My Metamorphosis

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My life took a twist when I met Susie. I was 23 and had moved for my job. Susie was my age and just graduated from college. She was taking a few classes that were pre-reqs for her to get into medical school. A group of friends went out drinking one night. She and I hit it off. We ended up back at my loft where we made out for hours. The furthest I got was taking her top off and sucking her wonderful tits. She was 5'3", 140ish, 36dd, small waist, nice thick ass and thighs.
She'd been a state champion tennis player and cheer leader, so she had that kind of build and competitive nature. The best thing about her, other than her mind, was her gorgeous natural red hair, green eyes and freckles. She really was the red head girl next door. She'd dated one guy all throughout college and they'd broken up just a few months before I met her. I'd also dated the same girl on and off throughout college, so it was great being with someone new and exciting.
After that night we realized we wanted to see each other again, so I went over to her apartment the next weekend after talking on the phone all week. This was 2003, so people weren't texting yet. We made out and she ended up giving me a long, slow blow job that ended with me shooting my cum up her nose. We had a good laugh, and then I laid her down to fast on her beautiful, bald pussy. She tasted so good and sweet and after bringing her to climax we shared a passionate, deep kiss. Damn, I really liked her.
Fast forward two months. We'd started having sex. Vanilla, but great sex. We started with me wearing condoms, then she got on the pill. Since we were so into each other it was so hot to have our lips locked together when I came deep inside her. I loved laying with her, sweaty as fuck from our lovemaking and feeling my cum leak out of her. I especially loved how she couldn't get enough.
She'd kiss my neck and nipples, and clean my cock with her mouth getting me ready for a 2nd round. I loved the feeling of my hot cum already inside of her as we worked our way up into another long, sweaty fuck session. I think I was in love with her…which we eventually admitted to each other one drunken Friday night in the back of her friends car coming back from a bar. Damn, this was great.
So a few weeks later we were all out with some friends at a bar. We're off by ourselves and had a few cocktails.
She asked me, "so how many girls have you been with?"
Since I was dating mostly the same girl in college I hadn't been with many women at that point in my life. I think my number was 5. So that is what I told her. She looked kind of sad and disappointed and looked away.
Since she'd dated the same guy through school I'm was thinking, "Shit, she's pissed I've been with that many girls." So I asked her, "what about you?"
She looked me square in the eye and said "15" and just stared at me. Whoa, that hit like a ton of bricks…
15 guys? What?!?! I couldn't believe it. I remember there being a stabbing feeling in my heart, but I didn't lash out at her or anything. I'm sure my face was confused and hurt, but I was not angry. I think I took a few deep breaths and deep swallows. I didn't really ask her anything else that night. The next several days I found myself thinking about what she told me more and more. As I drove to work or had down time it was all I thought about. For a day or two I was pissed.
Then I settled down. I think I was really confused. Why had this sweet girl (who should have only had sex with 2 or 3 guys at this point in her life…at least that's how I thought back then) had so many experiences?
So I began to probe. I don't recall how I got her to start telling me about her past experiences, but she did. Slowly at first and very non-descript. Maybe it was because many of these conversations happened over the phone, but she got more comfortable telling me about it. She didn't remember many details, but I dug deeper and deeper.
Eventually, it really started to turn me on. And it turned her on to tell me about it. And she would ask me questions about what I had done. I had my dirty secrets as well. We gradually pulled them from each other. It was painful to hear some of the stories, but the sluttier or kinkier the story was, the more I wanted to hear it.
Upon graduating college, she'd only been with 2-3 guys. Once she moved off on her own to take these pre-req classes is when she went wild. She loved attention and was lonely. So she found that she really just loved sex. We found that we loved talking about all these sexcapdes while we had sex. Loved to have her tell me about sucking some strangers cock in his car or getting fucked by a guy who worked at the vacation resort her whole family stayed at.
Some things I found out at first:
-fucking 2 guys same night. One was a date, then she went home and called a guy she'd been playing with on the side.
-multiple one night stands
-fucking guy while his gf was passed out on floor beside them.
Also, after seeing each other for a month, we went to a cook out at her friends boyfriends house. He lived with 3 other guys. We hung out, drank some beers and went out later. I thought it was odd that they had panties nailed to their wall. The bf said it was the panties of girls who had been fucked at that house. There were about 15 various pairs. Weird, but whatever, I didn't really think about it. Kind of dorky if you ask me. We occasionally hung out with them after that. About half a year later once we started sharing stories Susie was riding me. I suckled her nipple while we were talking dirty.
She leaned in and whispered to me, "remember the house with the panties on the wall? My white thong was one of the pair of panties that was up on the wall. Two of those guys fucked me one night."
I instantly came so fucking hard inside of her. Then looked her dead in the eye with a look of confusion. She just looked me straight in the eye and nodded her head yes…
So far I've found out how much Susie loves sex and all the fucking and sucking she did before she met me. I hope I convey how I was emotionally crushed and upset that my sweet gf could act like that. And that she'd brought me to these guys house to hangout that had her panties on the wall. That was humiliating. Yet, I was so turned on that she was taking ownership of her own sexuality. Boys and girls like us didn't behave that way. At least that is what I was brainwashed to think.
So in her telling me all of these stories about her fucking other men while we fucked, it became an intoxicant. Thinking about her doing these things while inside her tight little pussy created a mix of pleasure, anger and emotion that I can't describe.
