My Priest Uncle Made Me His Slave

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By The Slave Savv The day I moved in with my uncle and my life changed forever

For a quick backstory, my name is Savv, I’m 17 now, I’m short, pale, covered in freckles, have straight black hair down to my hips, weigh 114lbs, and I’ve been told I have a really amazing ass. My parents have basically never really cared about me and only saw me as a money drain, so they shipped me off to my uncle right before I started high-school at 14. We can just call him Uncle K. He was 46 at the time, he’s tall, slim but muscley, tan, short dark hair with some gray, and he’s the towns very respected priest.
When my dad dropped me off at his house that one hot day in the middle of July, I remember instantly regretting my outfit choice. My dad had warned me it was going to be super hot, (and it was since it was Lousiana), so I had worn a sports bra and some really short running shorts, with my hair in pigtails and some sunglasses. I had seen my dad looking at me in the car and in the middle of the drive he put his hand on my thigh and left it there the rest of the way, but he had always been weird with goodbyes so I just assumed this was him trying to be nice. When I tried to get out of the car my dad held my leg down and told me to wait. He got out and waved to my uncle K who was sitting on his porch. Uncle K waved back and walked over to the car. I saw him look me up and down through the window, and I saw a smirk flash on his face before he turned and started talking to my dad. They were talking quietly and every few seconds uncle K would look back over at me.
After they finished talking, my dad started grabbing my bags and brought them inside. My uncle K kept staring at me for a few minutes before opening my door and holding his hand out to help me out. I smiled awkwardly and took it before stepping out of the car, stumbling slightly. He laughed and pulled me in for a tight hug. I felt his hands trail down my back and down my hips and they stopped to rest on my ass. I froze as he lightly squeezed it before pulling away and swatting it. Then he laughed and started pushing me towards the house.
“Cmon, let me show you around while your dad unloads everything.”
I awkwardly stumbled along as he showed me the house. He brought me to the kitchen, telling me I’d be expected to have lunch and dinner ready for him each day. Then he showed me the living room, where he had the oldest TV I’d ever seen, and a landline wall phone that I didn’t think even still existed. Then the bathroom, the yard, and his bedroom.
“How do you like the bedspread? ” He smirked.
“Oh, umm” I looked at it. It was an ugly brown, stained comforter, black sheets and random white and blue pillows.
“It’s um, it’s nice!” I smiled and tried to be kind.
He laughed and grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the kitchen. My dad was sitting at the counter drinking a beer. My uncle sat me down at the kitchen table and grabbed himself a drink before sitting down and quietly talking to my father again.
I looked around and saw a locked door on the opposite side of the kitchen. I looked away as I tried to think of what could be down there.
After a few minutes, my dad stood up, finished his beer, threw it away and walked towards me. He leaned down, put his hand back on my thigh, and whispered,
“Make sure you listen to your uncle, I don’t want to hear of you giving him any problems ya hear?”
“Yes sir.”
“Thatta girl”
He stood straight and walked out the door without another word.
I sat silent as uncle k stood across from me. I looked down at the table as he started to speak.
“Well, do you want a drink or something?”
I nodded slowly. He sighed and walked towards the sink. I kept my eyes down until he walked back with a drink in hand. I reached out for it but he pulled the drink back.
“What do you say?”
I looked at him confused as he raised an Eyebrow at me.
“Thank… you?”
He smiled “good girl!” And handed me the drink.
I took a sip and he sat next to me.
“So, let’s talk about the ground rules, okay?”
I nodded and took another sip of my drink.
“First of all, you’ll have to attend all the church programs with me, and get familiar with everyone there, especially since you’ll be attending the towns all girls Christian school come fall time, so I signed you up for Sunday school to assist the teachers and younger kids.”
I nodded along as my head started to feel funny. I took a nervous sip of my drink as uncle k continued.
“Second, outfits like these,” he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and snapped the stars of my sports bra. I held my breath as he smirked and started again.
“They just won’t fly. We’ll have to go shopping for you soon, I know a few stores the young girls at the church like to shop at, so we can start there. For now, you’ll just have to wear what I can find around here, but we can get to that later.”
