My Secret Intimacies Ch.1

Chapter 1 – Vanessa’s Lust

Part 1 – My Beautiful Crush

I’m Roy Brown and I want to tell you about my Secret Intimacies. This thing began when I was in my Junior (3rd year of my college). My life got completely changed when I got acquainted with my College Crush Vanessa. Before that I was a simple nerd.

Although I had many friends in my year, but Ned was not like others. We called him “Ned Nutcracker” but that’s not his real name. He was kind of a bully. Bullied others but was friendlier with me he didn’t have a taste like other bachelors had ok, you could call him a bad boy, but that’s what he was.

Usually smoked weed. He wanted to share it with me but I rejected always. He always told me how he had sex with many girls and that how he made them lose their virginity. I had to believe in his stories because he was really famous among girls and many girls liked him.

I was deeply interested in his stories and wanted to know about how it all started with him, about the dating and sex stuff. Firstly he laughed at me but then he spoke up.

“Well, this do not make any sense,” He said. “I was not a virgin when I entered this college. I had fucked many girls and sluts in my school time. And to your question, I fucked Bianca for the first time when I got admitted to this college.

“On my very first day of college,” he continued. “Those shitty sophomore guys misdirected me and sent me to Ladies toilet. They did it intentionally. When I entered the toilet, I didn’t notice it. I grabbed a cabinet’s handle and pulled it open. To my surprise Bianca was sitting on the seat.”

“Wow”. I exclaimed.

“I was about to say sorry and decided to run then only I noticed that Bianca was not doing any toilet business there; she was masturbating on toilet seat. However, I decided to run then she grabbed me by my collar, pulled me inside and closed the door behind me.”

“And after that?” I was really thrilled.

“Then we fucked,” he said.” That’s all how my sex life started in this shit college.”

“Over?” I asked.

“Wait, Yeah…after that fucking I climaxed inside her. However, the day was over but she became pregnant.”

“OMG, How did you survive that ?”

” I had to do nothing. A little rumor got around. But that bitch helped me.”

“Who?” I interrupted.

“Our College sports Nurse. You know her.”

“Wait, her name is Natasha right ?.”

“Yeah. You know I’m a son of a businessman. I gave her some money and she gave pills to Bianca. That Nurse also ended all bad rumors about me. She is really a fucked up nurse but she is the one who saved my day.”

“Woah.” I exclaimed.

“Well, that thing happened when I was in my Sophomore year, and there is nothing to say Woah in this. I’ve screwed many bitches in my schooldays and many girls in this college and will be fucking more.”

“And what happened to Bianca?” I asked.

“Nothing. Later I learned that she was a slut and being a slut this wasn’t a first time for her.”

“Sluttish Bianca.” I exclaimed.

“She is a slut, but a good one.”

Ned was right, Bianca was one of the hottest girls in my year, and she really looked sluttish.

Some friends of mine teased me because I’ve never had sex with a girl.

Ned also teased me but he always gave me some ideas to get a girl and fuck her. I was tempted in his plans but I was scared. I feared because I thought I looked unhandsome. But that puts a contrary that Ned was more darker but he had got many chances. I really felt bad.

There was a friend of mine named Rex. He had been my pal for most of the times. Our brains thought same. He was just like me. Our Last lecture was almost free, there was no professor at the time.

So Rex and I both started talking about Porn and Hentai. To acknowledge you, I was a great porn lover, and my nights were never complete without jerking off. We both had a big list of pornstars. However, these things never give me full pleasure. I was hungry for sex, but I was unlucky.

I told him how I really felt bad for never fucking a girl. He couldn’t help me though. But someone overheard me.

I went to my PG home and masturbated and slept. Next day was Saturday. And our college had a Sports Event on Sunday. So I had a job to complete. However our team had already done the job, I had to just make sure if all furniture and equipments were correctly placed.

