My New Nieghborhood Ch. 12

Chapter Twelve <br />We arrived at Dr. Winkleman’s Office at about 4:40PM. I opened the door for Isabel and a little bell sounded as I walked in. I seated her in the waiting room. I waited at the reception desk for someone to come wait on me. Soon the same nurse that took my blood pressure and vital signs the last time I was here appeared. <br />“Hi Valerie.” <br />“Wow, you remembered. Hello Mr. Williams I like the new look. Dr. Winkleman is very anxious to see you. <br />Of course I remembered you. I’m sure you make a big impression on most men. You certainly did on me. <br />Well thank you. As I remember you made quite an impression on Maria as well. Or your girlfriend did I am not sure which. I know she had a hard time functioning and had to take the rest of the day off. Valerie chuckled shaking her head as she wrote something in a patient chart. I don’t think she is cut out to do the work we do here. You must have made a big impression on the doctor as well. He had me stay overtime to make sure you were taken care of today. He said to make sure you get anything you need. <br />I understand you decided to take part in Dr. Winkleman’s clinical trials. So how are things going?” <br />Well it’s funny you should ask I have had some concerns that I felt I really needed to talk to the Doctor about right before your office called to have me come in. <br />Well I’m sure it will all make much more sense once you talk to the doctor. He is a brilliant and caring man. He never ceases to amaze me. <br />Well that makes me feel much better about this whole thing knowing that such a beautiful and intelligent lady like yourself has such a positive opinion of the doctor. <br />Well thank you again. I really do love the man. He is a true humanitarian in every way. He has been my inspiration to continue my medical training and complete medical school. The work he has been doing is probably worthy of a Nobel Peace prize yet he chooses to stay out of the lime light and continues to work tirelessly. He said once that, “once I have got it right then I will publish my work and not a day before.” He added, “hopefully I will die shortly after so that I will not have to deal with the idiots that will try to exploit it for profit rather than for the good of humanity.” <br />Well Valerie you don’t know how much I appreciate this conversation. I was beginning to wonder what kind of situation I was into here. <br />About that time the little doctor and his patient, an elderly man in his seventies came out of his office. He was very glad to see me and had a big smile. <br />Mr. Williams I am so glad to see you. Give me a few minutes and I will be right with you.” <br />Take your time Doc. I will be in the waiting room. I returned to find Isabel reading a professional magazine that she was very engrossed in. I was happy to see her reading. She was gorgeous sitting there with her with her legs crossed in her dress. She looked quite sophisticated though I knew she had so much to learn about life. I thought about the time I first saw her and could not believe the difference. <br />How you doing Sweetie? <br />Oh I’m fine I really love reading some of these articles they are so interesting. I didn’t know you could buy magazines with this kind of stuff to read. <br />Well I’m really glad to see you taking an interest. <br />Oh yeah! I love this stuff! <br />Ok well I still have to talk to the doctor are you going to be alright out here for a while? <br />Oh yeah I’m great. <br />Ok I’ll be back when I’m done. <br />Isabel just smiled and blew me a kiss. <br />Doc’s patient passed me and headed for the door. The doctor came to the waiting room and saw Isabel. I introduced them to each other. I explained to Isabel had taken a new found interest in endocrinology while reading his professional magazines. Well we could always use another expiring young doctor. I will make sure to get you some reading material before you leave if you find the subject interesting. <br />Oh it’s very interesting. I would appreciate that very much. <br />Ok then. Mr. Williams and he motioned toward his office. <br /> As we walked toward his office Dr. Winkleman started with I am very excited about working with you Mr. Williams. I ordered several very specific tests on the samples from your last visit. He opened the door to his office and sat himself behind the beautiful old mahogany desk I found myself coveting my last visit. The lab reports came back with some very unexpected results. I had some DNA tests done to check on some very specific markers important to my research. It appears you are the ideal subject for my research. All the genetic and biochemical markers I have been hoping to find in a subject for almost twenty years now appeared positive in your samples. I can imagine you