My mom’s anniversary gift

Hi all sexy peoples who have been writing here and reading here. This is Rony here back again with one more story as I told u in my last story that I will tell u that how I fucked my mom in different places after getting caught by her while I was having sex with my aunt. I have in my story abt my n my aunts fucking story. Who was beautiful n sexy n hungry for sex with me where ever I want n when ever I want n what ever style I want . She would never object me from being fucking her. I fucked her in her all rooms of the house n in my house n also different places she was really fuckable lady. Any one who sees her would cumm once in her name but would say that she is not like that.

I told u abt my self in last story n abt my family. Who missed it .then read it now. I m 22 my cock size is 17cms n 6cms in around .I live in village in GOA my family consist of my dad who is working abroad n comes after 2-3 yrs 2 home, my mom who’s name is Princy she is 47 but looks like she is in 30’s 2 whom I fuck a lot now a days u can say like her hubby I fuck her every day, my married sis Venola(25) who is also sexy, me the fucker and small sis Lavita.(18) I m only son of my family n also pet a bit.

I told u that my mom caught me while having sex with aunt. Now I m going 2 tell u abt what happened between me n my sexy mom. My mom’s name is Princy she has figure of 38 30 36.she used 2 wear sarrees at home n always pinned her pallu 2 her blouse n never seen her boobs nor her cleavages. I also never had anything bad for my mom in my mind. I never lusted on her body till this incident happened. I came home after having sex with my aunt. Had bath and later on dinner n gone 2 sleep. My mom never said anything 2 me abt that incident with my aunt. I got up in the morning. We used 2 talks n she never discussed it with me abt sex with aunt. As days passed I saw many changes in my mom. That she stopped pining her pallu 2 her blouse n started wearing deep cut low blouses n started 2 make fall her pallu when ever I was around and I got many chances 2 see her cleavages. As days passed her wedding anniversary was nearing so I asked what u wants as a gift 2 u from me. She asked what u can give. Then I said if I can I will give u anything u want. Then she said anything then I said ya if I can. Then I’ll then she said that she will tell on 19 on my anniversary day b ready 2 give it 2 me.

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That day I was busy n came home at around 9.30. So she said where u was. I said I was busy with work sorry mom. Then she asked where my gift is. Then I said u did not tell me abt what u wants. Then she said she was waiting 2 tell me. Then I said sorry its ok she said n said u not given anything 2 me. Then I said I can give u compliments that u look most beautiful 2day she said thanks n this is not enough n said that she want something from me. Then I said what I can give u now. Then she said u can give me most beautiful thing to this beautiful lady ok wait I’ll tell u what u can give it 2 me n in mean time her pallu came down from her shoulder. Oh my god what a scene her boobs were able 2 watched she had worn very low deep cut blouse even a bit of her nipples were visible. As bra was not that can hold her breast. She stayed like that 4 at least 10 minutes I watched her boobs n I got hard on. Then I went 2 bathroom n for the first time I cummed in my mom’s name. Then I had bath n was ready then my mom called me for dinner while she served food I was watching her boobs as her pallu was off from a shoulder I was thinking 2 grab them n suck them there only my mind was thinking of fucking my mom on her anniversary .

Then I finished my dinner but my mom did not said anything abt me watching her boobs as she caught me while watching me. Then I was abt 2 go 2 my bedroom she called me in her room n said come 2 her room. I went in her room she told me to sit on her bed n asked how she looks only beautiful n not sexy then I said u look both n more then that. More then that she said I said nothing she said me 2 say what’s more then that I said sorry I cant say that then she said don’t make her mood off as u already made by coming late. N not giving any gift in mean time suddenly her pallu was off from her shoulder n I was staring at her boobs then she said what u r looking like this to me then she saw her pallu off then she said do u like this 2 see then she was trying 2 open her blouse then I said don’t mom then say what more then that then I said with more courage a fuckable babe n I want 2 fuck u 2night what she said do I look like this then I said ya mom. Then mom came 2 me by removing her sarree she was only in her petticoat n blouse. I was string at her boobs she was smiling while coming she sat near me on her bed n told this day is the day that she lost her virginity 2 my father she told me that my cock is greater then her father more bigger n more ticker.