Our Lectures were not started yet. When I entered my Lecture hall I saw her. It was Vanessa, one of the most beautiful and cutest girl of my year. I had crush on her. She was really cute and I liked her much. I had talked with her some time but I never got any chance to tell her what I felt about her. I saw her coming towards me. I became nervous, as I always did whenever she was near me. After few seconds she was in front of me. I knew that we both wanted to make our way. And the door was not big. I wanted to go inside the hall and she wanted to go out. When I moved the left, she too moved left. When I moved right, she too moved right. My mind was totally confused. Then she grabbed my shoulders and moved me aside and went away looking into my eyes full stop that was just for a moment, but that gave me all visions I wanted.

I sat on my seat and thought about her. Vanessa was really cute and her eyes were dark blue you. Her lips seemed glossy and her figure was hot. I really wanted to have sex with someone. I was tired of jerking myself off. I wanted to be intimate with a girl. Nearly all boys of my dear were involved in less or more sexual activities and then there was me, still never had sex with someone. Anyhow my prayers were heard.

When I was about to leave the hall Vanessa came to me and had few words with me. She told me that Mrs Morina, a professor of ours, had called me to the sports room. I was happy to talk with Vanessa and followed her to sports room.

When we both reached the sports room she said to me to get inside the cold store room, I did. There was no one in that store room. It was a small room which had some old furniture and broken sports equipments. There Was Nobody except me and Vanessa full stop ordered me to sit on the old bench, and then to my surprise she closed the door behind me.

At first I was a bit confused.

“Vanessa why did you bring me here?” I asked.” You said Mrs. Morina will be meeting me.”

“Well, well, I guess you didn’t get me,” She said, her tone was getting deep and sexy. She walked towards me, but slowly. Every step she took cleared that her intentions were not good.

Then I get, Mrs. Morina never called me. It was some Vanessa’s trick.

“Where is Mrs. Morina?” I asked although I knew it.

“You…didn’t get it…poor boy,” her voice was getting sexier as she advanced. ” I heard all you said yesterday. When you talked with Rex, I overheard everything. You are really desperate for it. They say… you have never had sex before, right. And…you are tired of watching porn and jerking off. You really…feel bad for…this. You feel bad, don’t you? You are a pervert, aren’t you ?”

She was right. She overheard everything. Each word she spoke was really tempting I was getting attracted to her. Soon the gap between has reduced and I could smell her nice perfume. Yes, she was right, I really felt bad about it. But I didn’t want to show it to anyone.

“No,…and…I don’t know what are you talking about.” I said although I knew it.

“Oh C’mon,” she said slowly. ” You can’t hide it from me. I’ve heard everything, everything.”

I got it, I was turning on. My penis was erect, she couldn’t see it.

“You’ve never fucked a girl, right?”

She heard everything what I and Rex shared.

“Hey What are you saying.” My one part wanted to protest.

“Roy,” she said in her beautiful but sexy voice.” I’m really lonely. You have to help me.”

“What ?”

“I know you’ve never had sex before.” she said.” Well I could help you in that.”

She really meant it. I could feel her warm air.

To my surprise she moved her hand on my lap. Then she knew it.

“Oh Roy, you’re already hard. Maybe you’re dick has never been tasted.” Vanessa said.

She knelt down, unzipped my pant’s chain, moved my underwear, and then my bare penis was in her soft hands. It was really hard and Vanessa stared at it.

The sensations of her hand holding my dick was so good, that I couldn’t believe it was true.

“Oh Poor Roy, it seems your penis has never been massaged before.”

“What Massage?” I asked.

“Just sit and watch.” She exclaimed.

She smiled and licked my knob.

“Ah.” I exclaimed. I couldn’t control the sensations they were too good to handle, besides it was the first time my dick was being licked.

She thrusted it in her mouth.

“Ah.” I exclaimed again. OMG I’ve never felt this good before.

She sucked me hard. Her tongue was rotating in a circle around my dick, moving it’s taste to all corners of her mouth. Finally my penis was back completely soaked in saliva.

She smiled at me and said.” Please don’t cum now.”

After this she undressed herself. Soon her boobs were clearly visible to me. She had a nice cleavage. Finally she was completely nude before me. But I could not enjoy much of a nude beauty because after that she laid on a table in doggystyle.

