My New Bitch (Pt 1)

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By CYCK MIND Stupid preppy boy walked alone in the wrong neighborhood. Certain details are changed to avoid imprisonment.

I was out on the block, movin my work one day. I saw something that didn’t belong. Some kid, with sandy blond hair and blue eyes, looked to be maybe 16 at the most. He was threaded out, wearing name brand Abercrombie clothes and some fly ass J’s. He was toned, fit. Probably an athlete. looking like Mr. Fucking America. It pissed me off. Boosie ass rich kid, probably looking to score some weed on the wrong side of the tracks. Entitled little prick. I could pay my momma’s rent just with his apple watch. Then he saw me, with my bandana over my face and my shades on the corner. He figured he could cop from me. He walked up to me and tried to give me some daps, talking like one of the crew. “yo dog, where da bud at?” That was the final straw punk never struggled for anything in his life. I was gonna teach him a lesson.

I nodded for him to follow me into an alley, flashing a bag of weed. “Where da bread at, cuz?” He looked away for a second, to grab the money from his pocket and that was all I needed. I grabbed him, and slammed him roughly against the wall, causing him to gasp. “What the fuck, man, chill!”. I grabbed a handful of his blond hair and slammed his face against the bricks. “Shut your bitch ass up. You mine now, you feel me? Ain’t nobody gonna come help your boosie ass here, you weak ass punk. You In my hood.” I pulled is wallet out of his pocket, and snapped a quick photo of his ID. “I got your name and address now, boosie boy. You breath a word of this, you’re whole family gonna get smeared right in front of you.”

That’s when the punk ass began to beg “please don’t hurt me, I’ll give you whatever you want” Not even man enough to fight for what’s his. And this little prick is born with every advantage? I threw him to the ground and kicked him, hard. “You dumb mother fucker” *as he lay there, bleeding and trying to crawl away, I pulled his Jordans off his feet stuffing them into my bag quickly. “You ain’t givin me shit. I take what the fuck I want. And I’m gonna hurt you, you know why?” He looked up at, me, his blue eyes full of fear and confusion. Seeing the little bitch put in his place was hot. “Why?” He asked. “Cuz I’m a real man” *I spit on his face. “And you just a weak ass little bitch.” I stole the money out of his wallet, stripped off his watch. “Bet you think you some big fish back home, don’t you? Flaunting daddies money all the time. Bet you got your pick of the ladies huh, pretty boy?”

I continued to beat him, spit on him, and strip him. He continued begging. “Please, just let me go. I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t kill me” *I grabbed his hair, pulling him onto his knees. “What you is?” I asked him. He looked at me, confused, so I slapped him across the face. “I done told you, so say it! Say ‘my name is Jack Michaels and Im a weak little bitch’ He looked up at me, right into the camera on my burner phone, and said it with tears in his eyes, and blood dripping from his mouth and nose* “And you know what weak little bitches are made for?” I pressed his face against my raging, 10 1/2″ erection. He tried to turn his head. Cute, that he thought he stop it. I pulled down my shorts and let my massive cock slap his cheek before forcing myself into his mouth.”That’s right bitch, struggle, fight, cry. Until you realize ain’t shit you can do but choke on this fat dick” I forced myself down his throat. It scrapped a little, but a quick threat got him to be still. “That’s right, you entitled little prick. You belong to me now. My little cum dumpster.” I roughly fucked his throat, making him gag on each stroke until tears swelled in his eyes and he almost vomited on my dick.

That’s when I pulled out and spun him around, pushing him against the wall. He screamed and cried “Someone help me! I’m being rapped!” I forced my large cock inside him quickly and roughly, splitting his fear-tightened virgin hole. He released a blood curdling scream. “Ain’t nobody gonna help you boy” I smacked his ass. “It fucking hurts, please stop! I don’t want this!” I smashed his face against the wall again as I begin to fuck him, hard. “Like I give a shit what you want. You know why?” Between his screams and ragged breath, he finally lost his fight. I could see it in his eyes. Feel his asshole loosen. He leaned limply against the wall as I fucked him relentlessly. I could feel the warm blood on my dick from where I’d ripped him. This moment-The moment of realization that he was subject to the whims of a superior being almost sent me over the edge, especially when he said “Because I’m a worthless, weak, entitled little bitch boy. And this is what I deserve”

I almost came in him at that moment, but I didn’t want to end my fun so early. So I slowed down the speed of my thrusts, but though they were long and slow, I entered him just as forcefully” *You belong to me now, you little fag. Say it!” I slapped his ass for emphasis. “I belong to you sir, I’m your little faggot slut” I saw his hand move, reaching for his own cock which had swollen rock hard, despite himself. I slapped his hand away. “Did I tell you, you could jerk off, faggot?” He responded quickly and correctly. “No sir. I’m sorry, master” That word-master-sent me over the edge. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I picked up the pace, furiously fucking his brains out until I emptied my balls as gush after gush of my hot, sticky cum filled his hole.

I threw his spent frame to the ground, zipped my pants, and stood over him. I took off my shades, made him look into my eyes, and grabbed his throat. “Are you going to kill me?” He asked. “Yes” I said and began to squeeze. His resignation turned to instinct as he weakly tried to pry my hands away. To no avail. Just before he passed out, I let him go, and he gasped and chocked for air. “But not today”

I grabbed his hair and made him look up at me. “I told you, you belong to me now. And I’m not done with you. You breathe because I allow it. Your family breathes because I allow it. What do you say for such a gift?” He gasped and chocked and managed to sputter “Thank-you-Sir” between ragged breaths. “That’s a good bitch. Now you’re going to go home, make up some story to explain what happened to you, and wait until your Master comes to play again. You’re going to keep this a secret. Or you will watch me rape your mother, father, sisters and brothers and your girlfriend and you will tell them what’s happening is your fault before they get ghosted. You feel me?” He nodded. “I understand sir.” I threw his shirt and pants at him, and tossed him into the street “Now get the fuck outta here. Be seeing you soon!” I have every intention of keeping my promise.

Story is fictional! Just a dark fantasy. Hope you Cyk fucks enjoy! Part two coming soon. Might eventually rewrite from the Victims Perspective. My first story, intend to make it a series. If it offends you, IDGAF! If you like it, please comment and share what you liked about it, and how I may improve my writing in the next chapter

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By CYCK MIND #Abuse #Gay #Rape #Teen