My Matrimonial Preparations

Deepti!!! Deepti!!!, my mom screamed at the top of her lungs after putting down the phone. Sometimes i feel she suffers from anxiety disorder.She gets excited or panicky for very small things. “What amma”? I replied unenthusiastically. “They called”. “They are coming!” my mom shouted, still unable to control her anxiety. My dad came out of the bathroom with shaving foam on his face to see if he needs to call an ambulance in case mom fainted. The matrimony guy! Deepti,The MS in US guy. They liked your profile in Bharat Matrimony! The guys mom called and said they are coming tomorrow to see you.
Oh boy!! not again. I had enough of this. Being from a middle class family, my mom gets super excited to get proposals from upper middle class/rich/affluent families as seen in the family status info in the matrimony site.Plus this guy’s father had enough money to send his son to US. My mom already started tidying up the room for their arrival. My dad rubbed the shaving foam and ran behind mom to ask for things to buy to give them for lunch. The small hair on his face had some more time to live before being washed down the drain all thanks to some MS in US guy.
I was not as super excited as mom.I did not have the flair to go to US with some yo-yo guy having iphone, ipod, ipad fitted inside different pockets in his half torn jeans, shirt and jacket respectively and still managing to expose what brand of underwear he was wearing.Though a techie, I am more of a simple girl, earning enough to help my dad pay all the bloody bills plus house rent etc etc thrown at us. Wondering what they had seen in us to feel that i am worth a visit.Must be my looks for sure. I had maintained a good figure and i had a  5ft 6 tall frame.All thanks to the photo mom  put as my profile pic which clearly showed all my curves to earn a ” Express Interest” click and phone call from this rich/affluent family.
I saw my mom running around here and there in the next room.Suddenly she was standing right in front of me staring at my face. I jumped with a start. Look at your face she screamed. Cant you put some sunscreen lotion before you go out. Look how sun burnt you have become. I remember last time i bought a Loreal product, she nearly fainted looking at the price.Mamma, that guy has to like me for what i am, not for what Fair and Lovely can make me look like.NO!!! she yelled.I know you are fair but these sunburns have to go. You go now and get a facial done. She ran again picking up the phone and calling her friend, asking for that new hi-fi beauty parlour now open in our city. She spoke for 10 mins non stop. She hung up and told me the name of the parlour and asked me to run there and get a facial done plus hair spa. What the Duck!! i mean mom allowing me to spend money on hair spa + facial. I looked up to see if there are any pigs flying over my house.
I reluctantly took bath, came out and looked at my wardrobe.Did not find any suitable dress to wear for this extravagant occasion. I finally decided to wear a salwar. This salwar had a long zip starting from the back of my neck till the starting of my butt.It doesn’t matter, i decided, they wont reduce the cost of facial depending on the dress that the customers wear.I came out of the house, assuring mom that i will not be stingy and get the best possible facial available there.
I took an auto and reached there. It was a good looking parlour. It was UNISEX.I went inside, it was kinda crowded with men and women adorning the sofa’s for waiting customers. I was suddenly scared. I have never come to such a high fi parlour with everything so glossy and illuminated. I went to the receptionist, a lady worthy for participating in Miss India contest herself. She smiled at me and in a very polite way asked me at what time i had booked my appointment.I said i have not. I told her i wanted to do a facial and it was an emergency.She was actually nice and not like those bitchy receptionists who question’s girls like me the reason of our existence on this planet earth. She ran inside and after some time came back and told me that i had to wait for an hour for it. I smiled and told her that i can wait. Then she asked me what type of facial i wanted. She gave me the price list. I looked at the list and my eyes nearly popped. There was none less than 3500/- Rs. Being an environmentalist, i agreed to do something which sounds likes fruit exfoliation blah blah .. lets just call it fruit facial for now. I looked inside to see men and women furiously explaining to the stylist on how their hair should look like, some carried pics of Hollywood stars and desperately tried to convince the stylist that their hair can be made to look those in the pic if they tried harder.The stylists were mostly women but there were men stylists too.
I waited for my turn.After nearly and hour and a half, my name was called. I was ushered inside by the receptionist were she introduced me to Rishi. She told me that he will do my facial. What!! i wanted to tell her that i wanted a female to do the facial. I cannot let some guy to run his hand all over my face. I did not want to create a scene. I followed him. He walked past all the customers and climbed the stairs and motioned me to follow him. My heart skipped a couple of beats. I courageously followed him.The stairs led us to a room with 2 beds. One empty,for me i guess and one occupied by a man, topless, lying down with lotsa cream on his face and one a towel kept over his waist area covering till his thighs. Wondering if he was even wearing an underwear. A male employee was doing some kind of message on his face.I was suddenly very conscious of my presence. Even though the naked man had his eyes closed, i felt like i by mistakenly stepped inside the men’s restroom. I turned my face away from there. Rishi, smiled at me and told me that this so called fruit facial includes facial cum hand massage plus leg massage and a back massage.
