My lover

Hi, this is chandran I’m dng bba from Chennai n I am 21 mostly I draw many girls attention, I live with my brother who is doing msc and due to its marriageable age he is mostly out of the house to our native place, that leaves me all alone. This story is abt my gf her name is revathy she is 20 fair, medium in height n curvy body she just look like pooja. Her ass n boobs are 2 good; all the guys in our college were after her. After around 3 month of relation with her, I planed that I want to fuck her n how n where were my big problem.

Then I heard my bro was gng for 3 days to my parents. It gave me chance, I asked revathy for a date n she agreed when I went for a date she was wearing a sleeveless blue t-shirt n white tight jeans from which her beautiful white arms were showing n then her round butt n shapely boobs were inviting me to eat them, it just made me more determined to fuck her. I told her on way that let me show u my house, 2 my surprise she agreed n we went to now house. There she was lying close to me with arms around her I with my him mat kissed her on her cheeks to my surprise she didn’t said anything. Then she replied by kissing on my cheeks. I asked here to lets go to my room she agreed and I turned on romantic cd and we started dancing after sometime I was able to feel her body as distance was reducing I kissed her on lips she resisted and said that’s not right I convinced here that its just a love kiss and tried again and this time she responded my tongue went inside her mouth and I was sucking her saliva. I can feel it she was getting hornier. I made her lie on bed and our kissed continued for about an hour.

Till that time I was just bruising on her other organ so she doesn’t know my real attention. Then I slowly moved my hand on her arms and was squeezing them she got excited and started moaning I broke the kiss and then kissed her on neck and she started to like it my tongue was exploring each part of her neck and she was holding of more tight then I kissed her on her fleshy arms. she started to like what was happening, then I pushed her both arms on her head and started to eat and kick her arm pit and she was like aha…Hmm..Wow…them I kissed her again on her lips this time she was 2 excited, my other arm went inside her shirt and I asked her innocently that can I kiss her navel she agreed and I went down with my face bruising her boobs, and I lifted her shirt I was looking at her navel first I encircled it then I entered it and started sucking she was enjoying and pressing my head inside her navel and making all sounds hmm ahh. I started climbing up and lifting her shirt little up I could see a mountain above covered with white bra she resisted but little and I removed her shirt now she was there in front of me in bra she was little sharmaofying but stimulation was overpowering her. Now I was kissing her all over the body especially her boobs on side I tried to remove the bra but she refused. I didn’t forced as I will not get what I an getting them I went to her navel and again started kissing there and slowly going down and open her jeans button and chain them I swiftly removed it she was wearing a pink panty which was wet. I gave her lot of kisses on her legs then thighs and at last coming up on her panty from above I dent want to remove them now as she refused to remove her bra maybe she might refuse for this also and I waited for right moment.

Then I kissed her on her lips and started to remove my clothes in few minutes I was just in my underwear as I refused her to remove my underwear. now she was excited she came over me and started kissing my neck and then sucked my nipples them she went below and started kissing my penis over my underwear and started to touch and stroke it over my underwear my undie was about to get torn because of my penis. she started to kiss me again on my lips still over me and I was touching her ass and gently massaging her ass and thinking about guys who will love to see this scene and then I thought I have to see her nude and I pushed her back on bed and came over here and I started to kiss her on lips then I went down and kissed her on side of bra and was pulling it down from above till it was her nipple which was left to expose and each time I was grabbing a mouthful of her boobs and them I suddenly took one of my hand on her pussy and started to rub it over her panty she was getting hot and making sound like ahh hmm noo aha plz do it. and then she asked of to close the whole house lights I did that when I came back I was knowing now real sex will take place when I returned I jumped on bed and started kissing her on lips them slowly near her boobs just like before trying to remove them from above then she said wait and removed her bra and there was these 2 lovely pairs I was adoring them and then I started sucking them wild and with one hand started to squeeze the other as hard as I can they were not even coming in my mouth fully they were so big she was moaning in enjoyment.

Them I took my other hand and went inside her panty it was shaved I started to rub it again she was enjoying it was fully yet them I removed it she was lying naked in front of she was just looking like pooja and then she removed my undie seeing my penis she was surprised I asked her to suck it first she refused after convincing her she started to do it I can feel her tongue on my penis and them her saliva she was stroking it as it was my first time I cummed inside in her mouth she licked each drop of it them it was my turn to suck her pussy I went down and place my hand below her hips I started to suck her pussy and she was enjoying it and making sounds them after sometime I was licking my tongue went inside to explore she shouted ahh mar dala. And her pussy was flowing with her nectar I sucked it. after that I entered my penis inside her me above and started stroking her faster she was also responding by moving her hips with of I was sucking her bombs wildly and she was moaning after sometime I asked her to put her legs on my hips and stroked her she was shouting in pleasure faster after that she came over of and stroked of for sometime ,I was sucking her boobs very hard and massaging that sexy ass and sometime slapping on her ass which she was enjoying and then she bend below and hold me tightly started stroking me I was about to cum I asked her she said cum inside of its her safe period I cumed inside her we lay exhausted on each other naked body for a while she fell asleep soon after this I was awake and touching each part of her body and seeing them so I could believe that I have just now fucked the sexiest girl of our college that each and damn guy dream off then we tried different position for 3 days in which we have doggy style and them anal sex.

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