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tagIncest/TabooMy New Wrestling Coach

"I can't fucking believe it… I can't fucking believe it." I kept saying.
"What's wrong Danny?"
"My personal wrestling coach just quit and there isn't time to get a replacement for the finals in eight weeks."
"Calm down. I'm sure they will find someone."
"Mom, you don't understand…he was my personal coach and trainer. I'm never going to win in the finals now."
My mother came over and I explained to her that Mr. Jenkins knew everything about me, my wrestling moves, my strengths & weaknesses and he trained me in a special way.
"Take it easy Danny. Don't get ahead of yourself. I'll find out. I'll call the school now. Have some tea."
As I was drinking my tea I heard my mom on the phone with Mr. Reardon, the high school principal. I couldn't hear what he was saying but I did hear my mother…
"Mr. Reardon, what's going on with my son's wrestling coach."

"But the finals are in eight weeks. What the hell is my son supposed to do now without a coach?"

"My son's future is on the line. College recruiters are going to be at the finals to take a look at my son. I expect you to do something now."
And she hung up.
"What did he say mom?"
He said that they are looking for a replacement and will get back to us.
"That's just fucking great. My life is over. I'll never get that wrestling scholarship now."
"Don't worry Danny. I'll think of something. Now why don't you take a hot shower and go and relax."
I headed up the stairs to take a hot shower, which always calms me down and relaxed me. After I took my shower, I put on an old pair of gym shorts and tank top and headed downstairs.
"Feel better Danny?"
"Yeah mom. Thanks."
"Danny, I have an idea. Just listen, ok?"
"I'm listening mom."
My mom started telling me, "When I was in college, I was the captain of our school women's wrestling team. I never mentioned it to you because I thought you would laugh at me. Anyway, I was good at it and that's where and when I met your dad. He was on the men's wrestling team."
She continued, "Now, I was wondering if you would let me coach and train you? We can practice downstairs in the basement since we have enough room and we have the mats and everything we need."
"Mom, that's crazy. I can't wrestle you. You are my mom."
"It's just an idea. I can train you and you can tell me what Mr. Jenkins showed you and we can do it together."
"But, mom?"
"Look sonny, if your dad was here, he would tell you to do it. We have nothing to lose."
"Ok, we can try it and see how it goes."
We discussed a schedule and I told mom what training I was doing with my coach, all of which we could do at home. We decided to start the next day after I got home from school.
The next day I got home from school and mom had everything ready. She was even in a bathing suit to wrestle me in. I went upstairs to change into shorts and a tank top.
We went downstairs and mom had everything ready. Mom told me to show her my moves and we would practice them and after that, I could use the weights. She even had our camcorder set to record our training.
Well, we started and we were on the mat and as I made a move, she countered and knocked me on my ass. I looked up at her and she had a big smile on her face.
I never expected that since mom is about 125 soaking wet. She is 42 and only 5'7" and does have an athletic build and obviously is stronger than she looks. I smiled and told her I was distracted by her outfit. I told her that her tits were a bit too big for her attire and they distracted me. She just laughed and said that was a poor excuse.
We tried again and this time I took her down and she wound up on her ass. This time I was prepared. It also helped that I am 18, 5'9" and 180 and strong.
So, we practiced a few moves for about an hour and just before we finished mom said, "Ok, let's do a real simulation. Try to beat me."
"Ok, but I don't want to hurt you."
"You mean I won't hurt you."
We did a lot of moves and then it happened, my hand got caught in her bathing suit strap and when I pulled my hand free, her tit came popping out. But my mom continued wrestling and got me in a hold that I couldn't break and she won.
We fell on the mat exhausted, her tit still out and she didn't even bother to cover it up. She just said, "Good job son. Maybe next time you could beat your old mom." We got up and then she put her tit back in her suit.
I remained to do some weights and mom went upstairs to take a shower.
After I finished my weights, I went and took my shower and eventually went downstairs for dinner.
Over dinner we talked about my training.
"Well, what do you think sonny boy? You want to continue?"
"Yeah mom, I think it might work out. You were lucky today."
