My New Neighbor And Her Twin Daughters Are Raped

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By The Arranger This is a story of how my new neighbor and her 15 year old twin daughters are savagely raped by two filthy old men.

A few years ago I wanted to see someone fuck my beautiful 50 year old brunette wife. My wife never would agree to have sex with another man, so I started looking for the right man to fuck my wife. I had many photos of my wife naked and I posted her pictures on a porn site seeking a man to fuck her. I met a black man who’s name was Rufus. He was a old rough looking 65 year old who looked like a street hobo. He came to our house and raped my innocent wife and I videod it on hidden cameras in our bedroom, while I was out of town on a business trip. I still have the video of my innocent wife being fucked in all of her holes. My wife never knew that I set her rape up with Rufus, and she never reported it to the police, or told me what happened to her. After this happened I deeply regretted ever doing this to my wife.

This happened about 2 years ago and every once in a while, I chat with Rufus on the porn site and he wanted to rape my wife again, but I would never want to do anything like this again to my wife. About a month ago a house in my neighborhood came up for sale and a really pretty brunette about 48 years old moved in with two young daughters. These two young girls were twins with brunette hair and they were in highschool. They both were very pretty and were about 15 years old. I introduced myself to the mother one day and welcomed her and her daughters to the neighborhood. She said that her name was Penny and a her daughters name’s were Jill and Pam. I asked this lady was she married and she said that she was divorced. This got my attention because I liked this woman’s looks and I started thinking to myself I wonder if she would be interested in fucking me one day.

As time went on I would see her, and in her yard doing her yard work, while her twin girls were in school. I walked over to her house, and tried many times flirting with her, but she didn’t seem to have an interest in me. This woman was kind of the prim and proper type of woman, that went to church every Sunday, and seemed to not have anything to do with a man. Maybe this was caused by her devorce, and that could be the reason that she was so reserved. I never saw a boyfriend ever visit her to be as pretty as she is. Her twin girls were also the same, and not very friendly when I would try and talk with them, or wave at them when I would drive by.

I would always notice her twin girls riding their bikes by my house and see them every morning getting on the school bus. I really never have had an interest in fucking a young girl like them before, but my cock would stir around in my pants seeing them in their shorts and imagine in my head what they looked like naked. On the other hand their mother, I definitely would love to fuck her brains out but her being the way she was I knew that it would never happen.

One day Rufus was on the porn site, and he asked me again would I let him come back over to my house so that he could rape my wife again, and I said that what he did to my wife was just a one time thing, and I would never want my wife raped again. I told him about my new neighbor who had the twin girls and how I would love to fuck the pretty mother really bad, but I knew that this prim and proper woman would never want a man like me. Rufus said what did she look like and I said she was a well built brunette with nice C-cup tits and a plump ass with pale skin and she was about 140 lbs. And she lived alone with her twin daughters. Rufus said give me that bitches address, because he would like to rape her, and her daughters. I said I wouldn’t want you to ever rape her daughters because they were just innocent 15 year old girls and I wouldn’t agree with someone raping a young girl like to them.

Rufus asked me about the mother and he said that if I gave him her address, he would rape her and video it for me. I told Rufus that I would have to let him know about this woman later because I still was trying to work on her, and see if she would fuck me on the side, and my wife not know about it.

One day Penny asked me to watch her cat and feed it because she and her daughters were going out of town for a week vacation. I agreed and she gave me a key to her house. Penny and her twin daughters left for a vacation and I went into her house to feed her cat. While inside I walked into her bedroom and I opened her drawers and I saw her nice array of panties. My cock got instantly hard and I picked a pair of her silk panties and I unzipped my pants and I jerked off a nice load in the crotch thinking about Penny. After this I went into the twin girls bedroom and I opened their drawers, and I saw little small A-cup bra’s and small sexy panties from each of the young girls. I laid two of the pairs of panties on the bed and I jerked off another load in the crotch of each of them thinking about what it would be like fucking a 15 year old.

I went back home and I was on the porn site and Rufus contacted me about this woman and I said that I was watching her cat while they were on vacation. I took a photograph of a few of her and her daughters pictures on the wall, and I showed it to Rufus and he really wanted me to give him Penny’s address so that he could rape her, and her two twin daughters. I said that I might let you do Penny, but not her daughters. He said then give me that bitches address and let me know when she is back home from her vacation, and I will rape her good and video every minute of it and give you the video when I am done with her.

