My Real Sexual Journey – Part II

Hey guys hope you enjoyed my last story and I will now narrate my second and best sexual experience to you. I think no need to explain the background but somehow I got to say with my uncle’s family for a couple of years and my uncle has 2 children a gal and a boy from childhood on wards we 3 are very both close to each other. We used to have lot of fun together and I was very happy that I will be staying with them for 2 years. 
My uncle house is a small bhk and uncle and aunt used bed room and we 3 shared the hall and used to sleep on mattress spread on floor. We used to have very good time and enjoyed a lot and every morning uncle used to leave for work, me my bro and sis used to go for respective colleges. I am the eldest and my sister is youngest. She used to be very close with me rather than her brother as everyone in my family says that I am very understanding and caring she used to be very close with me. 
We used to play fight and all but I never had any bad intention to her. She always loved sister to me and days passed happily and after one year, I became very horny an desperate as from last one year I did not touch any lady but I controlled my feelings and even for masturbating I couldn’t do it freely as it not my home. Days are passing and one day relatives came to my aunt’s house. So we should adjust and give place to them. 
Aunt told that they will adjust with guests in the hall and asked us 3 to share the bedroom in bedroom there will be a king size bed which can accommodate 3 of us easily. We had dinner and after little fun we went to bed. I am no getting sleep as it was hot so I start disturbing my sister who’s sleeping beside me and she is also feeling so hot. So we started chatting and at some topic we started fight and I pinched her nose in return she pinched my nose and funny fight carried on.
I started biting her nose and she became angry and bit my nose hardly it became so red and my expression changed. She said sorry to me and gave a perk on my nose I said ok but again she kissed my nose I smiled at her gave a kiss on her cheeks. She blushed and again I tried to sleep by closing my eyes. I felt that again she kissed on my nose and cheeks and I blushed without opening my eyes then to my surprise she place her lips on my lips and kept it for a while I was shocked and opened my eyes. 
She immediately went away and blushed at me. I too blushed and that was the point I realized that I am sleeping next to a cute virgin with necessary curves again I pretended to sleep seeing this she also close her eyes then I got up suddenly and locked her lips with mine. She tasted like honey and started responding to me that was my first kiss and that too with my young virgin loving sister. 
I felt very excited and that night we kept on smooching for many time but not beyond that. We played with each other’s tongues exchanged our saliva and licked our lips. That was the starting. Next morning I got up little late and she was before me when I opened my eyes. She blushed at me gave a quick perk on my lips and went out. Later that day we got some time alone. She came to me and started talking hearing which I was surprised. 
She told me that she had crush on me from long time an always love me and felt like kissing me and hugging me. I was shocked to hear my little’s sister’s opinion about me about whom I used to think that she is very innocent and like kid then my view toward her change from that day we used to smooch and hug whenever we found time and I used to watch her ass, boobs and her cleavage and her armpits with small hair as she always to wear tight and short clothes at home. 
Some times I used to lick her neck while hugging but never went beyond that. We used to enjoy kissing a lot and passionately. She used to love my saliva and lick tongue after some day we got an invitation from our relatives to attend some function at their place which was 300 km away. I booked train tickets for all o us and all these days I was getting more desperate by tasting the sweetness of my sisters tender lips and harm warm hugs and feel of her young and firm boobs.
I could not proceed as she was not giving any signs beyond kiss and hug. I finally decided to seduce her and have her in this trip and made several plans in my mind and finally the day of journey came and I was eager to enter train. I planned of taking berth lower to her but she resisted for that. I was disappointed and we occupied to upper berths and facing each other she asked me what happened I said nothing and by hearing that she started tickling my neck with her finger.
I said her to stop but she dint listen I got irritated and I also extended my hand to tickle her neck. She caught hold of my hand and said not to do but I was not listening to her and almost lost my hosh after hearing what she said. She said don’t touch my neck you want to tease me touch the lower part. I was cold stuck for a moment and came to conscious again and slowly inserted my hand inside her t shirt and place my hand over her right boob and punched her nipple. 
She shivered a bit it was her first touch and I kept massaging it for some time and changed to her left boob. I massaged both of her boobs for nearly 2 hrs in the moving train and after that she said that she am feeling sleepy I took my hand from her t shirt and I masturbated on the berth and slept. Next morning we reached our destination at around 4 am. We got down and went to their home and that day we enjoyed a lot with all relatives and could not find time alone for a smooch. 
I thought that I could not get a chance at that place as it was full crowded but my luck favoured and that night we happened to sleep side by side as rainy season just begun it was bit cold and we got a big blanket for both of us we had fun before sleep with other cousins after sometime we assured that everyone slept and I slowly lifted her t shirt and place my hand on her navel. She shivered and I started massaging there. We both were lying on our backs. 
I slowly raised her top further up and reached her bra there I passed sometime playing over her bra and then she removed her bra and allowed me her bare boobs. I started playing with her boobs and massaging her waist in between. I slowly moved down and took her left boob in my mouth and started sucking and biting her nipples she got aroused and caught my hair tightly and I started massaging other boob with my hand. I pay equal attention to her both boobs equally and sucked for around 50 minutes. 