We laughed and I said, "Mom, I'm sorry about today. My hand got caught in your strap. Sorry about that."
"No need to apologize. You've seen tits before."
"Yeah mom, but not yours. That's why you won. I got distracted."
"Well, maybe I'll go topless then I can win all the time."
"Mom, you go topless and I'll let you win."
After dinner we went and watched TV and relaxed until it was bedtime.
The next day mom was waiting for me after school and I hurriedly changed into a pair of gym shorts and a tank top.
When I went to the basement, mom was waiting for me in a pair of shorts and a tight fitting tank top and I could tell she didn't have a bra on.
"Are you ready sonny boy to get your ass whipped?"
"Mom, you're not playing fair. I am already distracted."
"Danny, you're fixated on my tits. Just try to beat me."
"Then go for it mom."
For almost 30 minutes we exchanged holds & counter holds and the workout was great. Mom sure knew her stuff, even more so than Mr. Jenkins… and she was much prettier.
On the first series of moves, I was able to take my mom down but when I did, her too got ripped and her tits got exposed and she lost. She got so pissed off that she tore her top off completely and was now topless.
"Mom, go put another top on, please."
"Just try to beat me."
On one of the last sets of moves, my mom's hands brushed against my cock and she could feel its hardness. On the last set of moves, she accidently hit me in my balls. I let out a cry and fell over in pain. My mom grabbed me and held me tight as I held my cock and balls. Her tits pressed up against me.
"I am so sorry baby. It was an accident."
I said, almost in tears, "That's the only way you could beat me. You got even with me because your tits came out."
"Not true…My baby, mommy will make it better."
Then my mother slipped her hands inside my shorts and pulled them down until I was completely exposed.
"Mom, what are you doing?"
"I'm going to make my son feel better."
She started gently massaging my balls.
"Does this feel ok baby?"
"Yeah mom. The pain is going away."
As she kept massaging my balls, my cock started getting hard.
"Mom, I think you should stop now mom…mom, stop now."
"Oh Danny, I've seen hard cocks before. I'm just about finished now anyway. Feel better?"
"Yes, mother dear. The pain is gone. Thanks mom."
Needless to say, I couldn't do weights so I finished and limped upstairs to take a hot shower.
I undressed and stepped in and put the water on. The hot water felt great on my aching body. I just stood there with the water cascading over me. As I was lost in relaxation, I heard the door opening and in came my mother, naked.
"Mom, what the hell are you doing?"
"What does it look like? I'm taking a shower with my trainee."
"Mom, you should get out."
"My son doesn't want his mom with him?"
"Stop complaining. Most sons would love to shower with their mothers. Besides, I wanted to make sure your parts are ok. Let me see."
I turned around and showed her. She looked at me then moved her hands down to my balls and felt them and told me they looked fine, bruised but fine. By this time my cock was hard.
"Mmmm, you know what Danny, everything looks ok but I should make sure everything is fine."
Then my mother knelt in the shower, water cascading over her shoulders and then she moved her face to my cock and slipped it in her mouth.
I could not believe that my mother was sucking my cock. As she sucked me, she looked up at me and asked, "How is my big boy doing? He feel better now?"
"Yes mom. It feels much better."
She kept sucking and I told her I was going to cum. She looked up at me and said, "Well, if you cum then we'll know your are all better." After a few more sucks, I shot stream after stream of cum into my mother's mouth and I watched her swallow every drop.
"Wow son. I guess you are all better."
"Thanks mom. You are a great coach and a doctor."
We both laughed and finished our shower and dried off and got dressed.
We went downstairs for dinner. Over dinner we discussed the training regiment and figured it was working well and that I would be ready for the finals in six weeks. Mom promised to keep up the training.
For the next few days we put off training until I was well again. In the meantime I got some tapes of some of my matches so we could analyze them.
Mom worked up some extra training exercises and reviewed data that Mr. Jenkins left behind.
As soon as I was better, training started again. We now had about three weeks before the finals.
Our first training session was more relaxed and we were both very careful so as not to hurt each other.
