My niece in Goa and me part 3 | incest story from Kunjumohamed

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After a couple of years after my niece at Goa encouraged me to try to fuck her mother ( my sister) I got an opportunity At that time I was 40 and sister 35. She had come for a tendays stay at my house. We were all alone at that time. In early night we decided to have some nonveg snacks and beer. I required two bottles of beer. I thought she will require only one bottle.But to my surprise she told two bottles. She added ” Normally I take only one bottle, but today we should have some filthy talks and so I require two bottles. Anyway we both consumed the beer and snacks and entered the bedroom. She started ” I heard from my daughter yhat a couple of years back at Goa,you both had some conversations. She also told me that she encouraged you to try a chance to fuck me.” I instantly replied ” That’s right. In fact years back apart from peeping while you bathed and squeezing your boobs, I wanted to do more. But I didn’t have the courage to indicate this to you. I thought you will get angry with me. But when I told about this to your daughter she told that had you tried this her mom ( you) must have agreed and still you can try it now. Butwhen I told her it was too late, since her mom is already married and gave birth to you”.She replied ” what is the harm in trying it now” That’s why I decided to try. My sister gave me a mischievous smile. We disrobbed each other. When I last seen her,she was only 15,and so her whole body including boobs were very small. Now at 35,her boobs were quite big and firm ( although she had delivered a daughter, her boobs were very firm.Telling this I pressed hard both of her boobs and swallowed them . She also told me ” when I last seen you naked ( you were only 20) your cock was comparatively small. Now at 40, the cock is quite huge. Telling this she caught hold of my fully erected cock and fondled. I reached Heavens. I reached her pussy area and licked and her hymen also was bitten by me.She was screaming out of little pain and pleasure. I made her stand away from me ( herbuttocks facing me) and inserted my middle finger into her asshole and made to and fro.motions. I also brought her middle finger into my asshole and she nade to and fro.motions. Then she lay on her back. I spread her thighs and inserted my huge cock into her pussyhole and made to and fro motions until it cummed into her pussy. After cleaning we slept,awaiting next night.