My Mother, My Soulmate Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooMy Mother, My Soulmate Ch. 03

The next eight days flew in, the morning after they had met Harry, they were both expert spitters. They had travelled to Beaujolais, Macon, the Rhone Valley. With Harry's assistance, they had ordered the Muscadet and an excellent Sancerre. They had built a portfolio of excellent quality wines. Harry had also suggested a German Importer, for their House Wines. Ryan's House Chardonnay was a South African Chardonnay. Their House Red was an excellent Spanish Rioja. The German Company labelled it for them. They returned to Epernay for four days before they went home. Serge had suggested that they rent a holiday cottage fifty meters from his restaurant. It was beautifully appointed, it was also cheaper than the Hotel. It suited them perfectly.
May and Jack's lovemaking was unbelievably good; every day they made love at least three times. Nothing was forced; it just happened naturally. They were both so comfortable with each other. They thought the same way. The wine business was bringing them very close together. In Serge's warehouse, ninety per cent of the wine they had bought had been delivered. The House Wines, they have bought a container with half in white and red. This would be delivered next week when they got home. Before Jack had left, he had tidied the stables. It could take a lot of wine.
May was calculating the wholesale and retail prices. She had set up a Sales programme on her laptop. They had spent a lot of money; they would have to pay duty when they imported it into the UK, apart from that, they were in business. May was the Financial Controller at her Company; she was also Financial Director of the Company; she owned thirty-five per cent of the Company. She had suggested to Jack that she was in a position to work only mornings at her Company, she could do afternoons for Ryan wines. Jack was going into his final year; he would work at the Ryan wines when he wasn't at University.
They got the ferry home before they left, they had filled the trailer with Champagne. It had taken two pallets. They hadn't needed it, but it would come in handy for deliveries when they got home. As they drove through the Customs, Jack had forgotten about the Champagne in the trailer; he went down the Nothing to Declare lane. He was twenty minutes away from the ferry when he realised what he had done, he said, "We drove through Customs without declaring the Champagne, I'm looking forward to a glass of champagne tonight, I think that it will taste sweeter."
May put her hand on Jack's groin; he was stiff, May said, "You are amazing, it was wonderful four hours ago this morning. I love this car; it sits so high off the road, the windows are tinted, nobody can see in, can I play with my big friend?"
"Of course you can, he is bursting to get out of these chinos."
May soon had Jack's stiff cock clear of his chinos; she teased the head of his cock with her tongue, it felt so good for Jack. For the next twenty minutes May's head bobbed up and down on Jack's cock, she was massaging his heavy balls as she sucked him, Jack was close, May sensed it. Her head was bobbing up and down faster, her massaging of his balls was firmer. Jack gave her a warning; he quietly said, "I'm cuming."
Mum kept on sucking until she had drained his balls of all his cum. She swallowed a lot but kept some in her mouth when she came off him; May said, "You concentrate on your driving; I'm going to give you a cum kiss."
May kissed him tenderly and lovingly, his warm cum still warm in her mouth. May sat back in the passenger seat; she said, "I loved doing that for you, it felt so good, I've wanted to do it before, but I have always been selfish, I wanted you to cum inside me."
Two days later all the wine was delivered. They had eaten at Pierre's restaurant; he had given them their first order. He took a lot of the wines; he loved the Muscadet and Sancerre. He also took the two house wines, and he loved the Chardonnay, the Rioja, he adored, Pierre told them that if he had a French wine of similar quality to the Rioja, it would cost double the price. He took all of the Champagnes. May had bought a Laser printer; she soon had Pierre's Wine List ready. Jack delivered the next day, Pierre paid on delivery, everybody was happy.
May organised a series of trade tastings in the stables. The orders started to flow in. It wasn't for one or two wines on their list; it was for complete Wine Lists. Then Jack found a loophole, they could retail twelve bottles of wine in a case, and they didn't need a licence. They couldn't sell one bottle but could sell twelve. This soon developed into a Wine Club. It soon became too much for May and Jack. At a tasting in the Stables, May got talking to a woman in her fifties, she was a widow but comfortably off. She had an excellent knowledge of wine. Her husband had been an Accountant; he was older than her. She had said to May that she had watched Ryan Wines grow. If they were ever looking for staff, she would be interested. Jean started on the following Monday. The business was growing.
Jean was impressive; she had been the PA to her husband; they had an affair; they got married. They had one daughter, who was an Accountant; she now ran her father's old firm. She still had an income from the firm, but her daughter ran it, she had also expanded it. Jean was financially secure; she didn't want the hassle of the day to day running of the business. She was so happy to be working with wines.