The thought of such an old ugly black man like Rufus raping a young 48 year old woman like Penny was really getting to me, and I told Rufus this woman’s address and I told him that he would have to rape her during the day while her daughters were at school. Rufus said that he wanted to know when they would be back from their vacation and if I had a way to get into her house. I told Rufus that I would go get a duplicate key to her back door, because I had her keys to get inside and feed her cat. That evening I made a copy of the back door key and I mailed it to Rufus and told him to rape Penny next Friday morning after her kids got on the bus. Rufus received the key a few days later and I texted him that Thursday, the day before he was going to give Penny a good old fashioned fucking, and some abuse if she didn’t do what he wanted. That Friday morning arrived and I saw a old Pontiac that I knew Rufus had, slowly driving by Penny’s house as her twin girls were at the bus stop in front of her house. Rufus slowly drove by looking at the young daughters and he circled the block again and the twin girls were no longer at the bus stop and on their way to school on the bus. Now Rufus had Penny all to himself for the day.

About 10 minutes after that, I could only imagine what was going on in Penny’s house because I had sent old ugly black man to rape this pretty 48 year old brunette woman, who I really wanted to fuck myself, but I was now going to have to settle for a video of Ugly Rufus doing what I would love to have done myself. That day progressed and I saw both of Penny’s twin daughters get off the school bus in front of her house and they both walked inside. I was wondering now if their mom would tell them what had happened to her earlier that day or if she would keep it to herself. I never saw a police car show up and I figured that after Rufus raped her, maybe he threatened to show her naked photos to her church members or her friends and relatives just like he threatened to do when he raped my wife.

A few days later I saw Penny from a distance outside, and she had a bruised face and I knew how that happened to her, because she must have tried to put up a fight with Rufus. That evening, very late, I got a text from Rufus, and he said that he really enjoyed raping Penny, and his friend enjoyed her also. I said friend?, and he said yes, that he had brought one of his friends to rape that bitch also. Rufus said for me to check my mail because he had mailed the video of him and his friend raping Penny, and that I should receive it. Rufus said that he knew that I didn’t want him to rape her twin daughters, but he and his old friend thoroughly enjoyed taking both of the young girls cherries. I was furious with Rufus about what he did, and he said just watch the video and maybe I would change my mind.

I waited for my mail to come and I opened the envelope that Rufus sent me, and it had a camera card in it. I put the camera card in my computer and downloaded it to a file on my computer. I then started watching the video of Penny walking with Rufus and another old ugly white man who had his arm around her neck, into her bedroom. Rufus pushed Penny on the bed, as his old ugly white friend held her arms. Rufus pulled Penny’s slacks down and then proceeded to pull her top off. He then removed her bra revealing a beautiful set of C-Cup tits with nice nipples. He then pulled her white panties off, revealing her hairy pussy. Damn I wanted Penny more now than ever because she really looked nice naked with her pale white skin and dark haired pussy. Her body was built very nice and she was a little pudgy, but in the right places. Penny was crying begging for both men to leave, but their was no use now. Both Rufus and his old ugly white friend removed their clothes, and as soon as Penny saw Rufus’s large black uncut cock before her, and his old ugly friend’s smaller uncut cock she really looked fearful of what both of these dirty old black men were about to do to her.

Rufus was a dirty rough looking black man about 65 years old, bald headed with very black skin. He was about 250 lbs. He has a very large 12 inch uncut cock, and he had a mean temperament. He is the type of black man that really didn’t like white people and if you crossed him, he was very willing to hurt you. His old white friend that he bought with him was about 70 years old with long gray hair and a rough looking face. He was very skinny with pale white skin and he had many tattoos on his body, and he had a 6 inch uncut with long hanging balls.

Penny was totally naked on her bed trying to cover her body from both of these men, and she was now fearful of both of these creepy old men, as they stood on each side of her bed jerking their cocks. Rufus was the first to get on to Penny’s bed and he immediately started eating her hairy pussy with his big black uncut cock hanging down in Penny’s face. He opened his legs, putting one on each side of her face, and he said suck my dick you fucking whore, suck it. Penny opened her mouth and she put his big black uncut in her mouth rolling her tongue around the tip of his foreskin covered cock. His old friend was standing on the side of her bed jerking his growing 6 inch uncut, calling Penny a fucking whore. He said suck that niggas cock you miserable fucking whore suck it bitch.