I immediately stepped two three steps away from him. I was worried he might hear the sound of my heart banging against my chest. It was so loud, that i am sure i was getting a panic attack. What did i get into, this time? Should i fake a phone call and act like my best friend had a most tragic accident and is fighting for her life in the hospital and her last wish was to see me and i had to go now. While seriously considering this option i heard Rishi’s voice. Madam please keep all metal items on this table. He told me to keep my hand bag, my ear-rings, my gold chain, my bangles on the table and any other metal items on my body. He extended his hand to take my bag from my hand. I was so scared that my brain switched to “listen to Rishi” mode. My hand extended giving the bag to him. There goes my last chance of survival as the cell phone was inside the bag. With my heart banging like shivamani’s tabla, with trembling hands i removed my ear-rings, my necklace and bangles. As expected one bangle slipped from my trembling hand and rolled all the way to our naked man there. I was uncertain what to do next. I slowly walked upto him and prayed he would not open his eyes. But where? I reached near the leg of his bed and bend and took the bangle. As i was about to get up i looked at his face by mistake and i saw two eyes staring onto me. I jumped back which actually got him scared too. He gave me that look, “Kaunse gaav se aayi hai”(which village are you from), types of look. I said sorry to him. He did not close his eyes, but he was more of scanning my body now. I felt so uncomfortable in that place. I wanted to run away from there.
Rishi came back with some kind of expensive looking bottles filled with cream and lotions and kept it behind the bed. He told me to come and lie down on the bed. He sat right behind the place where i had to keep my head. I decided to be bold and decided that when he starts hand, leg, back massage, i ll tell him that it was not required and only my face had to be worked on. Forget the money , let it go. Anything to stop a unknown man from running his hand all over my body. I slowly sat on the bed and lay on my back. i turned around to see what the naked man was doing. That jerk had his eyes fully open now staring at me without blinking his eyes shamelessly.Shivamani continued to play tabla on my heart which now sounded like a aadivaasi beat.Turn around sir, the other facial guy told the naked man. He held on to the towel and turned around to lie on his front now. Bloody Hell, when he turned his towel slipped a bit and i saw his hairy ass in the process. Holy Christ!!! he was indeed naked, not even an underwear. I was paralyzed. Shivamani stopped playing tabla for a min as i could feel no more sound from my heart. Am i dead!!!! What will they write in newspaper, girl died of cardiac arrest seeing a man’s butt. Most embarrassing way to die.
“Madam”, Rishi’s voice filled my head. Yes! i replied, coming out of coma, Shivamani started his teen-maar again.I am going to first wash your face and start with this toner, he said. I need to wash your face with luke warm water first he said. I nodded. He lifted my head and pulled all my hair up and let it hang. Since my salway had a high neck, the place from below my neck was covered. I had worn a full sleeve salwar. I thought that facial only dealt with face, atleast in local parlours.Rishi walked and took a sponge and dipped it in water and pressed it on my face. The water ran all the way down my neck and wetted my salwar. Rishi told me that he will have to put a towel over my body. He got up and brought a towel. He told me to loosen the zip on my back so that he can  apply the creme on my neck till my collor bone. OK. thats it.i wanted to get up and tell him to stick only to my neck. Only a bit, he said. But I got up and pulled down the zip on my back a bit. Suddenly i felt his hand on my back as he lowered the zip a bit more. He then pulled my salwars neck a bit down. Now he was able to see my collar bone. He asked me to lie down again. I again looked at the naked man beside me. He was now lying on his front with his bloody face towards me, enjoying what was happening to me. The guy who was massaging him and left him in this position and went some where. From where i was lying, i could see that his towel has shifted so low that, his half butt was exposed to me. I swallowed hard.He made no attempts to cover his butt.
Here Rishi started his work on my face and was rubbing his hand all over my face and also on my neck. His hands now found his way all the way to my collar bone. He gave some pressure and i actually felt good. He was now doing a massage on my shoulder area and i felt so good, that i thought i ll moan now. I held  back any sound from my mouth. He was now stroking fast on my face and neck. He changed two to three creams and i felt sudden calmness in my head. Shivamani was fired from his job. He was now working on my shoulders and giving me long strokes starting from my neck till the end of my shoulders over my bra straps. I was actually enjoying this. He told me that he will have to apply some cream on the back of my neck. So now i had to lie on my front. I slowly got up. Since my zip was loosened a bit my salwar was loose around my neck and held it avoiding any exposure of my cleavage to him. I turned around and lay on my front.He adjusted my hair, giving him a clear view of my back to him. He applied a cream on his hands and started rubbing his hand on the back of my neck.He was rubbing from the top of my neck below. With each stroke, there was some pressure on my zip and it started moving down. The salwar was becoming very loose on my body now.
With some more massaging he stopped. He again told me to lie on my back and he is going to applying this fruit pack and he has to keep it for 45 mins. I nodded. I looked at the corner of my eyes at the naked man beside me. He was still lying there enjoying my body. I wanted to slap him but somehow i controlled.Rishi took some powder made some paste and now he asked me to close my eyes as he is also going to put on my eyelids. I closed my eyes and he applied this thick paste all over my face neck and my eyes and everything became dark. I could not open my eyes. He told me not to speak as it was create wrinkles on my face. I did not move.
