My prima and I drinking

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We drank king corbras got drunk alittle more her but it was ok to me we I think so

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So my prima came over white booty shorts extra short ass sticking out we where drinking and watching music videos so she started nodding her head she leaned on my shoulder i put my arm around her and my hand palm fingers are on her big breast she was a ten grader high school big breast so i have my hand on her breast she had sweater hoodie sweater on and I squeezed her breast she smiled giggled and moved my hand but i put it back she moved it and got up went to my room she was sleeping over parents are out at a club so I follow her I get in the room she’s in her black tang top small white booty shorts I thought she wasn’t wearing anything under im hard dick hard i lay with her she turns kisses me and then stops sees its me and says your my cousin and turns around and on her side so i pull her tang top all the way to her waist and take my dick out and pull her booty shorts down she has on a yellow thong and she push my hands away but i grab her hands hold them away and pull her thong to the side and shoved my dick in her she was wet so went in at eas and started thrusting in out slow faster harder and she let me.

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