My niece and ne part 2 | incest story from Kunjumohamed

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My niece( who was settled abroad after her marriage ) came to their place for two weeks.Her house was not faraway from my home.After they reached the house same evening I went there. I found the niece all alone in herhouse.When I asked she told they all ( niecws husband, son, her mom and younger sister) went niece’s husband’s house in the same district but abit faraway for 3 days’ stay.Anyway as per her request I decided to stay there for 3 days.Come in the evening and leave in the morning. I informed my wife and she agreed.By 7.30 she prepared the dinner. I had 2 pegs ,and she one peg of scotch whiskey which she had brought from abroad. After the dinner she changed over to the nighty. It was afrock,knee length,sleeve less and low neck. Above all it was semi transparent. Seeing her in that frock mycock had a half erection beneath my underwear. She must not have noticed it. When shetold me it was purchased from abroad, I told her it was very attractive, but only problem was it was transparent.

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