My Neighbour Uncle Fucked My Mom

This is second part of the previous story posted earlier “My Best Friend Fucked My Innocent Mom”. The story starts few months after the first story. Peter was my mom’s favorite fucker till then. She would call him whenever the house was empty. Since he was a regular visitor (more of a family member) to my house and was my best friend no one suspected anything. Even we were unaware of it. I came to know of it when he told me years later.

My dad till date doesn’t know anything about my mom’s debauchery. Dad fucked mom very rarely. Mom did not bother about it, as Peter took good care of her sex needs. He fucked my mom almost regularly day and night. Mom became addicted to fuck and preferably young cock. Her all three holes were taken care of by Peter.
After few months Peter had to go to another city as he got job there. This story is about another neighbor named James from Kerala. James was single although he was aged 38 and friendly with all neighbor’s family as well.. He was a huge man, height around 6’2” height.. well built.. He used to be a gym trainer before.. He had very pleasing personality and witty conversationalist. He could charm any one with his charming personality.
As I told you he was very friendly with our family, which consisted of dad, mom and me. Dad was transferred out of town. He was available only on weekends. He usually came to the house at night only..
Mom, (Naima) sometimes called James to bring some grocery items, which she needed, from the market or any small favor. Since he was a very helpful guy, he would always fulfill whatever she wanted from him… mom would just have to call him and inform and he will bring it..
Dad also trusted James too much. James was welcome into the household anytime as he was one of the few guys mom was comfortable with. Slowly James developed a liking for mom in coming days. Perhaps Peter told him about his fucking with mom under the influence of alcohol. He also wanted to fuck my mom like Peter did but did not get opportune time to carry out his plan. Where as mom was also feeling sex starved after Peter’s departure. He would try to peek at mom’s body, cleavages, ass etc whenever he was with her in the house.
This story starts during such visits. James knew mom would be alone in house during daytime as I would be in college and dad on job. He wanted to try his luck with her; he thought he would seduce her that day.
One such day when she was alone in the house, James came with some required stuff she had requested for. It was around 11.00 in the morning when he rang the doorbell at our house. Mom opened the door and was glad to see him with her grocery items. She tried to take the things he brought but it was too heavy for her to carry so she invited him inside the house.
She moved aside to let him in the house. She had just come out from the bath and her hairs were wet. She was in a black nightee. She was looking like sex goddess. Any one would have lost his balance. James made up his mind to try his luck that day.
James placed the items in the kitchen and he asked, “Madam, I have kept the things in kitchen. You please arrange it. I am leaving as I have some work to attend at my shop.”
…She was very happy to get her goods and as gratitude she asked him to have some breakfast before he left…
He said, “No, no, there is no need for it. I will have it in the shop.”
But she insisted for it, “I have prepared good breakfast. You will enjoy my preparation. It will definitely be better than hotel food. Why you want to eat something from the market when you can have home cooked food.”
Mom was so persuasive that he agreed to have breakfast. They went inside and sat in the drawing room. Then he switched on the tv and began watching it. There was an English movie going on..
She carried food for him and served it on the dining table.
He asked her, “Did you have food?”
She said, “No, I will have it later..”
Then he said, “Why don’t you give me company then…”
She said, “No, it is ok.. I will have it later. You have it now as you have to attend to your shop.”
He insisted her and said, “It will be so discourteous of me if I ate alone. It will be bad luck for my shop also if you do not eat with me. You are incarnation of goddess Laxmi as per Hindu mythology. So please have it with me else I will also not have the breakfast.”
He was teasing her… So she smiled and said, “Ok ok. I will also eat. I am bringing my plate also.”
She brought her food and put her plate in front of his plate and they both sat eating the breakfast. Mom was in a very relaxed mood. James thought he should play his game that day. Mom’s nightee was little wet on her breast’s place as she had come out of toilet minutes before and her hairs were still wet. This made her nipple showing through the thin material of nightee.
They both were casually talking and then the topic went to the English film going on the TV… James asked mom, ”Madam tell me about the movie whether you have seen it before or not.”
Mom said, “No, never seen this movie before. The hero is nice looking guy. I like this heroine. Her dress is beautiful.”
