My Roommate’s Loving Family Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooMy Roommate's Loving Family Pt. 02

This is part 2 in the series, please read part 1 to learn about Dave's first encounter with Brian's family!
Dave slept well that night on the couch, Brian took an air mattress on the ground next to him. They stayed up and played Halo, talked shit, told stories, and laughed until they passed out. Dave felt a levity and tranquillity he hadn't felt in a long while. Not only did he shake off some of the shame of being a virgin in college, but Dani made him feel better about his body than he had ever felt. She chipped away at his insecurities about his dick and made him feel a new type of confidence… oh, and she also gave him some nasty, pornographic memories he wouldn't be getting over any time soon.
Dave dreamt vividly of a cum-covered Dani seducing him and worshipping his cock. She cherished every inch of it and focused all of her efforts on pleasing him. His dreams were so intense he woke up much earlier than usual, cock rock hard.. Just knowing he was in this house, with this family and their peculiar approach to sexuality, filtered his view of everything with a carnal tint.
He had been assured countless times by them that he had nothing to feel strange about. He was a guest here, and this was just how the Gray family did things. But Dave was still trying to process all of this. He just woke up in Brian's home, next to Brian, with a boner. And the boner was from his dream about Brian's sister blowing him. The same sister who he lost his virginity to the night before. And Brian knew this. Oh, and so did their mom…Welp! When in Rome…
He tried to fight away his morning wood with some heavy breathing and then walked upstairs with his briefs on, hoping to get a cup of coffee before anybody else was awake. He walked up the stairs from the basement and could see into the kitchen ahead of him. He saw the kitchen counter, and behind it he saw a naked man from the stomach up, slowly pressing his body against Stacy, still in her robe. Stacy and the man noticed Dave and the man said "oh shit, I'm sorry. I forgot we had company!" He stopped pressing into her and she said "don't worry, Frank, he's fine. Dave, honey, this is Mr. Gray, Brian and Dani's father." Frank waved from behind the counter. "Hey son, sorry about this. Nice to meet ya!" he laughed.
"You don't mind if we finish up here, do you Dave?" Stacy said to him, with a smirk on her face.
"Oh God, no, not at all Mr. and Mrs. Gray. I'm sorry for interrupting!" Dave said nervously. "So sorry, I'll head back downstairs."
"No need to, son! Have a seat, grab some coffee, make yourself at home. We're just taking things slow this morning, needed some time to reconnect with one another. Work has been crazy for me lately," Frank said as he started slowly pushing back into Stacy. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as he entered her again.
"What was your name again? Dave, right? Here Dave, there's a Keurig right here if you want to make yourself a cup of coffee." Dave saw a Keurig on the counter, just in front of Stacy and Frank. Dave cautiously walked around the corner to the Keurig and saw their full bodies. Stacy was wearing her robe, tied in the front but pulled up past her legs in the back. Frank was fully naked, holding up her robe and slowly pushing into her from behind. Dave caught himself staring for a second or two before remembering he was only in his briefs and realizing the outline of his erect cock was clearly visible. He tried to ignore it while his hands shook reaching for a coffee mug. He started the Keurig and waited for it to purr.
He glanced back at Stacy and Frank, slowly and passionately fucking just feet away from him. Stacy caught his eyes and smiled her warm, motherly smile. She reached down and untied her robe, revealing her beautiful body and large, slowly swaying breasts.
"Not bad for having two grown kids, huh Dave?" she said seductively.
In total disbelief at his situation, he shook his head. "They're beautiful — I mean… you're beautiful."
Frank and Stacy laughed at his faux pas. "Do you want to touch them? Go ahead, man, they're lovely," Frank said to him.
Stacy looked down at Dave's cock and said, "Oh I definitely think he wants to touch them. Here, go ahead honey," she said as she lifted up one of her breasts for Dave. He reached out to her and squeezed a handful of her soft, voluptuous breasts. They retained a wonderfully defined shape though it was clear they sat a bit lower on her body than they once did. He began playing with her thick nipples and she bit the corner of her lip. Frank reached around from the back and started playing with her other nipple.
"Do you mind if I touch you, Dave?" Stacy asked him.
Dave's heart started to pound. "Uhhh," he stuttered in slight shock.
"It's ok if you'd rather I didn't," Stacy said in a caring voice.
"Uh, no, you can. Go ahead."
