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My neighbor 56 lived alone and was so quiet I thought the apartment was vacant for over a month of my moving in. Only when I was getting home from work, I saw a woman going into the apartment. I decided to introduce myself to my new neighbor, only to find out she had been there 5years. But we had finally met and I 47 wasn’t a great socializer and rarely dated, but I’ve great job and that makes up for my lack of dates somewhat. I again met her in the basement laundry, and we became somewhat friendly. A few months later close to Christmas, I had no plans nor did she. I found that out my asking her of her Christmas plans and she none as usual. Realizing we would be both, home alone during Christmas. I asked her would she like to join me for Christmas lunch, not expecting her to accept. But she thought about and accepted and so we had Christmas lunch together and enjoyed ourselves and started seeing each other more often. New Years Eve we had dinner together and went the next step. she stayed the night with me, and we are now regular sex partners of each other. It’s not a relationship, more of friends with great benefits, but it works for us.

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