. Come, let me see what terrible damage has been caused!" Disengaging one of my hands from about her waist, I slipped my hand down in between her tightly pressed thighs and forced the trembling flesh apart; then, running my hand over the lower portion of her naked belly, over her shrouded silken cove, I gently divided her lower lips and inserted within an impudent forefinger.
Lucy moaned at my touches but made no move to dissuade me. As my tantalizing finger coursed upward in her cleft, coming finally to the lips of her cunt which has just been fucked by me, she gave a little scream of pain and endeavored to draw away. I immediately withdrew my finger at her exclamation and contented myself with toying with her breasts and belly, smoothing and caressing the soft white flesh between my fingers and engorging her sentinel like nipples until they stood out hard and rigid as bits of iron, as though to battle an invader of her feminine charms.
These touches and caresses had their effect upon me; I now felt my emotions rise in a seething state glowing with the fierce excitement, my eyes darting forth their humid fires, My rod's stiffness which had perceptibly remitted, returned with redoubled vigour,, swollen and engorged, the blue veins standing out strongly on its pinkish white surface, was in a state of extreme erection; the swollen head and gigantic length banged in convulsive jerks against Lucy 's naked thighs. Straining her close to me , I allowed my bold hands to range at random over the figure of the beautiful girl.
"Reach down, sweet, and feel the object that has been the cause of all my terrible commotion," I cried, my pulse beating at my temples. "Squeeze it for me and make it leap, the same as you did before. Come now, my pretty dear Lucy."
In compliance with my desires, she reached down a tiny hand and strove to encompass the giant breadth of the swollen organ that leaped in her clasp. The squeezing and massaging of my balls and dick seemed to infuse in my sensual sensations of the greatest pleasure, and as Lucy squeezed, rolled, and pressed it, stripping the foreskin back from the angry red head, I wiggled about in ecstasy.
"Wonderful, Lucy , wonderful!" I whispered, burying my flaming face in her nipple-hardened breast and encompassing one of the stalwart sentinels within my lips. "My little girl's touches and caresses excite me to a delirium! You are an apt pupil, my adorable darling! Her hand has instilled within me the sensations that now pervade me! Faster, dear one, faster!" And Lucy herself, despite her short apprenticeship, began to become permeated by the sensual warmth that seemed to exude from her me.
Her blood seemed to be afire, and strange sensations coursed through that portion of her anatomy that had heretofore been unused by her except to satisfy the calls of nature.
Throwing her arm about her dissolute lovers neck, her other hand manipulating my giant prick, she returned my kisses and caresses with equal ardor. I lifted the now panting girl, rolled her over on her back, spread apart her milk-white thighs and then, mounting her, presented the head of my engorged instrument at the mouth of the sorely battered breach. My rod again began to make headway into her. The sudden touch of its rigid red head against her lower lips caused a quick wave of fear to pervade the fair Lucy, and remembering the pain she had undergone on the previous evening, she made an involuntary movement to close tight her thighs.
Too late, however. Much as she dreaded the charge of the huge cock, much as she attempted to grip her thighs together and tossed about the bed, I still held my vantage.
"Please, leave me," she cried softly, "you know very well you hurt me dreadfully last time. I will never be able to stand it again-you are too big for me and I know you are going to hurt."
"Nonsense, Lucy ," I reassured her. "See, I will put some spit on my dick's head and around your little pussy and I will slip into you so easily you won't hurt a bit." So saying, I moistened my fingertips with a little saliva, which I applied to the girl's pink slit and also to the head of my own organ; then, applying the head to the girl's delicious cavity, I gently inserted it and pushed it slightly in. "How's that? Does that hurt?"
"Oh, ouch!" she cried. "It bums dreadfully, ouch-it hurts-oh! oh! oh! Ah! A-a-a-a-h! Oh, that's better-that doesn't hurt now-oh, that's good, me!"
"I thought so," I remarked. "It was bound to hurt you some last night-we burst your maidenhead, but you will be all right very soon Now-perhaps a little bit sore, but you will soon get over that. Now that your little pussy has gotten stretched a bit, you will find you won't have any more trouble."
My swollen rod slowly forced its way into her sheath, which, under the lubrication of the saliva, seemed to offer little resistance, its walls stretching to receive the huge intruder; indeed, the feelings of lust engendered in the girl overcame the slight burning sensations which bothered her and she heaved her bottom up to meet the thrust of my hips. The smarting and soreness seemed to mingle with the pleasure, causing a sensation of extreme piquancy in her warm and throbbing quim.
I having thus made my complete entry, lost no time in discussions with the girl, but burying my face into her bare shoulder, I could feel my tool slowly forcing its way up into her swollen, hot cavern, dividing the tender flesh; her membranes clasped about my rod in throbbing to-and-fro contacts that nearly drove me wild with frenzy, the maddened girl's body wildly tossing to meet my movements, as their pelvic hair merged in the tight contact of love.
Resting a bit after having pierced the tender girl, I slowly began that tantalizing in-and-out motion so dear to the members of the softer sex, and after a few of these master strokes, Lucy 's arms tightly clasped about my neck, returning my kisses with equal ardor, her strawberry tongue reaching forth to meet my , she suddenly began to tremble in the anticipatory signals of the orgasm.