Jean was an excellent coordinator; they soon needed a delivery driver. They found an ex-army sergeant who had been in logistics. He had suffered from depression when he left the Army. He couldn't find a job. That led to more depression. His wife, son and daughter, supported him. At their first meeting, Jack offered him the job; it was a good decision. He loved the work; he started studying about wine; he soon became a tremendous asset to Ryan Wines. Tom was good.
Jack was back at University; he stopped his Rugby training; he was too busy with Ryan Wines. May was working every afternoon and all day Saturday. Jack worked every minute he wasn't at University. His results were good; his year Lecturer was happy with him. Christmas and New Year were unbelievably good. The wines were flying out the door; they had to reorder a lot. May decided to give Jean and Tom a Christmas bonus. This was rather than taking them out for a slap-up Christmas meal. It was a sizeable bonus; they both appreciated it.
In early January, after a very busy Saturday, they were so busy that May phoned Jean and asked her if she could come and help them. Jean was there five minutes later. It was rare for all three of them to be working together; they all worked so well together. May was hardly cooking in the evening now. There were so many Hotels, restaurants and bars buying from that they were eating out all the time to give their customers some business in return. They got home, as usual, their lovemaking was unbelievably good. As they lay in bed, May said, "Jean wants and needs fucked, call it a woman's intuition, she's so good, I would like to keep her happy. How do you feel about flirting with her?"
Jack was surprised that May had brought this up, on several occasions he was sure Jean was flirting with him. Jean was tall with a voluptuous body; Jack could understand May's reasoning, they would find it challenging to replace Jean, Jack said, "Why don't we both flirt with her? We should invite her out when we eat out; she would love that interaction with the customers. I have noticed that when you are wearing something sexy at work, she wears something sexy the next day. I think that we both could have her. I'm sure that she would be fit for both of us."
May replied, "I would like that. Jean always talks about Pierre's restaurant. I'll phone her now and see how she reacts."
May put a pillow against the headboard, then put her back against it. She looked gorgeous; they had shaved each other last night, May's vulva looked so appealing. Jack's cock and balls were also hairless. Jack spread May's legs open as he fingered her long sex slit. May smiled then said, "Hi Jean, I hope that I'm not disturbing you, but Jack and I are now eating out a lot at our customer's restaurants in the evenings, and we both were thinking that maybe you would like to join us one evening?"
"May, I would love that, my daughter takes me out on my birthday, apart from that, I'm never out. It's difficult for a single older woman to eat out. I think the same way as you; I order takeaway delivery meals from our customers that offer this service. I would love to join you both when you are eating out."
"We will do that is tomorrow night suitable for you? If the restaurant is within walking distance, then we walk. If it's further away, then we use a taxi. We were thinking of going to Pierre's tomorrow night?"
"I would love to join you, I've only eaten there once, I love the ambiance, it's all theater, and the food is excellent."
"That's great, Jean, Jack will be happy too. We have never spoken about this, how long are you alone?"
Jack was now sucking May's big clit as he finger fucked her with two fingers, Jean replied, "A very long time, my husband was a lot older than me, he was still active when I got pregnant and after our daughter was born. Then it went downhill quickly. When my daughter graduated, he had dementia; it was a hard time; he had been a great provider. I looked after him at home; my daughter was competent. She took over the running of the firm. I became housebound."
"I looked after him well. I bought him a special bed that prevented bedsores. I was constantly looking after him. Last year, he passed away peacefully during the night. I found him in the morning. He had such a contented look on his face. I knew that I had done my job. Then I met you. I joined Ryan Wines; I am starting to enjoy life again."
May had just cum in Jack's mouth; she was now riding Jack's mouth, May asked, "Jean, you're a beautiful woman, are you seeing anyone at the moment?"
"No, sadly, I'm not. I have been alone so long, I've had to learn how to give myself relief. I joined an online dating site, that was a complete waste of time. My husband wasn't greatly endowed; his cock was only five inches long; he was just an in and out lover. My vibrator is eight inches long; I can give myself so much pleasure on my own. May, you're also an attractive woman, are you dating anybody at the moment?"
"I'm so busy at the moment; I don't have the time, I am a bit like you, older husband, having to stimulate myself to cum, I've been spending a lot of time with Jack, I enjoy being with him, he has made me feel like a woman again, he is my soulmate. Is seven good for you tomorrow night?"
