My lover enjoyed our day on the boat | swingers story from biguy

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Many years ago, I had a good size boat, and enjoyed many days on the water with it, so when I invited Kerry to join me on it one day for a cruise up the river she quickly said yes, I did tell her we would also find a quite spot to enjoy some fun on the boat to, so in other words make sure your ready for a good fucking, lol
I picked her up and launched the boat, and we headed of up the river, I knew a nice spot, but what Kerry didn’t know was I had told a few guys I would be pulling in there with her on board.

When I pulled up along side the beach Kerry saw a few guys there, she knew a couple of them from a gangbang we held before, her face lit up, no sooner had the guys come on board I moved out into open water and dropped the anchor, I looked down into the cabin to see Kerry already spit roasted between two guys and wanking others, my cock was hard wanting her sweet pussy.

We all set to her, cocks filled her mouth and pussy, as she screamed thought her first orgasm, some of the guys like me had taken her anal cherry, so often she was warmed up, we swung her around and lay her on a good cock, then I opened up her ass for the days fun, we fucked her for 15 mins or so then I filled her ass with my cum, pulling out a new cock took my place and Kerry was kept filled in all holes for the next few hours.

At one time Kerry sat over my face, she knows I love eating her cum filled cunt and ass, and boy she dropped a good load into my mouth and over my face, once I sat up, I kissed her sharing the cum with her, although she had taken a few mouth full already and sucked cocks dry after they had cum in her.

I gave Kerry my poppers she knows they turn her into a real slut lol as if that mattered, but once she had taken a good few sniff’s I shoved my fist into her cum filled pussy, then fist fucked her to a huge orgasm, as she reached her high I slide my other fist into her ass, Kerry was going wild, I knew she loved the feeling of both holes filled with fists, but now she was filled with cum too, it seemed to set her of more.

The guys all wanted more of her, and started fucking her, filling every hole and hand with cocks and cum, the day was moving on and she had to be home soon, so we all gave her one more good fuck and the last of our cum and I took her back to her car, but she had to dive in and swim to clean the cum of her self before going home to her husband.

As I drove the guys back to their cars, they all asked when we could repeat the days fun, I told them Kerry was always up for a group fuck and would set one up soon but if we could use a house would work out better, it was agreed I asked Kerry for her next free day, and we would get more guys for her too, as she emptied all our balls easy today.