My Mom, the Massage Therapist

tagIncest/TabooMy Mom, the Massage Therapist

My name is Bob. I am now 25, single and on my own. My dad died about twelve years ago and that left me and my mom on our own. It was hard in the beginning but we survived, thanks to my mom. Mom doesn't live too far away from me and I visit her almost every weekend.
When I was 18, I got hurt playing sports, basically I got hit in my balls. I was in pain all day when mom dragged me to a urologist. I saw the urologist (mom stayed in the waiting room) and he said not to worry, the pain and swelling will go away. He told me just to take a pain pill every four hours.
Well, he was right. After a couple of days everything seemed to be in order. I went on with my life. Now, you know an 18 year old boy never sits still and one night I was watching some porn and I was jerking off and when I should have cum, I didn't. The spasms were there but no cum.
I called the urologist the next day and he said it might take time for them to heal and to be patient. Show me an 18 year old horny boy who is patient. Anyway, for a month nothing improved. The doctor gave me different meds to try and nothing happened.
I finally told my mother and she said, "I know what to do. Your mother will take care of you. What do doctors know?"
That night my mom sat me down to talk to me about what she planned to do. I sat and listened to her. She said, "Baby, there is one method of treatment that I can do for you but you have to do what I say and trust me." I replied, "If it will help, I'll try anything. The doctor hasn't been too successful."
My mom smiled and continued, "Ok. Now what you have to do is everyday for at least ten minutes each time, four times a day, you must massage your balls. You can do it or I can do it or we can take turns. It is up to you "
She went on, "If you want, I can show you how to do it the first couple of times and then you can continue on your own."
Now, before I go further, I think you should know what my mom and I look like.
Like I said, I was 18 at the time, 5'9", 170, brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build and have a 7" cut cock.
My mom was a hot 40, 5'6", 120, red hair, green eyes, big firm tits and every teenage boy's sexual fantasy. She has always been my fantasy fuck. So, you could see the predicament I was in.
I looked at her and said, "Mom, maybe it would be better if I did my own massaging. You can explain to me what and how to do it and if I have any problems or questions, I'll let you know. She smiled and told me she understood. That night mom explained to me how to do the massaging using a couple of lemons. To me, it was funny but she got the point across. That night I would start the therapy.
When it was time for bed, I got on my bed naked. I had a face cloth that was hot to place over my balls for a few minutes. After that, I put some lotion on my balls and then began my massaging. For 10 minutes I gave them a massage and it actually felt good. I cleaned up and went to bed.
The next morning my mom asked how it went and I told her it was ok. She then told me that it might take a couple of months to see results but just keep up the therapy.
The next day I did the same routine and that night was the fourth session of the day. Just as I started the massage, my mom popped in unexpectedly and said she wanted to see if I was doing the massage correctly.
Well, it was no way I could hide myself so there I was, naked, my cock visible and my balls covered in lotion and my face red.
Mom told me to show her how I massaged them and I showed her. Unfortunately, my cock enjoyed the experience as well and there was no way I could hide it. Mom was very casual and didn't mention it. Then she said, "Honey, you're not doing it exactly the right way. Tomorrow, I will show you how to do it the right way. Finish for now and tomorrow I'll show you."
She turned around and left to my relief.
Now, I had a bigger problem. How was I going to let her massage my balls without getting an erection? I knew it was going to be impossible. Then, I thought about the situation…
This might be the answer to my fantasy of fucking my mother…it could work. So, I decided to let her do the massage therapy.
The next day, right after breakfast, my mom asked if I was ready for the treatment. I yelled out to her I was. In a few minutes she came into my room carrying a hot face cloth and a bottle of lotion and a towel.
She told me to remove my shorts and to sit on the bed. I did as she said and now by balls and cock were right there for my mom to see. Without saying a word, she placed the hot face cloth on my balls to get them warm. Then she removed the cloth and put some lotion on my balls then started massaging them ever so gently. She asked me how it felt and I told her it was nice.
By this time, my cock decided to get in on the action and soon he was in the way of mom giving me my massage. My mom looked at me and said, "Son, don't worry, I'll give it some attention after I'm done." I looked at her and replied, "That won't be necessary mom, really." She just smiled and said ok. By that time she was done with the session, thank goodness.
After the lesson, my cock and balls felt like they were going to explode. I rubbed my cock a bit and wham, cum shot up all over me. I couldn't believe the amount of cum I shot and it sure felt good.