"Yes, that's perfect. I noticed that you wear some very sexy outfits around Jack. Should I wear something sexy tomorrow night? What does he like? I wish that I had a soulmate that I could visit when I get my urges."
"Jack loves my big tits, wear something that shows your curves. Flirt with him, I think that he likes you, if there's a chemistry between you, then Jack could look after all your needs."
"I'd like that; Jack is so tall and good looking, would you have a problem if Jack and I got together?"
"Jean, let's see what happens tomorrow, if it works out, you could share him with me."
"May, let's talk tomorrow. I would be very interested in that."
"If things go well, you can come back home with us after the meal. See you tomorrow; Jack needs me."
Pierre's was within walking distance, they walked to Jean's house first, Jean looked so sexy, she was showing a lot of cleavage, her tits were smaller than May's, but there wasn't much in it. The meal and wines were excellent. Pierre was his jovial self; he was a great host. Throughout the meal, Jack and Jean flirted. Their legs touched, next thing Jean had her shoe off and was stroking Jack's calf with her stockinged foot. Jean was sitting opposite Jack; he spread his legs, ten seconds later, Jean was stroking his stiff cock with her foot; she was good at it. Jack gave May a wink; she then knew that Jean would be a goer tonight.
Nothing was said when they left the restaurant; Jack was in the middle with Jean on his left, May on his right. He played with both their hard nipples until he got home. They went into the lounge, May said, "I'll get some Champagne, I will give you two a little time to get comfortable. I'll only be wearing a smile when I come back."
Jack and Jean kissed tenderly and lovingly, Jean was an excellent kisser, both their hands were exploring the other's bodies. Jean was stroking Jack's massive cock, she said, "Is that for real? It feels enormous."
They were soon naked, Jean's body was good, her tits were bouncing as she moved, her stomach was flat, her vulva was trimmed in a straight line, half an inch broad, it stretched for circa three inches. This made her sex slit look very long; her cunt lips were thick and swollen. Jack was sitting on the sofa; Jean knelt in front of him teasing the head of his cock with her tongue, Jean said, "Your cock is massive, let me try and get all of him in my mouth."
Jean had just taken Jack's full length; her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock. Her head was bobbing up and down, the bulbous head of his cock hitting the walls of her throat. It was then that May came back into the lounge, she was naked, she looked so sexy, May said, "Jean, that's a lot better than five inches, just wait until you feel him inside you, it's an amazing experience."
May then knelt beside Jean; she went straight for her pussy, May said, "Jean, you're pussy is nice and wet, spread your legs, and I will go down on you while you suck Jack's cock."
May then went down on her; she was sucking Jean's sizeable clit as she finger fucked her very wet cunt. Jean was purring with pleasure as May did this. Jean came off Jack's cock and said, "May, that feels wonderful, you are going to make me cum, can I cum in your mouth? I have never done this before."
"Of course you can, Jack and I love to cum kiss."
"That excites me, I notice that your pussy is smooth, I trimmed mine last night. Would you prefer if I was smooth?"
"Jean, I can give you a great tip. Jack's tongue works better on smooth; he can take you places that you never knew existed."
Jean then came in May's mouth, May felt the warmth of her cum, May held it all in her mouth, she then cum kissed Jean, she let Jean taste her cum then she cum kissed Jack when Jack had tasted her cum he said, "Jean, you're cum is delicious, it's so sweet. Are you ready for me now? How would you like it?"
May said, "Jack, maybe it's better if Jean goes on top, she hasn't had a cock for a long time. If she goes on top, it will let her control how much she takes of you."
Jean said, "I would love to go on top; it has been a long time since I last had a cock."
May said, "Let's go into the bedroom; the bed is big enough for the three of us."
Jack lay on the bed, Jean squatted over him, teasing her hard clit with the head of his stiff cock, she then positioned it in the middle of her long sex slit. Jean pushed down, three-quarters of Jack's cock disappeared up Jean's wet cunt, Jean said, "It feels so good, it so much better than I thought it would be, I've never felt anything like this in my life before."
Jean soon was taking his full length; she also had a good rhythm going, up and down with a slightly circular motion, it felt good, she was also gripping his cock at the base and head of each thrust. Jean was giving him a great ride. Jack was stroking her big clit; May was playing and sucking her tits. She was getting a lot of attention. Fifteen minutes later, Jean had a massive body-shaking orgasm; it took her a minute to compose herself then May said, "Welcome to the family, I'm sure that we'll all have a lot of fun."

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