have been experiencing some startling physiological changes. <br />Yes sir! I certainly have! I made a list of what I can describe the best as I could. I handed him the list. <br />He looked at it briefly and said, great you are a very good historian. That is going to make working with you even better. I am also interested in working with you because of your age. <br />My age? <br />Yes I have had subjects that were close to a genetic match but nothing like yours. They were much younger and emotionally immature. I had some disastrous results. It appears that the youthful self-indulgent ego was not prepared for some of the changes. I had one man sexually attack one of my receptionists. She appears to be still traumatized by the ordeal. <br />Is she the thin young lady with the glasses? <br />Yes that is Molly, how did you know? <br />Well I’m a counselor Doc. I deal with trauma patients daily. I noticed she was not quite functioning normally when I was here last. <br />Yes, well I have had three such subjects and they have all ended up in a bad situation. <br />How do you mean? <br />Well they have all ended up being accused of committing violent acts and were incarcerated. I have spent considerable resources taking care of their legal expenses to help them. It was always some sort of sexual assault in an inappropriate situation even though the victims appeared to be willing participants. Their behavior appeared to become more and more antisocial. They would be caught having sex in a public place that looked like an assault or sex despite the objections of a jealous husband, that sort of thing, very messy stuff. <br />So I am hoping you are of a more stable and mature mind. We would be able to avoid such pitfalls. I will want to have a psychological evaluation ordered if you choose to continue working with me. My colleague Dr. Susan Krahenbuel will be assisting us. The fact that you have three lovers already, and have an adequate outlet for your increased sexual drive may be crucial also. We will need to monitor those sexual interactions and the psychological impact of those interactions Dr. Krahenbuel will be assisting us with that as well. <br />My work, I feel, is very important work and I feel it will have a very significant impact on modern medicine and all humanity. Finding someone like you with all the genetic markers I have been looking for is against all odds and probability. This is a very unique opportunity to advance my research significantly. I will want to work very closely with you. So what do you think? <br />Well Doc…. <br />Please call me Harry we will most likely become very close if we continue. <br />Ok Harry, I have some concerns. I have experienced some phenomenal things in the past few days. Women who are perfect strangers wanting to have sex with me, women having orgasms because they liked the way I smelled. <br />Really, that is usually not a feature of the treatments. The pheromone released in the sweat glands can be very powerful but I have never heard of a woman having an orgasm because she was exposed to pheromone. <br />I explained to Harry about the sebaceous zits on the side of my neck. He examined them briefly and exclaimed this is extraordinary. You have developed scent glands like some mammalian species develop in the wild. I must get a sample before you leave. I explained the pain in my neck and tongue. Then I reported the change in facial structure in that my jaw and chin had widened somewhat. <br />Wow he said. That usually happens in puberty and adolescents with some youngsters that have very high testosterone levels over time. But of course much more gradually. <br />I explained the insatiable appetite for protein and the increased size in my testicles. I explained the huge amounts of sperm in the past few days. <br />These are also features that usually only happen after many weeks of treatment. <br />How much sperm are we talking about? <br />Two or up to three ounces or more. I have had to have sex on a regular basis. I have no Idea what would happen if I abstained from sex for a few days. So far I have not been able to abstain from sex for more than a twenty hour period. I’m almost afraid to, I think my balls would explode. <br />Wow! This is amazing stuff! This means we have already triggered the genes and the cascade effects of the endocrine system! I have been hoping for similar results like this for years but this…. this surpasses all my highest expectations! <br />Who was this young lady who reports the orgasm by being exposed to the pheromone? I would really love to meet her and speak with her. <br />Well you are in luck Harry she is outside in the waiting room. <br />Young Isabel? <br />Yes, I thought she was your daughter. <br />Well it is a long and incredible story. <br />Well we will need to do some