Now very hard Rufus told Penny to get on her knees and his old ugly white friend got on the bed on his back. Rufus pushed his big black uncut balls deep in Penny’s hairy pussy and his white friend told Penny to suck his cock. Penny now had a big black uncut cock in her hairy pussy and she was sucking a smaller white uncut cock. Rufus fucked Penny doggie style for about 10 minutes and he grunted and groaned and he released his thick load of cum in her pussy, as he did this a short time later his old white friend with his hand behind Penny’s head moaned and groaned and he shot his load down Penny’s throat.

Both men got off the bed and Rufus took a camera and told Penny to spread her legs wide and stop crying and smile for the camera, and he took several photos. His old friend walked over to the side of the bed and he put his soft uncut in Penny’s mouth and Rufus took a few photos of that. Rufus then put his big black cock in Penny’s mouth and his friend took several photos of this. Both men then told Penny to pose in the bed in many provocative positions and Rufus took many photos of this.

After this humiliation Rufus got on her bed spreading his legs wide open and he told Penny to lick his big black balls as his white friend got behind her pulling her ass up to his hard white cock. Rufus lifted his legs back spreading his old puckered asshole wide and he told Penny to lick his shit hole. Penny crying slowly stuck her tongue into Rufus’s smelly asshole. As Penny did this, she wasn’t expecting what was going to happen next. Rufus’s white friend quickly and roughly shoved his uncut cock, balls deep in Penny’s asshole. Rufus was jerking his big black uncut cock which was now hard. Penny was moaning in pain as his friends cock humped her asshole violently, Penny’s C-Cup tits were swinging back and forth with this man’s every trust. After about 5 minutes this old white man said that he was cumming, and he moaned and groaned and emptied his long hanging balls deep up Penny’s asshole.

After this Rufus got up and took his big black uncut cock and he got behind Penny’s ass, and he started to push his uncut cock in her asshole, but it was to large and Penny tried to move away from him. Rufus wanted her asshole bad, and he grabbed one of Penny’s tits and he squeezed it very hard pulling it to the side of her body. He took his other hand and he started smacking the sides of her face and he told her to relax and let him into her asshole. Rufus tried again, and he now had his 12 inch thick uncut inching deeper and deeper into Penny’s stretched open asshole. Rufus’s friend was in front of Penny telling her what a whore she was smacking her face and pulling her brunette hair. He said how do you like that nigga cock up your white ass bitch, does it hurt, it better bitch. Rufus fucked Penny’s asshole for 30 minutes until he grunted and groaned releasing his load deep in Penny’s asshole.

Rufus got off of Penny and she was crying in pain and Rufus went into her panty dresser and he pulled out several pairs of her pantyhose. Rufus and his white friend tied Penny’s legs and her arms to the head board and foot board of her bed. Rufus then smacked Penny in her face several times and he said. I know that you have two daughters that will be coming home soon. He said this is what is going to happen. Me and my friend are going to teach those two bitches what it’s like to be fucked and you aren’t going to be able to do anything about it. Now we are finished with your ass and just be quiet as we tie your mouth shut bitch. Rufus took a pair of her pantyhose and he tied her mouth tightly with them.

It was about 3:30 in the evening and Rufus told his friend to go into the kitchen and get a butcher knife and put it to Penny’s throat. He said when those two little girls come into the house and if this bitch makes a sound cut her fucking throat. As he said that he heard the school bus stoping in front of Penny’s house. Rufus hid behind the drapes in the living room and waited for the young girls to open the front door. Both young girls opened the front door and said mom we are home. Rufus watched as both girls walked towards the kitchen and never noticed him hiding behind the drapes.

Both girls then said again mom were home and got no answer. Then both young girls started walking down the hall of the house towards their mom’s bedroom. Both girls opened the bedroom door and saw their mom totally naked, tried spread wide open, and the old white man totally naked, with a knife to their mom’s throat. Both of the twins screamed and started to turn around and run, but as they turned around they saw Rufus, totally naked blocking their escape route.