Everything was so quiet now. I did not have a clue of what was around me. I could hear a faint sound of ac blowing cold air on my body. Thats how i realized that i was feeling cold around my neck and shoulder as it was still loose there as i did not pull up my zip.I could here some footsteps near me. I did not dare speak anything but i waited. Shivamani got back his job as my heart started hammering hard, sounded more like drums that they play on a funeral procession that we see on the roadside.”Madam”, Rishi said, i going to give a some hand and leg massage along with a back massage in the end. NOOOO!!! i screamed in my head. Just relax your body. I am going to apply a anti tan and it will remove all the suntan from your hands.Saying this he pushed my shoulders up and made it sit. I could not see a thing. There was no sound for some time and suddenly the sound of my zip going down filled my ear. He was pulling down my zip from behind and not stopping. He pulled it down all the way to my butt. My salwar was split into 2 equal parts behind me. My white bra straps was visible to him along with my bare back. Cold air hit my exposed back and i got goosebumps.
Madam, i cannot apply antitan over your full sleeve salwar. So we have to remove your top till i apply it. I did not move. No muscle in my  body moved. I was in a state of paralysis. It was strangely overwhelming. I had no control over my body, there was total darkness around me. My body was waiting for the next touch to me come. But where will it come from.The excitement was taking over my body. Then it came. His hands touched my shoulders and held the salwar there and he slowly pulled down my salwar from my body releasing each hand out of the sleeve and removed it from below my leg. I sat on the bed with just my bra. he made me lie down. Cold air hit my navel and i felt bliss. His hand touched my stomach as he made my lie down. I did not know what to do. I couldnt believe i was letting this happen to me.
Wondering what the naked man was thinking about me. I felt Rishi’s hand run all over my body now. I felt horny. He was touching me from different place each time. He was like playing with me. His hands was rubbing all over my navel, sometimes very near to my breasts. I was not able to anticipate any of my moves. My vagina was getting wet. I suddenly thought about the MS in US guy. Will you marry me now? Then there it was, the straps of my bra was coming down slowly from my shoulders. It was so slow and sensual that i more liquid oozed out of my vagina. I did not care about anything else now. Not even the fact that the naked man was probably stroking his winkie seeing me. Rishi tilted me a bit and unhooked my bra and removed it making me topless and shivering in the cold ac.
I felt wetness on my nipple and a hand pressing my other nipple. My nipples stood erect. With each lick of tongue i getting more turned on. While this was happening, i felt my salwars pant’s knot being unknotted. I felt my pant slide down my legs. It was cold. i felt a tongue exploring my inner thighs. Then i felt a hand madly running over my ass and then a pull on my panty which came down like melted ice cream on the cone. I suddenly realized that that it was not just Rishi but there was another guy playing with my body now cos i felt a mouth on my breasts and there was another tongue furiously sucking my vagina. I was in heaven. the pleasure was building up. I hugged the guy licking my breasts and tightened my leg over the guy eating my pussy. I suddenly felt surges of  pleasure flowing out of my body as jerks and i bursts into spasms as i was hit by multiple orgasms.I loosened the grip on the guy i was hugging and let the guy licking my pussy breathe air.I lay motionless for sometime in darkness. There was no one  moving anymore. I felt relaxed. i dont know how long i lay there stark naked.
I felt like someone was peeling the thick paste from my face. I opened my eyes, it was all a blur. I saw Rishi smiling at me. I looked around to see the naked man really naked near him. Rishi had now removed his shirt and he has well made body. The naked man gave me a victorious smile. I looked down. Now i saw that Rishi had come started massaging my face again with some other liquid. The naked man has a huge penis. It was standing like a rocket ready to be launched. He came near me and kissed my breasts, i did not resist. He started licking my breasts and i had saliva all aver my body. He kissing my navel and his finger again touched my vagina putting it on fire again. The naked man climbed over the bed and positioned his penis to penetrate me. Rishi came and applied some liquid over my vagina making it slippery and wet there. The naked man slowly put his penis and within one push he entered my hidden caves. I felt like a truck rammed on to a tata nano. My walls expanded a bit more accommodating his massive organ inside me. Rishi pushed his mouth on to me and stared sucking my tongue like mad. Tne naked man staring pumping in deeper and deeper making me moan louder. Dont worry  said Rishi. This is a closed sound proof room. I left out my moans loudly. Rishi was pressing my breasts while the naked man penis was like a piston sending shivers all over my body. I sucked back Rishi’s mouth harder. 3 mins of continuous pumping and my body reached the hilt and broke into orgasms part 2. The naked man pulled out his dick and sprayed his cum on my face. It went inside my mouth. Then he rubbed it all over my face. This is the best facial he said. Contains all the protiens, vitamins to make your face glow.
After a while, Rishi tried his heroics on me and let me lie for sometime.I got up and dressed, combed my hair and went down. Though noone was looking, i felt everyone was staring at me. I went to the reception. The receptionist gave me a naughty smile and told me that i was glowing now and the bill was Rs 4000/-, i paid in cash and ran out embarrassed, caught an auto and came home. Mom and dad looked at me and said that i was looking brighter. What the hell, i dont care i really enjoyed my fruit facial.