I slowly move my hand down from her waist to her night pant and slowly inserted into her panty. She caught my hair more tightly and I found that she cleanly shaved her private area later I came to know that she already planned to spend with me and shaved there and I slowly moved to her clit and caught her clit between my two fingers she grabbed my head and pushed deeper into her boobs. I played with her clit for a while and she was fully aroused. 
I then slowly moved my fingers towards her opening and tried to insert in it. I did not found it that tight and my fingers easily went inside and he gave a slight moan (she used to masturbate many times thinking of me so her pussy was not that tight later I came to know) I placed my mouth over her so that no one will hear her moan. She grabbed my tongue and started sucking it. I started moving my finger inside her pussy and reached her g spot. 
She suddenly bit my tongue so hard due to immense pleasure then I kept finger fucking her and playing with her boobs. She was in ecstasy and after sometime she pulled my hand out of her pussy all of a sudden which made me know that she was done then I turned away from her. She came to my ear and asked what happened I said nothing she kept her hand around my waist and held me tight. I caught her hand and slowly guided it in towards my boxers and left her hand inside my boxers just near the public hair. 
She naughtily pulled my public hair and slid her hand further in and grabbed my dick tightly. She doesn’t know what to do so she just kept pressing my dick and playing with my balls. Later I caught her hand and slowly moved it and taught her how to give a hand job. She shagged me or a while and I came in her hands. She thought that I pissed in her hands later I explained her that it’s not poss. She smelled my cum and wiped her hand on my boxer.
We had a passionate smooch for sometime and slept off as it was already early morning next day we use to feel like lovers and had lot of fun. During day we got some time alone and I went to give her a smooch she kissed for a while and pushed me away. I asked what happened she said that she want to show something I said okay suddenly she raised her t shirt and bra in a move a presented her boobs in front of me and said that have fun as you could not see them clearly last night. 
I grabbed them and started sucking and massaging them after sometime she said that it’s my turn. I understood and pulled my shorts and underwear down and my fully erect dick stood before her she was amaze to see a man’s hot meat in jungle as that was her first time. She caught it and started to examine it and she pulled the foreskin back and touched the pink head and also played with my balls. Later she asked me whether she can kiss me. 
To which I replied of course then she kissed my dick on the top and I asked her to take it in mouth she declined to and we dressed properly hearing someone coming. An even that night we slept together and she explored every part of my body as she was eager to including my butt hole. She kept her finger in my butt hole and massaged for a while. I licked every part of her tender body and I tried to lick her pussy as it was every tender and cute. 
Her pink pussy lips invited me but she rejected. I finger fucked her and she gave me a good hand job before sleeping she whispered in my ears that she want me to fuck her tomorrow. The next day I made a plan and took her to farmhouse where no one will be there. Reaching there, we went in and I locked the door. She came behind me and hugged me tightly from back. I felt softness of her boobs on my back. 
I turned towards her and gave a passionate smooch meanwhile my hand roamed on her back and grabbed her ass. I throw her on bed and I jumped above her. I removed her top and I became completely nude. We hugged tightly and I stated licking her body. I pulled over her bra and started sucking her boobs. She played with my ass and dick. I reached to her pants and started to pull it down with my mouth and I pulled her panty down. Now we both are naked and alone in the farm house. 
I started at her feet and gradually went up licking every part by reaching her soft and milky white inner thighs I was aroused by the smell o the pussy she kept it very clean and it is not at all stinking. I saw the juicy pink clitoris of her and went on it and grabbed it between my teeth. She gave out a loud moon and said nothing. I stated rubbing her clit and kept on licking her pussy. She suddenly got up and grabbed my dick and came into 69 positions. 
She took my dick slowly in and started sucking my dick and balls. I licked her pussy more vigorously and we both were in heaven. We continued in 69 positions for 20 minutes and she came up and we again hugged tightly then I went between her legs and slowly inserted my dick in her virgin pussy. I felt a little difficult ad she yelled in pain. Finally, I was deep inside her and started giving light strokes. The pleasure overcame her pain and she started enjoying. 
I fucked her in that position for 10 minutes and asked her to mount on me. I slept on my back and she sat on my dick and started jumping. Her boobs were jiggling while she was jumping she bent forward and kept her boobs on my face and I started licking her nipples after a long fucking session of 30 minutes. I finally came inside her and we both collapsed on the bed. They started playing with my chest hair and my nipple while I massage her pussy and ass. 
After sometime he said that she wants to do something which she is dreaming from many days. I said ok without asking anything. She immediately went down and kept my balls in her mouth and licked them totally and then she went down further and started licking my butt hole I was surprised by her act but I was enjoying like anything as that was the first time I am getting my ass hole licked. It was a very amazing experience very few lucky people like me will get. She came up and we started another fucking session in doggy style.
I went back to our relative’s home before getting dark and after that incident we fucked each other unlimited times and fulfilled our wild fantasies. We used o lye naked under blanket and used to watch porn in my mobile while playing with each other’s body. People may think its lust but it is pure love between us and every session of our fucking is full of lots of love and passion. Olay guy, I will come back with my 3rd encounter soon and keep in touch.