I knew she wanted but I was scared, what if she became pregnant.

“Come her Roy and please fuck me, my pussy needs your dick.”

Ofcourse, her words were tempting but a part of me protested.

“No, look Vanessa, I mean to say, blowjobs are good, but we can’t have sex here. I mean, Anybody can find us here. And, and what if you became pregnant.” I said. I recalled what Ned told me. I could fuck her but if I impregnated her, there would be no nurse to protect me.

“Roy,” she said to me in her lovely tempting voice. “I’m really lonely, It seems you don’t understand. And nobody will be pregnant. Nobody will find us here.”

I protested again, but this time she seemed a little angry. She came down from that table and kept her fingers on my chin. I could feel the softness in her, even if she was angry. She looked at my face deeply. Her face was too close from me that I could’ve easily kissed her. But I couldn’t because before I could do it she said.” Oh Mr. Roy, you are a big worrier and that’s why you haven’t got a girl. Now please stop protesting and fuck me.”, she picked up her panty and stuffed it inside my mouth, so that I may not speak again.

when I climbed up on the table I saw her ass. Her was in a good shape and was in a correct match according to her soft waist. Her asshole looked tight. My gaze went to her pussy. I had never seen a vagina so closely before that, except the porn videos.

“Why waiting?” She said.

“I’ve never done it before.”

She moved her right hand behind her and softly grabbed my hard dick. She rubbed it on her pussy. Her clit felt soft and like cushion.

“You have to just thrust it inside.” She said.

Then she pushed herself softly against my dick. My penis thrusted inside her and she let out a deep moan. She moved even farther that my dick got completely vanished inside her pussy. And I want to tell you, it all felt so heavenly that I didn’t want it to end. I began moving my hips. Moving my hips and legs wasn’t a big deal. My penis liked it. Her pussy warm but not wet as her mouth. Soon she became wet and I knew she was cumming.

I was fucking her. Fucking one if the most beautiful girl of my batch. Fucking my college crush. It felt really heavenly and divine. I almost forgot that her panty was still in my mouth.

She moaned and made wild noises. She didn’t care if anyone hears her and find us both. I was focused on the pleasure I got from her pussy. Soon I got that I was a good fucker.

“You ah… you are fucking good.” She made compliment and climaxed again. I couldn’t believe I was having sex with the girl of my dreams; My Beautiful Crush.

As time continued I felt uneasy. I knew I can cum anytime. However I didn’t want to end it. I controlled myself even long but soon I knew it. I would anytime. But where should I cum ?

My half brain told me to pull out and the other half wanted me to cum inside her. Ofcourse, cumming inside her would be great sounding but not too great. What if she became pregnant ? I didn’t want to take risk; I decided to pull.

As my pace increased she moaned louder. I was doing it hard. I was about to pull out; but this was not acceptable by her. Vanessa was a beautiful and a cute girl, but I didn’t know it that she was a horny and a dirty girl too.

Horny Vanessa pushed herself back and towards me leaving me out of any ideas. She was really dirty, I had to believe it. There was a big wall just behind me, so I didn’t have anywhere to go, but cum. I had no other options except cumming; cumming inside her. I was at my no return point.

I was cumming and everything was in slow motion.

“Aah.” I exclaimed as the first flow of my semen got ejaculated. It felt so great as if I was in heavens. Second flow of my cum landed and told me I was having the greatest pleasure of my life. I came inside her.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I fucked my crush and cummed inside her. What was more important than this ?

I forgot everything.

As the cumming effect of mine residued and I was back to earth. I felt someone took off the panty from my mouth. I opened my eyes, she came down from table and her pussy was dripping my semen. She pushed more and wore her panty back. I didn’t spoke until she was completely dressed.

“You did it excellent.” She was the first to say.

“Thanks.” I appreciated her.

“And there is nothing in you which may repel girls away from you.”

“Yeah.” I said.

“Anyhow, be in touch. I’ll need you again.” After saying this she departed the sports room.

I saw something, there was no sluttishness in her eyes, but concern when she departed.

