My Neighbours Sex Life Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooMy Neighbours Sex Life Ch. 01

I have to admit it was a surprise, more a shock really to see the curtains wide open and the lights on. It wasn't normal and from my bedroom window I had a perfect view, a view which I had been looking at for nearly four years in the hope that one day, and please God, this is day is that day.
I saw her a few minutes ago, no let's be honest it was four minutes and thirty-seven seconds and counting, when the light came on. I saw her for eighteen seconds before she left the room and straightaway the adjacent frosted window lit. Move from this here? Not, on, your, Nelly! I'm staying rooted to this spot just in case, in case she forgets to turn the light off or draw the curtains when she gets ready for bed.
I had my Cannon XA11 video camera ready, in case that is the case, all set atop my brand new Benro tripod with Bv10 head. Quite by chance I was checking out the new tripod when the light came and quickly zoomed in so the window filled the whole width of the image. All I had to do was wait.
I waited, just how long do these girls need in the bathroom? It was three quarters of an hour when the bathroom light went off, actually I found it was forty-three minutes and eighteen seconds when I played the recording back…
Her door opened and typical of a woman she was draped in three towels, one round her hair, one round her shoulders like a cape and the third from under the cape and down to her knees like a skirt. She was rubbing the her hair dry with the towel as she walked across the room to sit at her dressing table and proceeded to use the hair dryer brushes and cans of spray to style her hair. Turning round she rested the furthest leg from me on the bed and exposing the whole length of it rubbed it with the flapping end of the towel then rubbed some sort of cream in and then repeated the whole process on the leg nearer to me.
I was enjoying the show and double checking I was in darkness I started rubbing my hard cock through my dressing gown. I wanted to cum but I was hoping to see lots more first, I wanted to see the colour of her fanny hair and what her nipples looked like. I already had a pretty good idea what her petit tits looked like as I'd seen her sun bathing in the summer in a very skimpy two piece. I nearly did cum when she used the lowest towel to dry between her legs, she was getting right in there and I zoomed the camera in further to catch any details if by chance she turned a bit towards me. Sadly that didn't happen and her fanny stayed firmly hidden by her leg, another bottle of something dripped between her legs and some very vigorous rubbing made her throw her shoulders back against the dressing table and the spare hand started really grabbing at a boob, she was really working it when the skirt towel fell from her to give me a lovely vision of nakedness from the waist down however still solidly in profile view with not a hint of what lay hidden between her legs.
She obviously had an orgasm, the jerking actions in her legs and hips were unmistakeable and the wide open mouth with her head thrown hard back to the dressing table being the final giveaway.
I was so engrossed watching her I didn't notice her door open at first, I didn't notice the guy walk across the room until he appeared on the fifty-five inch screen displaying what the camera was recording, she didn't seem to notice him either until he stood between her and the window, obscuring my view, and bent down to kiss her mouth. She jumped, oh boy did she jump and the final towel dropped away.
I couldn't see her boobs as that plonker was in the way but it looked as if he had a hand on one as he lingered with the kiss. The kiss lasted ages before he stood up then taking her hands in his he helped her up and they embraced with big hugs.
It then looked like she told him to go as she pointed to the door and he left, just as far as the frosted window. She was now standing there totally naked and I could see her teeny weenie nipples on her little tits and no fanny hair, she looked very young, almost like a little girl. She wasn't, chatting to her father before, I knew she was twenty-three and his son, her brother, was thirty. She did some more rubbing with towels and rubbing in more lotions from several bottles I reckon she'd used at least ten different bottles and sprays, god just how many products do girls need.
The adjacent window was lit for four minutes and six seconds, he returned to the room still rubbing with a towel. Bloody hell how big a cock did he have? I reckon it was ten inches or more, mine is eight inches and he put me to shame. It was rock solid and pointing above the horizon, bobbing as he walked but despite the massive size she knelt on the floor and as the distance between them disappeared his truncheon vanished straight down her throat in one go and I came in one go. I'd never seen a blow job like that before, she simply held it with finger and thumb about three inches from the tip, lined it up with her mouth and they closed the gap. That's it no couple of goes, bit of bobbing or anything, just straight down and there she stayed for what seemed like several minutes, but actually eighteen seconds on playback.
Pulling away from him was a whole different thing, it took her six seconds before his cock bopped her on the nose when it finally came free and sprung upwards. Her chest was showing signs of heavy ventilation as she licked, first around the tip then up and down the underside of his monster cock and all round his bollocks.
I was feeling good, I'd already cum a good load inside my towelling robe and at the age of sixty-four I don't expect to get another chubby for hours but here I sat on the chair alternating between looking at the big screen and out of the window with a decent stiffy, not just a chubby but a proper stiffy.
She repeated the throat and licking action several times and it was getting a bit quicker each time, the seventh time she only had it in her throat for three seconds and as soon as it was out she wiped round her face and his cock with a towel then stood, pushed him backwards to the bed leant over him to give one more deep throat to the hilt and at the same time giving me a lovely view of her arsehole and the pink inside her fanny.
All too soon the open view of her secret places vanished when she stood upright then climbed on top of him, positioned his cock at the entrance and with some little bouncing actions slowly sat down. This was most definitely not the first time she had done this with her boyfriend, she knew exactly what she was doing and it took fifty-three seconds to get it all inside her.
My mind was working overtime, with my eight inches I'd known a few girls over the years who couldn't take it all, especially the slim ones like my neighbour and here she was with his whopper right up there, all the fucking way and I was jealous as hell.
For twenty-one minutes she gave him the slowest fuck of all times, everything about it was in slow motion, she'd lift off and back down, a bit of grinding and wiggling and up again. I couldn't believe he stayed rock solid all that time and didn't cum.
Oh no… the fucking light got turned off and I couldn't see anything else. Seven seconds later with the curtains drawn the light came back on.
I was so close to cumming it only took a few strokes to deposit a second massive load in my robe.
I of course realised I'd invaded their privacy by recording what I'd seen and deleted the file…
Fuck off… I copied the file onto two computers and a backup drive and watched it at least every day for several weeks…
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