Mom showed me different ways to break holds or counter moves. Neither one of us got hurt or lost our clothes.
It was the week before the finals and over dinner mom said, "Danny, I think your chances are excellent to win the finals…I really do, but I think, no…I know, we need a real tune up match. Don't you?"
"I guess you're right mom. Mr. Jenkins always had me do one a few days before my match. Sure, let's do one."
"Tomorrow, after school we will do it."
As soon as I got home, mom told me to get ready and come downstairs.
I hurriedly put on shorts only and went downstairs. Mom had everything ready. She even had a cam corder to record the tune up match.
"Before we start, let's review our training recordings then we can wrestle."
"Sounds good to me mom."
We watched the recording and it proved useful. Then mom said we were ready to train.
As I got on the mat, my mom removed her cover-up and I was shocked to see mother naked.
"Mom, what the fuck are you doing naked?"
"I figured that if could beat me naked, you would be able to win at the finals. It's all about concentration. So, my son, beat me."
"Ok, mom you asked for it."
We started the match and my mom was beating me, having won the first two matches.
"What's the matter, my baby distracted by his naked mother?"
"I got pissed and beat her the next two making us even.
"I don't hear you now mom. Nothing to say?"
"It's not over baby. Give it your best shot."
We started the last match and I was winning. Just then I felt my mother's hand on my cock and she grabbed it and I got distracted and she won.
She fell to the mat laughing. I said to her, "That wasn't fair. You cheated."
"I didn't cheat. I just took advantage of my opponent who was more interested in his mother's pussy & tits."
"You're right mom…guilty as charged. You won."
"Come on son, let's go take a shower."
Mom continued, "You know Danny, you are going to win at the finals. You have trained hard, listened and are a winner. I'm proud of you baby."
"I couldn't have done it without you mom. You are a great trainer and doctor and are sure as hell pretty…but you don't play fair."
"Your mom learned long ago that everything is fair and to use what you have to your advantage."
"Well, you sure used what you have to your advantage. You are the sexiest trainer I ever had."
We went upstairs and we got into the shower like it was a natural thing to do. My mother and I washed each other all over and it didn't take long before my cock was hard. My mom laughed and said, "You know son, what would you say if I wanted to take care of that big thing of yours the right way?"
I looked at her with a puzzled look and asked her what she meant.
"Danny, there is only one real way to take care of that (pointing to my hard on)."
"Come on, let's dry off and let your mother take care of that. You deserve it."
We dried off and mom led me to her bedroom. Mom got on the bed and told me to join her.
As I got on the bed, I was thinking (I can't believe my mom wants to fuck me. My fantasy is coming through)
I laid besides my mom and she kissed me, a deep lovers kiss. Our tongues met as we felt each other up. My mouth went to her nipples and I sucked on them as my mom pushed my face down on her tits. Her body squirming in passion.
Her hand went down to my cock and balls and played with them. Then she said, "Danny, I want to feel your cock inside me baby. Put your cock in my cunt Danny and fuck me."
I wasted no time in mounting my mother. My cock easily slipped in her wet cunt until it was buried as far as it could go.
She wrapped her legs around my waist and told me to fuck her. Like a good son, I did just that. It didn't take me long before I told her I was going to cum. She pulled me closer to me as I shot my cum in several spurts into her cunt. She started yelling out, "Oh God, I'm cumming…I'm cumming," as she bucked like a wild horse until she finally stopped.
For the rest of the night, we made love and we finally fell asleep, my cock in her cunt, hugging each other.
Mom woke up first and she was looking at me as I opened my eyes.
"Sleep well baby?"
"Mom, did we? Or was it a dream?"
Mom laughed and said, "Did we? Baby, mommy is still oozing your cum from my cunt. Yeah, we did."
I smiled and said, "Then I'm glad it wasn't a dream." As I pulled her to me and we kissed and made love the whole day and the day after and the day after, etc.
Epilogue –
I did win at the finals and was offered a four year full scholarship. I had several colleges to choose from and I took the one that hired my mom as the school's wrestling coach.

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