My lucky day | straight story from Lucky Guy

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After a few weeks of everything going wrong, I 48 finally got a break in my bad luck streak. But at first it didn’t look that way, I was waiting to buy an instant lottery ticket and a woman pushed in front of me and got the same type of ticket I was to buy. But it was also the last one they had, so I bought another ticket. Later on, I was waiting for a bus ad my supervisor 52 offered me a lift. She drove me to her place and wanted me to stay the weekend with her. So, I did and finally getting home on the Monday after work that day, I scratched that ticket, and it was the major prize, and I would be able to pay off my house with the winnings. With a little left over and my supervisor wanted to know if I wanted to stay over again and again agreed. My life went from being divorced and lonely, boring and working, to one of regular sex with my supervisor and able to enjoy my life.

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