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My neighbor thinks he is the smartest man around these parts, a loudmouth know it all. I’m 35 widowed and have a 3-year-old son, the neighbor is 33 and married to his 30-year-old wife and had no children. My so-called smart neighbor thought he knew the law better than the police and the judge. He had a minor accident and was ticketed by the police and so he decided he knew better than the police and decided to fight the ticket. It seems a stop sign doesn’t mean stop or just not for him. The loudmouth soon found he was wrong and instead of accepting the fine, he verbally attacked the judge. The judge held him in contempt, and he should’ve shut up. But he didn’t he was at first fined for contempt, but he kept abusing the judge he got jailtime 10days 20 days and then a year. It seems the judge didn’t like having the court’s bible thrown at him. But my neighbor didn’t stop there calling the judge some very nasty names as my neighbor was being dragged out. So, the fine fined 10 grand or 2 years on top. Of course, my neighbor appealed and during the appeal which didn’t go well either and he did a repeat performance excepting for throwing the bible again. So now he has an extra year jailtime and his wife decided to divorce the idiot and now has a boyfriend, me. Her shortly to ex-husband isn’t doing himself any favors in jail causing trouble and is to face the same bible ducting judge again for assaulting the warden. Meanwhile I’m fucking his ex-wife and quite happy with how things have progress for me. I’ve applied for another in the company I work for and will interstate if I get it. I’m lucky I was so handy to help my neighbor like it’s says in the bible. By neighbor I mean the wife.

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