My New sexmates Poonam and Kaajal – Day 1

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Hello Friends, This is Saahil Again with a Brand new Story, I will post the remaining part of the earlier story later ….

I Have a Job now and I had to Travel to MP, I am in charge of a farm which is owned by my Father’s close Friend, I’ll cut short of the unnecessary introductions. This Girl her name is Poonam, she is about same age as mine she is very attractive for a Bihari and as the thing goes most Bihari women are very well endowed, she too is, perfect big breasts and a perfectly rounded ass. A pretty face, thick black hair and supple lips, overall she was Damn Sexy, she instantly attracted me. And the other is Bahadhur’s oversexed sister Kajal, she has average looks, nice firm body and a massive pair of tits (around 38DD. ), I was a little sad about leaving Raani Anita and Rekha behind, but I never imagined that I was going to find new Sex partners very soon..

Veer Bahadur showed me to my room ” साहब नहा लो, मैं आपके लिए चाय, नाश्ता भिजवाता हूँ! “.

From here my new Sex life with Kajal and Poonam starts.

Day 1

I had a shower and as I stepped into the room, Poonam was standing there. She looked at me straight with a slight smile ” नमस्ते बाबू जी “, By then I didn’t know who she was and who sent her, I asked in a stern tone ” कौन हो तुम? खट खटाना नहीं आता ? “. She got nervous and stammered ” ममममें पूनम, चाय पूछने आई थी! वो उन्होंने कहा था “. I easing a bit ” किसने वीर बहादुर ने? ” She nodded, all her sweet smile had vanished, so I lightened up a bit ” पूछ के आते है, अगर मैंने कपडे ना पहने होते? She smiled and looked at me with pretty deep eyes, Her way indicated something exciting ” नहीं चाय नहीं एक बोतल पानी दे दो, और वीर बहादुर को भेज दो! ” As she turned around I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass, she went off and in a while Veer bahadur came with a bottle of water ” साहब शाम को खाने में क्या खाएंगे? “. I was modest ” वो सब अभी रहने दो, पहले मुझे जितने यहाँ काम करते है उनसे मिलवाओ! ” He showed me around but I couldn’t find Poonam anywhere, so finally I asked ” वो कौन थी जो चाय पूछने आई थी? ” He replied casually ” साहब आपको कुछ चाइये हो तो पूनम को बता देना, वो मेरी घरवाली है ” ! ” I was dumbstruck he was in his late 40s, half bald and short against such a beautiful and perfect wife, then it struck why she was smiling at me, maybe I had a chance if I tried. , Bahadhur came to me ” साहब मैं थोड़ा पास के गांव तक जाकर आता हूँ ! ”

Me ” फिर मैं क्या अकेला रहूंगा? ” He was in a hurry ” नहीं नहीं साहब मेरी घर वाली है न, कोई ज़रूरत हो तो उसे बता देना, तब तक मैं आ जाऊंगा “. It was 5 so I allowed him to go ” कोशिश करना की जल्दी आओ, मुझे यहाँ का कुछ नहीं पता! ” He sped on his moped ” साहब चिंता मत करो, मैं जल्दी आ जाऊँगा! ” He looked in a hurry, I guessed something fishy, I was sitting in the verandah, I called for Poonam, she came fast ” हाँ जी, कुछ चाइये आपको? ” I asked her ” यहाँ रात में कितने जाने रुकते है? Poonam ” हम तीन इधर, और पीछे क्वाटर में आठ जाने और रहते है ” ? Now I had a proper look at her, she was really attractive,

Me ” अच्छा तुम्हारा बच्चा? ” ?

Poonam ” नहीं नहीं हमारा कोई बच्चा नहीं है, इनकी बहन भी रहती है हमारे साथ “.

Me ” एक बात पूछूँ, बुरा तो नहीं मानोगी? ” तुम इतनी सुंदर हो जवान हो फिर उम्र वाले से ? ”

. Poonam ” मेरे पिताजी पे इनका उधार चढ़ गया था, तो करनी पड़ी “.

I was looking to get to know her more ” पूनम वो मेरे बगल वाला कमरा तुम्हारा है? ”

Poonam ” जी “.

I could see her curvy figure her tits were stuffed into a bloused and her waist showing, and my cock tugged at my pants, I went to my room, I heard a knock, this was my golden chance, I was without a shirt, still ” हाँ पूनम आ जाओ अंदर “. She came in saw me, instantly I could see amazement in her eyes as she saw my body ” वो. बा “. I casually put on a shirt and walked to her ” बोलो क्या हुआ? Poonam returned to her senses ” मैं आपसे कहने आई थी, काजल आपसे बहुत जल्दी घुल जाएगी, वो जल्दी उत्तेजित हो जाती है “.