The day was great. What a remarkable day. I thought it was the best day of my life, but I was wrong. There are more lusty adventures in my life.

There is a part 2 of it.

Part 2 – Secret Toilet Meetings

My life’s first sex was not planned by me, though it was good. I didn’t tell it to anyone, I decided to keep my intimacy a secret. I liked it much but soon I began to regret it.

When I was back in my PG home, I was a bit scared. I had climaxed inside her, this worried me. What if she became pregnant. Everyone would know it, and I would not be able to show my face to anyone. I had some nightmares in which Vanessa shouted at me for impregnating her.

Next day when I reached my college, Vanessa was absent. I asked some girls about her but all was in vain. A couple of days was spent in absence of her. I was frightened. I thought her relatives would have known about me and they might come to kill me anytime.

However, Vanessa showed up on the fourth day. Although she looked fine I wanted to talk with her. I got my chance in the recess time.

“Hi Vanessa,” I went to her. I saw her standing near a tree in our college park.

She didn’t answer me, instead she indicated me to meet her near the toilet, as if she knew what I wanted to know.

When I reached on the spot it was already the time of next lecture. So the area was nearing to be empty. Vanessa stood there and we both waited until the lot became uncrowded.

Before I could say anything she grabbed my hand and took me inside the toilet. It was ok for me, but the problem was that it was a girls toilet. She took me inside one of the cubicles and close the door behind me.

“What’s wrong,” I seeked answer.

“I know what do you want to ask from me,” she said after observing my expressions.


“If I was fine after that sex stuff.” she said.

” Yeah. I just wanted to know about your pregnancy?”

“Oh Roy, you have concern for me.”

“No…no, it’s not like that. I…I,” I didn’t take time, I was blushing, I wanted to tell her that I had Crush on her but my mouth spoke something else. “I just wanted to know if you are pregnant?”

“NO, stupid, Why I would be. I had my pills that day, moreover it was my safe day.”


“Yeah, I am fine.”

I sighed as I was relieved. My nightmares are gone now.

I decided to depart from the toilet. Just as I made my way out of the cabinet, Vanessa stopped me by her hand.

“Where are you going?” she said. “Well, now everything is over and I want to go for my next lecture.” I told her. I really wanted to attend that one, it was Mrs. Morina’s lecture, and was important for me.

“Well… who said that everything is over.” She said and pushed me a little. Her voice was getting deep.

“What do you want now?” I asked.

“Oh poor Roy…..No one told you…that Mrs. Morina is absent today.”


” Oh poor Roy….. Oh poor poor Roy…….you fell for that dirty trick of mine, the previous time.”

“What do you want from me?” I asked.

“Oh… Roy…..why don’t you sit down,” she said slowly and pushed me backward. There was a toilet seat behind me. I sat on the seat.

“You will leave me… like this,” she was advancing towards me slowly. “I told you a good information… you will not say me thank you.” Her tongue seemed tempting as she spoke.

I got it; she wanted it again.

“Hey, we can’t do this again. What if someone saw us this time. And, and what if you become pregnant?”

“Oh Roy”, she said as she knelt down before my legs.” You really care for me.” She made dirty faces.

How I should tell her that she was my crush and I really liked her and cared for her. I wanted to tell her that I loved her and wanted to make her my girlfriend. But she was completely mad for sex. However I was tempted. Tempted to her body, tempted to her face and tempted to her everything. I didn’t say anything.

Then she took off her jeans and then her panty. She unbuttoned her shirt then took off her bra. She didn’t took off her shirt, she did it with shirt unbuttoned but still on her body. Her belly button, her boobs were visible for me. Everything, what was hidden. Her vagina seemed good.

Her hands read to my pants. After uncovering it, I knew my penis was already hard.

She held my penis in her hands and it got completely vanished in her mouth. My glans read deep inside her throat. After few seconds she took it out; it was completely soaked in saliva.

“Wow Roy,” she smiled, “your dick has grown big.”

