My Roommate’s Loving Family Pt. 03

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tagIncest/TabooMy Roommate's Loving Family Pt. 03

This is part 3 in the series! Please read parts 1 and 2 to learn more about Dave's weekend with Brian's family.
Dave took a shower after breakfast before he and Brian were planning to go play basketball. His delirium barely subsided after the cold water hit his body. He was a virgin 24 hours ago, and now he just finished his second threesome with members of his roommate's family. He thought he would be exhausted, but even in cold water he was getting hard thinking about burying his load deep inside of Dani and watching Brian's mom hunger for his cum like a whore.
He snapped out of it just long enough to clean himself off and get changed. He met Brian back in the kitchen and as they left the house, Dani yelled out "don't forget to be back by 2 for Tina!"
We went to a local park and started shooting hoops. Dave felt like he was being redundant at this point, but he still had to ask.
"So… you and I are cool, right?" Dave asked Brian.
Brian looked puzzled with the ball in his hands. "What do you mean? Of course we are, dude."
"Look, I know you guys are different, but you kinda walked in on me and your mom this morning. It's hard for me to imagine what that would be like for me."
Brian laughed and shot the ball. "Well yeah, because if I banged your mom that would be the first time you ever saw her near a cock. It's just not that weird in our house, I haven't given it a second thought since this morning."
Dave rebounded the ball and shook his head. "Dude, that's literally the only thing I've been able to fuckin' think about," he said laughing.
Brian laughed with him. "Yeah, I bet. You were a virgin yesterday and now you're cleaning up. Obviously I'm not into them, but I recognize that my family's pretty hot. I mean, obviously," he said pointing at himself. Dave laughed and shot the ball. "I wouldn't have brought you home to bang my sister if she was a reject from a TLC show," Brian said laughing. "You just had some awesome sexual experiences with some very attractive people. I know it's weird for you but I'm just glad you're having a good time, man. It sucked to hear that you're insecure, you're a great guy."
Dave smiled and felt the love. He couldn't believe his good fortune, finding such kind people and such amazing friends.
Brian could feel the gratitude in Dave's silence and ran up to steal the ball from him. "Yeah, yeah, you're welcome," he said as he shot the ball. "Pussy!"
Dave laughed and they started playing again.
After shooting hoops for a while longer, they grabbed lunch and headed home. When they pulled into the driveway they saw another car, Dave figured it belonged to Tina.
When they walked in the house, they took their shoes off and headed to the kitchen, where Dani and Tina were sitting at the table giggling. Dani smiled at them and Tina turned around to see them.
"Oh hey, guys!" Tina said with a bright smile on her face. "Brian, I am so glad you're here," she said as she got up out of her chair and turned towards Brian. She was a skinny brunette with very fair skin and striking blue eyes, and she had an obviously playful demeanor.
"Can you pleeeaaase fuck me real quick? I'm dying from finals week, I could really use the relief."
Brian laughed and said, "Sure, Tina. Let's go downstairs."
Tina tilted her head back and sighed. "UGH, thank you!" She looked over at Dave and said, "Oh, hey! I'm sorry, I'm Tina, Dani's friend." She stuck out her hand and Dave shook it.
"Hey, I'm Dave," he said, a bit flabbergasted by her bluntness.
"Let me guess, you're Brian's new friend? I had that same look when I first started hanging out with Dani freshman year. What a fucking family, right? No pun intended," she said, cracking herself up while Brian shook his head with a smirk. Brian took her hand and started walking towards the basement stairs. "Nice to meet you, see ya later!" she said as she followed him downstairs.
Dani grabbed Dave's hand and said, "let's watch some TV, they shouldn't be too long," and brought him over to the couch in the living room.
Dave sat next to her and asked, "so you guys just bring friends over to fuck each other? Like, that's totally normal?"
Dani giggled. "Well, maybe it isn't normal… but we certainly don't have a problem with it. We both like to fuck, we're both good at fucking, and our friends think we're hot… they have these dumb hangups about sex and we don't, so if we think somebody wants some, then we offer it to them!" She said this so matter-of-factly that it seemed like a no-brainer.
Dave smiled and shook his head. "What a fuckin' arrangement, goddamn."
Dani laughed. "Well, it seems to work, doesn't it? I certainly have fun. You and I had fun, right?"
"Uh, yeah! I had the fuckin' time of my life," Dave said excitedly. "It's just, you know, mixing family and sex… I don't know… y'know?"