more lab work on you. I would also like to do some lab work on Isabel. <br />Have you had intercourse with her? <br />No only oral sex. <br />Even better I would like to conduct some experiments if you don’t mind. Forgive me, this is all just too exciting for me. I still haven’t made any agreement with you to continue. <br />Well I am fascinated by it as well. It’s also fairly scary. I need to know if I am safe. I don’t want to end up like your other unfortunate subjects. I need you to assure me you will be honest at all costs and do your best explain the procedures and the effects of all procedures to me in layman terms I can understand. <br />Well that is why I need to run more lab work. As for my other subjects, they have all recovered with no apparent side effects. But I promise to be honest with you and hold your safety as the first priority. Remember you are my one in a million subject I can’t afford to loose this opportunity. <br />Can you stay so I can get some more samples and record your vital signs? <br />Sure Doc… Um Harry, I feel I can trust you and I would like to continue. <br />Good let’s get started right away. We have a lot of work to do. I want to examine Isabel as well. By the way I am really interested in hearing the story about Isabel. You have no idea what a huge breakthrough this is for me. <br />May I talk to Isabel first she is a little fragile right now. <br />Ok that would be fine. The exam would include monitoring her vital signs and vaginal temperature and blood flow while she is exposed. It would be somewhat intrusive. <br />I am sure she will be a willing participant. She is a very adventurous soul and is really interested in her sexual physiology right now. It would be a very good learning experience for her. <br />Ok the first thing we will have to do is get another sample of the pheromone from your neck. <br />I will have her come in and you can explain the procedure. You have no idea how exciting this is for me. <br />The doctor left the room and in a couple of minutes Isabel appeared through the door. <br />Hi sweetie. So what’s going on? Well the doctor wants to do some tests on you as well. <br />What for? <br />Well because we are so close there seems to be some things happening to you and to me that he wants to examine. Plus you need a physical examination any way. <br />So how is he going to do that? <br />Well the nurse is going to take your blood pressure and listen to your heart. She will probably place some electrodes on your skin that will monitor your heart rate, breathing and temperature. She may want to take a blood sample but it will not hurt much. She may also want a urine sample. The nurse will taking the tests not the doctor. She may want to examine your pussy to. Is that alright with you? <br />Yeah I guess so I never had blood taken from me before. It will be a trip. I would rather have you examining my pussy though. <br />Oh well maybe when we get home. But for now just do what the nurse wants. <br />Ok I don’t think I remember ever going to the doctor this will be fun. <br />Ok well go on out to the waiting room. Isabel opened the door smiled and said I can’t wait until we get home. <br />I could see Dr. Winkleman standing patiently leaning against the nurse’s station counter. He entered the room as Isabel left. Nurse Valerie will be with you in a moment Sweetie. <br />Ok let’s get started with you then. I have a couple of injections I would like to give you. Based on what I know about you now, I have been able to prepare some new genetic material. A plasmid and a transfection agent to allow the uptake of the genetic material. The genetic material is supercoiled plasmid DNA and siRNA constructs cationic lipid with material to produce liposomes, which will fuse with the cell plasma membrane and deposit their cargo inside. <br />Sounds like your about to make me pregnant. <br />I’m good but not that good. The little Doc. Chuckled. <br />Ok doc, I will just have to trust you with this one. <br />He just laughed and said you won’t be disappointed believe me. The Doc said as he retrieved two very large hypodermic syringes from a small refrigerator. You will begin to put on quite a bit of muscle mass and you will no doubt continue to produce large amounts of sperm. Your endocrine system will be going through some very profound changes the next few days. You should start feeling the effects of this treatment immediately. <br />More than it has already? <br />Well I’m going to be honest with you, this will continue for several weeks. I am just amazed at the results so far. <br />After the injections, the good doctor led me down the hall to the exam room and called for Valerie. <br />He and Valerie started by taking another sample from the scent glands from my neck. The doc lanced them and took the samples