She took it inside her mouth again. My foreskin became full of sensations as her tongue touched it. I could not believe was doing it again; giving me a nice blowjob. Her tongue was intermixing the taste of my penis with her saliva. And it seemed that she liked my my dick’s taste.

“It tastes good.” She made compliment.

This time I was not concerned about her much. I thought about her with lust. I wanted to touch her everywhere her boobs, her lips, her stomach, her waist, her boobs, her legs, her legs, and her pussy.

I really liked her. I like her body. I like her everything. My hands were out of control. I kept my hands on her head. I I touched her hair, her ears, and her chin. Her chin was was completely wet with her saliva.

I needed it faster. I grabbed her head and thrusted it against my dick, she didn’t say anything but made compliments.


Lusty thoughts for word upon my already perverted brain. Strange noises filled our cubicle.

“Blobb, blobb, blobb, blobb.” the sound came from her dirty mouth as my penis thrusted deep inside her mouth, into her throat.

I was not concerned if anybody came in the girls toilet. I was having my great time. I thought she would choke but I didn’t care about it.

My brain signalled me; it was time. I could Climax at anytime.

She was really dirty, and I was serious about it. I decided to cum; cum inside her mouth.

Soon my penis started throbbing. I thought she was aware of it full stop my hands work still on her, thrusting her head hard upon my dick.

My dick dropped and I was cumming. I was cumming in her mouth. As my first floor landed inside her mouth, her tongue intermingled it in her saliva and I felt it as if I were in heaven. I felt so good. I bet cumming inside her mouth was more pleasurable than coming in her pussy.

I look down on her face.

Fuck! my dick was still inside her mouth. Her eyes were still closed, tongue rotating and intermixing the juice around my dick. She didn’t resist. It seemed she really enjoyed the taste of my cum.

She swallowed the load and opened her eyes.

She seemed fine but soon her expressions changed; her face looked a bit angry.


“What,” I asked pretending to be innocent.

“You actually came in my mouth without even telling me!”

“Sorry Babe. You sucked me hard that I couldn’t control help it.” I tried to say it to her dirty.


“Yeah, babe.”

“Say the name again.”

“Babe,” I repeated.

She cleaned my dick with her tongue and swallowed the leftover juice. A drop of my semen dangled her chin. She licked it as if nobody noticed her doing this, but I did; And made me feel hard again.

“Do you really think I’m a babe?” She asked looking in my eyes.

“Yeah, but a horny babe.”


“You’re really dirty.” I said.

“So I am.”

After doing some dirty talk my dick was getting hard again. I didn’t want to show it but how it could be hidden from her. I was really turning on; once again.

“Roy, I’m still unsatisfied.” she told me.

“Yes, so ?” I didn’t know how to answer that one.

“Perverted mean,” she stood up with her eyes looking straight at me angrily. “First thing, you came in my mouth and now you want to go, leaving me unsatisfied.” She spoke and walked against me, reducing the gap between us.

Her legs touched mine. She bent towards me, revealing her cleavage. Her one index finger was kept against my chest and she looked into my eyes as I’ve done something wrong.

“Look Roy,” her voice seemed little sexy but angry at the same time. “I know that you liked the way I sucked your dick and you are really tempted in this. But you can’t go away leaving me like this.”

Her face was about inches from me. I could see her lips clearly, it was wet, and, she was right, I was really tempted.

I barely listened to her words. I was busy beholding her beauty. She was really cute but lusty at the same point. I looked at her lips and her tongue as she spoke.

Suddenly a dirty thought came in my mind. I wanted to kiss her. I really wanted to kiss her. I felt I was being dragged towards her. I was tempted.

I grabbed her waist and dragged her towards me. I brought my head closer to her and now everything was in slow motion.

I was kissing her and it felt pure heavenly. My lips touched her dirty lips, her sexy body just mine her boobs being pressed against me. I could feel her, and I felt that I was getting the best feeling in this world.

She didn’t resist me, instead she held me and kissed me back full stop a lips were so soft and wet with her saliva and some leftovers of my come. My lips played with her lips. Her bare buttocks touch the my hips and this told me that I was the man. I thought about the gap between her legs and about her dirty hole.

