My Lucky Bus Ride With Sexy Aunties

Hi readers, this is my first attempt to write a story; not story actually first attempt to narrate an incident that happened few days back. I’m doing MBA in Bangalore now after finishing my engineering. My native place is Kerala and the incident I’m about to narrate happened on last Saturday 10th March 2012 while I went to my uncle’s house near Kottarakkara.
I boarded a KSRTC Thiruvananthapuram superfast from Kottayam bus stand at 5.00 pm. The bus was a little crowded with all seats occupied and a few people standing. I got into the bus and went to the middle area and stood there. At that time I noticed two girls sitting in the seating in the nearby seat, the seat just behind the seat reserved and for ladies. The girl who was in the window seat was a little short in size and looked below average while the one in the aisle seat was fair with a sexy look. 
The girl in the window seat had an ID card around her neck, from which I figured out that they were students of a famous entrance coaching centre in Pala. The girl in the aisle seat was wearing a red sexy churidar and I was standing there leaning on to the seat just opposite to her seat and her shawl was kept very lower and a nice view of her cleavage was visible from where I was standing. I was very much enjoying what I was seeing. 
The bus started from Kottayam bus stand and the movements of her boobs because of the movements of the bus was very sexy. I’m a little introvert person and didn’t want to do anything to a girl without her consent, I just stood there and watched without making any advances and after a few stops a guy who looks about 25 years age got into the bus and came and stood near the girl’s seat. I adjusted my position so that I can still see her around the guy and after a few minutes, I noticed something.
He was standing there looking away from her seat and his right hand was brushing against her shoulder and minutes later he was lightly massaging her shoulders and upper back when I looked at her face, she was asleep and I think she was just acting as if she is sleeping because she was wide awake when he initially started brushing against the girl and then he lowered his hand further and now his palm was at the side of the girl’s boobs barely two inches away from her beautiful boobs. 
Slowly he started to draw the outline of her bra using his index finger. I was standing there wondering whether he is aware of me watching his actions at that time I noticed that the girl was also pressing her body against the guy and her head was resting on the side of his leg, only a little away from his crotch and then he started pressing on to her boobs using his fingers and the movement of her beautiful right boobs where visible through the opening on the neck of her churidar. 
I was enjoying the show that is going on in front of me and was thinking I should have done this instead of him. He was really enjoying touching her boobs on a crowded bus. Suddenly he stopped as if he realised something, grabbed his bag from the rack above and headed to the door. I looked around to find what happened, but didn’t notice anything and I realized that the bus has reached Thiruvalla, the place to which h had bought ticket to as more people got into the bus.
I moved to the place where he was standing, so close to that girl. She was adjusting her churidar at that time and adjusted her shawl so that it covers her cleave which was earlier visible at that moment, I cursed my bad luck and thought she is worried about what that just happened and stood there without touching her and few moments later, she looked up I was looking at her and I smiled at her and she looked away within the fraction of a second. 
She again started adjusting her dress but this time, she pulled down her shawl and adjusted the churidar so that a good amount of her boobs were visible from where I was standing then she again looked up and smiled at me. I smiled back and stood more close to her, my thighs touching her shoulder and then she started pressing her body against me. I too started pressing towards her and started massaging her shoulder and back area. From that moment, I was doing everything that guy was doing earlier. 
My hand was between her body and seat and she was leaning against my hand. My hand got trapped between her back and the seat and she was surely enjoying it. My fingers found the strap of her bra at her back and were playing on it with my fingers. Suddenly the bra strap got unclasped somehow and fell open. I was shocked for a moment and sensed that she also was shocked and but when I looked at her face, she was smiling sexily at me and was thoroughly enjoying what that was happening.
I lowered my hand to the side of her boobs. Imitating the other guy, I used my fingers to touch her boobs. Since her bra was undone, I could touch directly on her boobs with just the light material of her churidar between her boobs and my hand and her boobs were very soft and temping when the bus took a sharp turn, she fell towards me and I grabbed her boob. It felt like holding a big sponge ball in my hand but I had to take back my hand soon to avoid anyone seeing us.
Suddenly the girl in the window seat who was asleep till then got up and started talking to this girl. From their conversation, I found that the girl in the window seat was going to get down at the next stop. She stood up took her bag and left towards the door. The girl with whom I was enjoying the ride moved to the window seat and I occupied the aisle seat in which she was sitting till then.
Now we both were sitting very close and I could feel the heat of her body. It was driving me crazy. I placed my hands on her thigh and started rubbing towards her inner thighs. She placed her bag over her lap and covered my hand. It was a medium sized bag which was resting on my right leg and her both legs. She then grabbed my hand and placed it on her flat stomach with my finger touching her navel. 
She then lied down on to her bag on his lap hiding my hand from the view of anyone who was standing near us and I was enjoying her sexy body with my hand after enjoying her abs for some time, I moved my hand to her beautiful boobs which were hanging down now because of her opened bra. My hand was on her left boob. She was looking at me with a sexy smile. I really wanted to kiss her beautiful lips but had to control myself because of the location. 
Again she grabbed my hand and this time she placed it on her right boob which was now outside of her bra cup. I could really feel her erect nipple over her smooth churidar. I started playing with her boobs freely just with my one hand which was hidden under the bag. She started signalling me with her eyes towards my bag which I kept beside the seat earlier. I took and kept it on my lap covering the portions which were left open by her bag as soon as I kept the bag on my lap.
I felt a hand on my dick over my jeans and she was stroking it slowly over my jeans I sat there enjoying it and after a few strokes, she put her finger into the flap of the zipper and started trying to open it. Now I was a little worried as I did not want to do too much in a crowded bus after a few tries, she gave up the idea and again started stroking my dick. She got hold of my dick and took it out of my underwear. 
Now my hard dick was completely in her hand; only thing was that there was a layer of jean clothe between her hand and my dick. My hand was still on her boobs. I slowly took my hand down to her stomach area. I found the slit of her churidar on the side and tried to put my hand inside. I was able to put only my fingers inside. Her soft naked flesh felt so nice against my finger.
After two more attempts to put the hand inside, I moved back to her breasts. All the time she was stroking my dick and she put her hand under my t shirt and tried to insert her fingers into my jeans from my waist. Her fingers touched the bottom of my dick and the hair there. She kept her fingers there and moved it slowly sending shivers through my body.  We continued to enjoy for some more time and suddenly her mobile rang. 
She sat straight and started talking on mobile. I realised that Kottarakkara is fast approaching and she also has to get down there from her conversation on mobile. I wanted to ask her name and phone number, but was reluctant to ask. I took out my mobile, opened a new text message and typed in and I’m Mahy.
Keep in touch if interested and kept there on my bag so that she can read after reading the message she started typing something into her phone within a minute I got a text message from an unknown number. The message read My name is Deepthi. This is my number by that time, bus reached Kottarakkara and we both got down. A middle aged man was waiting there for her probably her father and she left with him and I went to my uncle’s home.
I hope you all enjoyed my story. Please forgive me if there was any mistake in the language or the way in which incidents are narrated.