and put them in a sanitary specimen dish. He instructed Valerie to call the lab and have the samples picked up for analysis priority one. He ordered Valerie to tell them he would call them shortly for more instructions. <br />After Valerie left the room Harry said, “You know I have a psychologist friend of mine She holds a doctorate and specializes in sexual behavior. I consult with her often. She is who I had in mind for the Psych eval for you. I want to call her in on this case to do some study also. Would you mind spending some time with her? <br />Sure Doc. Just let me know when. I will have Valerie contact her in the morning. You know this could turn out to be a full time research project. There are some grants that would fund my work. It is that huge. You could be paid very well just being an object of study. Just think about it. I would be more than willing to give up my private practice to work on this full time. <br />Valerie returned, ok Doctor they are on their way. <br />Ok then I am going to take Isabel over to my gynecologist friend next door Dr. Gibson. We will start with a complete physical. I will be rereading your notes and start my own clinical notes. Valerie will be working with you to collect some samples and take your vitals. Doctor pulled out one of his cards and wrote his cell phone number on it. You call me if you need anything or have any concerns day or night. I will be in touch with you to discuss the next step. The good doctor left the room. <br />Valerie just looked at me with wide eyes. Wow! So what’s going on here! I have never seen him so excited and he never gives patients his cell phone number. She went rummaging for the blood pressure cuff from the cabinet. <br />I’m not too sure but I think you and I will be seeing a lot of each other. <br />Well there could be worse things, she smiled very big. Valerie listened to my heart and took my temperature. As I had the thermometer in my mouth she said, I’ll be right back I need to get the exam order from the Doctor. <br />She returned shortly with a tray of utensils I recognized as the same collection stuff from my last exam. Valerie was very gentle while she positioned my arm and stated that she will need a blood sample. She started filling the four empty vials with blood. <br />Ok so what is going on! My curiosity is killing me. What was that stuff he extracted from your neck? <br />Well the doctor described it as mammalian scent. <br />You mean like pheromone? <br />Exactly. <br />Well that explains that! She said with an impish grin. She took the needle out of my arm and placed a band aid on the puncture. <br />You mean to tell me Nurse Valerie that explains why your sweet little vaginal canal is secreting fluid and your vulva is flushing and swelling with an increase in temperature. That’s why your respiration has become deeper and your heart is about to jump out of your chest. Valerie nearly knocked over the tray of utensils. <br />How did you know that! <br />Doc calls it a heightened state of sexual awareness. I can smell it on you honey. Your pretty pink pussy is throbbing in need of some big hard dick. <br />SSSSSS, Oh God yeah! My nipples are also tingling and becoming elongated as well. I would say based on the physiological data presented here. I am becoming very sexually aroused in anticipation of a sexual encounter. God it’s been months. I don’t ever remember being this aroused. I am so horney! <br />Well does this exam include collecting a sperm sample? <br />Well yes it does in fact. <br />Well nurse Valerie would you be so kind as to assist me in becoming sufficiently stimulated sexually as to ejaculate a sperm sample for the collection? <br />Well the doctor did say to give you whatever you needed. Besides I am not in any condition to say no. I would be delighted Mr. Williams. <br />I believe you will be Nurse Valerie. <br />Valerie reached down and felt my blood engorged cock through my loose fitting trousers. I closed my eyes and reveled in her soft and gentle touch. <br />Oh my god! Valerie groaned. Ooh that feels very nice. I am also required to measure this subject of study and record it’s critical data. <br />I reached between her legs and messaged her very hot pussy. Based on how wet you are I think you have already sized up the subject. Well it appears you are very impressed with my critical data so far. <br />Oh god I want you she whispered. But I have to be careful not to contaminate the sample. So let’s collect that first. Valerie unzipped the fly on my trousers and reached in to bring my throbbing cock into the open. <br />SSSSSS, OH GOD YES! This is going to be a real delight. She stroked it a few times just to get the feel of it. She unfastened my belt and the clasp on my trousers and they fell to the floor. <br />She produced the little