We were too close, as our bodies touched each other, I could feel every sensations running in her body, and I can bet she felt the same. After few seconds, which seemed minutes, I opened my eyes and drew my face back.

She was looking at me.

“Now,” she said slowly in her deep voice. “You have to satisfy me.”


“You have to fuck me better than previous time.” Upon hearing this sensations ran in my body and my penis was hard erect.

Her body was facing me and she looked at my face, she drew her left hand behind her and grabbed my penis.

Then she moved her ass a little back and kept my dick’s head on her little pussy.

Pushing herself downwards and against my dick, she let out a deep moan.

My dick was inside her horny vagina. She was still in my shoulders looking at me ok, holding me by her Shoulders. We faced each other I was sitting on the toilet seat.

She closed her eyes and started dancing up and down on my lap stop my penis thrusted inside her full stop soon our cubicle was filled with Deep moans.

I couldn’t believe this it was happening again. Vanessa, one of the cutest and bitchest girl of my year was having sex with me in the girls toilet. I couldn’t believe that she was my crush, and my college Crush was riding me hard full stop and I can bet she was an excellent cockrider.

I drew my lips towards her and kissed her again. This was extraordinary, kissing a girl and fucking her at the same time was really great.

I drew my lips back and we both found that our saliva was dangling through our lips. She is mild and moaned.

Soon she rode it faster and I felt she was getting wet down there. It really felt good. I tried to kiss her again, but this time she kept her finger on my lips, as if indicating me not to disturb her. She was cumming as her moans groove louder. After sometime she did it with normal pace.

I felt like something was missing and it was the speed. I indicated her to stand up, and she did. I stood up and grabbed her ass and made her lean against a wall facing the toilet seat.

Then I trusted my dick in so forcefully that it reached more deep.

I begin fucking her, this time her moans became wilder and louder than before, I worried if someone hears us.

She tried hard to control her moans. Touching her ass felt really extreme. I touched her waist, which was covered with her shirt; it was slippery but good.

I wanted to talk with her, I guessed some nice conversation to begin with while fucking her. But my mouth spoke something else.

“Vanessa, What did you feel when I ejaculated in your mouth?” My mouth spat.

She spoke after few seconds,still moaning and getting fucked, “Aah aah perv… ah why aaah why are you mmm asking this shit?”

“Don’t know, just my stupid mouth spoke that.”

“Oh ah ah…it ah felt like aah aanh like warm and oh ah like hot vanilla in anh anh in my mouth.”

“Really, how does it tasted?”

“Dis…ah aah anh…Disgusting, but aaah salty anh and sweet at the same aah.”


“Yea aah”

“How do you…..,” I couldn’t complete my sentence because entered the girls toilet and into another cubicle. Thank God, the person didn’t hear Vanessa’s moans.

I stopped my hips and waited for the visitor to go. But Vanessa didn’t approve my pause.

She herself began moving her hips back and forth, due to which her moans started again. She was really horny.

“Babes, don’t get this dirty please… somebody will hear us.” after saying this I took her panty, made a ball of it, and stuffed it inside her dirty mouth. My vengeance was complete.

Actually it didn’t stop her from moaning, but she looked backward at me and she seemed angry, she was like- why did you put that underwear in my mouth. I thrusted my dick and she forgot about this panty act and moaned again.

She was wet again and I knew she was cumming. I watched her juice fall on the toilet seat. Her face was down and her moans decreased.

When the unknown person moved out of the toilet and we both were alone, Vanessa spat out her panty and said.

“Pervert, Why did you put that panty in my mouth?”

“It was my vengeance. You remember, last time you stuffed your panty in my mouth.”

She didn’t say anything and we both continued our job. This time I reached out to her boobs; they were cozy, soft, and her nipples were tight. I played with them and it felt fantastic. I felt really lucky, getting a good time to press boobs of your crush. I pressed her nipples and she cried.

“Hey Roy, what aah ah do you anh ah aanh what do you think ah about me? Ah ahhhh Am I horny?”

