My rape files pt. 4

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By Kylo Reed She knocks on my door looking for her ball and she leaves with her ball plus a belly full of my sperm

It was the weekend, which was good for me, I was alone by myself. Nikki was at Lucy’s house and my parents were on a dating that would probably end with fighting. I didn’t know what I wanted to do here, honestly, and I would’ve had fallen asleep, but a knock came from the front door. “Damn” I mumbled, thinking my parents were home and I got out of bed and went downstairs.

I opened the door to see a lady, early to mid-20s with blonde hair, smiling at me. “Hey, sorry to bother you, but my sister’s ball went into your yard” “oh okay I can-” I paused eying the lady up and down. She was fit and tall, she had good small boobs and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were visible through her white crop top shirt. “My backyard is right down there, I’ll help you find it.” she nodded and stepped inside my house and followed me to my backyard.

The girl got on her hands and knees, bending down to look at the ball, and my eyes connected with her skirt covered ass. Across the yard, I saw her ball, so left her and went to grab it. “Hey, I found your ball.” The girl got up and smiled at me, wiping the dirt off her knees.

“What’s some juice before you go”? She looked at her watch then back at me “sure what’s your name” “Andy what’s yours? I listened to her as I grabbed the orange juice and poured some in a cup for her, and I carefully dropped some sleeping powder my mom used for my sister when she was sick inside. Mixing it in with my finger, I washed my hands and gave her the juice.

“How old are you”? “I’m 20” Sara took a sip of the orange juice, “do you go to school”? She nodded and took more of the juice, and this time the powder hit her. “I think I should-” Sara stood up from the stool and held on to the island top and with one worried glance at me, she fell to the floor.

I dragged her by her arms over to the living room, I wasn’t trying to bring her upstairs. I lifted her skirt and pulled down her lace red underwear, her shaved pussy was right in front of my face. I put my face between her legs and licked her sex, tasting her. I wanted to savor the moment, knowing she couldn’t get away, and she couldn’t tell me to stop like everyone else would do.

I got bored by what I was doing and proceeded to pull down my pants. I knew from experience the sleeping stuff would keep Sara unconscious for a while, so I took my sweet time exploring her body, letting my cock see and feel every inch of her. I took Sara’s hand, it was soft and cold. I placed it on my cock and I jerked myself off with it. I lifted her top and I saw she had a matching red lace bra and I touched it. The fabric rubbed against my fingers. It felt good, and I got an idea. Letting her hand drop, I got onto of her, straddling her stomach, my cock now right onto of the bra, I began to stroke myself in between the space in her bra and her boobs.

I wish I had down this before because it felt wonderful, I was tit fucking someone who couldn’t deny or stop me. Her being unconscious was something I had to do since she was taller than me and could’ve gotten away, but it was also unintentionally a turn on. I could feel myself about to cum, so I went faster, pushing my cock in and out from between her bra, the polyester fabric rubbing up against my skin. “Ahh-fuck”! I watched my load spray onto Sara’s face. One of the best orgasms I’d ever had, and she would never know she gave it to me, such a pity.

I got up, and my attention was on her pussy, I never raped an unconscious person before, maybe it would feel different or something. I got off her and then went under her and grabbed her legs, spreading them apart and lifting them up, which was really so much easier because she couldn’t fight back. Once my tip was lined up with her entrance, I wasted no time sticking my already hard cock inside of her. Sara let out a whimper or a soft moan, and she turned her head but never woke up, so I began moving inside of her.

I could hear the slopping sound of my cock inside her wet pussy, telling me she was enjoying it just as much as me, even if she didn’t know it. With one more thrust, I came deep inside her pussy and Sara gave off a soft groan. I kept myself inside her until I was soft, then pulled out with a soft pop, and I pulled up my pants. I pulled up the girl’s underwear and pulled down her skirt then got her legs, dragging her to the front door. I went back to the living the smell of sex lingered, and it made me proud, I grabbed her ball from the floor and put it by her then went to go watch TV.

I clicked off the TV when I felt eyes on me and I turned around, Sara picked up the ball and looked at me, she was no longer smiling, my nerves told me she knew what I had done. “My head hurts” I sighed in relief, “oh yeah you passed out on the floor for only a second. I was coming to check on you, but you woke up” Sara shrugged as if my lie was believable “okay well thanks for the ball bye” I waved to her, and she opened the door and left.

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By Kylo Reed #Rape #Teen