cloth tape measure from her pocket MMMMM, nine and three quarter inches. MMMMMMM, I have never had that much dick. She measured the circumference and measured each one of my balls. <br />My God! She recorded the data on the clipboard and started mumbling under her breath. I don’t think anyone on the planet has balls that big. I can only imagine how much sperm they contain. OH GOD I AM SO HOT! Then she threw the clipboard aside. <br />She then pushed me back against the exam table and sat down on the little rolling stool between my legs. OH MY GOD! She grabbed the base of my cock and I watched as the big blood engorged head disappear into her eager little mouth. She sucked it hard making the head swell even more as she started pumping the base. MMMM came the muffled display of lust from her throat. She then licked the entire length from top to bottom and licked my cum filled testicles. <br />I have to be careful. She said. <br />She got some alcohol swabs and wiped the head of my cock. Then she started pumping my cock while she held my balls in her other hand. God your balls are massive. Her hair was tossed and she never took her eyes off the big swollen cock as she worked. Soon it was time to collect the sample. <br />OH yeah baby I’m cumming! Valerie grabbed the little vile from the tray and continued to pump my cock with one hand. <br />Oh yeah here it comes baby. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I’m Cumming! <br />She put the vile to the end of my cock and the force of my ejaculation blew the vile right out of her hand. <br />OH FUCK! OH MY GOD! She exclaimed with a start. <br />She bobbled the vile as I pumped another big spurt of cum all over her flowery scrubs then she recovered and returned the vile to my exploding dick. She held the vile and as cum over filled the vile and dripped over the top. Then another eruption covered her hands as she attempted to cap the vile. <br />OH MYGOD! She exclaimed again. This is impossible! My God look at all that sperm! Valerie looked at me with a startled look on her face. Her hands were shaking as she bobbled the little vile as attempted to cap the vile while her hands were covered with slippery white cum. <br />After she capped the vile and tossed it onto the tray. Then with both her hands and mouth attacked my still cum spewing cock. It was slippery and covered with cum. I was still dribbling cum over her hands as she stroked it with both hands. Then she released her lust that was unrivaled by any woman I have ever been with. As my cock stopped spewing cum she looked up at me with a surprised look. I picked her up and lay her on the exam table. I pulled off her shoes, then the loose fitting scrub pants and then her saturated panties. I dove into her muff with abandon and tongued her hot little snatch as fast and hard as I could. I could not believe how hot her little pink pussy was. Her pussy juices tasted incredible. Her high pitched lust songs became louder and louder. She soon came with a shudder and a cry of ecstasy in just a couple of minutes. When she stopped shaking and moaning I climbed up on the table and positioned my cock at the entrance of her puffy swollen pussy. I began entering her slow but Valerie wasn’t waiting. She wrapped her legs around my ass and her hands around the small of my back and pulled me into her with all her might. <br />She gasped as I felt my cock plunge deep in her fiery snatch. I just left my cock buried there for a time sufficient for her to start bucking her hips little. That was my queue bucked my hips to match her rhythm. We fucked with a slow steady rhythm that gained momentum with each stroke. Valerie’s whole body was tensed as she pulled me to her with each stroke with a twisted look on her face and her eyes shut tight. I withdrew almost completely then buried my member deeper and deeper with each thrust into her tight little pussy. Suddenly Valerie was sang out with approval. She fucked me like I was the last man on earth. Pulling me deep into her with her legs and arms. Shouting very loudly OOOOOHHHHHHHHH! OOOOOHHHHHHHHH! YEAAAAAAAAH! OH FUUUUUUCK! GOD I LOVE BIG DICK! I LOVE YOUR BIG DICK! OH BRIAN! OH FUCK ME BRIAN! OOOOOHHHHHHHHH! AAAHHHHH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! OH MY GOD! YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! OH! OH! OH! OH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YEAH! OOOOOOOOOOOO! FUCK! OH FUCK! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! FUCK! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH GOD! YEEEEESSSSS! <br />Sweet Valerie’s body convulsed with a gigantic orgasm and she locked her arms and legs around me in a so tight I could hardly breath. Pulling me as deep inside her as she could. Singing out with a EEEEEEEEEWWWWW! AAHH …. AHHH A AAHH! Her whole body tensed as hard as a rock and every muscle seemed to clamping on to my cock. Her body soon relaxed and I fucked her in slow long strokes. <br />OH!