Both of them were looking at the screen intently when suddenly the scene went to a steamy scene. She was describing the actress’s dress when the actress suddenly started stripping her dress and became nude. She was watching as the guy in movie joined the actress and started playing with her nude body..
Mom was embarrassed watching the scene on Tv. She could not understand what to do. She sat silently confused and stopped talking..
James seeing the opportunity slowly took his legs under the table and extended it to her leg. His feet were touching mom’s legs. She quickly moved it back..
James understood that mom was feeling shy but she was not in a position to protest. Mom was shifting her legs away from his touch. So he kept following her legs. He found her legs again and began rubbing his feet on her legs. He would rub his leg from ankle to knee from the side of her legs. He caught the hem of her nigh tee in his toe and finger. He started raising her nigh tee and under skirt together..
She was shocked by his actions and didn’t know what to do. Mom was nervous too. She thought of calling some one by screaming but James was not letting her move an inch.
He took this as a wonderful opportunity and quickly raised and placed his legs in between her legs. He tried to raise her dress till there but since the dress didn’t reach there, he put his leg over the dress just on the pussy area..
Mom was totally nervous now and she tried to move back but he pushed his leg further forward till his toe was pressing her pussy. He pressed her pussy over the dress. He was feeling the cunt lips. He was slowly stroking his toe on her sensitive pussy lips. Mom was getting butterflies in her stomach.
She couldn’t resist his actions nor could she move back since the chair was hitting the wall and she was now pinned against the wall. His toe started playing piano with her pussy. While stroking her pussy lips he found the hole and tried to insert his toe in. Mom was not able to breath properly. While he was acting as if he was watching the tv but he was looking at her from the corner of eyes to see her reaction…
Since she didn’t move he continued his rubbing action on her pussy. Mom was resigned to the fate. She left her pussy at his mercy waiting for his further action. She was then enjoying his action but was afraid it might show on her face. She was also behaving as nothing was happening. There was complete silence in the room. No one was saying anything. The silence was unbearable for mom.
Her pussy started getting wet. She was also a human being with feelings. She was internally enjoying his actions in sly. After few minutes of soft rubbing he raised his eyes to gauge her reaction. He wanted to guess what was going in her mind. He started looking straight into her eyes. Mom felt uncomfortable. She tried to avoid eye contact..
So James continued rubbing her pussy. Then his rubbing became more intense and probing deeper. His cock was getting hard and he could see that she was slowly closing her eyes in enjoyment. Means she was also enjoying his mauling. He could feel the fabric of dress getting wet. He was flying on cloud nine where as mom was waiting for his further move.
Then all of sudden he stopped his rubbing and took his leg down. He put his feet on floor. She was surprised again but did not dare to move and remained rooted to her seat with her head down gaze fixed towards the table and eyes closed. She wanted to ask him why he stopped but kept quiet.
She was sitting stuck in that position not knowing how to react. He actually finished his breakfast and stood up to wash his hands. She waited for his further move..
She quickly got back to her senses and got up quickly too. As soon as he stood up mom got shock of her life. His erect cock was visible through his pants. It was so alluring for her. She couldn’t keep her eyes away from his erect cock. She started imagining how would it taste. She didn’t want James to see that she was watching his erection. She had a quick glance of it and then turned her head away as if she didn’t see anything..
But he had seen that… He smirked and then went to the washbasin. He was feeling happy inside. He got the message that she was now ready for a nice fuck. All he had to do was to keep her hot and horny.
Meanwhile oblivious of what was going on in James’s mind mom took the plates and went to the kitchen and started washing them all…
He then came to the kitchen and stood near the kitchen table. Mom saw him from the corner of her eyes. But acted as if she did not see him and continued washing the plates. There was complete silence in the house. He stopped for a moment and started watching her from a distance. He was watching her ass. She could feel his eyes poking at her ass although her back was towards him…
He looked at her ass which was moving as she was quickly washing the dishes… She was nervous knowing that he was behind and watching her each move. Actually he was watching her ass… He started adjusting his dick inside his inner wear and slowly stroked it over the pants. His excitement was beyond his control.
He then moved closer to her and stood just behind her…She felt his breath on her neck. She understood that he was standing very close to her. Anticipating his further step her actions slowed down but her breathing increased now.  Her nipples got erect as she could feel her presence. She wanted to throw him out but her body did not respond to her intentions. It was a torturous moment for her.