Stacy smiled and reached out to him. She started gently rubbing his cock over his briefs. She bit her lip and her eyes didn't leave his cock as she fondled it and said, "I love the little curve you have there, I'm sure Dani had fun with you yesterday."
As Dave and Frank fondled her breasts and Stacy groped Dave's cock and fucked Frank's, she looked up at Dave with a devilish grin and said, "David, would you like to play with us?"
Just then, the Keurig started to purr and drip coffee. Dave felt a bit of precum drip from the tip of his penis and Stacy began to circle her fingers around the wet spot it left in his briefs.
"Let me help you relax, honey," Stacy said in response to Dave's silence. "Come sit down here." She motioned Dave to the chair at the nearby kitchen table. Dave went and sat at the table, and Stacy and Frank followed behind him to fuck behind the back of Dave's chair. Dave felt Stacy's hands grip his shoulders from behind his back and she began massaging him while Frank went back to slowly fucking her.
Stacy started to push her breasts against Dave's back as she massaged his shoulders to relieve his tension. Dave felt the tension in his neck loosen up and loved the feeling of her erect nipples brushing against his bare back.
Dave closed his eyes and his neck turned to the side from Stacy working her magic on his shoulders. He felt Stacy's warm, wet lips touch the skin on his neck and she began kissing up his neck to his earlobe. She reached around his body and began dragging her fingers across his chest, and when her mouth reached his earlobe she whispered in his ear, "tell me if anything makes you uncomfortable, or if there's anything at all that you want."
She rested her hand over his pounding heart for a second and nibbled gently on his earlobe before guiding her hands down his stomach. She put his hand under his waistband and ran her fingers through his pubic hair. He bent his head back into her breasts and shivered as he anticipated her fingers around his cock. She kept kissing his neck as she grabbed hold of his stiff shaft and he breathed heavily.
Dave pulled his underwear down to his ankles and kicked them off. "That's a good boy, somebody's warming up to us," Stacy said with a grin as she rubbed her thumb over the head of his cock to wipe away his precum.
Dave felt her tits swaying and pushing into his back harder as Frank started fucking her faster. "Ooh, slow down, honey. I wanna savor every inch of you," Stacy said in a low voice to Frank, who immediately obliged.
Stacy wrapped both hands around Dave's cock and began slowly stroking it, twisting her hands around him with each pump. "You've got a beautiful body, Dave," she says to him in a loving voice. Dave felt flooded with positive emotion and his insecurities melted away. "Thanks, I love yours," he replied to her with a smile.
"Why don't you turn your chair around, honey," Stacy said to Dave. Dave got up and turned his chair around to face them and sat back down. Stacy began jerking his cock again and looked Dave right in the eyes as she used his precum for lube. Dave saw Frank watching her hands work magic as he pressed his body against Stacy's back. Dave noticed Stacy's full-figured ass push up against Frank's hips with every thrust and he wanted to feel her ass against him, too.
Dave reached out and began to cup her tits again as she stroked his cock. She leaned in to kiss Dave. Her lips parted after they connected with his and he felt her tongue search for his. She pulled away and whispered, "Tell me, Dave. What do you want?"
"I want to move in," Dave joked, making the two of them laugh. Stacy lit up hearing this response and smiled at him. She leaned down and slowly licked a drop of precum off the head of his cock and Dave shuddered. She giggled and opened her mouth wider to put all of him between her lips. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and pushed her head down to his pubic hair, and Dave let out a deep breath as he felt every inch of his dick in her wet, warm mouth. She pushed her head deeper to let him feel further into her throat and she dragged her tongue up the entire length of his cock.
"Oh God, Mrs. Gray that feels amazing," Dave said as his whole body clenched.
"Has a woman ever sucked your cock?" Frank asked him as he intently watched his wife. "No," Dave said. "You're a lucky man, she's an amazing first," Frank said as he smiled at Dave.
She began bobbing her head up and down, taking every inch in and out of her mouth. "I'm a lucky woman," she said. "I love that I can fit all of you in my mouth, I'm sure that feels wonderful." Dave replied, "it really does feel amazing." She smiled at him and said, "that makes me very happy, Dave. I really enjoy pleasing you." She returned to sucking him and pushing him further into her throat with little effort.
"Here honey, let's try something." She pulled her pussy off of Frank's cock and turned around. Frank grabbed her face and pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss. She took off her robe and threw it on the ground as she kissed Frank. She felt Dave's eyes on her ass and she began to wiggle it for him. He began feeling her up, squeezing handfuls of her fat, beautiful ass.