Now, I had another dilemma. Do I tell my mom or let her continue with the treatments. Oh hell, I decided not to tell her to see where it would go.
Later that day my mom came in for another session and we followed the same routine. This time my cock got hard right away. My mom smiled and gave my shaft a nice massage along with my balls. Thank goodness the session ended when it did.
The sessions went on for a week or so, with every session my mom massaged my cock more and more. Then one session my mom said, "You know son, we should really see if the massage therapy is working. We should test it." I looked at her and replied, " And how would we do that?" She answered, " Well, you could try to cum. Either you could do it or I can." I looked at her and said, " I'd be afraid to try it on my own. Would you?"
My mom smiled and said, " Ok, I'll do it. Do you have any preferences?" I looked at my mom and replied, " What choices are there?" Mom answered, " We can do it by hand, mouth or another way." I answered her, "Mom, you decide."
She smiled and said, " Ok. Tonight we will give it a try."
She finished the session and as soon as she left, I jerked off and boy did I need to do that. All I could think about for the rest of the day was my mother making me cum.
Mom fixed a great dinner and we cleaned up and she said she had to go out for a bit and would be back in a couple of hours.
I went and showered and relaxed until she came home. She told me she was going to shower then join me for our session.
About an hour later, as I was in my room, my mom knocked on my door and I told her to come in. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw her. She was wearing a black leather mini skirt, sheer white top without a bra and spiked heels.
"Mom, why the hell are you dressed like that?" I blurted out.
She looked at me and replied, "Well, I thought it would help you…you know, visuals."
She then came over to me and took my hand and I got up off of the bed. She hugged me and kissed me, not a mother's kiss but a lover's kiss. She even slipped her tongue in my mouth.
She stepped back and asked me, "Does my baby like what he sees?"
I replied, " Yes, but mom this isn't necessary."
My mom answered, " Baby, if we are going to do this, we are going to do it the right way."
She told me to get on my bed and lay back. I did as she told me and my cock was rock hard as I looked at my mom. Then she started to undress. She removed once piece of clothes at a time until she was topless and in a thong. She looked at me and said, "Does my big boy like what he sees? You think his friend will cum for me?" I looked up at her and said, " I'm sure my friend will cum for you tonight."
Then my mom removed her thong. It was the first time I saw her completely naked and my eyes were fixated on her smooth pussy. She joined me on the bed and crawled up to me. She leaned forward and kissed me, her tits resting on my chest. My tongue quickly slipped into her mouth and my hands pulled her nakedness to me. Our naked bodies pressed together.
For almost an hour all we did was kiss and feel each other up. Then mom asked if I was ready. I told her I was. It was then that I said, "Mom, why not suck my cock a bit then, if you want, I can fuck you to see if I can cum?" She smiled and said, "I thought that is what you wanted. That's fine."
My mom started sucking my cock and after awhile let me mount her. Without any problem, my cock slipped in her wet cunt easily until it was completely in her. I soon started fucking my mom. In seconds my mom was fucking me back. Then, I told her I think I am going to cum. She smiled and said, "That's it baby. Shoot your cum into mommy's cunt." I pounded her faster and harder and then let out a scream as I could feel my cum shooting into my mom's cunt.
My mom kissed me and as my cock went limp, I pulled it out and could see my cum oozing out my mom's cunt. She kissed me and said, "Well baby, I guess all the massaging worked. But I think we have to do a repeat to make sure, don't you?" I looked at my mom and said, "I guess so. How many more times before we know for sure?" Mom said, "I am not sure but it will have to be a few more. Are you ok with that?"
I smiled and said, "Well, you are the mom. Whatever you say."
To say I was cured was putting it mildly. From that night on my mom became my lover. We slept together and fucked every night. Some nights we went out and acted like husband and wife.
For the next few years we remained lovers and one night, right after we fucked I said to mom, "Mom, I have to tell you something. You remember when I got hurt…and I couldn't cum and you massaged my balls. Well, I was able to cum before you started massaging my balls but I never told you. I just wanted to fuck you."
My mom smiled and said, " Baby, I knew that. I knew you could cum. The truth be told is that I wanted to fuck you as soon as you turned 18." We laughed and had another fuck session.
This went on for a few years until I got married and went out on my own. I told my wife everything and she was very understanding. She even told me to go and visit my mom at least weekly and that she was ok with it.
So, just about every weekend, I go and spend time at my mom's house and enjoy our fuck sessions like we have been doing. On our last session my mom suggested I bring my wife over for a visit. I smiled and said to her, "That's not a bad idea mom. I'll ask her if she wants to cum over."

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