Actually I wanted to tell her that I loved her and wanted to make her my girlfriend. She was beautiful and cute. That’s what I thought about her.

“You are dirty.” I said covering my thoughts.

“Is that so?”

“You are a dirty girl who tempts others in her dirty games to have sex.”

I said. “And you are horny too. I mean I’ve never seen a beautiful girl getting so dirty.”

She didn’t answer but seemed appreciated.

“Hey Vanessa,” I said fucking her.


“What do you think about me?”

“Pervert. Aah anh you are a pervert.” She said and I didn’t seek that answer. “A pervert who loves cumming inside aah aah anh inside the mouth of his aah aah ah his beautiful college mate.”

“Oh please” She was right about that.” Don’t call me a pervert. It was you who sucked me so good. And, you liked it much when I came in there.”

I fucked her harder.

“Vanessa,” I wanted to share my feelings.

“Yeah,” she said.

“I think I really… umh Like you…” then there was pause. “I mean…I kinda like your body. You are marvellous.”

“Umh, Thank you,” she said. “Aah anh aah Roy, do you aah aah aah know about ah Intimacy?”

“It’s about sensations or feelings when you enter a loving or, maybe a sexual relationships with someone.”

“You know it.”


“But aaanh, do you know ah ah ah how to be anh ah how to be more intimate with a girl.”

“How?” I repeated.

“Anh ah aah…Just Fuck that girl Harder.”

“What!” I understood, what she told me. Just Screw her harder. She could be my date if I did it faster.

I increased my pace and she increased her wilderness. She was appealing and I was burning in desire.

After few minutes I asked her.

“How do you feel now?”

“Aah Heavenly. And aah How about you aaanh?” She returned my question.

“I feel like I would cum anytime.”

“Roy,” she moaned. “How about cumming together.”

“Great,” I said.

I grabbed her hair roughly and began thrusting her hard. She moaned bitterly this time. I felt as if my penis was touching her womb, I thought it might be my imagination. My face increased.

I could hear her wild moans. And now, I felt like I was Unstoppable. I could barely control myself. And then, I was cumming. I was cumming once again inside this horny girl.

She moaned louder as my penis throbbed inside her.

“AAAaaannnhhh!” She cried.

My dick shooted my cum inside her. Her face told, my semen was overflooding inside her vagina.

Too many flows of my semen came out and landed inside her. And I could tell, this time I climaxed much better than the last time.

I glanced at her, I could tell she was enjoying it.

“It’s so… And it’s…so…goood,” she spelled as if she were in dreams.

When the climax effect subsided, slowly I drew out my penis. The hole was visible to me . I put my finger inside it and felt something is sticky. Her pussy was wet as she came. When I drew my finger out, my semen started flowing outwards.

I grabbed her by her waist, sat on the seat, placed her on my lap and began kissing her. The lips was slippery.

After few minutes she pushed out some juice from her vagina.

She got her clothes and wore it back. Then we got back in the park, our lecture period was almost over, still there were only few people.

We walked there.

“So, are you satisfied now?” I asked.

She eyed on me and said. “Do you really think like that?”

“Umh, I don’t know about you, but surely I’m not.”


“By the way, Am I a good fucker?” I asked seriously.

“A Great Fucker. “She answered.” Anyway, You already know that Mrs. Morina is absent today, but do you know that…….”

“What?” I cut her in middle.

“That she will be absent for the whole week due to some family business.”

I understood her intentions. She was still the horny Vanessa. And we both were satisfied but for today.

This time when we bid farewell, there was concern in her face, as if she knew that I loved her.

“Bye. I can’t wait for tomorrow.” I said.

“Yeah, bye. Tomorrow, I will meet you again, “she said, then she brought her mouth and whispered into my ear, “here, in the ladies toilet.”

Hey Guys, How’s my story ? This is my first erotica I’ve ever written. Please comment down and please don’t forget to upvote my story. If you need improvement then suggest it. You can also share some ideas with me.

There’s a Second chapter to it. I’ll upload it soon.

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