She somehow managed to stutter, “What do you want?”
Her voice was broken she was barely audible.
He told going very close to her left ear, “You didn’t give me anything to drink after the breakfast.”
He was so close to mom that his stubble and mustache touched her skin to which she twitched slightly. She wanted to push him and run out of house..
She said, “You wait in the living room. I will bring some water for you.”
Hearing this he got happy. He got the impression that she was not pushing him off rather she was scared of him. He could carry his antics further.
He immediately circled his left hand around her waist and rested it on her pussy area once more and said, “I don’t want water. I want something else, which only you can give. I need your special love juice.”
Mom thought how brazen he was. She began making plans to escape from house and call other neighbors. But her feet were laden with metal, it did not move.
”What are you thinking? Give me your sacred juice.” saying that he started rubbing her pussy with his fingers over the dress once again…
Mom tried to wiggle her way out his hands, as her hands were in sink, dirty with soap and running water. She washed her hands. She pushed his hands with force but he kept his hand firm on her pussy area…
She still kept trying to move his hands out moving her hips.. As she tries to slip away, he quickly holds her pussy strong and pushes his body such a way that he thrusts his hard dick towards her ass. His cock gets wedged right between her ass cheeks. Mom suddenly felt his hard cock in her ass crack. It was a move, which caught her totally off guard. The heartbeat started rising.
She stopped doing anything. Her body still like statue and suddenly only the sound of running water could be heard. She was praying to god to help her.
She was trembling like a leaf and her breathing got heavier… Inadvertently her lips opened up…. She standing in such a way that she was sandwiched between his left hand on her pussy and his body on her back side, with his dick poking between her ass crack area…
She was almost standing on her toes… Sensing that she was very much in his control now, he started rubbing his left hand over the pussy slowly once again… At the same time began giving small thrusts into her ass with his dick. Mom was fixed to the floor with fevicol..
This went on for sometime. Mom wanted to free herself from his vice like grip but her body was not in her command. She was not protesting anything. Sensing mom’s indecision James moved his right hand towards the running tap and closed it…
He slowly turned the tap off with his right hand brushing her nipples with his palm, while retreating his arms…When mom didn’t say anything he circled his arm around her bosom area again, resting it there for few moments, just above the nipples, as if in a caring way…
He turned her around making her face him and puts his face in line with her face. Mom could feel his hot breath on her face. His face was very close to mom’s face. He moved his face nearer as she could feel his stubble pricking on her cheeks. Mom’s body went limp in his hold. Mom had her eyes closed.
In return he could feel her heavy breathing in his arms. He sensed it was his lucky day. He was continuously stroking her pussy with his left hand. He tried to kiss her..
As if mom woke up from sleep, she took courage and told him, “James, please stop this.. This is not right… Please, don’t do this.. Please leave me…”
She was shivering as she said these words…
James didn’t reply he just held her cheeks with his right hand, left hand still pressing her pussy and turned her face to face him… He made her to open her eyes and started kissing her lips…
First a firm a kiss, as if to stop her talking.. Mom was so scared that she kept still.. He inserted his tongue into her mouth and started French kissing her, licking her tongue and lips also. Mom was also enjoying it but was in no position to protest or move away. James sensed mom was now in his total control.
After sometime he slowly released his grip on her face and pushed his right hand down to her left boobs and started squeezing them slowly over the nigh tee… now he had her completely covered. His mouth covering her mouth and his tongue in her mouth, his right hand was on her left boob and his left hand was rubbing her pussy, not missing single second and his dick rubbing between her ass cheeks. Mom let her mouth open to his poking tongue.
Understanding that she is now responding to his kiss, he took his left hand up to her right boobs and squeezed both her boobs together… slowly first and then gave a hard squeeze…while kissing her. His slow process was intoxicating mom.
She gave a quick moan from pain and pleasure.. It was a signal for him that she was also enjoying his handiwork. He then lowered his right hand down to her nigh tee and raised her nigh tee and under skirt up until he could feel her naked thighs.. He ran his hand over her smooth inner thighs.. up and down.. up and down until he touched her panty with his finger.
Then he touched her panty with his index finger and could feel that her panty is all wet. Mom gasped aloud when he touched her panty. He wanted to invade the last piece of partition between him and her naked pussy.