Me ” कैसे मतलब, उत्तेजित? ”

Poonam ” उमसे गर्मी ज्यादा है ” (she is Oversexed) ”

I had never met an oversexed girl and it excited me a bit ” शादी नहीं कराई ” ?

Poonam quietly ” नहीं बाबू शादी तो हो चुकी है, उसका आदमी छोड़ के भाग गया “, My Heart leaped at a readymade opportunity ” इसी वझे से? ” Just then Kajal came, Poonam came and introduced ” ये काजल है, बकरियां ये देखती है. “. Kajal greeted me ” बाबू जी नमस्ते “. Instantly I noticed her feasting her eyes on me, Poonam ” जा काजल बाबू जी को बाड़े दिखा ला! ” I stepped out and Kajal showed me the way; she was quick to strike a conversation.

Kajal ” बाबू आप कहाँ से आए हो? “.

Me ” मैं दिल्ली से “.

Her massive tits, heaving up and down as she walked, she casually adjusted her dupatta giving me a clearer view, man she has massive tits probably 38DD, she smiled at me as I peeked at her deep cleavage ” क्या देख रहे हो बाबू? पहले कभी नहीं देखे? “. I didn’t answer; She stepped closer as I started to walk back ” आओ बाबू, देख लो!! ” I played with her ” क्या दिखा रही है? ” She smiled at me mischievously ” बकरियों का बाड़ा, आप क्या समझे? ” By now her dupatta was in her hand, her assets on full Display, my cock began to harden, and I tried to hide it, she noticed my crotch and smilingly ” क्या हुआ बाबू, परेशान लग रहे हो? “. I put my hands into my pocket and tried to hide my Hardon ” नहीं कुछ नहीं “. As she showed me around the Pen a male goat mounted a Female, she quickly grabbed the goat’s leg to allow mating, and she turned around ” ये पहली बार, हरी हो रही है, मदद करनी पड़ती है “. She was squatting and I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her boobs, I turned around to leave ” मैं चल रहा हूँ बाकी कल सुबह देखूंगा! “. She stopped me ” बाबू वहां अंदर वो बकरे है; जो तैयार है जाने के लिए, उन्हें भी देख लो! ” It had been days, since I had Sex and I had a big Hardon, she entered the shed and I followed her The shed door was a little short as I entered she stopped suddenly and I bumped into her and my hard cock poked into her ass it was an accident but she was amused ” अरे बाबू आप तो उत्तेजित हो गए! “. I put my hands into my pockets trying to hide my erection ” क्या कह रही है? मैं कोई उत्तेजित नहीं हुआ हूँ “. She pointed towards my crotch ” फिर क्या छुपा रहे हो, निकालो जेब से हाथ! “, By then I was sure I’ll get to Fuck before Poonam, I took my hands out and let her see my erection ” अब खुश है ? हो जाता है जब कई दिनों से मिली न हो ! चल अब चलते है “. As we walked back,

Kajal ” आप मुझे देखते ही पसंद आ गए, और मैं गरम हो गई, इसलिए आपको रिझा रही हूँ, कहीं आप सोचो की मैं किसी से भी लगती हूँ “.

Me ” और नतीजा देख लिया, अब बता मैं क्या करूँ? ” She was determined to have sex, she was talking me into it.

Kajal ” बस इतनी सी बात, यहाँ कोने में चलो, दोनों का काम हो जाएगा! ” It was torture my erection was getting harder by the minute and I was fighting the idea of going without a condom

Me ” और लगाऊंगा क्या तेरा दुपट्टा! चल जल्दी अँधेरा हो रहा है ! “. She was getting relentless and I was getting very very horny. I kept walking fighting my inner demon till I reached the stay area, Poonam was already waiting ” काजल कहाँ रह गई ”

Me ” आ रही है पीछे ” I went to my room and planned for my next Day and my first priority was getting a big pack of condom. There was a Knock on the door

Kajal ” जी पूनम ने खाना भेजा है “. She placed the food on the table and came closer ” अब कैसा है? कुछ ठीक हुआ ? ”

Me ” अब ठीक है “. I winked at her and she left happily. While I went to sleep stroking my cock, thinking about the new Sexual adventures that awaits me.

End of Day One

More in Part 2

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