My Mother-in-Law Ch. 04

tagIncest/TabooMy Mother-in-Law Ch. 04

Monday morning, I woke up early. It can be hard to sleep when your cock is throbbing all night, and that was what I was experiencing. I wanted to cum, needed to cum, but I was determined to make it special for Nancy. If we were going to fuck, I wanted to blow her mind.
After my shower, I dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, no underwear, enjoying the feeling of my thick cock hanging and moving with every step that I took, and then I went out to the kitchen. The girls were both up early as well. Laura grabbed a bagel and headed out for work, just like she usually did. Nancy had gotten up to make breakfast for us, but Laura and I weren't big breakfast eaters. I usually had cereal. But Nancy's eggs and bacon smelled amazing. I decided that I could get used to this sort of treatment.
Nancy acted like nothing was unusual after Laura left. She cleaned the kitchen and was puttering around, doing nothing in particular. I was feeling lots of tension and desire, but it didn't seem to be affecting her at all. She was wearing a simple cotton housecoat, buttoned up modestly, no cleavage or leg showing at all. And yet, she looked so sexy in her simple outfit.
I was having trouble deciding what to do. Should I just go on with my day, go into my office in the back of the house, or should I rip her clothes off and take her right here and now? What did she want?
I decided to push the question. I went over to get some coffee, which was right next to where she was standing. As I poured, I said, "Did you sleep well? Was the bed comfortable? We can get another mattress if you'd like." And while I talked, I nonchalantly reached around her waist and rubbed her back softly, a little love touch.
She turned and smiled at me. "It was fine. I slept really well, thank you. But I'm going to go take a shower and get ready for the day. Why don't you go to work and I'll bring you a snack in a little while?"
Disappointed but understanding, I nodded and headed to the back of the house. My cock throbbed with every step, but I was ok with the current situation. She was right; we had to be family first, and we couldn't do anything to hurt our family. But I really wanted to fuck this hot, older woman. Well, we don't always get everything we want, do we?
I had just gotten settled in my desk chair but really couldn't concentrate. I was looking at sales reports but the numbers just blurred together. Fuck, I was so horny, and I thought there were two women who wanted me, but neither one of them was available. I thought about jacking off, but decided against it. If Nancy came in while I was holding my cock, then things would get REALLY weird.
In about 10 minutes, my phone dinged, and I glanced down to see that I had a message from Nancy. "I didn't know there weren't towels in my bathroom. Could you bring me some?"
I didn't suppose that she would be in the shower when I went in there. Life just doesn't work that way. I went to the laundry room and grabbed towels for her, then went to her room. The door was closed, but I figured that I should just go in. Nancy was there, still in her housecoat, no shower running. I said, "Towels, ma'am.", and laid them on the dresser next to her.
She came over to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me softly. "Hi."
I kissed her gently on the lips. "Hi. Nancy, I'm sorry, but I don't know what to do here. I think we both want the same thing, but I don't know how to start. Would it be ok if I just admitted that I dreamed all night about the chance to make love with you today?"
She kissed me again, more passionately, and I pulled her to me. My cock was growing quickly, and I wanted her to feel my excitement. As we kissed and ground against each other, I knew that it was time for me to take control. I pulled Nancy over to the bed, and then I stood back from her and grabbed both sides of her housecoat and ripped it apart. Buttons flew everywhere, and Nancy gasped in shock as she was left standing there, her breasts and pussy exposed to me for the first time. She started to cover herself, but I was quickly back in her embrace, kissing her neck and feeling her heavy breasts with my hands. God, she felt great. Her body was soft and pliable, but firm enough to make me beg for more of her.
"What the fuck was that? Oh, God, that feels so good. Oh, don't stop, Steve!"
"I'll give you money to go buy more, as many as you want. I just could not wait another minute." I pulled her down with me to the bed, and my mouth went looking for her nipples. They were big and brown and stiff, and I knew that she would respond to my sucking.
"Oh God, yes. Suck on Mommy's boobs, baby. Taste Mommy's milk. Oh, God, I may cum just from you sucking my boobs!" My knee was between her legs, and she was grinding her pussy against my leg, soaking my skin with her juices.
But I needed to get my clothes off, so I reluctantly released my hold on her tit. She whimpered a little as I moved away, but then she smiled as I stood up and ripped my t-shirt from my chest. As I pulled my shorts off, she could see that I had no underwear on, and I was rock hard. Glistening, dripping pre-cum from the head. I was ready to fuck, and it wouldn't take me long to cum.
As soon as I was undressed, I realized that Nancy had also removed the remains of her housecoat and was moving back to lay down on the queen-sized bed. Her boobs looked so inviting, but I knew that I had to fuck her, and I couldn't wait for anything else. I hoped that we would have time in the future to really explore, but it was time to fuck.