He then moved the side of her panty and slipped his finger into her pussy… He found to his delight, her pussy was hot and wet.. He pushed his fingers further so that his finger easily slipped into the pussy hole….
He left his finger in her wet pussy for sometime and continued jacking her from the back and playing with the boobs and sucking her saliva from her tongue. He watched mom’s reaction. She was silent and motionless. He started giving slow circular motions to his fingers in her cunt. Mom was breathing really hard.
Then he started slowly fingering her… Her legs became weak. She was shaking like a leaf in strong wind. She was unable to stand properly and was almost leaning on him in standing position.. He being a strong person could easily hold her like that for hours. He thrust his entire finger in her pussy hole and was finger fucking her in standing position..
She just raised her head…closed her eyes…with lips opened…enjoying his finger strokes in her wet pussy… He slowly increased the tempo…and she started moaning slightly…and at the same time raised her hands to his back and held his shoulder and shirt… and as his fingering speed increased, she drilled her finger nails deeper into his shoulders…
He then gave hard quick strokes of his middle finger burying his finger deep into her pussy. Mom sensed her orgasm was approaching. Her mind wanted him to remove his hands but wished he kept on drilling her pussy with his fingers. She did not wish to cum in his hands. But it was not in her hands. Her body did not obey to her wish. Her orgasm approached.
She was murmuring aloud as she could not stop herself from talking, “Oaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh………use your finger to fuck my hole……deeper faster……….Aaaaaaaaaammmmmmggggggggggg……I am about to discharge………….oh god. Here I cum……………..”
Suddenly she tightened her grip on his shoulders…clinched her ass…and squeezed his finger inside her pussy. She came heavily while he was finger fucking her..
He knew she was cumming. He stopped fingering her and let her cum with full force. His fingers were flooded with her juice.. Then suddenly she loosened her grip on him…and fell back on him. He knew she had released her love juice..
He removed his finger from her pussy and hugged her tight. His hands now began roaming her backside.. With both his hands stroking around her ass area.. He held her for some time..
Then moves his face down to her again and asked, “How was it?”
She was sweating heavily and her breathing was heavy. She was not in a position to say anything, she didn’t reply, instead closed her eyes…and mouth..
He smiled knowing that he had done a good job… But he was still horny…and his erect dick was under pressure inside his pants and he couldn’t control it any more. He had to fulfill his desire before it is too late.  Before mom changed her mind.
He made her stand once more… He made her turn around so her back was facing him and placed her hands on the sink.
She was surprised by his action. She was waiting for his further attack on her but he was turning her around.
She asked, “What are you doing?”
He just smiled at her and said, “Jut stand here like that.”
She was standing bending forward and supporting her wait on the kitchen sink..
James stood behind her and raised her nigh tee and underskirt exposing her ass…. He watched her panty clad ass and then pulled her nigh tee over her ass making her stand only in her panty. James stroked her ass over her panty.
Slowly he pulled her panty down. Mom felt cold air on her naked ass. Her naked ass shone like marble statue. James’s moment of desire was seconds away.. He had to bend on his knees to see her pussy clearly. He went down on his knees.. He could see her asshole and clean shaved pussy clearly from close… His face was inches away from her ass. He slightly rubbed his nose on her ass cheek. Then he kissed her ass hole..
Mom got current running on her spine, she said, “No…Please don’t. Don’t do anything.”
But since her body liked it she stayed in that position without moving although James was no more holding her.. Then James moved closer to her pussy. His hot breath blowing on it.. He gathered enough courage and kissed her pussy lips from behind. He kissed her pussy as well as her ass hole. Then he licks the pussy lips with his tongue…. Swiping tongue on the edge played with the lips. Mom was exhilarated by this move. She was waiting for his another move then he inserted his tongue into the pussy…
His tongue found her pussy hole and starts tongue fucking her pussy with his tongue.. Mom’s cunt juice began flowing to his tongue’s tune.
He could taste juices. He lapped up the wetness she was offering to him at the same time he could feel her wet thighs on his ears which were wet from her cum earlier….
As he supported himself holding her thighs mom tried to clasp his face in her thighs while he tongue fucked her… But James was clever. He was tongue fucking her so nicely that mom was helpless to keep her thighs open for him to suck her pussy.
