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My mother 50 is a widow of 5 years, my father liked to try everything, and water skiing was the end of him he hit a rock that was underwater and crashed hitting another unseen rock. My mother was always into witchcraft and the occult, I’m her youngest at 21 and have an older sister both live with our mother and both work no smart enough for university. My mother started a coven shortly after my father’s death. They meet at our house on special nights as they call them, my sister is a member of the coven, and by far the youngest member. Ranging in age from 53 down to my sister at 25 and earlier this year I became the main interest of the coven. I was still a virgin and they wanted to change that on a very special night and special ceremony. I was to fuck all 5 members of the coven, oldest to youngest. The 53-year-old than my mother 50, then another 47 another at 39 and lastly my sister 25. All we willing to be fucked, I didn’t yet know, and I would’ve had to do anything as I would be tie down and each would ride me in turn. I was asked by my mother, and she promised I would really enjoy the ceremony. I agreed I wanted to lose my virginity and I had no other offers. On the night of the ceremony, I was duly tie down arms stretched out and legs together in the middle of their star pentagram. At the appointed hour they started all getting naked and dancing around me. Once I was hard, they started to mount me and once I had cum, they would get off me and give me a cleanup. Then back to dancing once hard again another would mount and then another, till my sister had her turn. Each time I managed to cum and after I was untied and that was that. Or so I thought at the time, but I wasn’t virgin anymore. It turned out it not the amount of cum you put into a woman it’s our active it is and if it’s very active and gets to an egg. The woman gets pregnant, the 39 got pregnant, she was quite happy as she wanted a child and as a lawyer would be okay to support it without my help. But I wasn’t out of the woods yet the last woman my sister also got pregnant. Well, the babies were seen as a blessing to the coven and my sister got every test going and the baby was fine, and she is having him. One benefit is that she is pregnant and horny also and joins me in my bed for sex. Likewise, the lawyer, who better to fuck you while you’re pregnant than the father of your daughter you’re carrying. My mother also has started to get a fuck every now and then along with the other members of the coven. I’m always willing to fuck.

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