I now recommenced my eager shoves, my fierce lunges, and I felt myself gaining at every move, till with one tremendous and cunt-rending thrust I buried myself into her up to the hilt. So great was the force of this last stroke that Lucy made a sharp scream, but I heeded it not; it was the note of final victory, and only added to the delicious piquancy of my enjoyment as I buried myself, if possible, yet further within the soft, luscious folds of her love sheath. We lay for a short time in the closest conjunction with each other, so that the hair on both of us was interwoven in one mass.
This was more than her that I could stand, and with one great shove, I gushed into her a flood of sperm, feeling the girl wince beneath me, by the spasms of her tender vagina I knew that she also was spending-as the slit tightened and quivered about my throbbing member, I felt that I must lose consciousness with sheer delight.
"Oh, me, me," moaned the girl, her loins writhing about as if mad, as she felt the balsamic juices spurting from her, "I am dying, me! Oh, me! That's so g-o-o-d-so good! Oh! Me! I love you so, dear me; oh, I love you so!"
I collapsed in an exhausted heap upon the body of the fair girl, my cock still firmly embedded within, her juicy cunt. We lay as though spent, when, finally our panting breath subsiding.
Putting my arm around her neck, I drew her to a yet closer embrace, and planting numberless kisses on her rosy lips and her lovely blushing face. I kissed her gently upon the lips and drew myself upward as though to arise, but felt my self clasped by the tender girl and held fast in her embrace.
"Stay here a minute," she whispered, "Don't get up yet."
"What, Lucy!" I said, astonished at the actions of my beautiful girl. "You were slow to receive my advances-do you want to continue this painful operation?"
The girl blushed furiously and buried her golden mop in the neck of her guardian. I after remaining quiet for a few minutes, then lifted myself from the girl, withdrawing my rod, at the same time placing a towel over the girl's reddened slit to catch the flow of their mingled sperm. The touch of the rough towel against the girl's sensitive parts seemed to inflame her. Squeezing her legs tightly together, she rolled quickly over on her side and hid her flaming face in the pillow. This movement brought her pink buttocks uppermost to the gaze of her enraptured me, who stood there studying the rounded contours of her posterior, thinking to the delights they should afford to me later on. I patted her bottom, rubbing my hand over its velvety smoothness.
Then we both collapsed like this again and again while fucking "I spent the whole night with Lucy, enjoying the allure of my virginity, we both celebrated the dissolution of our virginity all night by having fun together. We kept fucking constantly, sometimes I fuck her, sometimes she pulled me and fuck me in different easy and as if you want to calm your soul, but each time our attempt failed and soon after that we got together. Used to start kissing and licking again, resting a little, hugging again, swimming in a sea of happiness, lost in each other. I did not know when in the morning I fell in love like this.
When it was bright in the morning, Lucy was sitting on the bed, both of them were badly tired due to frequent sex. The attraction and attachment for each other had increased rather than work. I felt that I could no longer live without Lucy and wanted Lucy to be with me forever, and I could love her whenever I want. I saw the same love in Lucy's eyes and I pulled Lucy more and she settled in my arm and put my face in my chest. Hid it
She began, "Last night was so special. I have never felt so attached to anyone and felt so strong about a person ." I began to say something, but Lucy put her hand up to stop me.
"It was perfect last night, at least for me. You loved me like that and I felt that we are two bodies, my eyes were now flowing with tears, last night, when you came to me, you Awakened something deep inside. I felt that I love you very much. I said that I am also in the same situation. Now I do not want to stay away from you, and when I said that I did live on Lucy lips, she also returned.
As soon as she touched, my dick again started getting excited. While raising him slowly, I started pressing her breasts, while the touch of her hand was making a fresh fire in me, then Lucy in my hand. Taking my penis and caressing it, my sigh went out, so I said I still want to love you more, but I am feeling very tired. With her touch, my cock has come in its monstrous shape.
Enduring all the pain she has taken the very first brave step into her new life. Initially, It was an attraction, simple sexual attraction, and then lust which she was experiencing it for the first time ever. It made her feel all jumpy and twitchy. Surely and quickly deep trust, faith, commitment, and love developed between both of us which was reflected in our conduct.
This was the story of how a young beautiful virgin girl became a woman and a virgin boy became a man. It is said that no woman ever forgets the first man who has intercourse with her. I could never forget her, as she was my first virgin love. We both love each other ardently and she is still with me, and as I cannot forget her ever, she won't forget me either. Although my beloved heroine had passed a rather hectic experience, her latent womanhood had been completely aroused in the last short hour and she was now completely grown-up; the curtain had been lifted and she was enlightened as to the nature of many mysteries; she felt for this dominating male beside her the affection that many women feel for men who master them, and henceforth she allowed me to do with as I pleased. Which, perhaps, is as it should be. She has always been with me most of the time enjoying lovemaking with me. Even today we deeply love each other as we did at our first sight.
So this concludes the story of My first Virgin Venus Lucy and the further story and the story of Jane and Daina, will continue.

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