……… OH!………. OH!………. OH! OH GOD MY PUSSY HAS NEVER BEEN FUCKED THAT DEEP! Oh my God! Oh my God that’s good! <br />Just then I heard an intercom click on. <br />“Are you ok in there Valerie?” Oh Yeeeahhh Doc I’m great. <br />Ok. And the robotic voice clicked off. We laughed hysterically. <br />Ok what’s really going on here? Well I’m sure Doctor Harry can explain it much better than I can. But from what I understand. I happen to fit the biological or genetic blueprint of the ideal subject for his research. The physiological changes that have occurred in my body in the past few days confirm his theory that the genes he has been trying to manipulate with his genetic/chemical compounds is indeed a success. He hopes to study me and my genetics. As far as I can tell he feels that studying me will move his research significantly forward to produce his desired outcomes. <br />Wow Brian do you realize how huge this is? This is the breakthrough he has been looking for, for decades. Valerie grabbed her clothes and barely covered herself and ran down the hall to the Doctor’s office. <br />As I was putting on my clothes back on, I could hear Valerie shouting. You wonderful old genius! You have done it haven’t you! <br />After straightening myself up a little I went down the hall to see if I could understand more about what was happening since it obviously involved me. As I entered the doorway Valerie was standing their naked covering her vital areas with the cum soaked scrubs very excited. <br />The doctor was telling her, “yes I think I have. The chemical reactions have taken place just as I theorized years ago. The indications are they have far exceeded my wildest expectations.” <br />OH MY GOD! Shouldn’t we be celebrating? <br />I thought you were! laughed the Doctor. <br />I certainly was! Valerie laughed in a sultry tone. And how, she looked me over once again. <br />But I mean with champagne and and and well… celebration! <br />Oh my God, I have to get dressed. Valerie ran down the hall squealing and laughing. <br />The doctor said I told you it was a huge breakthrough! <br />I take it Valerie is a protégé of yours? <br />Yes, she is a brilliant lady and will make a superb doctor someday. We will all be working together. I was thinking I have a house up by the lake I hardly get up there anymore. It may serve as an ideal location to conduct our research. It is very isolated and beautiful. <br />Well Doc it may be a good idea. <br />I am sure our young endocrinologist Isabel would be enthralled at all she could learn about glands and there function. <br />If you only knew Doc. I said. <br />Doc this is all very exciting. Being a lay person I may not understand the implications of what you’re trying to do exactly yet with your research. I do know I am basically a very private person. I value my freedom and autonomy above all. It sounds all very glamorous. But I do need my privacy. I don’t want to loose myself in all this. <br />Of course. Why don’t you Isabel, Gretchen and I’m sorry, who else? <br />Oh Sherry. <br />Yes Sherry. <br />Why don’t you spend a week up at the house there on the lake. It is a very big house. It has eight bedrooms and servants quarters. Valerie lives there as the care taker. She is very involved in her studies most of the time. If this all goes well this would be a big field study project for her. Do you need an excuse for work? <br />Ok Doc something else I wanted to discuss with you is I am finding it harder and harder to resist temptation to have sex. Total strangers want to have sex with me now. Sometimes I just want to isolate and reflect. I may need to get away on my own occasionally is that going to be a problem. <br />No I don’t think so. We will be adjusting the medications to minimize the side effects. But as far as hetero sex goes, you are probably the luckiest man in the world. The things you will be experiencing and all your little family of will be experiencing I’m sure will be the ultimate in sexual experience. <br />Ok but would I run the risk of being desensitized from too much sex. Would it at some point become common place. <br />No not at all. <br />The sexual experience is all produced by a series of chemical reactions both glandular and neurochemical. Those reactions and interactions are what we will be studying. We will be able to produce and enhance many of those chemical reactions and we hope to learn to produce more. We will be studying the physiological chemical reactions happening in your particular body. We will also be studying the effects of your physiological conditions on others. <br />Ok Doc but I do not want to become a slave to anything. No matter how much of an impact