My neighbor’s request | straight story from Randy Young Baker

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I’m nothing in looks or build and not from a rich family either, I live with my parents and work as a baker. Getting up early and home about lunch time every day except Sunday. Not great with girls but have had my moments and not a virgin. At 23 unattracted, during the summer holiday last year I would come and catch on whatever I was doing at home as the house was empty as the others were at their jobs. Then after dinner I’ll go to bed for my early start next morning. Our neighbor 38 schoolteacher came up to me when I got home and asked to talk with me. So, we went inside, she nor me are anything special in looks or build. She was straight to the point once we were inside, she wanted a child before it was too late for her. She wanted me to get her pregnant, of course I asked the important question, why me. She replied I was home in the afternoons and while everyone else were at work in the area. So, we could meet and have sex and nobody else would know. I liked the idea of sex and she said she would raise the child herself. Of course, I said No, no I didn’t I said Yes. I went to her place with her and we showered together and had sex with her telling me what she wanted. That was my new routine and it continued even after the holidays, and she was back teaching and pregnant. She would get home from her job and I still had an hour before others in my family got home and I go and see her for sex was my reason for going over. I got sex sometimes not all, she had daughter and I get to see both still now. Maybe next year she might want another child.

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