My older Sister Judith continued 2 | incest story from Harry J

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Written by Harry J,
on 2023-06-12,
genre incest

Our efforts were rewarded and both Judith and Alice are pregnant to me now. Judith got pregnant first and the baby is very healthy, Alice soon pregnant as well and is having twins, both healthy. Alice and I married a month after she was confirmed as pregnant. I will a father in late July and again in early September. Only the 3 of us know I’m Judith’s baby father and Judith wants it that way. Actual intercourse with Judith has stopped stop until after the birth of our daughter and Alice will also stop intercourse soon as well. But blowjobs are still allowed by Judith with Alice assisting. We all sleep naked and shower together that isn’t changing. Perfect arrangement for us as Alice likes woman on woman action and gets Judith alone for that. I love threesomes with them both.

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