it has on humanity. <br />Ok my friend I am sure you will be quite content. <br />I will have Valerie show you around the place tomorrow and you decide. <br />Fair enough Doc. <br />We shook hands. <br />Is it alright to have Valerie explain this all to Gretchen, Sherry and Isabel? I would like to hear more of it in detail myself. I’m sure I will have more questions as well. Of course all this will be strictly confidential. <br />Oh of course. In fact everyone involved must be under strict secrecy. No one will be allowed to talk about this project to anyone other than those involved. Strict security will be big factor. <br />Security you mean guards with guns? <br />Maybe, if necessary. I’m telling you this is really big stuff. <br />Of course you all will be experts on the subject within a few weeks. <br />You will all be well taken care of, pampered is more the word. I am thinking a staff of people devoted to your well being. Nutrition experts, personal trainers, cooks housekeeping personnel all dedicated to your well being. You will all be paid very well for participating as well. <br />Where is all the money for this coming from? You just leave that to me. I have many sources. Believe me the money will be there. <br />Good I think I’m ready to see the shrink now. <br />The Good doctor and I laughed hardily. This is bigger than all of us my friend. <br />I opened the door to Valerie with a new set of scrubs and her ear pressed to the door. <br />We had another good laugh. <br />Valerie piped up with, Why don’t we all go out to dinner tomorrow to celebrate. <br />Very good Idea said the Doctor. We can talk about it more in private with all who are involved. Valerie why don’t you reserve the little banquet room at the Rock House for tomorrow. Remember strict security <br />I will call Dr. Krahenbuel. We can begin getting her feedback on this from the beginning. <br />I looked at the time it was 6:20PM. <br />This is all way too overwhelming! How is Isabel coming along? <br />Oh yes Isabel! I almost forgot in all the excitement. <br />Let’s go next door and check on her progress. <br />We exited the office door with the little bell ringing. Immediately next door was another Doctor’s office. The name on the door was Dr. Pauline Gibson. <br />We entered the office and it was clear the office was designed and furnished exclusively for women. It made me feel a little uncomfortable. Standing at the reception desk was Isabel and a tall, very nicely shaped, very pretty, professional looking lady I presumed to be Dr. Gibson. She appeared to be in her mid forties to early fifties. <br />Harry! Her pleasant voice greeted us. <br />Pauline how are you. <br />Good Harry and you? <br />I’m very well Polly. <br />You know for neighbors we don’t see each other enough. We need to get together for dinner again sometime soon. <br />I would like that. <br />Pauline I would like you to meet Brian this is Isabel’s guardian. <br />Oh I have heard so much about you. Pauline seemed to look at me suspiciously as she gave me the once over. Brian nice to meet you. <br />And you also Dr. Gibson. <br />Oh please call me Pauline or Polly if you choose. I already feel like we are intimate friends. I would like to inform you that you have a very, very healthy young woman here and equally as charming. I have a couple of forms for you to sign for her chart if you don’t mind. <br />Dr. Gibson acted suspiciously and it caused me to wonder what young Isabel may have disclosed to her. Dr. Gibson handed me a clipboard with the usual consent for treatment and confidentiality forms. I signed them quickly and handed her back the clipboard. <br />Dr. Gibson gave me the once over again and asked. May I talk to you two privately in my office for a moment? <br />I felt the blood drain from my face as we followed her to her office. <br />She had us take a seat and began with; I have a couple of concerns. One Isabel informs me she has not seen a doctor in her conscious memory. <br />Well that is very possible I responded. I took custody of Isabel after I found that her mother was a heroin addict and not caring for her. I called Child Protection Services and took custody of her only about two weeks ago. Her mother was recently arrested and Isabel lives with me at present because she has no other resources. <br />Oh wow, that’s very generous of you. <br />I take it you are single? <br />Well yes why? Is there something I should know? <br />Is Isabel alright? <br />Oh no Isabel is fine. I will get to that in a moment. <br />During the examination while I was taking Isabel’s blood pressure when I heard some very strange sounds coming from the room next door. I noticed Isabel’s blood pressure was very high. After I took my stethoscope from my ears I realized what the noises were. It was evident that