My personal fuckpig wife

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Nothing off limits, I made her my personal, but shared fuckpig.

My wife used to be quite pretty and very shapely. Smallish tits, only a small B cup at most, slightly darker pink nips, with really nice legs and ass. Somehow she managed to keep well used pussy in pretty good shape, pretty damn tight. Her ass was pretty loose but I still fucked it a lot anyway. She has reddish blonde hair and it is the same on her used up pussy. She trims, shaves, waxes, or goes full bush as I want. She does anything sexually that I want, and has always been this way.

She got fucked at bible camp at 13 by a boy in the woods. He popped her cherry, came in two or three minutes and got up, pulled up his pants and walked away leaving her laying there with a cum filled pussy mixed with a little blood from her hymen break. The next day he wouldn’t even talk to her, rather was talking to a 12 year old girl. She then talked to other boys and at the end of the day had let three of them fuck her. She continued fucking them the rest of the week and the first boy came around for more after the 12 year old wouldn’t put out. My wife gave it to him. At home word got around and she was ostracized by the other girls so she started hanging out with boys all the time. Many times groups of boys and would give BJ’s and let them fuck her.

She was 13 with her first pregnancy her mom took her to the clinic. Six months later she was pregnant again. After the clinic the mom was trying to ground her like she came home late or something, either way it didn’t work, she was till going out getting fucked. She was pregnant 4 times before she was 18, the last one her mom made her have and keep. That is my oldest step daughter. She was out with 2 boys in their car when she was 16, down by a river. She laid back in the backseat, with her blouse and bra up over her tits, and her panties and jeans around one ankle, on her back. Then the first boy pulled up her legs really high, pumped her pussy a few times and then stuck it up her ass. It was her first anal, it hurt her, though she does get really wet in her pussy. The second guy rolled her over and fucked her ass from behind. She’d had one load in her mouth and 4 up her butt by the time they took her home.

My wife had 8 kids total, I’m the father of 2 or 3 of them, the others were all before I knew her. By the time I met her when she was 20 she was still looking really good, and was so damn adventurous sexually I couldn’t help it. I knew about her past, I knew about her kids and didn’t care. She was a total slut. By the way a slut that kept up with her kids, did all the laundry, cleaned house, cooked incredibly well, and was a total slut and whore in the bedroom or out. From the beginning though she’d do things around the house, or out shopping that I didn’t like. I told her if she spent that much again in one shopping spree that I’d whip her ass for her and teach her a lesson. I knew she’d had men who had actually beaten her up before, but I didn’t know she liked it. She went out three times, and spent just as much money. Her excuse “You said I couldn’t spend that much on one shopping trip, so I did three”.

With that I made the kids go outside and grabbed my wife by the arm and dragged her to our bedroom. She bent over the bed, waiting for her punishment. “You’re not getting off that easy cunt, stand up and strip, totally strip” I yelled at her. I made her dance around to please me while naked, without music, just moving around then I told her it was time. I took my clothes off and she said “What, you think that cock is gonna make me hurt? Shit I had bigger than that when I was 13”
I pulled my belt out of my pants, she looked more scared “You didn’t say anything about using a belt, just your hand” she said. I was so fucking mad, I practically spit it out “You don’t get a say whore, you are my wife and will do what i want. You think I like having the town slut as my wife? You think I like that you’ve fucked over 130 guys? Lord only knows how many you’ve sucked off. No you dirty lowlife pig, this is my rules now” and with that I made her lay down across the bed.

I gave her 30 whacks with my belt, she was crying real tears now, I made her roll over and spread her legs as far apart as she could get them, then gave her 10 really hard whack on her now bald pussy. “Please baby, please no more, I promise I’ll be good baby, please don’t hurt me anymore” she was crying. “And what the fuck do I get for letting you off so easy?” I asked. “Anything baby anything, just dont’ do it anymore please, I learned my lesson” she cried again. I told her to get on all fours and walk around the room snorting like a pig. I called her “piggie J” and my little fuckpig, as she was doing it. I told her she was my slave, my fuckpig now and wasn’t good for anything else. She didn’t deserve someone like me, she was so fucking used up she should be kissing my ass every damn day because I agreed to marry the slut. With that she crawled over, grunting and snorting and got behind me spread my ass cheeks and kissed me on my asshole. “Lick it” I yelled. She licked it and though I knew she’d probably done it before I’d never been rimmed before. I leaned over the edge of the mattress and told her to lick my asshole. She did and as she did it I was getting super hard, I rolled over she wanted to suck my cock and I pushed her away. She was crying again, asking me what I wanted her to do. I jacked off and when I was ready I told her to keep her eyes open and her mouth shut. I blasted cum all over her hair, her eyes, her face, then wiped my cock off on her tits.

After that she will sometimes want to be whipped, she likes it and will tell me of something she did during the day that she knows I don’t like or allow. That earns her a belt whipping again. I’ve bought a pigtail buttplug that she wears anytime I want, but it is part of her usual bed time ritual. She sleeps with the pigtail up her asshole. I also bought a plastic pignose that goes around her head with elastic and she looks so good crawling around grunting and snorting with her pigtail and pignose. “What you slut” I ask. “I’m daddy’s fuckpig, his cum bucket, a cumdump for anyone he tells me, I’m Piggie J and I’ll do anything you want”. Sometimes she intentionally forgets some of that and I take out the belt again. I’ve done all the following to degrade her and she revels in it, but it also makes her cry a lot, knowing she could have turned out differently. The kids are on their own now, we’re older she is much fatter, which earns her 30 whacks on her back, thighs and ass for every pound she gains. She has marks on her from where too many whacks broke the skin, but I don’t care. I’ve done so much to her and with her:

Lent her out to guys to take for the night, weekend, even a week at a time to abuse and use.

Gangbangs, her number is up to 217 guys (about 15 lost their virginity in her piggie cunt when they were in their early teens) and 14 women. The women include one virgin, that I got to pop

When she was looking good still, I sold her pussy, ass and mouth for good money

Fat now, I sell her for $1 BJ, $5 fuck, $10 buttfuck.

One time I sold her to three teenagers behind a Denny’s for a can of beer.

She’s now been fucked in the pussy and sometimes asshole by 19 dogs, all on video

She was getting fucked by three guys who came over to our house, her sister came to visit and she kept going the sister watching it all happen. She told their brother who asked if he could fuck her too. I said yes.

The same sister, I fucked while my wife watched. I asked the sister and she said yes, I make my piggie lick my creampie out of her sisters cunt.

Her sister and brother come over sometimes for spankings and participate in it.

I took her to a tattoo parlor and for every new cock I have a small light pink dot put on her inner thighs, and a brown dot for every woman. They’ve had to use both inner thighs, up inside the fold next to her pussy lips.

I write dirty shit on her in india ink and sometimes write over it day after day so it stays longer. I’ve made her go to a hotel pool in a very small bikini with “Assfucked slut” across her ass, and “Cheap whore” over her pussy, the patches of material covered nothing.

Last week when the weather was warm, I make her fat pig self go out in the tiny bikini and wash the car. “Fun” written over one tit “Bags” written over the other. On her lower belly “Good hole for dogs” just above her pussy hair. Then as she was down on her hands and knees I took out her pig nose and made her put it on, then got behind her and made her squeal while I buttfucked her out there behind the car.

I own the bitch, and she loves it.

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#Abuse #BDSM #Pregnancy #Teen #Virgin