So, while that had all been going on I was stuck in this small town while she was in medical school in Florida. Knowing she was out partying while I was home asleep drove me crazy. Yet I couldn't stop her. I could sense something was up, but didn't think she'd cheated on me or anything. So I go down to see her one long weekend. We get drunk and start to fuck. Then the dirty talk commences. It was dark. I was on top of her and slowly pumping in and out.
Then she says, "you know Rob." (Rob was a guy in school with her and a year older). I thought, oh no.
She says, "Rob fucked me last weekend after a party at his place."
Even writing this now, years later, my cock is rock hard.
So while I was balls deep inside of her, she told me she'd cheated on me and fucked a guy I'd hung out with earlier that day. It was a kick in the gut yet I was still so hard inside of her.
All I could say was, "ok, did he have a good cock?"
She said, "omg yes. Bigger than you and he fucked me soooooo good". I then came all inside her.
We collapsed and woke up the next day to fuck some. And while she told me all about how hot the sex was with him. I couldn't get enough and at no point did she ever say she was sorry or ask for forgiveness. It just seemed right at that point. So I fly back home and we are talking on the phone one night.
We of course discuss sex and at one point I say something like, "Well, at least Rob is the only guy Haha". And the phone went silent. "Susie? You there?" More silence.
She says, "So, I have to admit something you won't like… Remember when I was still living in town in those apartments and you met my neighbor George? Well George fucked me several times" (George was her handsome, tall black neighbor).
Holy Shit! I was beyond stunned. Yes, I'd found out she loved cock. Yes, she'd cheated on me and it turned me on. But this? Fucking her neighbor after we'd even met?!?! Once again, a punch to the gut, anger and humiliation, but a rock hard cock.
"So tell me, was his cock big?" I uttered.
"Oh yes. This biggest I've had. It was long and dark black and his cock head was all red. He pinned his arms behind my knees to spread my legs and when he slid inside me it took my breath away".
And pretty sure she and I both came over the phone as she told me about that.
A month or so later I'd planned another trip to Florida. We'd been fantasizing about others watching us and even watched some porn together. On a lark, we looked up a local swing club, Trapeze, to see what it was about. Seemed Saturday was couples nights. So only couples or single ladies were allowed. Also, there was a dress code and heavy price to get in. To keep out the riff raft. So we kinda toyed with the idea but weren't serious.
That night I took her out for a fancy dinner, then went to some dance club for a bit. It was about 1am and both of us were drunk. On the way back to her place we thought, what the hell, let's check out the swing club. So we drove up, checked in and went to the back where the lockers were. We undressed and were given towels. Walked into the back rooms and it was amazing!! Sexy people walking around nude or in robes. Porn on tv and couches everywhere.
Some people were slowly going at it on the couches. We walked back into a few of the other rooms where 5 king size beds were all lined up. Bodies all over them writhing together. It was overwhelming. After a while, we decided we'd have sex. So we laid down on one of those beds and I entered her missionary. Before we know it there was another couple laid down right beside us.
He laid beside Susie while she was riding him. He was a tall, muscular black man and she was a middle aged sexy blonde with short, spiky hair and tats. Next thing I know she is leaned over and making out with Susie. She pushed me off Susie and is on top of her passionately kissing her. Then slowly kisses down her tummy and starting to lick her red patched pussy. I look up as there are mirrors on the ceiling. Susie has my cock in her right hand and his massive dick in her left.
I then look at her face and she is staring at it as she slowly pumps it up and down. She whispers to me. "It's sooo big and wet from her pussy."
I tell her it's ok if she wants to suck it. She nods her head and just kind of lays there. Feeling his massive, cock in her tiny freckled hand. The weight of it and the blood pulsing in it while a woman pleases her orally. Anyone looking on this scene would find it erotic. Yet I was just laying there not really getting pleasured in anyway. But I didn't notice. Just loved this scene. So she laid there and got her pussy licked to an orgasm while she stroked this hard black dick.
I whispered again that it would be hot if she sucked it. But it was all to overwhelming for her. So she didn't suck him but just kept playing with it and his balls as we laid there. After a bit that couple got up and left then we continued our lovemaking. It was getting really late and the room was emptying out. I was fucking her from behind when another couple got close to us and made contact. A middle aged white guy with short blonde hair and nice body. And he was with a sexy girl our age. Olive skin with long black hair.
Next thing I know the girls are making out as I was still fucking her from behind. Then the two girls are taking turns sucking his rather large cock. I almost fucking came so hard seeing her finally suck another man's cock, but somehow I held off. The two girls made out with each other and his cock for a while until finally the brunette laid down in front of Susie with her pussy in her face. Susie looked confused and half way licked her pussy. I took my cock out of her and got down there with her. To show her how it's done. She giggled and I began to eat pussy as I saw her sucking the guys cock again.
Then Susie started to climb on top of this guy. She straddled him and impaled his large cock into her. Holy shit. Now she was riding his cock and others were watching this all go down. I recall her sitting straight up on it and she was holding her own massive tits as she bounced up and down. For some reason I just kept on licking this brunettes pussy. I don't know why I didn't start fucking her. Maybe it was just the natural order of things. But I watched my woman (without asking me) ride another man's cock. He then bent her over and started to fuck her doggy. Like a fucking whore.
She was looking at me and told me he was so big. Then she came. Hard. Then all of the sudden. The flights flicked on and the security said they had to close. Lol. Reality. The few of us left in there scrambled to get to the locker room and dressed. It was 6am. Lol. So we see that couple walking out and they said thanks. We got in the car to go home and Susie cried a bit. Thinking she was a bad person. I reassured her, we went home and crashed. The next morning we had amazing sex and neither of us has been the same ever since.

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