She bent her knees and reached between her legs to grab Dave's cock. She descended onto Dave's lap and guided his cock into her welcoming pussy. He shuddered as he felt her wet lips grip him and slide down his shaft. He felt her big ass press into his hips and he watched the skin ripple as she bounced against him.
Frank took a step forward and Dave noticed his long, shining cock in her front of her face. He had the kind of cock Dave saw online, the type of cock a young pornstar would stare at with her mouth agape while comparing it to her forearm or resting it on her head. Dave's insecurities started to bubble up again as he thought of how inadequate Stacy must have thought he was compared to her husband.
"Oh, Dave. You feel lovely. You're hitting this amazing spot inside of me," Stacy said, immediately quelling Dave's insecurity. She reached down and began to play with his balls as she rode his cock, shaking her ass every time she dropped back into his lap. "I was right about that curve, you're pushing into a really nice spot every time I sit back down on you."
Stacy reached out and put Frank's long cock into her mouth, only able to get about three quarters of it in her mouth. She quietly gagged on his cock, trying and failing to take it all the way as she took Dave's.
She slowly rose up to the tip of Dave's cock, and slowly descended back on him, always lingering in his lap for a bit and rotating her hips so he could feel her ass on him before she rose again.
Dave was feeling overstimulated, watching her work her mouth and hands around Frank's long dick while her slick pussy worked around his. His legs started to tense up under Stacy's and she turned to him and said, "Honey are you ok? Are you about to finish?" He nodded and said, "I think so." She planted her ass in his lap and stopped moving. "Would you like to cum right now, or should I stop and let you calm down so we can continue?" Dave never wanted this to stop, so he said, "I'll just take a second to relax."
She slowly got off his cock, turned around and kissed him on the lips. Dave could feel his orgasm bubbling up his shaft and just subsiding in the knick of time. A small stream of cum leaked from his cock and he did nothing to stop it. Stacy watched it trickle down his shaft and smiled at him.
She got on her knees and turned back to Frank to try fitting him in her mouth again. She went down about the same length and then pushed slightly further before she gagged. She pulled him out of her mouth, a string of drool connecting her tongue to the tip of his penis. "I wish I could take all of you like I did Dave, it felt so nice to have his entire cock in my mouth." Frank shrugged and said, "Dave's a lucky man, I'm sure it felt great for both of you."
Stacy turned around and grabbed Dave's dick to wipe the cum off him. "Glad we didn't lose you there," she said, smirking at him.
"Honey, I'm sorry, I've gotta get going. Can you please finish me?" Frank asked Stacy.
"Oh, that's too bad. Sure, honey, I'll get to work," she said as she turned all of her attention back to her husband.
"In my mouth or on my face?" she asked him, looking up at him as she jerked as his cock fast.
"Hmm, I don't know," Frank pondered before looking at Dave. "Dave, what do you think?"
Dave took every bit of restraint to not touch his cock while he said, "her face."
Stacy gave them both a devilish smile and Frank said, "good choice, my friend."
Stacy put her mouth on Frank's balls as she jerked him off, lapping up the underside of his scrotum with her tongue. Dave saw Frank's legs start to flex and his abs start to contract, and it seemed like Stacy noticed it too. She quickly put his cock in her mouth and pushed all the way down until she gagged and left spit all over him. She jerked him harder with this new supply of saliva until Frank shuddered and shot his first rope onto her face. Stacy laughed and her eyes lit up while Frank's cock pulsed in her hands, splashing her face with his cum.
"Fuck, baby that feels so good," Frank says as he continued ejaculating. "I'm so glad, baby, give me all your fucking cum," Stacy says with an aggressive bite to her voice that Dave hadn't yet heard.
Stacy bit her lip as she jerked him until she had strings of cum covering her face like war paint and Frank's cock had nothing left to give her. She put her mouth on the end of his dick and squeezed out one last drop with her hands. She looked up at him and opened her mouth to show him the final bit of cum on her tongue and then swallowed it.
"Thanks so much, baby, I love it when you turn into such a cumslut."
"Mmm, I love draining you, my love. Nothing makes me happier than making you burst and feeling your cum all over me," Stacy said through lips sticky with Frank's cum.
Frank walked over to the Keurig and took the coffee that had been waiting there and then left.