Old ugly Rufus said look at what we have here two little bitches. Rufus looked over at his old white friend smiling in a sinister way and he told both young girls to get their little asses in the bedroom and sit down on the side of the bed. Both young girls were crying as they noticed both men naked and saw their cocks dangling down. Rufus said have you girls ever seen a niggas cock before and he started jerking it in front of both young girls.The old white man walked over in front of the young girls and he shook his smaller white uncut in the young crying girls face. He said what are your names bitches and both young girls said Pam and the other twin said that her name was Jill. The old white man said how old are you and they both said 15 years old sir. He said you girls are twins and they both said yes sir we are.

The old white man said have either of you ever been fucked before and both girls crying said no sir we haven’t. The old white man said is this the first time that you have ever seen a man naked and both crying girls said yes sir. He said you little bitches are inexperienced in sex, and I am going to show you what a miserable fucking whore your mom is and he looked at Rufus and he said show both of these bitches what we are going to do to them later.

Rufus got on the bed in front of the young girls mother and he shoved his big black uncut cock into her hairy pussy and he started fucking her roughly as she moaned under her gagged mouth tied with the pantyhose. Rufus fucked Penny for a few minutes and the old white man told both Jill, and Pam to look between their mom’s legs and watch what Rufus’s big black uncut cock looked like running in and out of their mom’s pussy. Both young girls were hesitant about looking and the old white man grabbed both young girls by their brunette hair and he pushed both of their faces between their mom’s legs about three feet away from their mom’s pussy being fucked by a big black cock. Rufus was about to cum and he turned around and said watch me fill your mom’s pussy you little fucking whores. It was then that Rufus grunted and groaned and he shot his load in the young girls mom’s hairy pussy. Rufus quickly pulled his big black uncut cock out of Penny and his thick white cum started oozing out of her gapped open pussy. The old white man told Jill and Pam to look at the mess that black mans cock just did to your mom’s pussy. The old white man said we don’t want your mom’s pussy to look that messy, and I think that both of you young girls need to clean your mom up. He said start licking your mom’s pussy bitches and do it now.

Both Jill and Pam crying looked at each other, and the old white man grabbed both of the young girls by the back of their heads, and he pushed both of their faces between their squirming mom’s legs. Rufus said lick my cum out of your mom’s pussy bitches, and both young girls started running their tongues in and out of their mom’s hairy wet pussy. This was the first time in these two young girls lives that they had ever tasted a man’s cum and what a woman’s pussy tasted like.

After humiliating both young girls, Rufus and the old white man looked at Penny tied to the bed spread wide open and they both said that they were through with her now and both Rufus and the old white man told both young girls to go into the bedroom next to their mom’s. Rufus took his video camera and the tripod and followed the old white man and the young girls into one of their bedrooms. This room had a double bed in it and the room looked like a typical young girls bedroom. Rufus looked at both of these two young girls and he said take your clothes off bitches. Both crying girls started to undress in front of these two old perverted men. I was watching this part of the video and I was furious about what these two old men were about to do to these two innocent young girls. As they were down to their panties and bras I felt my cock harden and I started getting sexually aroused knowing in a few seconds I would be seeing such young girls totally naked, and being violated sexual by such dirty filthy old men as they were.

Now totally naked I was really aroused by the site of these two naked teens. Pam was a little more built of the two of them, she had a little larger set of B-cup tits with puffy large nipples, and a dark pubic hairy triangle between her legs. Jill had a thinner body build with A-cup smaller tits than her sister did, and she had puffy nipples on her tits also. She had a dark haired pussy triangle also with a very firm tight ass. Both of these young girls looked alike but were not identical twins. They both were crying trying to cover their naked bodies the best that they could from there two filthy bastards who’s cocks were now growing very hard as they inspected the two naked crying girls in front of them.

Both Rufus and the old white man told both girls to set on the edge of the bed and they said that they wanted them to suck their cocks. Both twins said no, and the old white man smacked Jill in her face and he said suck my dick now bitch, grabbing her by the back of her head pulling her hair. Jill started licking the old white man’s 6 inch uncut like a pop cycle she started licking it up and down with her tongue and her sister Pam started licking Rufus’s big black uncut with her tongue. Both men said put our cocks in your mouth bitches and suck them right. Both crying girls opened their mouths and started sucking their cocks the right way. This was a learning experience for both of these two young girls because this was the first time that they had ever done this before.

