My Real Sexual Journey – Part I

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my first encounter it happened when I am 18 years and I belong to a well settle family in a rural area at that time I daily used to see Ladies taking bath outside in my surroundings and used to get aroused. I used to watch them through see through window and used to masturbate at that time we used to have a maid in her 30’s. Van of course fake name and is a sex bomb even though she had 2 schools going children.
She is very voluptuous and can give a boomer to anyone with not even o piece of fat in her body and her boobs are not that big comes about 32 D with a flat abs and perfect round ass I used to masturbate many times thinking about her. She used to come in the morning and used to complete all household acts. Let me describe her dressing. She wears a thin saree with her pallu trapped between her boobs and showing her beautiful abdomen. 
I had an eye on her from day one. I decided to lose my virginity to her and started trying my best. I used to brush her ass while moving and try to touch her every time. She never gave me any reaction. Later on I became bold and whenever we both used to be alone at home, I used to become naked before her pretending as if I’m going to bath. I took a step forward and started masturbating in front of her and but she never gave any reaction. 
I got irritated and later I got to know that only by becoming close to her I can get her to bed. I started talking with her often and soon we used to talk various matters. One lucky day I was alone with her and she is sweeping the floor. I casually asked what she will do if she feels hot (I was masturbating at the same time before her) she replied that will take cold water bath. I stood up and went to her with my dick outside and hold her to hands and said that I want that. 
She asked what and I gathered courage and grabbed her boobs over saree and told that you want those. She hesitated and said that it’s not right. I was not in a mood to listen I hugged her tightly and my hands were roaming all over her back and massaging her ass cheeks and after some time even she responded and started hugging me. I was in cloud 9. My dick is poking in her naval and I am licking her neck with my hands on her ass. She was in ecstasy as she feeling man hood after long time. 
I grabbed her and took her to bed room and laud on the bed and removed her pallu and started licking her cleavage for which I am dying from5 months. I removed her blouse and kept my mouth on her nipple and started sucking it and my other hand is crushing her other boob. We both are in heaven and moaning loudly. I slowly lifted her saree up and reached her pussy with trimmed hair and started rubbing her clit and slowly inserted my finger in to her pussy. 
I can still remember its hotness and I started fingering her and keep on sucking her boobs. She started moaning loudly and suddenly grabbed my dick. A strong current passed in me as that was the first time some other person that took a lady of my desire holding my dick. She started masturbating my dick and kept on fingering her and after a great foreplay, I came on her navel and my cum dispersed on her abs then we remover our cloths and started rolling on bed like snakes. 
We were exploring each other’s body and I licked every part of her body her tights, her abs back her round ass, her boobs and neck. She also licked my bare chest and tickles my nipples with her teeth (as many fake people say we won’t find licking a pussy that interesting once you see a desi pussy. So guys don’t expect a pussy a good as porn movies but we can enjoy if the girl is very fair or if she keeps her pussy very clean) then I decided to fuck her which I am eagerly waiting from 5 months. 
I made her lye on the bed, kept a pillow under her waist and stood between her legs. She guided my dick into her pussy and I started with slight stroke and increased my speed gradually. We both are equally enjoying and after some time, we changed into doggy style and started to bang her and I explored her bare back with my hands in the man while and also started slapping her ass. She gave loud moans and I came after a long fucking session of 20 minutes.
Remember girls won’t cum as quickly as guys and don’t believe the fake stories claiming guy mad a woman cum 2-3 times it’s all fake then I collapsed on her and started licking her neck again while she massaged my balls. We got quickly dressed up and came to the hall and after this we repeated this several times whenever we found time. We tried different positions and at various places. So guys this is my first experience. Please give your feedback and my next encounter will be very interesting incest how I deflowered my young cousin.