"I mean, it's not like it's incest. We're not fucking each other, we're not turning each other on, it just seems obvious! Brian likes to fuck, Tina needs some dick," Dani said as she clasped her hands together. "Boom! I tell them to hump, everybody's happy!"
Dave shrugged and smiled. "I mean it definitely makes sense, I guess it's just the novelty that uh… stirs me up a little bit."
Her expression became a bit more mischievous. "Oh, Dave. Are you… stirred up right now?" she said with a grin. She reached over and placed her hand on his bulge. "Yeah, that's novelty alright." She gave his cock a squeeze and said, "wanna play?"
Dave smiled and without hesitation, he said, "Sure!" and pulled his pants to his ankles. He didn't care anymore that he wasn't pulling out a monster, he was ready to play their game now.
Dani laughed and clapped her hands. "Yes! Loosening up a little bit, I love it!" She took her pants off and exposed her pussy. She slouched back into the couch and spread her legs a bit. She was still wearing a tanktop with no bra, and she pulled the openings of her sleeves in between her tits to reveal them. "What are you in the mood for, Dave? I'm all yours."
Dave looked up and down her body and said, "can you suck my cock?"
Dani brightened up. "Hell yeah, I can suck your cock! I didn't get a chance to last night, let's get to it."
She sat upright again in the seat on the couch next to him and just leaned over her side to put his cock in her mouth. She puts her mouth down to his pubes, fitting his whole cock in her mouth without any issue. She nuzzled her noses in his pubes and giggled, flickering her tongue all around his dick. She then opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out and flickered it against his balls with his shaft still between her lips, and then lifted her head up.
"You've got the perfect dick for suckin', Dave," Dani said. "I aim to please when I put a cock in these well-trained lips. I love knowing I can cover every inch of you, I can just do so much with this guy!" she said while she shook his cock in her hand. She leaned down and slurped his cock up and down from the head to the base a few more times. "Seriously, every guy's dick should be exactly this size when they get head. I'd be the happiest guy in the world right now if I were you." He laughed, leaned back, and said, "I think I probably am." She laughed and gave his cock a kiss before diving back down on it.
She kept bobbing her head and up down, swallowing every inch of him without difficulty. She hit every part of his shaft with her tongue, slathering his stiff cock in saliva. Just then, Stacy came down the stairs from her bedroom and saw them on the living room couch.
"Oh boy, I see you two are enjoying each other," she said with a smirk. Dani lifted her mouth off Dave's dick and started jerking it. "This thing is a lot of fun to suck," she said to her mom. "Oh I know, you can just do so much with it!" Stacy said back to her.
"I'm sorry, Mrs. Gray. We can go upstairs," Dave said, not wanting to be disrespectful.
"Don't worry about it, honey. Go ahead, have your fun, I just need to finish something in the kitchen and then I'm heading back to my room."
"Thanks, Mom," Dani said with her mouth full while Stacy just casually walked past them to the kitchen.
"You're family is too fucking cool," Dave said, holding a fistful of Dani's hair. Dani laughed on his cock and he moaned when her throat vibrated around his shaft.
"Can you suck my balls?" Dave asked her. Without missing a beat, she moved her mouth to his balls. She lifted up his scrotum and fit both balls in her mouth, working her tongue around and between them. Dave could feel his legs clenching and she laughed, making him shiver harder.
She got off the couch next to him and got on her knees in front of him. "Watch this," she said as she stuffed both his balls back in her mouth from a better angle. She rested his scrotum on her tongue inside her closed mouth and let out a deep, low hum from the back of her throat. "Ohhhh fuck," Dave said as he shuddered and his leg shaked like a dog.
She popped his balls out of her mouth and laughed. "Haha! Love it," she said before paint-brushing her tongue in long strokes across his scrotum again while Dave saw Stacy heading back upstairs.
"Here, push your butt out a little bit," she said, tugging at his hips. He slouched back into the couch until his butt was off the seat. She lifted his scrotum and pushed it back towards his belly button and leaned in to start licking his taint. "Holy shit, that feels amazing," Dave said, never even having thought about having his taint licked.
She smiled and licked long strokes from his taint to his balls, flickering her tongue along the way. "This spot feels amazing on me too, what a weird place to lick," she said, giggling. "Here, lift your legs up," she said as she grabbed under his thighs and pushed them up in the air.
"This one feels way better," she said with a smirk as she looked into Dave's asshole.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, I don't know if I'm into butt stuff," he said nervously.