I took a big gulp of my drink as my head spun and my heart sounded. The hand around my shoulders started to rub my arm, slowly inching closer to my boob.
“Third, I know this is all new to you, so I don’t expect you to get it right away, but to make it click a little faster I’m going to be very strict with you. You’ll be studying and attending services and doing whatever is needed for you to learn the ways of our church. If you don’t do what’s expected of you, you’ll be punished.”
My head lulled back and rested on uncle k’s arm as he started to grope my boob. I laid there still, my body feeling too heavy to move.
“To start, I’m going to have to punish you for your outfit,” he pinched my nipple and smiled as I gasped. “I just want to make sure you learn.”
With that, he pulled my drink out of my limp hands and placed it on the table. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me over his shoulder and walked over to the locked door I had seen earlier. My eyelids got heavy as he unlocked the door and headed down the dark, creaky staircase. By the time he was at the bottom my eyes were shut and I could feel myself falling asleep.
Eventually I woke up, and I tried to open my eyes but was blinded by a bright light. I slammed my eyes back shut and tried to figure out what was going on. I felt cold, and I could tell I was laying on something hard. My arms and legs were sore, and when I tried to stretch them I realized I was tied down and couldn’t move. I tried to yell but realized there was something holding my mouth open. I started to panic as I tried to escape when I suddenly heard a voice.
“Well look who’s finally up,”
I recognized uncle k’s voice and I froze. I felt him place his hand on my upper thigh and tried to move away, even though I knew it was no use.
He laughed before continuing, “you should see your face, you’re so red.”
I felt myself brush and he laughed again.
“You see Savv, as a priest I’m supposed to abstain from sex until marriage, but unfortunately, I don’t want to get married. So, I figured since I’ve been doing this for so long, god would accept if I just had something to get rid of my urges, so I could become even better at doing the lords work.”
Uncle K started trailing his hand up my shorts. I felt goosebumps cover my skin as he started rubbing my clit through my panties. I’d never had sex before but one of the boys at my old school had me give him a blow job on the last day of school and he had shoved his fingers inside me to distract me as he took a picture. What uncle k was doing felt much nicer but I didn’t want it to.
Suddenly he stopped and walked away, and I let out a breath of relief thinking it was over. My eyes flew open as I felt something cold touch my though, but the light blinded me again so I slammed my eyes shut before I could see what was happening. I heard the snap of scissors and felt my shorts start to fall. I heard uncle K laugh again as he cut all the way through and they fell the floor before he moved up to my sports bra. Tears fell from my eyes as I felt him start to cut through, sliding the scissors up across my nipple before cutting it off completely. It got stuck on my arm and uncle k placed the scissors open around my boob before ripping the ruined bra off and tossing it to the floor. I held my breath as he started to rub and pull on my nipples with one hand as the other grabbed the scissors and moved to my panties. He groaned as he started to cut through them on the sides and they got stuck between my ass cheeks. He pinched my nipple and laughed as he yanked them out and shoved them into his pocket. He tossed the scissors and started running his finger between my lips.
“Looks like someone’s getting wet” he said grinning.
I shook my head as the tears started falling faster and uncle K started pushing his finger inside me.
“Let’s see if your father was telling the truth huh?”
I squeezed my eyes closed tighter as he pushed his finger as far as he could until something made him stop.
“Wow… he definitely wasn’t lying,” he smirked and started poking the barrier inside me before withdrawing completely.
He put his hands together, closed his eyesand whispered, “Thank you lord for this generous gift I’m about to receive,”
He put his hands down and started undoing his belt. I heard his pants drop to the floor, and I tried to ask him to stop but the thing in my mouth made it impossible.
I felt his hands pawing my body as he climbed on top of me. He was squeezing and pinching and poking me everywhere. I jumped as something big and wet bumped my pussy and he laughed.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it soon.”
I heard him move the lamp and I opened my eyes and blinked hard as my eyes adjusted. Once my vision was mostly back, I watched as uncle k lined his long, fat dick up with my entrance, made eye contact with me as he rubbed it up and down my slit. My pussy responded and started to get wet as I tried to hold back a moan. Uncle K smirked before starting to push inside. I groaned as I felt my pussy stretch apart for the first time, and pulled against my restraints. He felt huge inside me and my eyes burned with tears as he pushed steadily inside me.
