My nephew’s wife and me part 2 | incest story from Kunjumohamed

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Next Saturday at 5 evening we met at the same hotel same room. As usual after consuming our quota of whiskey we entered the room. We decided to play the game strip poker. She knew the rules of the game. We nade sure that we were wearing the same number of items of the dress. I — shirt ,banyan lungi and underwear. She selvar and kammees,bra and lingerie. I lost the first game and removed my shirt. Second game she lostand she removed her blouse exposing her beautiful and huge blossoms which were coming out of her bra.I lost third game and removed the banyan. Forth game she lost and removed the lingerie. When I lost fifth game I removed the underwear. As per the rules when someone loses the game when they are left with only last item of the dress both of them should simultaneously remove there balance dress. So when I lost the sixth item we both removed our remaining items of dress and both became fully naked. Oh my God ! What a figure she has. Huge and firm blossoms. Thin waist increasing towards thighs. Her pussy surrounded by black thick and bushy pubic hair which she had trimmed nicely.I made her to stand away from me. I watched her smooth and warm skin of her buttocks. I hugged her tightly and gave a French kiss. Simultaneously I inserted my right palm into her asscrack and made to and fro motions. I sat on the edge of the bed resting my feet on the floor. She sat facing me resting the portion from knee and feet on the floor. My dick had become fully erected. I put it in her mouth. She started swallowing it. It might have reached her throat. We continued until the dick cumned in her mouth. We concluded our activities for the day and awaited the next Saturday.

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