She started moaning again…. he was in heaven when he sucked on to her pussy… he was making efforts to make her cum again by his mouth and tongue. Within minutes mom started responding to his tongue. She was bucking her ass to meet his mouth. Her pent up sex desires were coming out.
She let the caution to the wind and started talking, “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh………LICK MEEEEEEEEEE
She wanted to cum on his mouth. And let him drink her love juice he desired earlier. After licking and sucking her pussy for sometime, she sensed her orgasm was approaching again.
She threw her head backwards and clasped her thighs on James’s head, and yelled, “Lick my wet cunt…………lick meeeeeeeee nowwwwwwwwww…….push your
HOT tongue deepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr into my pussyyyyyyy
…….make me cummmmmmmmmmm………TONGUE-Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee
Within seconds she experienced an earth shattering orgasm standing in her kitchen, holding her kitchen sink, the most unlikely place for her to have sex. James drank all her love juice.
When mom passed her orgasm James got up and kissed her mouth. Mom got little bit of her own cum from his tongue. She liked the taste of her cum..
Mom said, “Now are you happy? You got what drink you wanted? Now please leave. My son will be home any minute.”
James did not reply instead he moved back, removed his pants, and pulled down his underwear. His hard cock got some relief from the confinement. It jumped out as if it got freedom for first time..
As it came out of his pants, it hit her ass cheeks and she turned back to see what hit her… She got a shock of her life as she saw a 9inch long 4inch thick dick resting on her ass cheek…
She started pleading now, “No no……… don’t………… don’t…
No………… don’t do …it.. Let me go………”
But before she could react, he put the tip of his dick in her pussy from behind. She was still standing near the kitchen sink holding it tight..
She tried to move away from him. Maybe it was from partly guilt and partly due to fear of his dick size but he did not let her move an inch.
She cried, “Please remove that thing. I gave you what you asked, my love juice. Now don’t insert that in me. I am married woman. I can’t cheat my husband. Listen to me.”
He didn’t listen to her pleading.. He just held on to her hips pushed his cock deep inside her pussy. He began pressing her cunt lips from front and started making slow thrusts into her pussy… The juice from her pussy lubricated his dick but it was not enough for him to insert fully so only the head of his dick could enter her pussy. His cock was making a married woman cry in pain..
She started crying with pain…and said, “No,no don’t please don’t..
It is too big I cant handle this…remove it……… it is paining..”
But he kept pushing his dick deep slowly into her. The loved her hole as it was too tight for him. He pushed few inches and stopped as it had become too tight to progress any further.. His dick was only now half into her pussy. He let his cock rest there in her pussy. Mom was taking deep breath to relax her cunt muscles. She wanted hard fuck from him and she thought there is no going back from here so why not enjoy it.
The pussy was stretched to its limit. He took out his cock. He spitted on it. He paused for few minutes and slowly inserted his lubricated cock in her pussy. After few seconds started fucking motion in her like that. But still it was too tight for mom. She was habituated of dad’s thin cock. She never had such thick cock in her life.
“It is very tight. James, remove your cock, motherfucker. It is paining madarchod.” and she was still crying, “Leave me and go………son of a bitch. Don’t make me a whore………no no…Take out your monster cock.”
But he takes it gently and keeps fucking her like that for few minutes… he pistons her gently until he could feel that his dick is smoothly moving in her pussy.
Meanwhile mom starts praying to god, “God have some mercy on me. Please, stretch my cunt hole a little so James’s cock can go inside and fuck me without paining. Please god.”
She was praying to god to make her hole bigger and not stop James from fucking her. She was totally into love with James’ cock.
She pushed her ass backwards to facilitate his rear entry. While James kissed her neck and pressed her naked breasts believing this will facilitate an easier entry. He got through as her pussy juices increased and lubricated his dick well in few minutes. Mom also gave a sigh of relief. Both were happy that his cock got in fully and was ready to fuck her like an animal. He was jerking his body forward and backward.
Then he made rhythmic to and fro motion in her pussy. Mom loved this fuck. She also started participating in fuck by pushing her ass backwards to meet his strokes.
Her cry had turned to moans,   “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………………love to fuck your cock James
……………..mmmmmmnnnnn…………….so nice……….FUCK my mound of venus…………………. ughughugggg………..”