"Trust me, I'll stop if you don't like it," she said and dove into his ass. She started licking around the rim of his anus and brushing her tongue across his asshole. He couldn't handle how good it felt, and his legs were convulsing in her hands, making her laugh hard while she dragged her tongue from his butthole up to the bottom of his nuts. "Holy fucking shit," he said, shaking in her hands. "Holy fucking shit amazing, right?" she said back to him. He nodded with his mouth agape, butt cheeks clenching with pleasure rolling through his midsection.
She gave his taint a kiss and said, "alright my mouth's getting tired, wanna fuck me?" He nodded sluggishly, struggling to stay in touch with reality from the intense sensations her rimjob gave him.
Just then, Brian ran up the stairs butt naked with an erection. "Whoa, thanks for taking care of him Dani. Jesus christ," he laughed as he saw Dani next to Dave's asshole holding his legs in the air.
Dani cracked up and said, "we're just having a little fun."
"Yeah, I can tell."
"Nice boner, looks like you're having fun too," Dani said back to him.
"Oh yeah, Tina is in quite the mood," Brian said with his eyes wide. He looked at Dave and said, "Hey man, wanna come down here? Tina wants us to DP her if you're cool with it."
Dave's eyes got wide. "Really?!"
Dani perked up too and said, "Damn! That's my girl, I'm fuckin' jealous." She looked back at Dave and said, "Dave, just do me a favor and fuck me real quick, I'll make myself cum and you can head down."
Dave looked back at her through his legs, still in the air. "Are you sure? I feel a little weird just leaving you to go fuck your friend…"
"Nah, she needs it more than I do. I'll just grab a toy and you can fuck me for a minute."
Dave looked back at Brian and said, "uh, sure. Just give me a minute and I'll meet you down there."
"Cool," Brian said as he ran back down to Tina.
Dani hopped up and ran to the drawer to pull out a wand vibrator. Dave loved watching her sexy ass jiggle with every step, and then watching her tits sway when she came back to him.
"Ok, I'll just lay on my back. Just fuck me slow while I put this on my clit. It'll feel great for your dick, too," she said as she positioned herself on her back on the floor.
"I don't think I'll need that for your pussy to feel great," Dave said.
"Oh just you fuckin' wait, this thing is a juggernaut," she said with a devilish grin.
She spread her legs and used her fingers to part her pussy. He leaned over her and slid his cock into her velvety slit. He fucked her slowly, pushing in a few times as she positioned the wand onto her clit. "You ready?" she smiled at him. He nodded. She turned it on and the walls of her pussy began buzzing around his cock. They both immediately started to shudder.
He tried to continue fucking her slowly but he wanted to bury as much of his cock in her as he could and keep it there forever. Her wet cunt tightening its grip around his cock and vibrating around him felt amazing, and she loved feeling him inside her as she started to build to orgasm.
"Oh fuck, Dave, just stay right there I'm gonna cum soon," she moaned through quivering lips.
Her legs rose in the air and started to shake as her moans got louder. Her grip on his cock started to tighten and he gasped as she started to convulse. Her pussy started to clench and release on his cock and he tried his hardest to keep himself from cumming inside her. She started yelling and giggling and he pulled out of her as her heavy breathing started to subside.
"Thanks, Dave," she said laying back. She raised her hand to high five him and he obliged. His cock was glistening and hard, eager for more. "I think I got you ready for Tina, go be nice to my friend," she said with a smile. He leaned in and gave her a kiss and ran downstairs.
He walked down and saw that Brian had gotten rid of the air mattress and was lying on his back on the carpeted floor where they were playing video games the night before. Tina was riding on top of him and kissing him intensely.
She heard the stairs creak and looked up to face Dave. "Oh hey! Thank you for coming, I really need this," she said excitedly. She looked at his erect, shining cock and said, "oh my god, that is going to be perfect for my asshole."
Dave got all the way down the stairs and stood near them. "Come here, let me see what you got there," Tina said, motioning for him to come closer. He walked over and stood near Brian's arm. Tina sat upright on Brian's cock, eye-level with Dave's dick and put his balls in her hand. She looked up at him and said, "this is the best cock I could have hoped for for this." Dave nervously laughed and she put her mouth around his dick. She pulled off her lips with a pop like a lollipop and smiled. "Tastes like Dani, I see she enjoyed this bad boy too." Dave started to stroke his cock and was extremely ready to share Tina's holes with Brian.
"Have you ever done this before?" Brian asked.