Now very hard both men pushed the two girls back on the bed, roughly opening their legs wide open and both men started eating their young pussies. Both Jill and Pam were getting worked up because they liked what was happening to them. After a few minutes of this the white old man got up and he walked nextdoor to their mom’s room and she was moaning under her gag, trying to escape her bonds. The old man grabbed the tube of lube and he looked down at Penny tied spread open on the bed and he said now I am going to fuck your daughters in their assholes bitch, and he walked back into the girls bedroom. The old white man told Jill to get on her hands and knees. Not knowing what this dirty old white man was going to do to her she did as she was told. The old white man greased his very hard uncut cock and he positioned himself behind Jill’s ass. He put some lube on his fingers and he started rubbing it on Jill’s asshole and he stuck two of his fingers up her tight asshole causing her to move away from him. He grabbed her by her hair and said relax bitch, relax. He then positioned his old cock to the entrance to her tight asshole and he pushed it inside of her asshole as she screamed in pain collapsing on the bed. The old man now mad as hell said get back on your knees bitch, I’m going to fuck your asshole bitch. Jill said no, please it hurts, no please. The old man got up off the bed and went back into the mom’s bedroom and he came back with his belt and he grabbed Jill by her ankles and he started strapping her tight ass cheeks with his belt very hard telling her to let him fuck her asshole. She was screaming as he beat her ass good with the belt. This seen looked like a grandfather beating his granddaughter with a belt. Jill now begged for him to stop beating her.

The old white man said now get back up on your knees bitch and spread your asshole open for me and Jill with her head in the pillow did as she was told. The old white man pushed his hard cock into her virgin asshole, until he was balls deep inside of her. He started roughly fucking her asshole as she cried in pain. While he was doing this Rufus pushed his big black uncut into Pam’s virgin hairy pussy. Pam’s face had an expression of pain on it as her pussy now had 12 inches of uncut cock ripping her hyman and her pussy immediately started bleeding covering Rufus’s big black uncut cock and Pam’s white inner thighs. Rufus’s big black uncut cock was now driving in and out of Pam’s tight virgin pussy and she was crying asking for her mom to please help her. At the same time Jill was being raped in her asshole by the old white man who was calling Jill a dirty fucking whore, telling her to take his cock, take his cock up your shit hole you fucking bitch. It wasn’t long and the old man turned around looking at the camera smiling with his yellow rotten teeth and he said I am going to cum, I am going to cum, and he grunted and groaned and I saw his old asshole winking as he emptied his old grey haired balls into Jill’s greased asshole. The old white man collapsed on top of Jill’s back as he let his 6 inch cock soften deep in Jill’s asshole. A few minutes later Rufus grunted and groaned and he filled Pam’s bleeding hairy pussy with his load of cum. Pam was now no longer a virgin and she had her pussy taken by a old ugly black man for her first time ever having sex with a man.

Both men rested for about 5 minutes but were definitely not through with these two young girls. Both of them got on their backs and switched young girls. Jill was now to suck on Rufus’s big black uncut cock and Pam was going to have to suck the old white man’s shit tasting cock. Jill opened her mouth and put Rufus’s big black blood covered uncut in her mouth. Both girls sucked the two old men’s dirty cocks until both of them were hard again. Rufus got on top of Jill and he shoved his big black uncut balls deep into Jill’s virgin pussy causing her to bleed also. This poor innocent girl was now having her virginity taken by this old ugly black man as her sister Pam was on her knees taking the old white man’s cock up her asshole. Both of these young girls were calling for their mom to come and help them but their mom was tired spread wide open in the other bedroom and couldn’t help them. Both young girls were fucked about 20 minutes each until both of these dirty old men released their cum deep in these two young girls holes. These two young girls were fucked and made to suck cocks three or four more times for about 6 hours that evening, before these two old ugly men left for the night.

A few months after this, both of these young girls found out, that they were pregnant and quit school. Their mom started home schooling them, until nine months later, when both of these young girls gave birth to a half black baby each. Penny was a grandma, and Pam and Jill were the mothers to two half black baby boys that were given to each of them by an old rough filthy black man, who had injected both of these innocent young girls with his seed of life.

The End

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