He held on to her hips for support and fucked her like that hitting her ass with great force and then when he realized she was enjoying his thrusts he suddenly removed his dick out completely leaving her empty from inside. Mom was again surprised by his move. She wanted him to fuck her brains out. Before she could say anything he inserted his finger in her wet pussy and played with her pussy lips, teasing her… making her more horny…. making her beg for his cock.
He watched her expressions and sensing that she was becoming uncomfortable with it, he asked her, “Tell me.. do u want me to continue? Or should I stop as requested by you? Hhhhhmmmmmmm….”
She just closed her eyes and said.. “ I WANT YOU TO FUCCCKKKK
That’s what he wanted to listen. Then he positioned his dick in her pussy once again and gave a full thrust into her pussy…. This time burying almost his entire dick inside her pussy in one stroke….
She gave out a scream that time, as she didn’t expect it so quick,”Ooooooooooaaaaaaa,…………Uuuuuugggggggggggh.”
His cock filled her hole to its maximum. His cock was touching her womb.. He slowly took his dick out and again did the same thrust..
Again she gave out a loud scream, “Oh no…..Aaaaammmmmmmaaaa………Your huge pulsing cock pumping in and out
of my wet pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………uuuuuuggghhhh.”
But this time with lesser pain…she was happy with it as she expected it.. James waited for few seconds for her to gather herself and then he start pumping hard into her pussy… which by that time had become like a well oil machine… His dick was pushing into her pussy covered with her pussy juices and pulling out of her pussy smoothly…
His strokes were going on smoothly and he could feel his balls hitting her…He kept on pumping her like that and gradually increasing the tempo of fucking… after sometime he started pumping her pussy harder…
And after initial calmness she also started responding faster. They were fucking for quiet some time. He sensed he was reaching his climax. He asked her, “I am about to discharge. Where you want me to release. Remember you released in my mouth.”
His cock was getting bigger by the passing of seconds. It was clear indication that he would climax any moment. Mom was at the peak of her excitement.
She replied,  “Oahhhhhhhhgggggg……….cummmmmmmmmmmmm in my cunt. Flood me with your love juice. Fill my womb. I can feel your cock throbbing for me. Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Your cock is shivering in my cunt…love your cock..”
He bent his back and then with a huge thrust…he pumped his load into her pussy, “Take my load in your cunt…Whore..Aaaaaaggggghhhhh.”
At the same time he could feel her cunt also discharging again.. Her cunt muscles became too strong as she used it in squeezing his dick, trying to squeeze every drop of cum from his dick… He then pumped few more times emptying his hot load of sperm in her..
He did not remove is dick from her hole but he stood there leaning on her with his dick inside her for sometime. He massaged her breasts for one more time. Mom needed that massage. He moved back a little slowly as he could feel his dick going limp after ejaculation..
He slowly out pulled his dick. He checked her pussy. Her thighs were dripping due to oozing cum. He could see his sperm and her juices mixed together flowing out of her pussy down to her thighs. He took some cum on his fingers and tasted it. He wiped his wet hands on her back..
He then bent down raised her panties which are lying in her calf area and put her panty back in its place covering her still dripping pussy. He wiped his cock in her panty. Mom was feeling tingling wearing panty at that time as her pussy was still dripping of his cum and her discharge. In seconds her panty got wet.
He then pulled up his inners and pant put his dick back in, in no time he dressed back to normal… where as mom was still stuck in that position partly because she lost all her energy in the horrendous fuck…and partly due to the shock of what had happened moments ago..
James moved forward lowered her petticoat and nigh tee.. Thus covering her fully as she was before he arrived. Then turned her towards him and squeezed her nipples once more and kissed her once more. Mom was overwhelmed by this gesture. She also kissed him back. It was her best sex experience till that date. She wanted to thank him for his wonderful cock with which he fucked her with so much of energy.
James kissed her hard and after the kiss he said, “Thank you Naima. It was a nice breakfast. Good bye for now.”
She just looked at him as she was shocked at his behavior. She had no words to say. Mom was hoping him to be more intense in talking because of all that just happened. But she kept on watching. How coolly he just took everything as if it was a normal thing just like having breakfast. Mom bade him good-bye and went inside her house as she was expecting me anytime. She was glad it ended other wise she would have been caught by me with James.