My rape files pt. 2

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By Kylo Reed I tried to find someone my age to fuck but nobody was good enough but then I saw this young boy and just had to cum

This story is about how I raped a little boy on the street.

I had raped my sister 3 weeks ago, and I have been molesting her ever since, I didn’t fuck her after that one time because I got off way more watching her play with herself. I taught her how to get off on a pillow, on her bedpost, and even on my thigh. But now going back to school I had a way more people to pick from.

Nobody at my school really sparked my interest, though, that was until Friday. I was walking home kicking rocks along the road when I saw a little boy playing with some rocks or bugs on the ground. His parents, I assumed, were inside the large gray house he was by.

“Hey, what are you doing”? I walked up to him and did my best not to draw any attention to myself, but from the looks of it, people passing probably thought I was his older brother or cousin. “Bugs” he replied and lifted the rock to show me how he had trapped two worms and a small spider underneath and I nodded in amusement. My dick needed attention even though it wasn’t hard I still wanted to fuck that boy’s throat, so I had to hurry. “I saw several cool bugs back there you want to see. I’ll bring you right back, okay” “oh, um-” the boy looked down at his bugs then at his house. “I better go tell my mom” I pulled the boy up by his arm softly, and he didn’t fight it “don’t do that you don’t want to bother her plus they might leave before you come back” the boy thought about this “okay fine” with that I led him down the alley behind the house.

“So, where are the-”? I pushed the boy up against a garbage bin, “ow let-”! He tried to get out, but I pushed his head up against the bin, slamming it back down. The metal connecting with the boy’s tiny head made a sound that would be etched in my brain forever. The kid tried to fight me off, but I had got his pants down, and he was facing away from me, so I easily overpowered him.

The boy didn’t have any underwear on, which made me smile. The boy was no longer moving, but I knew he was alive. The body hadn’t collapsed. I bent down and grabbed his ass cheeks and brought my face to his little butt and licked his tight, puckered hole. The boy gave a gasp, but he said nothing, so I did it again, lube him up with my saliva. Once his hole was lubed up enough for me, I decided to attempt one of my fingers inside, and as I did, the boy yelped and cried. “Stop! Stop! It hurts”! He begged, doesn’t he know begging made me want him more. I pumped my finger in and out of him, and I could see his little dick mashed up against the dumpster. It was cute.

His hole was stretched out enough for me, I got up and pulled down my pants and my boxers, my hard dick bouncing out. I lined myself up with his little boy hole and I forced myself inside of him. He was screaming and hollering as I thrust inside of him and me, which I could say I lasted long, but I didn’t. No more than 30 seconds of pumping, I could feel my dick being drained inside his tight asshole. The little boy’s body went limp as did my cock, and when I pulled out, he fell to the floor as if I were the only thing holding him up.

I assumed he had just passed out or something, so I kicked his leg to make sure he wasn’t dead, and the little guy opened his eyes. His bare ass on the gravel and his eyes right on my cock. The boy jumped up and pulled up his pants, “my butt hurts, I want to go home now”! “No” “please don’t put your thing back in my butt, I won’t tell my mom” it was cute the kid was trying to reason with me.

“How old are you”? The boy frowned, “I need to go home, let me go home”! He attempted to push past me, but I nudge him back in his place and grabbed his hand, putting it on his boyhood. “Feel that”? I felt him through his pants he was hard so I rubbed him, and he gave off a soft moan. “Feels good, doesn’t it”? I kept rubbing him, and he looked at me his eyelids were fluttering already, and he nodded “take off your pants and I can make you feel really good okay” I stopped pulling my hand away, but he was still hesitant, so I pulled down his pants for him.

His hard baby dick popped out probably 2–3 inches I lowered my face towards his crotch the scent of little boy dick was intoxicating, it was a shame I didn’t know it until now. I opened my mouth and easily fit him all inside of me, the boy moaned deliciously. My head raced up and down I had already got what I wanted, but I wanted to make him to feel good. “Ugh ahhh mmm” the boy’s sounds were twisted with fear and pleasure he didn’t thrust he didn’t pull away he didn’t hold or push my head he just stood there. I used his bum as handles to push him closer when I wanted. “I need to pee” I heard him mumble in a slurred tone and I hollowed out my cheeks and put extra attention to his tip and gave it a good swirl of my tongue which elected him to have an orgasm. His hipped buck hard and his little arms wrapped around my shoulder to steady himself as he grunted widely. “AHH-AHH-ah” he moaned over and over like a word stuck in his throat and I felt the little boy’s seed all inside my mouth warming me up. I swallowed his warm load and cleaned his cock with my tongue before pulling back and cleaning his little balls as well.

I got up, and the boy pulled up his pants again, we both looked at each other he had made me feel good I had made him feel good. “I’ll take you home now like I promise but don’t tell your mom about this you got it” he nodded and pulled out his pinky finger and I gave him a pinky promise.

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By Kylo Reed #Gay #Rape #Teen