"Uh, definitely not," Dave replied.
"Oh, no shit. My bad," Brian said, chuckling. Tina bounced on Brian a few more times and bent back over so her chest was touching his. "Ok so you're gonna get on your knees, just put your knees around mine, and get behind Tina."
Dave kneeled down and looked at Tina's round ass and watched her slowly ride Brian's thick cock. He leaned in and licked Tina's asshole a little bit and she giggled. Then he put his knees around Brian's and positioned himself behind Tina.
"Ok, now just put the head of your cock against her asshole and very slowly push," Brian said to him. "I'll guide you through it," Tina said to him.
Dave put the head of his cock at Tina's asshole and began to slowly lean forward. Tina moaned and whispered, "ok, just go slowly until the head of your cock just pops in." He pushed a little further until his head disappeared and her asshole gripped around his shaft. Tina let out a deep groan and leaned back further, taking in more of Dave's cock.
Dave kept pushing until his balls brushed against Brian's. "Occuptional hazard, bro, no worries," Brian said with a chuckle. Tina's moans grew louder and louder with every inch of him she consumed, until his cock had completely disappeared inside of her. He could feel the incredibly powerful grip of her walls around his cock and he loved it.
Brian pushed up slowly into Tina and she moaned loudly. Dave could feel Brian's cock moving under the thin piece of flesh separating their dicks inside of her and he started to moan too. Dave started to slowly pull out and began gently fucking Tina's asshole. Brian followed and they fell into a slow, opposing rhythm. Dave pulled out, Brian thrusted in. Dave pushed in, Brian pulled out. They felt her wet holes welcoming them each time and quivering around their cocks and they both moaned as they felt each other brush past the other inside of her.
Tina's eyes were wide and she started to move her hips against the two of them. "Oh my god this feels so fucking good, start fucking me harder," she begged. They obliged and began picking up their tempo. Dave gripped her hips harder and started to fuck her asshole rougher and rougher. Her shouts grew louder and more guttural, she kept begging for them to fuck her holes. Brian put his hands around her throat and Dave grabbed a fistful of her hair from the back as they both reached an intense rhythm of fucking her slutty holes like she demanded.
"Oh…my…fucking…GOD…" she yelled as she rocked between the two of them. "Oh fuck I'm gonna fucking cum," she said as her body started to go limp. They fucked her harder and harder as she lost control and her body started to tense up. "Oh FUCK!" she screamed as her legs started shaking. She grabbed onto Brian's chest and her whole body began to convulse. Her holes started to clench around Brian and Dave. Brian started to moan too and yelled, "Oh fuck!" Dave could feel Brian emptying his load into her pussy while her asshole squeezed Dave's cock harder and harder. He could feel Brian's balls tightening up under him as they drained into her.
"Oh fuck I love it when you fill my fucking holes, Brian," she said, still squirming from the tail end of her orgasm. She rocked her ass back onto Dave and Brian and said, "fill up my filthy holes with your fucking cum. Dave are you gonna empty that perfect cock into my ass?" she begged. Dave kept fucking her ass until he could feel his orgasm about to spill out of him.
"Oh fuck, I'm about to," he replied to her. He shoved himself balls deep into her ass and began unloading into her. He could feel his cock pulsing into her tight ass and shooting her full of semen. Her ass became slick around him as his dick grew limp inside of her.
They all panted and Tina laughed as she felt both cocks grow soft inside her. Dave's dick slid out of her asshole and his cum trickled down onto Brian's cock. "Oh fuck, I love dripping cum like this, I love feeling it fall out of me," Tina said giggling. "Dave can you hand me that paper towel there?" she said pointing to the table nearby. Dave handed her the paper towel and she got off Brian's cock to squeeze the loads out of her and wipe them clean.
"Holy shit, I am fucking dick drunk, boys," Tina said, looking inebriated. "Hell of a performance."
Dave fell back on the ground and laid down next to Brian, both of their cocks limp and sleek with cum. Tina leaned down and gave both of them a kiss. "Dave, your cock is perfect for my ass," she said lovingly. "Hope I'll be seeing you around again, do you mind if I call you sometime?" Dave smiled and said, "that would be amazing." Tina giggled and said, "glad we agree."
"That was so fun, boys. Thank you! I'm gonna go hang with Dani for a bit and head out." They both gave an exhausted "bye" and laid there on the ground. She walked up the stairs naked, hair still a mess and bits of cum still shining from her holes.

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