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I’m divorced and my children are with their mother as she has all the money. I only have my career and it’s doing well; I married a rich woman and had 3 children with her we divorced my history in a nutshell. I wanted nothing from her, and she wanted nothing from me and that was 5 years ago now. I bought my house soon after and paid it off quickly 2020, the pandemic didn’t really affect me as I worked from home. I wasn’t dating and was keeping a low profile due to my divorce and not wanting another relation so soon. The pandemic helped me with that and by the end of the lockdown I was ready to start dating again. But no woman interested me at the time and most people seemed to be keeping their distance from others. I was 38 at the time and already had children so I didn’t see the need to rush into a new relationship. My plan was one-night stands, which was working badly no takers. Then my neighbor 47 was gardening a had a minor accident, no harm to her but the electric drill and tadpoles was finished, she dropped in into a pond. I was her screaming at attracted my attention. No real harm done; I unplugged the drill after then pulling out the drill out of the pond by the cord. I reset her circuit breaker and helped her recover her nerves. Anyway, we started talking and I was planning getting takeout for my dinner. But decided to ask her out for dinner instead, being a gentleman, I lied and said I had a free diner for two and needed to use it before it lapsed. I didn’t but it worked, and we had a nice dinner and good time. I didn’t try anything as it was the first date, that is what happens on the second date. Having had good time, I waited several days and asked her out again and she accepted. This time I tried to kiss her, and she let me, and we spent the night together in her bed. We started a regular sexual relationship, not a girlfriend boyfriend relationship more of a mutual satisfaction type relationship. I got another promotion and wanted to celebrate, so I was intending to take her out have dinner and back to her place and fuck. But I was in a happy mood, she wasn’t she had been fired. Her company had gone broke, and everyone lost their jobs. So. she wasn’t very happy, she hadn’t liked her job very much. But it paid her bills, and she feared being unemployed. She was the receptionist and there wasn’t much going in that line of work, but on the bright side I got a promotion and would’ve a personal assistant. I would’ve to find and hire myself, well I found my PA in my next-door neighbor. There were two benefits as I saw them first, we got on really well and were fucking regularly and as a receptionist she wouldn’t need much training as they always know what’s happening in the offices. I made the offer and she asked was she my first choice and I said yes but I didn’t think you would want to leave your other job. She replied in a heartbeat and so both in happier moods we went out to dinner and back to fuck. That’s how it is now except she lives with me, neither of us want to marry and prefer a causal relationship. She was renting before, and we were sleeping together almost every night anyway. I’m quite happy with our relationship and so is she. She is the best PA ever; she even does my laundry as well as drain my balls.

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