My Neighbor Watches Me Dance Naked Through My Window And Jacks Off (Part 2)

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By Lolita Me and my neighbor Louie, have become fuck buddies, big time. I go over every day and he fucks me several times while I’m there. Daddy’s at work so, as soon as I get home from school I go next door to Louie’s house.

Daddy doesn’t get home until almost 7:00 pm. Louie works from home doing some kind of engineering work. I get home and Louie likes me to wear what I have to wear to school. So, I’m in a little plaid pleated skirt and white blouse and knee socks. He tells me to take my panties off before I go over to his house.
I unbutton 3 buttons on my blouse and roll my waist down to shorten my skirt then, head over to Louie’s house.
I go in and he’s just finishing up at his computer. He’s in his boxer shorts. He said, “I’m so glad you’re here, I’m about to bust, I’m so horny I was stroking my dick.” He reaches around and rubs his hands on my naked butt then, he touches my pussy. I said, “Well here, let me help you.” I get on my knees between his legs and take out his dick. I’m stroking it and it’s hard. Then, I put my lips on it and start sucking. A little pre cum squirts in my mouth. Louis said, “I can’t hold off very long, I was looking at porn thinking about your pussy.”

I said, “Go ahead an cum if you want, I’ll suck your dick while you cum.” His dick swelled up and he immediately shot a load in my mouth. He moaned and grunted as he squirted stream after stream of cum to the back of my throat. He sighed with a sound of great relief. I ask him, “Do you feel better?” He said, “That was amazing, the way you suck me as I was cumming, WOW, is all I can say.” I said, “I’m glad you like my mouth.”

Louis said, “I like everything about you.” “Your pussy is amazing as well as your tits.” He put his head between my titties and squeezed them up around his face. He reached down and felt of my bare ass then, slid his hand to my pussy. He pulled me onto the couch and started rubbing my clit. I was tingling already. I couldn’t wait until he put that monster dick of his in me. But, until then, his thick fingers and thumb on my clit are just fine.

Louie said, “When did you lose your virginity and who was the lucky guy, if you don’t mind me asking?” I said, “Well, it was taken from me by my daddy when I was 10.” He said, “Really, I’d never guessed.” I said, “Yeah, after my mom died it was just me and daddy.” “He was so lonely and sad.” “I felt so sorry for him.”
“He had been drinking one day, he got pretty drunk and started crying.” “He was laying in the bed an I went in to console him.” “He was hugging me kinda spooning me from behind sobbing about mom.”

I was in my nighty, ready for bed and he reached under my gown, pulled my panties off then, got on top of me.” I said, “Daddy, what are you doing?” He said, “I’ve got to make love to you, you’re my baby.” He was crying the whole time.” He pulled my legs up and apart then, put his dick at my opening and rammed his dick in me.” He had to push it in a little at a time because, I was so small but, he got it in and fucked me till he cum.” He was crying, I was crying but, that how I lost my virginity.”

Louie said, “Wow, that sounds traumatic.” “It was, kinda but, it’s over an I’m okay.” “How’s your dad?” “Did he do it to you anymore?” I said, “Oh yeah, he still fucks me once in awhile.” Louie just looked at me. I think that surprised him. I told him, “I’m okay with it, really.”

I noticed his dick was very hard. I said, “Oh did you like it that daddy fucked my little 10 year old pussy?” He said, “I’m ashamed to say, it made me horny.” I said, “Well, then put that dick in me and pretend I’m 10 years old.” He got on top of me then said, “How did your dad put it in you?” I said, “He rammed it in me.”
Louie rammed his dick in me hard and made me gasp when he did. It felt so good. He said, I bet your dad loved fucking your little pussy didn’t he?” I said, “He must have, he fucked me all the time.”

That turned Louie on and he fucked me a long time, asking me questions and getting so excited. He wanted to know if I liked my dad’s dick and what he did to me. I told him, “I did.” He said, “Did he make you suck him?” I said, “Yes.” Louie said, “Oh man, I would have loved to fuck a 10 year old pussy.” His dick was swelling up and he said, “I’m cumming.” He filled my pussy up.

Afterwards he continued to talk about daddy fucking me. He said, “I wonder if we should invite your dad to one of our sex sessions?” “What do you think?” I said, “I don’t know.” He said, “Why don’t you feel him out and see?” Then he said, “Guess I should ask you if you would like to fuck me an your dad?” I said, “I had never thought about it but, I think I’d like to have two men fucking me.” “It turns me on just thinking about it.”

So, I was thinking how I was gonna approach daddy about this, when he didn’t even know I was fucking Louie in the first place. I would have to tell him that first then, bring up a threesome. I told Louie I’d have to work on it.