After a minute or 2, I felt him bump into my barrier again. He stopped and held himself there as he started to play with my boobs.
“Before I completely mark you as mine, I just want to tell you whats coming. After I take your virginity, in the eyes of the lord you’ll be mine. I will get to use you whenever I have the need, and you will submit and obey me as God intended. This room is only for punishments, but if you ever disobey me or don’t allow me to relieve my urges you will be brought and left down here until I see fit. Understand me?”
I closed my eyes and he pinched my nipple hard until my eyes shot open. Tears rolled down my cheek as I nodded my head yes.
“Good. Now it’s time to take your punishment.”
He slowly started pushing himself inside me again. Pain shot inside me as he drew out popping my cherry. When it finally broke I screamed through the gag as he moaned. He kept pushing and I started feeling him inside my stomach. I kept trying to pull at my restraints as my insides stretched to fit him.
I finally felt his balls smack my ass and he groaned as he crammed his entire dick inside me. He stayed there and again started to play with my boobs. He trailed one hand down and started rubbing the spot on my stomach where you could see his dick. I whined and my legs twitched as he laughed at me.
“Look how full you are. I love how tiny you are, I can’t wait to throw you around,” he grinned at me and started circling his dick inside me. I groaned loudly and felt my pussy squeeze around his dick. My tummy started to tighten and I slammed my eyes shut as my legs started to shake and I moaned loudly. Uncle k started pinching both my nipples until i screamed into my gag again.
“Good girl, cum on my fat dick!”
He twisted my nipples as I came hard for the first time ever around his dick. Then he started pumping in and out of me and I groaned with every thrust.
“Thank you lord, for this amazing gift, I swear I’ll make you proud,” he started praying as he thrust harder and harder.
“You’re gonna take my cum, and one day you’re gonna give me a big family, and im gonna turn a mess like you into a woman god will cherish!”
I shook my head as he grabbed my hips and started slamming himself in and out of me hard. I pulled against my restraints as I felt his cum fill up my stomach. He started to slow down and kept pumping until he was completely empty. My pussy took it all, and he held his dick inside me as he laid ontop of me.
“I just wanna make sure it all has a chance to get deep inside you.”
I spaced out as my eyelids felt heavy again, and I started to drift off and uncle K started to undo my wrists.
When I woke up, uncle k had me ass up, across his lap, as he laid on the couch watching football, with his fingers pumping in and out of me.
“It’s almost time for you to make dinner. Don’t make me have to punish you again.”
Uncle K held me there until I came on his fingers, then made me stand up immediately and make dinner.
I brought him his plate and when I tried to sit down to eat and pushed me infront of him and onto my knees. He pulled out his dick and shoved my head down onto it and made me give him a blow job.
“This will be your dinner each night, so no need to waste extra food. This is what slaves eat.”
He made me suck him until he came, then until he got hard and came again.
After dinner, he dragged me upstairs and pushed me onto his bed and onto my side. He got onto the other side and started spooning me. I felt his dick slide between my lips and he suddenly slammed it in as far as he could. I gasped I felt him slam into my stomach again, and my eyes watered. I tried to crawl away but he smacked my ass hard and held me down by my hips.
“This is how we’re gonna sleep everynight, that way if I need you in the middle of the night I can just start.”
I held my breath as I adjusted to the feeling. I tried to close my eyes but uncle k smacked my ass again and my eyes flew open.
“We have to pray to the lord. Now repeat after me,”
I nodded my head and took a deep breath
“Thank you lord for allowing me to please my uncle”
“Thank you lord for allowing me to please my uncle” I whispered
He grinned “I promise to obey your will and completely devote myself to him and you”
“I promise to obey your will and completely devote myself to him and you” I whispered again.
“I promise to take uncle k’s word as your will”
“I promise to take uncle k’s word as your will” a tear fell down my face.
“Am-” i moaned as uncle k suddenly thrust deep inside me. He laughed and wrapped himself around me and started playing with my clit.
“Goodnight little slave,”
Uncle K closed his eyes as I laid there trying not to cum as he rubbed my clit.

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By The Slave Savv #Mature #Rape #Teen #Virgin