Then I stated kissing her lips v kissed 4 at least ten minutes then she paused n said this is the gift I want from u .then v started kissing again n v were exploring in each other mouth n while doing this my one hand was in her blouse under bra caressing her boobs then I lied her down on bed n started 2 open her blouse which were unable 2 carry her boobs I also unhooked her bra in no time n her boobs were free. I started caressing it hard she started moaning ouch ahhh ummm she was telling 2 do it hard then I started sucking her boobs she was moaning a lot n telling me 2 suck it hard n was telling me that she is touched by other man after gap of 2 yrs then I started sucking her boobs like hell by biting her nipples after sucking her boobs for at least 1-15 minutes n started going down n removed her petticoat n panty same time what I saw is clean shaved pussy then I asked do u shave everyday then she told me that she shaved it 4 me then I started licking her pussy then she told me 2 remove my dress n show my cock then I made myself naked n my cock was standing like a rod n saluting my mom’s naked body then she smiled n touched n gave a kiss on my cock then I made her 2 suck it she did n I cummed in her mouth she sucked all my cum then I started licking her pussy n made her 2 flow her juice n started drinking it as it flows I never wasted any single drop. Then I started finger fuck her she was moaning like a hell thanks 4 that day cause my sis not stayed that day at home.

Then when I got my erection back I told my mom that I m ready 2 fuck her n ride her then she said don’t wait anymore she is also ready 4 this after 2yrs she told me 2 fuck her hard when took my cock 2 her n started teasing her by only touching n not inserting it then she started begging not 2 make her anymore suffer n fuck her then as I was entering her pussy she was telling me that do it slow as it pains a bit when I was fully inside I rammed her like a dog we fucked 4 at least 15-20 when we became both discharged then I started kissing her again she said thanks 4 wonderful fuck then I started sucking her boobs n in no time I was ready 4 another fuck this time she came over me n sat on my cock n while fucking I was holding her boobs which were jumping as per the rhythm we were fucking 10-15 we both got discharged. Then I asked my mom how was my gift 2 her she said it was wonderful this my gift that means I can use it when ever she needs it rite I said ya u can then v slept on same bed lying naked in each others hugs.

When I got up in the morning I could not find my mom on bed n my cock was standing due 2 erection so I started searching for my mom I found her in the kitchen. I went there from behind I grabbed her boobs n my cock was poking on her butts from behind I said thanks mom what ever u served for last night then she said she had taken a gift from me n there is no need me 2 say thanks n told me 2 have bath I said I will go but see this is standing then she saw it n taken it in her mouth n gave me nice blow job then I cummed in her mouth n gone 2 have bath after bath I had my tea when she was in the kitchen.

I gone there I said I want 2 fuck u now here n grabbed her boobs from behind n made her pallu 2 fall down n inserted my hands in her blouse n I started licking her lips as she brought it close 2 mine v licked each others mouth then I remove my hand from her bloused n opened her blouse n let boobs out. Then I put my hands on her butts n removed her sarree n petticoat up n started caressing her butts I was hard in my pant so I un zipped my pant n in no time my cock was in my moms hand I removed her panty n fucked her from behind in standing position n I cummed after 15 minutes in mean time she came 2 times then I got dressed n went out after that I use 2 fuck my mom everyday in all possible ways n everywhere in our house. As we were going smooth then one day I told her abt aunt Riya then she said ok she told u can fuck her only once or twice a week n not everyday like as u fuck me then I also use 2 fuck her then one day I told my mom that I want 2 fuck her in ass my mom said no she said she never did it nor want 2 do. Then I said ok n I always use 2 fuck her pussy every night n in afternoon I use 2 fuck aunt riya.

How I fucked my mom in ass with the help of my aunt Riya n how I brought both mom n aunt 2gether on same bed lying in-between 2 ladies naked n fucking them together soon We use 2 enjoy all sex together at our place or at aunt place I fucked my mom n aunt while taking bath under waterfall in a forest area type then we use 2 enjoy a lot of sex. Finally I told my mom 2 introduce my elder sis venola who is married n given birth 2 a kid I told my mom I want 2 suck her milk from her boobs she said no u cant fuck ur sis. Then I said if I can fuck my mom y I can’t for my sis then she said ok. Now I fuck my elder sis who was fucked by her hubby now I enjoy 3 beautiful, sexy n hungry for sex n fuckable ladies. We enjoy at our homes or when ever v go at some lonely places.

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