someone named Brian with a very large penis and a capacity for producing extreme amounts of sperm was making some very passionate love to what appeared to be a very lucky lady. Whose screams of ecstasy were the most intense sounds I have ever heard. They will no doubt haunt me the rest of my days. I must say my blood pressure was on the rise as well. I have never heard love making noises like that. Nor did I think a human female was capable of such reactions. It made the rest of the examination very difficult even though we moved to another examination room. Isabel was at an extremely high state of arousal during the rest of the exam. Higher than I would say was normal for any young lady her age. Oh hell, she was more excited than I thought humanly possible. Quite frankly it was my overly excited state that made the rest of the exam so difficult. <br />Isabel once she realized I was affected by what was going on next door gave me a narration of what she thought was going on there. I myself seemed to be swept up into the most excited state I have ever been into. <br />Now Harry we have talked about some of the work you do with sexual enhancement. I am more than curious about what you have going on. <br />Well Polly I wanted to talk to you about that. I don’t know if now is an appropriate time. But I have some very exciting research going on and I will need your help. <br />Well whatever you have going on I am defiantly interested. Dr. Gibson gave me the once over again. She then handed me her card. Please feel free to call me anytime if I can help. From the sounds of things there will be a few ladies who may need my services. <br />After Polly was finished talking I became conscious of my cock that was getting hard again and I could feel precum dribbling out of my cock. <br />Dr. Gibson got up and opened the door. We stood up to exit. <br />Dr. Gibson caught a glimpse of my half hard cock and the wet spot on the front of my trousers. Her mouth fell open and her eyes widened as she stared. All I could do is smile politely. <br /> <br />Dr. Gibson said you have my number and smiled impishly as she just continued to stare and shake her head. <br />I am sure we will see more of each other soon. <br />Ok Isabel let’s go. I said. <br />Ok I have to go next door to get my things. <br />Let me know Harry. I can’t wait to see what you have cooking. <br />We all walked next door together. I was still thinking about the possibilities of making love to a gynecologist. Would she know any tricks that normal women didn’t? <br />We again entered Dr. Harry’s office and Isabel collected her things. <br />Valerie was closing down the office for the night. <br />I shook Dr. Harry’s hand again. Hugged Valerie started for the door. <br />Dr. Winkleman stopped us just as I opened the door. <br />Isabel here is the reading material I promised you. <br />Dr. Harry handed me a pile if magazines and a couple of old textbooks. <br />We both replied, Thank you. <br />This is all like a dream Doc. <br />Dr. Winkleman replied. It has been my dream for fifty years. Welcome to it. Dr. Winkleman shook my hand again. <br />Good night Doc, Goodnight Valerie! <br />Goodnight came the voice from the hallway. <br />Valerie!? <br />Yes! Came the voice and soon she appeared. <br />Would you care to have dinner with us tonight? <br />Oh yes, I would like that very much! There will be five of us in all. I hope you don’t mind helping me explain all this. <br />Valerie looked at Dr. Winkleman. <br />Sure, he said, you will all be involved in this together. Valerie can probably give you the basics better than I any way. I have a tendency to get too clinical. You may need Valerie’s help later on this evening anyway. Valerie can give me a report. <br />Report? I said. <br />It will all make sense later. You all have a good time. I will see you soon. <br />You sure you don’t want to come with us Doc? <br />Oh no! I have work to do. Thank you just the same. Although I would love to be a fly on the wall. <br />Well ok Doc thank you again. <br />I will see you soon. Dr. Winkleman said. <br />I scribbled my address on a piece the magazine cover and handed it to Valerie. <br />Anytime you get there will be fine. <br />I have a feeling it will be a late night tonight anyway. <br />Dr. Winkleman stood there smirking and nodded. <br />Should I bring anything? <br />Champagne! <br />What kind do you like? <br />I don’t drink but the others do. So whatever you like. <br />I heard Dr. Winkleman say under his breath, Oh boy. As he shook his head and stared and the floor. <br />Ok I will be there shortly. She looked at the address. Wow that’s less than a block from where I used to live I know exactly where that is. <br />See you there then. <br />Isabel and I exited the office with the little bell on the door ringing.