So, daddy got home an I said, “Daddy, I have something to tell you.” He said, “What?” I said, “You know Louie next door?” He said, “Yeah.” I said, “I went over to his house one day and we had sex?” He looked at me and said, “What, are you kidding me?” I said, “Don’t get mad, it just happened and I wanted you to know because, I like Louie.”

He said, “He’s old enough to be your father.” I said, “Well, you are my father an you’re fucking me, what’s the difference?” He thought a minute and said, “I guess you’re right.” So what’s the reason you told me?” I told you because, I wanted you to know and then, there’s another reason.” “What?” “I told Louie that we fuck and he … Daddy interrupted and said, ” What, why would you tell him that we have sex?” I said, “I just did.” “Anyway he was wondered if you would want to have a threesome?” He said, “Are you serious?”

“Yes dad, I’m serious.” “It actual made me horny thinking about it.” He said, “Why?” I said, “I don’t know, I was just thinking about two dicks fucking me an I thought I’d like it.” I told him, “You used to make comments about another guy fucking me.” He said, “Well, it does sound exciting now that I think about it.” “If you’re okay with it, I guess I’ll go along if you want to feel two dicks in you.”

I said, “Okay, I’ll tell Louie and we’ll make a plan.” Daddy said, “Fine, now you’ve made my dick hard.” “You know what that means don’t cha?” I said, “Yes daddy.” I went over and straddled daddy’s legs to sit on his dick. He fucked me hard. He said, “I’m thinking about you taking two dicks.” It made me horny. I was cumming on daddy. Then he said, “I’m gonna cum.” He shot cum into my pussy. I called Louie and told him daddy said yes. He was glad.

We waited until Saturday and then, daddy an I went invited Louie over. They were sitting in the living room having some drinks. I told them I’d be out in a little while. I wanted them to have time to feel the drinks while I got ready. I put on a teddy. It was crotchless and the upper portion was just two strips of material that crossed over to barely cover my nipples.

It was white silk and I had white thigh high stockings to go with it. I walked out and both of them said, “Wow, you look great.” They had taken off their clothes and were just in their boxers. Daddy said, “Why don’t you entertain our guest?” So, I knelt down and pulled down Louie’s boxers to get his dick out so, I could start sucking him.”

He said, “Oh my gosh, you’re so good at this.” Daddy was stroking his dick and then eventually got behind me an stuck his dick in my pussy. That excited me so much being fucked while I was sucking Louie. Daddy said, “You like having two dicks in you?” I said, “Yea, I do.” Louie told daddy to fuck me harder so he could feel it on his dick. Daddy was pounding me making me cram Louie’s dick down my throat. I liked it too.

Daddy reached down and was working on my clit. I was getting ready to cum. He started slapping my ass an I cum on his hand. Louie was getting harder and he said, “You gonna let me fuck your ass?” I said, “If you want to you can.” He grabbed my head pulled it down on his dick and cum way down my throat. Daddy was fucking me fast. I could tell he was turned on watching me suck Louie’s dick.

Daddy cum in my pussy. They both had gotten satisfied. They started drinking their drink an I fixed myself a little vodka over ice. I didn’t really drink but, it was like a shot. I immediately felt it. I turned the radio on and started dancing. I love to dance. They seemed to enjoy watching me. They really loved my titties that was totally exposed. The strip of material wouldn’t stay in place to corner my nipples.

I walked by daddy and he squeezed my butt cheek. Then, I walked by Louie and he sucked on my titties. He said, “I’m ready to fuck your ass.” I said, “Where do you want me?” He said, “How about you just bend over and let me get in an I’ll pick you up and lay down so, your dad can fuck your pussy.”

I did that. He put some oil on his dick an my ass. It hurt quite a lot because, he was so big. He finally got it in and he was pumping more and more of it in me. Louie said, “Your ass is so tight.” Daddy was stroking his hard dick. He said, “You ready?” I said, “Yeah climb on.” He put his dick in my pussy and moaned at how it felt. He said, “I can feel when Louie moving in an out it’s an unbelievable feeling.”
Louie agreed. Daddy was rubbing my clit. He said, “Cum for me baby.”

They both started pounding me. I was getting worked up. Louie said, “Fuck my dick, Lolita.” I tried but, there wasn’t much I could do with daddy pounding my pussy. Just then, daddy cum as he rammed his load up in me. He got up and when he did I was able to sit up on Louie’s dick. Oh my gosh, it went in deeper. He was getting really excited. He said, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” His dick swelled up then, he pulled me down on his dick an I felt the cum shooting in my ass.

Louie pulled me off of him and laid on the couch. I got up to go to the bathroom because cum was running out of me. My ass felt like Louie was still in me. It hurt. He was so big to go in there.
Not sure I’m gonna let him do that again. I told them I had to shower. When I came out Louie had gone home. Daddy was asleep on the couch. I was tired too.

I went to my room and thought about what we had started and wondered where things was gonna go from here. I liked fucking two guys but, not liking the way my ass feels.

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