She turned to Dave with disheveled hair and a faceful of dripping cum. She managed to maintain an almost dignified look throughout the morning, being more loving than pornographic with the two of them. But now her nastiness was on full display. The loving demeanor of Dave's friend's sweet mom turned into the cum-crazed slutty gaze of a filthy MILF.
"Did you like watching that, Dave?"
"Yes, Mrs. Gray."
"Did you like watching me jerk his big cock and taking his sweet cum all over my pretty little face?"
She reached out and started jerking Dave's cock again.
"Yes, Mrs. Gray, it was so fucking hot."
She snickered and said, "Are you going to be a good boy and give Mrs. Gray all of your cum, too?"
"Yes, Mrs. Gray."
She stared Dave in the eyes while she parted her lips around the head of his cock. He saw Frank's cum drip off her lips onto his shaft, and then he saw her mouth consume it as she descended onto his cock. She buried her face in his lap, his cock fully in her throat, and she nuzzled her nose in his pubic hair. She lifted her hand, wiped a streak of cum off her forehead and used it to lube up Dave's cock while she jerked it.
"Oh fuck, Mrs. Gray that feels so good."
She started stroking him harder, her eyes hungering for his orgasm.
His body shook and he hit himself in the chest with his first shot of jizz. She immediately aimed his cock at her face and opened her mouth as he shot rope after rope against her lips like target practice.
"Good boy, Dave, give Mrs Gray every drop of cum you have."
His cock throbbed as he shot a rope into her mouth and another onto her cheek.
Stacy swallowed the bit in her mouth and said "Mrs. Gray is here to be your dirty little cumslut, Dave, keep feeding me."
He shot 2 more across her lips and she kept jerking his cock, even though he produced nothing more for her.
"I think there's some more in there, honey, let me try to get it for you."
Stacy stood up and put her legs around Dave's on the chair. She wiped some of the cum off her cheek and jerked Dave's cock with it. She guided his cum-lubed cock into her dripping wet cunt.
She started riding him fast, slapping her fat ass into his thighs. Her tits were swinging in his face and he started to suck her nipples. She moaned and grabbed his face in her hand and directed his gaze up into her eyes. He stared into her eyes and couldn't handle the beautiful sight of her covered in their loads.
"Look at my filthy face, Dave. You like it when momma looks like a little whore for you?"
"Yes, Mrs. Gray," Dave said, moaning and feeling another orgasm brewing inside him.
"Are you gonna fill up Mrs. Gray's dirty fucking pussy? Are you gonna empty your fucking cock into momma's tight, wet pussy?"
Dave shuddered as her dirty talk brought him to the edge. "Yes, Mrs Gray, I'm gonna cum."
"Good," she said with a dirty smile. She planted her ass all the way down onto his cock and wiggled in his lap, playing with his balls as she could feel them tighten.
Dave couldn't believe how intense his second orgasm was. His whole body shook and he felt another full load empty into Stacy's silky, clenched pussy. He could feel his cum making her pussy more slick as she wiggled around him.
She bounced up and down on his cock two more times and then lifted herself up. Dave felt his cum drip out of her pussy back onto his slumped over cock.
"I knew you had more for me, thank you Dave," Stacy said, satisfied with his performance. "Let me clean this up for you, honey." Stacy walked to the counter to grab some paper towels as Dave sat slouched in the chair, drained and exhausted.
Brian walked up the stairs at that moment and saw his naked mother ripping paper towels off and wiping cum off her face in front of a naked Dave with a glistening, cum-covered limp cock.
"Dude! What the fuck, did you just fuck my mom?!" Brian said in shock.
Dave sat upright with horror, "Uh, dude, uh, oh my god, uh…" he stuttered nervously.
"Oh Brian, don't terrify the boy," Stacy giggled.
Dave watched Brian's expression change from rage to a smirk. "Hah, gotcha," Brian said and walked into the kitchen. "Put your damn dick away, bro!" he laughed as he reached for a coffee mug.
Dave couldn't believe it, that bastard was just fucking with him!
Stacy turned to Dave and started wiping off his cock with a paper towel. "Thank you for such a lovely morning, Dave."
"Thank you, Mrs. Gray, that was the best morning of my life! I've never felt like that before."
Stacy gave him her warm, motherly smile again and said, "that makes me feel so good, Dave. Thank you for saying that."
"Alright, alright, you already creampied my mom and I gotta watch her clean it up, don't get all sappy and make me sick," Brian said while he waited for the Keurig to fill his mug.

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