Nancy seemed to understand, and as she laid herself down, her legs spread and she revealed her wet pussy to me. It was open and ready. I didn't hesitate. I laid down on top of her and said, "Are you sure?" She nodded, and I moved my cock into position.
I laid the head of my cock at her open slit, and then I just moved my hips forward and drove as much of my cock in as I could. She gasped and groaned, then spread her legs even farther apart to accept more of me. I slid out a little bit, then drove myself home to bury my cock all the way into her.
She was very, very wet, and much tighter than I expected. I didn't put much thought into it, but her pussy was snug for my cock. It felt amazing. I hadn't fucked anyone except Laura for more than 20 years, so it was quite an experience to feel a new pussy. And I loved the way she held me as we fucked.
"Oh, yes, baby, fuck me so good. Give me your cum, baby, I want to feel you flood my pussy. Don't worry about me, just give me that cum of yours! I want to feel you as you fill me up!"
Now, i had planned on going pretty slow for a while, hoping that she would be able to cum first, but now I knew that I just wanted to give her my cum. I'd make it up to her later, but for now I wanted to get my cock buried into her while it pulsed with my seed. I started moving in and out quickly, with more force, feeling her pussy walls with every inch of my cock. I was already close, so I just kept fucking her, hard and fast, enjoying the feeling of my cum building up in my balls.
"Fuck me. Steve! Oh God, you feel so good! I want you to cum! Make me your woman! Plant your seed in my womb! I want to feel you cum for me! Hurry, baby! Give Mommy your cum!"
And suddenly, she screamed, a loud, guttural scream that shocked me, coming from a quiet and shy woman like her. Her pussy spasmed hard around my cock, and I felt the waves of spasms as her pussy convulsed as she came. I had never felt anything like it. The wetness from her pussy soaked my balls as I tried to match her movements while she came. Oh fuck, this was amazing.
I responded by shoving hard against her hips and shooting my load deep into her womb. My cock head was pushed against her cervix and I knew my seed was shooting deep inside her. Shot after shot, a bigger load than I could ever remember. I almost passed out as my cock just kept shooting. I had experienced nothing like it ever before, but I hoped that we would do it again, and soon.
Finally, I collapsed on top of her, and she kissed me and cuddled me as my hips kept moving involuntarily, trying to shoot whatever was left into her. "Oh, God, that was amazing. You fucked Mommy so good, baby. You are such an amazing lover!"
I buried my face in her neck, then finally moved my face back to her tits, licking and sucking them. I knew we couldn't possibly continue fucking, but I wanted her body for a little while longer.
"Easy there, baby, or you'll get Mommy worked up again. Did you like fucking Mommy?"
I'm not sure why she kept calling herself Mommy, but it kind of turned me on, so I didn't mind at all.
I reluctantly moved away from her and Nancy moved to the bathroom. When she came back, she was glowing. She seemed surprisingly comfortable in her nudity, which really surprised me. She's not a young woman and her body showed that, but she had no worries about showing me everything. Her tits sagged and she had a tummy, but God she was still a hot fuck. I had no idea an older woman could be so amazing.
"Do you need to go back and work? It's ok if you do. I'll just shower and go run some errands. I don't want this to be awkward, especially around Laura. I love you, Steve, but she's my daughter and I don't want her to be hurt. We have to try and protect her somehow, OK?"
I quickly agreed that Laura had to be protected, but I wasn't willing to say that this wouldn't happen again. "Nancy, I have never had an encounter like that, ever. I can't stop. I can't. I want to be with you tomorrow, and the day after that, and, well, as long as you'll have me. We have so much to explore. I need you."
"I know, Steve. You are only the second man I've ever slept with. My husband was a wonderful man, truly the finest man I have ever known, but our sex life wasn't, well, that. I have never cum so hard, and I want to feel that again. Your cock touched places that I didn't know existed!"
I leaned in and kissed her, and she went off to take a shower. I dressed and decided to go back to work for a while. I would shower again after she left.
In a few minutes, she came back to the office, dressed in jeans and a cute blouse that really accentuated her breasts. I wanted to lay her down on my desk and have my way with her, but I didn't think it was a good idea right then. She held out her hand and said, "Money, baby. I need to buy some new undies and a new housecoat. I want you to get all hot when you undress me tomorrow, so I'm going to buy new panties and bras, just for you."
I gave her my credit card and told her to buy whatever she wanted. I said, "What does this do to your moving in? Will you stay with us forever? I want you here, all the time. I'll remodel the house if we need to, just stay, please."
"I want to move in, but I'm not going to make a final decision until the month is up. I want Laura to have time to adjust to having me here. It's her home, and she needs to feel comfortable with the arrangement."
She kissed me, then left. Life gets stranger with every passing day.

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